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Top Selling Vinyl Records Sales at eBay - May 2010

Here is the month in review of the top selling ebay vinyl record sales, on a weekly basis, for May of 2010. First and foremost, a special thank you to Norm and Jane at  and Vinyl Record Talk for putting together this interesting data.

The honor of our top seller for the month of May 2010 is none other than the King himself (the REAL King), Mr. Elvis Presely with a 45 rpm of "That's All Right"/"Blue Moon Of Kentucky" (Sun 209), selling for almost $11,000.

Next up is a 45rpm record from Larry Clinton "She's Wanted"/"If I Knew" (Dynamo - stock copy) which sold for $6766.66. A classical music recording, an LP by Georges Enesco (Bach Sonatas - Continental) which came in at an even $5,500. Another high-priced 45 rpm, this one by The Lonesome Drifter ("Eager Boy"/"Tear Drop Alley") sold for a shade over $5,100.

Interestingly, 78 rpm records made the list each week, starting with a 78 rpm blues record by Mississippi John Hurt ("Avalon Blues"/"Ain't No Tellin'" - Okeh) selling for $4,740, followed by the Halfway House Orchestra ("Pussy Cat Rag"/"Barataria" - Okeh) which sold for $2,606. Next up is a foreign release Los Beatles (The Beatles) "Twist Y Gritos" (Twist And Shout)/"La Vi Parada"(I Saw Her Standing There) on Odeon Pops Argentina which sold for an even $3,500 and lastly, a 78 rpm by Charly Jordan ("Keep It Clean No 2"/"You Run And Tell Your Daddy" Vocalio which came in at a penny under $4,750.

As usual, the Beatles had several entries on the weekly lists including a 'butcher cover' "Yesterday And Today" 3rd State Mono ($3,954.85), "Sgt Pepper" Stereo UK 1st Pressing Complete ($2,797.38) as well as the aforementioned 78 rpm record.

Week Ending 05/08/2010

1. 78 - Mississippi John Hurt "Avalon Blues" / "Ain't No Tellin'" Okeh - $4,740.00

2. LP - The Beatles "Sgt Pepper" Stereo UK 1st Pressing Complete - $2,797.38

3. LP - Andre Cluytens "Ravel Complete Orchestral Works" Columbia UK Box Set - $2,789.96

4. 45 - Conner Cagle "Always Let Your Good Side Show" Sunshine - $2,500.00

5. 45 - The Cairos "Stop Overlooking Me" / "Don't Fight It" Shrine - $2,247.00

Week Ending 05/15/2010

1. LP - The Beatles "Yesterday And Today" 3rd State Mono - $3,954.85

2. 45 - Nirvana "Love Buzz" 28/1000 Sub Pop - $3,050.99

3. 78 - Halfway House Orchestra "Pussy Cat Rag" / "Barataria" Okeh - $2,606.00

4. 78 - Muddy Waters "Rollin' And Tumblin' Part 1" / "Rollin' And Tumblin' Part 2" Aristocrat - $2,200.00

5. 78 - Furry Lewis "Kassie Jones Part 1" / "Kassie Jones Part 2" Victor - $2,126.01

Week Ending 05/22/2010

1. 45 - Larry Clinton "She's Wanted" / "If I Knew" Dynamo stock copy - $6766.66

2. LP - LP - Johanna Martzy "Bach: The unaccompanied Violin Sonatas" Columbia Box set UK - $4,500.00

3. 78 - Los Beatles (The Beatles) "Twist Y Gritos" (Twist And Shout) / "La Vi Parada" (I Saw Her Standing There) Odeon Pops Argentina - $3,500.00

4. 45 - Billy Byrd "Silly Kind Of Love" / "Lost In The Crowd" Scream - $3,038.99

5. 45 - The Professionals "That's Why I Love You" / "Groove City" - $2,599.02

Week Ending 05/29/2010

1. 45 - Elvis Presley "That's All Right" / "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" Sun 209 - $10,987.00

2. LP - Georges Enesco Bach Sonatas Continental - $5,500.00

3. 45 - The Lonesome Drifter "Eager Boy" / "Tear Drop Alley" K - $5,100.69

4. 78 - Charly Jordan "Keep It Clean No 2" / "You Run And Tell Your Daddy" Vocalion - $4,749.99

5. LP - Johanna Martzy "Bach: The unaccompanied Violin Sonatas" Columbia Box set UK - $3,173.45

More on this month's top sellers on Vinyl Record Talk, Tuesday 8:00PM Eastern / 4:00PM Pacific on Radio Dentata.

