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Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

Vinyl Record Sales Soar In 2013

Last year, Record Store Day sales hit an all-time high as 244,000 LPs were sold, more than any since SoundScan began tracking vinyl record sales in 1991.  Sales of vinyl have increased worldwide and the renewed interest in this historic audio medium is refreshing to both, long standing audiophiles and for the vinyl record collectors.  More and more musicians recognize the value of vinyl and are making sure to satisfy their listeners palettes with special pressings and colored releases; proving irresistible to vinyl record collectors.

Sales of vinyl albums in the UK are also at a 15 year high, according to new figures revealed by the British Phonographic Industry. They report that 780,000 vinyl albums were sold in 2013, the highest number since 1997.

Statista's chart shows the rise of vinyl LP sales in the US between 1993 and 2013.  Hail Vinyl!

Chart courtesy of Statista Inc.


very cool collectibles from

Joyful Noise 2014 Flexi Disc Series!

The 2014 Flexi Series is here! New, unreleased recordings from 12 of our favorite bands... released monthly on square, single-sided, clear 7" Flexi Discs, and strictly limited to just 1000 copies.

The Flexi Disc Series is a platform for our favorite artists to release never-before-heard recordings on a fleeting analog format. Artists are encuraged to be as adventurous as possible for the duration of one single-sided flexi disc. These recordings will not be released digitally or on any other format. That is to say, the total existance of the song limited to just 1000 copies, on an increasingly-degrading analog format. These are unique and ephemeral tracks from some of the best bands in the world.

This year's roster includes exclusive tracks from:  Big Business, Born Ruffians, Daniel Johnston, DM Stith, Fang Island, Half Japanese, Joan of Arc, Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s, Marnie Stern, Mount Eerie, Serengeti, and Yip Deceiver.

WTF is a Flexi Disc you ask? Essentially it's a paper-thin vinyl record. And these particular Flexis are clear, single-sided, 7" squares. A pretty unusual format, but playable on any standard turntable.

Joyful Noise will never release these flexi recordings digitally or in any other format. They are strictly limited to 1000 copies, exclusively on Flexi Disc.

Sign up at JoyfulNoiseRecordings


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Indian - From All Purity

LP *Beer Yellow* LTD to 300 Mailorder Exclusive1/21/14

Chicago’s blackened noise nihilists return to scene with their 5th full length album ‘From All Purity’.  On ‘From All Purity’ Indian take their infamously hateful aggression to new levels of despair.  Now augmented with an even keener sense of harsh noise, all the trademark elements of Indian’s sound have been refined to reach new lows of powerful and punishing anguish.  This is the opposite of easy listening.

Pressing Info:
  • First Press
  • 1200 x Swamp Green Standard Gram
  • 300 x Beer Yellow Standard Gram *Mailorder Exclusive*
  • 100 x Clear (do not request clear)
Order at Relapse

Culted - Oblique to All Paths 

CULTED’s story is a unique one:  4 band members spread out over multiple countries and continents, having never performed music together in the same room coming together through the wonders of modern technology to create totally compelling top of the line doom.  While CULTED’s writing and recording process may be unusual, and a story unto itself, it certainly should not overshadow what this band has accomplished---creating a bleak and epic masterpiece of dystopian doom.  Cinematic in its scope, ‘Oblique To All Paths’ is a beautifully haunting and grim piece of sprawling doom metal—the perfect soundtrack to a desolate, barren winter.

***Printed on and housed in a heavy reverse board gatefold jacket.  Includes a free digital download of the entire album***

Pressing Info:
  • First Press
  • 500 x Black Standard Gram
  • 100 x Clear (do not request clear)
Order at Relapse


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New Album To Be Released In March 2014

New York, NY) – The Hold Steady has signed to Washington Square, a new label imprint formed by Razor & Tie.  The band has signed a worldwide multi-album deal that will see the release of a new studio album Teeth Dreams on March 25th 2014.   The album is produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Rush, Evanescence).   The Hold Steady will also kick off a string of tour dates in January 2014 that will include two 10th Anniversary shows.

The New York City based band The Hold Steady is the first signing to the newly created label Washington Square that will include future signings in the indie and alt-rock genres. The Washington Square roster will also include the UK rock band Deaf Havana and the New York based indie rockers Born Cages.

Washington Square/Razor & Tie Co-Owner Cliff Chenfeld adds, “We are huge fans of The Hold Steady and could not be more excited that they will help us launch the new label. Washington Square will be a home for groundbreaking artists both established and new, who will make music that is vital and inspiring.”

“We’re excited for this new chapter,” says Hold Steady’s Craig Finn. “We’re really proud of our new record." Adds the band’s Tad Kubler, “This is an exciting time for us. Making the new record has been a journey for the band, and the results exceeded even our own expectations. Can't wait for people to hear it."

