Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Writing I Will Go

I have a new gig, so to speak. I am currently writing band bios and articles for www.gemm.com. It certainly keeps me busy and I am doing something I love as well. Check out some of the articles and some of the bios, such as the Beatles, BTO, Bobby Fuller Four, Lifted Culture, Hyske, Dave Matthews Band among others at: GEMM.com

So here is a glimpse of what I do:

Jason Bales & the Revival

While researching for a band biography I am writing for GEMM.com , I discovered not only some of the best rock'n'roll I have ever heard, but a record label you should familarize yourself with.

The band bio was for Jason Bales & the Revival, an alt-country band based out of Dallas, Texas. Bales has signed on with Pampelmoose Records www.pampelmoose.com with a Ryko distribution deal as well.

So, while at www.ilike2rock.net (the Internet Radio Station that I first heard about Bales), I was able to listen to a few cuts from Bales' latest CD "Cruel & Unusual".

I was blown away by the first song "X Street", a social-commentary rocker with stellar lead guitar wrapped around inventive rock-riffs and an intoxicating rhythem section. Plain and simple: this song rocks. But, my euphoria was sustained while I listened to the other cuts, going to the Jason Bales web site www.jasonbales.com Jason Bales.com, and the MySpace page www.myspace.com/jaysonbalesandtherevival. I finished the journey at the Pampelmoose Mart www.pampelmoose.com/catalog/ and picked up a copy of this sensational CD.

If you buy any music in your lifetime, you must include Jason Bales and add his music to your collection