This Date In Music History - August 1


Folk legend Ramblin' Jack Elliott (born Elliot Charles Adnopoz) (1931)

Boz Burrell - Bad Company, King Crimson (1946)

Rick Anderson - The Tubes (1947)

Ricky Coonce - Grass Roots (1947)

Tim Bachman - Bachman-Turner Overdrive (1951) He's Randy's kid brother and eventually goes on to sell real estate in Abbotsford, British Columbia

Robert Cray (1953)

Michael Penn (1958)

Robert Buck - 10,000 Maniacs (1958)

Joe Elliott - Def Leppard (1959)

Chuck D - Public Enemy (1960)

Suzi Gardner - L7 (1960)

Coolio (Artis Ivey Jr) (1963)

Adam Duritz - Counting Crows (1964)

Nick Christian Sayer - Transvision Vamp (1964)

Charlie Kelley - Buffalo Club (1968)

Dan Donegan - Disturbed (1968)

Ashley Parker - O-Town (1981)

They Are Missed:

Singer Johnny Burnette was killed in a boating accident on Clear Lake California in 1964 (age 30). Had 1961 #8 single "Your Sixteen."

Born today in 1951, Tommy Bolin, guitarist. Joined Deep Purple in 1975, member of Zephyr and The James Gang. Bolin died of a heroin overdose on December 4, 1976.

Born on this day in 1898, Morris Stoloff, arranger (arranged film music including 'Lawrence Of Arabia'). Died 6th April 1980.

Born today in 1942, Jerry Garcia, guitar, vocals, The Grateful Dead. Garcia died from a drugs-related heart attack on August 9, 1995.

Bill Buchanan (created "break-in" records like "Flying Saucer" with partner Dickie Goodman) died of cancer in 1996.


Francis Scott Key was born in 1779. He was an American composer, attorney, poet, and social worker. He was the composer of the "Star-Spangled Banner."

The "Moondog Jubilee of Stars Under the Stars" took place at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn in 1954. Acts on the bill included Fats Domino, Muddy Waters, the Clovers, the Orioles, and Little Walter.

Johnny Cash left Sun Records in 1958 and signs with Columbia Records.

Elvis Presley was named "Public Enemy #1" in 1960 by the East German newspaper Young World (four months after the left Germany with the Army).

Chubby Checker's "The Twist" was released in 1960.

Aretha Franklin made her first recordings for CBS Records in 1960.

In 1963, the first 'Beatles Monthly' was published. A magazine devoted to the group, it continued until 1969 and at its peak was selling over 350,000 copies a month.

The Beatles scored their fifth US #1 single in seven months in 1964 when "A Hard Day's Night" went to the top of the charts. The group had now spent seventeen weeks at the #1 position in this year. Also, Jan & Dean's "Little Old Lady From Pasadena" peaks at #3. The dreadful "Rag Doll" (Four Seasons) was just a notch below The Beatles on the pop chart.

In 1965, during a UK tour, The Rolling Stones appeared at the London Palladium supported by The Walker Brothers, The Fourmost, Steampacket featuring Rod Stewart and Sugar Pie Desanto with The Shevelles.

In 1966, a Chicago judge ordered the assets of Vee-Jay Records there liquidated (and the master recordings of the Four Seasons revert to the group).

The Jimi Hendrix Experience appeared at City Park Stadium, New Orleans, Louisiana in 1968.

The three day US Atlantic City Pop Festival took place in 1969 with BB King, Janis Joplin, Santana, Joni Mitchell, Three Dog Night, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, Little Richard, Dr John, Procol Harum, Arthur Brown, Little Richard and Canned Heat. Wow, would have loved to be there......

The film 'Performance' featuring Mick Jagger had its UK premiere in London in 1970.

The Concert For Bangla Desh, organized by George Harrison to aid victims of famine and war in Bangla Desh took place at New York's Madison Square Garden in 1971. Featuring Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, Billy Preston, Eric Clapton, Ravi Shankar and members from Badfinger. Harrison had to shell out his own money to maintain the fund after legal problems froze all proceeds. The triple album release (the second in a row by Harrison), hit number 1 in the UK and #2 in the US and received the Grammy Award for Album of the Year.