Formed in 2004 and originally from Minneapolis, MN, The Hold Steady are a critically acclaimed rock band with a  vibrant mixture of punk ethos and classic rock pedigree punctuated by lyrically dense storytelling and guitar riffs.  The band’s narrative based songs have made them fans around the world.  In May 2005 The Hold Steady were the first rock band to grace the front page of The Village Voice in 15 years. Their 2006 album, Boys and Girls in America was ranked No. 8 on the Rolling Stone Best Albums of 2006 list, and No. 1 by The A.V. Club.  Pitchfork wrote of the album, "[Craig Finn] not only has a commanding, rousing voice but he also says something worth hearing, displaying gifts for both scope and depth that are all too rare in contemporary rock — indie or mainstream." Previously signed to Frenchkiss and Vagrant, The Hold Steady have released five studio albums, with their last release Heaven is Whenever in 2010.  Rolling Stone gave the album 4 out of 5 stars raving, “On Heaven Is Whenever, the Hold Steady don't just show us how much they love classic rock — they make some of their own. It's their most polished record, nearly majestic at points, without scrimping on bloodshot angst or exuberance.”

The Hold Steady have toured the world extensively as both headliners and as a support act with Death Cab For Cutie, The Dave Matthews Band, Counting Crows and many more. They recently created an original version of “The Bear And The Maiden Fair” for the hit television series Game Of Thrones.  The band will also release a covers EP entitled RAGS direct to fans this month via Pledge Music to benefit the K + L Guardian Foundation in honor of devoted fan and concert promoter Mike "Jersey Mike" Van Jura, who passed away in late 2012.

The Hold Steady is Craig Finn  (Vocals, Guitars), Tad Kubler  (Guitar), Bobby Drake  (Drums), Galen Polivka  (Bass), and Steve Selvidge (Guitar).


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New Album Out March 4th, 2014

A Spectre is haunting the World – the Spectre of Laibach ...

Laibach will release a brand new album, SPECTRE, on CD, vinyl and download on  March 4th, 2014.  SPECTRE follows the band’s widely acclaimed conceptual album VOLK (2006) – where Laibach interpreted national anthems of historically imperialistic nations – and the release of the side projects LAIBACHKUNSTDERFUGE (2008) and IRON SKY: The Original Film Soundtrack (2012).

Watch a trailer for the new album here.

Laibach has once again ‘re-invented’ itself in a newly born, yet polished and solid, formation. As is now customary, Laibach calls into question all the rigid and cemented interpretations (and prejudices) about itself, its music, intentions, philosophy and ideology. Laibach are masters of escape: true escape artists. And yet, despite everything, SPECTRE resonates as a real and full-blooded Laibachian work and nothing else.

With SPECTRE, Laibach has taken an important and almost dangerous step forward, potentially fatally crossing the Rubicon. On this album, the group – which has never defined itself politically, but has constantly analyzed politics through its work – comes across as politically engaged as never before. SPECTRE literally sounds like a political manifesto in poetic form. Titles and lyrics couldn’t be more direct. With these lyrics and songs, Laibach, who has always given a controversial impression – or an impression of controversy (especially in terms of its political orientation) - is now very clearly taking a position on the political spectrum and possibly irreversibly abolishing its own (to some extent quite comfortable) political ‘freedom’ and neutrality.

The album opens with “The Whistleblowers,” a contagiously optimistic piece of classic “militant & symphonic” Laibach, sounding like the sequel to Lieutenant F. J. Ricketts’s 1914 “Colonel Bogey March”. This rousing whistle along track – “From North and South / We come from East and West / Breathing as one / Living in fame / Or dying in flame”” alludes to the heroism of the new, ‘digital’ Prometheans of freedom - Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange.

“No History,” knows no mercy, and leaves no doubt: Laibach require uncompromising action, they demand bravery and boldness and seek heroes “who will be the creed of a new political faith.” In one of the verses of this song, listeners can find a mini-‘manifesto’ about the album itself, its sonic expression, and the position of the group in relation to its own history.

It is amongst these rallying calls from the band that there exists a rare Laibach love song: “We Are Millions And Millions Are One”, dealing with love in today’s impossible times.  Our days are dangerously close to the fictional reality of classic anti-utopian novels such as Yevgeny Zamyatin’s We (Мы) a selection that was one of Laibach’s inspirations for this song.

Ending the album is the elegant utopian song “Koran”a track that shows the possibility of a better world – on Earth or in the hereafter. Koran – which literally means ‘recitation’ (also another key Laibachian trait) – also to some extent refers to the series of uprisings, revolutions and wars in the Arab world that have been taking place in the past few years and which refuse to sink. Consequently, the album ends with the (in)complete, open, unfinished sound of a piano key...

SPECTRE’s release will be followed by a European and Asian tour, including dates at KOKO in London as well as the band’s first foray into China.

