Monday, November 12, 2007 Artist Reviews

As I continue to write band bio's/reviews for the Internet Radio Station, I have posted a couple for you below. Be sure to check out, indie music all the time!

Five Star Iris

Like the bands that influence the Atlanta-based rock band “Five Star Iris,” (including U2, the Foo Fighters, Collective Soul and Train) the crew uses real-life situations and emotions to beautifully create melodic and conceptual alternative pop-rock.

The lead single entitled “Let It All Out,” from the band’s debut release (Hooptyville), essentially captures the emotion of communication (or lack thereof) and why it is an imperative element of every individual.

“My father used to say that communication makes friends and a lack of communication makes enemies,” explained lead vocalist Alan Schaefer.

With well-defined acoustics and a U2-meets Morrisey vocal delivery and augmenting this with exceptional background vocals and smart lyrics, the band has no problem communicating their views with the simple, sturdy melodic tune. “Let It All Out” is a tune that should be on any Modern Rock radio play list and is a Modern Rock classic.

The cut “Is There Something I Can Do,” complete with sweet, passionate lyrics asks the helpless question and emotion that we have all faced in life at one time or another when faced with the loss of a loved one. With irenic and painfully confessional lyrics, the band adeptly mixes lush melodies, crisp acoustics and clusters of harmonies to create their signature ballad.

Mischievous lyrics and a tongue-in-cheek infectious refrain encompass the soulful bass lines of the cut “What The Hell’s Your Problem Now.” The song pretty much tells you to get off your ass and do something about whatever sad situation you fall into and does it with musical splendor.

The cut “Starry Eyed” mixes deep flowing rhythms with pure rock and roll combined with a spacey drawl and a lead guitar solo that is an air guitarists dream. Other songs include the full-bore rocker called “Follow You Down,” that is filled with the angst of a broken relationship and the cut “World Needs Now,” an infectious social commentary anthem that shows off the band’s compelling array of musical soundscapes.

All in all the band gets an A+ for their originality, impassioned vocals, persistent creativity and musicianship and is certainly one of the untapped talents of Modern Rock.

Five Star Iris :

Alan Schaefer - Lead Vocals, Guitar;
Alex Winfield - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Rob Schaefer - Bass, Vocals
Dan Fishman - Drums, Vocals

Stop by and visit with the band at and tell them you heard them at!

Another up and coming band is also from the Atlanta area and are also burning up Internet Radio:

State Of Man

After listening to the alternative rock band “State Of Man’s” CD entitled “Both Sides of the Story,” it is easy to see why the Atlanta-based band has the reputation of being one of the East Coast’s premier rock and roll bands.

The band combines crushing guitars, blended in with sweet acoustics and sheer rock and roll to formulate their own powerful and expressive sound. The cut “Be Still (My Heart),” is a perfect example of this formula. Sounding a bit like a cross between Sevendust and 3 Doors Down with an element of the Goo Goo dolls sprinkled in, the song is a unique high-voltage rocker.

The piano and acoustics of the cut “Bound In Chains” is full of impassioned vocals, steady and exploding guitar work and would be right at home being on the play list of any alternative/modern rock radio station. “Swallow Your Fears,” complete with impassioned vocals that are abruptly mixed with the pounded-and-sawed caution of tight metal riffs, completely captures the essence of the introspective lyrics.

The cut, “Never Forget,” exemplifies State Of Man’s persistent creativity by adroitly weaving their hard-edged rock with the powerful pipes of vocalist John Stringer’s boisterous, yet refined, voice, to craft their distinctive blend of soulful modern rock.

Combine all these elements and you have “one of the East Coast’s premier acts” (XM Satellite Radio). One of the strengths of State Of Man is their explosive live sets, and it is no wonder that they have opened for such major acts such as Kid Rock, Live, Stone Temple Pilots, No Doubt and Hoobastank. After an incredible year of topping the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart for eight consecutive weeks, one can only imply that the best is yet to come.

State Of Man are:

John Stringer- vocals, acoustic guitar
Thomas Panza- guitars
James Beale- bass
Chris Love- drums

Visit the band here and listen to their great sound!