SPECTRE Tracklisting:

The Whistleblowers
No History
Eat Liver!
We Are Millions And Millions Are One
Walk With Me
Resistance Is Futile


from our friends at BrutalPandaRecords

Wild Throne – Blood Maker 12″

Bellingham, WA progressive rock/metal trio WILD THRONE (formerly known as Dog Shredder) emerge with Blood Maker, the debut EP under their new moniker.  A mind bending amalgamation of progressive rock, metal, jazzy syncopations and swirling melodies, Blood Maker was recorded this past Spring with legendary producer Ross Robinson (At The Drive In, Glassjaw, The Cure) at his home studio.

Guitarist/vocalist Josh Holland had this to say about the new material:

"Working with Ross Robinson on this new release is a huge step for us growing as a band. We went into the studio hoarding a ton of new material we had written since our last release and laid it all out in the open. He really believed in the music and helped us hone it all in and focus our energies on the best stuff for this record. We are thrilled with how it turned out and very excited to release these new songs with Brutal Panda!"

The band are fresh off a west coast run with Red Fang and Helms Alee, with additional tour dates set to be announced in the coming weeks.

Vinyl is mastered at 45 RPM


First Pressing: 
100 Red 
400 Black 
10 Test Presses

Pre-Order at BrutalPandaRecords


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Top 10 Albums – January 6, 2014

Here are the Top 10 Albums sold on ShopRadioCast for the week of December 31, 2013 – January 1, 2013:

1. Kanye West – 808s & Heartbreak 2XLP + CD
2. Blink 182 – Take Off Your Pants and Jacket LP & 3×7″
3. Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP2 2XLP
4. Johnny Cash – American V: A Hundred Highways LP
5. Johnny Cash – American Recordings I-IV Vinyl Bundle
6. Angels and Airwaves – Stomping The Phantom Brake Pedal LP
7. Of Mice & Men – The Flood (Deluxe Reissue) LP
8. Finch – What It Is To Burn X 2XLP
9. 50 Cent – Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ 2XLP
10. Brand New – Your Favorite Weapon LP

Nirvana In Utero Reissued Again as Double LP

Geffen are reissuing Nirvana’s In Utero again this time as a double LP! Still using the 2013 remaster from Abbey Studios, this double LP is pressed at 45 RPM on 180 gram vinyl. The album was cut to copper plates using the direct to metal mastering process. It is set to release February 4th with pre-order live now:

Nirvana – In Utero (20th Anniversary Edition) 2XLP

Also available on wax from Nirvana:
Nirvana – In Utero (20th Anniversary Edition) 3XLP
Nirvana – Unplugged In N.Y. LP
Nirvana – Nevermind LP
Nirvana – Bleach LP
Nirvana – Live At Reading 2XLP

Back In Print: Thursday Full Collapse, Taking Back Sunday

Three Victory Records titles are available again on vinyl including Thursday Full Collapse, Taking Back Sunday Tell All Your Friends and Taking Back Sunday Where You Want It To Be. ShopRadioCast have noted stock will be arriving late this week but you can secure your copy now here:

Taking Back Sunday – Tell All Your Friends LP
Taking Back Sunday – Where You Want It To Be LP
Thursday – Full Collapse LP


interesting article on a vinyl collecting genre that has many fans:

More on bootleg LPs: An official LP and an unauthorized record inspired by old-school bootlegs


from the philippines:

Turn, turn, turn - ‘Star Trek: Journey to Darkness’ (2013) takes place in a time when space ships can time warp, humans can be beamed up and the dead can come back to life… and when music can truly be enjoyed only through vinyl records playing on turntables


Massive Attack, Roxy Music and Lorde to release singles for Secret 7" project in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory


The Walker Brothers’ Nite Flights receives first vinyl pressing since 1978


The 78 Project to release first vinyl volume of direct-to-disc recordings


Led Zeppelin: Lost Jimmy Page track surfaces


Review: A look at some overlooked albums of 2013


album cover art of the day:

New Album Title, Artwork & Date Revealed By Xandria


GRIMEY'S BEST SELLERS 12/30/13 - 1/05/14

Vinyl Top 25:
1. Pearl Jam - Lightning Bolt
2. Natural Child - Live In Birmingham
3. Chvrches - The Bones Of What You Believe
4. The Civil Wars - The Civil Wars
5. Lord Huron - Lonesome Dreams
6. Goblin - Suspiria
7. Goblin - Zombi
8. M.I.A. - Matangi
9. Paul McCartney - New
10. White Denim - Corsicana Lemonade
11. William Tyler - Impossible Dream
12. OGG - One Against Two
13. Kings Of Leon - Mechanical Bull
14. Haim - Days Are Gone
15. Moon Taxi - Mountains Beaches Cities
16. Shovels & Rope - Shovels & Rope
17. Four Tet - Beautiful Rewind
18. Phoenix - Bankrupt
19. The Head & The Heart - The Head & The Heart
20. Natural Child / Guantanamo Baywatch - Surf N' Turf 7"
21. Robert Pollard - Blazing Gentlemen
22. Tennis - Small Sound 10"
23. Wooden Shjips - Back To Land
24. William Onyeabor - Who Is William Onyeabor?
25. The Features - The Features