'The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour' started on prime time TV in 1971.

Keyboard player Rick Wakeman joined Yes in 1971, just as they started to record their Fragile album.

Tony Kaye quit Yes in 1971 to form Badger. He was replaced by Rick Wakeman.

The Carpenters met U.S. President Richard Nixon at the White House in 1972.

The film "American Graffiti" opened in 1973.

The book "Elvis: What Happened?" went on sale in 1977. The book was written by two of Elvis' ex-bodyguards. The tome chronicles Elvis` descent into drugs. Though the authors claim they wrote the book not for money, but to save Elvis, it`s too late. Presley only lives another two weeks

In 1981, MTV made its debut at 12:01am. The first video to be shown was "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles.

Def Leppard made their US live debut in 1980 when they appeared at the New York City concert opening for AC/DC. It was also Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott's 21st birthday.

Australian singer Rick Springfield started a two week run at #1 on the US singles chart in 1981 with "Jessie's Girl." Rick had played Noah Drake in the TV show 'General Hospital.'

Bob Seger scored his first US #1 single in 1987 with "Shakedown," taken from the film 'Beverly Hills Cop II.' Glenn Frey was originally lined up to record the song for the soundtrack but he came down with laryngitis. Seger stepped in, rewrites some of the lyrics to the Harold Faltermeyer-Keith Forsey song and the rest is, as they say, history.

Los Lobos were at #1 on the US singles chart in 1987 with their version of the Ritchie Valens song "La Bamba" (also a #1 hit in the UK). The song was the title track from the film based on Ritchie Valens who died in the same plane crash the killed Buddy Holly.

Guns N` Roses' debut, "Appetite for Destruction," was released in 1987.

MTV Europe was launched in 1987, the first video played being "Money For Nothing" by Dire Straits, which coincedentally contains the appropriate line "I Want My MTV."

UB40 were deported from the Seychelles in 1990 after police discovered marijuana in their hotel rooms. Ooops....

The Rolling Stones 12th North American tour kicked off in Washington DC in 1994. They also turned down an invitation from U.S. President Bill Clinton to play at the White House.

In 2000, Madonna's forthcoming single "Music" had its release date brought forward by two weeks after the track was made available as an illegal MP3 file on the Internet.

AC/DC kicked off their 140 date Stiff Upper World Lip Tour at the Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2000.

In 2002, a new book 'Show the Girl the Door' written by a former tour manager disclosed some strange demands by female acts. It revealed that Shania Twain would travel with a sniffer dog in case of bombs. Jennifer Lopez liked her dressing room to be all white, including carpets flowers and furniture. Cher would have high security rooms for her wigs. Janet Jackson would have a full medical team on standby, including a doctor nurse and throat specialist and Britney Spears would demand her favourite Gummie Bear soft sweets.

Ashlee Simpson started a five week run at #1 on the US album chart in 2004 with ‘Autobiography.’ Soulja Slim were at #1 on the US singles chart with "Slow Motion."

In 2007, Eminem’s publishing company were seeking more than $75,000 for copyright infringement and unfair competition against computer firm Apple for allegedly selling his music on iTunes without permission. Apple were paying Eminem's record label for each download - but Eight Mile Style argued it had not approved the deal.

Prince kicked off a series of 21 sold out UK shows at London's O2 arena in 2007. Tickets for the events cost £31.21 - the same figure used by the singer to name his album, website and perfume. After completing the 21 nights the Jehovah's Witness was planning to take time out to study the Bible.

AC/DC's back catalog was available for purchase in 2007 digitally through Verizon Wireless who secure an exclusive deal to sell the band's material. The albums are sold only in their entirety, except for the '80 hit "You Shook Me All Night Long," which is available as a single track.

Also in 2007, John Lennon's "granny" sunglasses were snapped up by a British collector at auction. The sunglasses, from one of the last Beatles concerts, were expected to fetch around £1m, but auction bosses refused to say what the actual figure was. Lennon gave the gold-rimmed glasses to his Japanese interpreter in Tokyo in 1966, and the translator removed the lenses when Lennon died.

"Dead Symphony No. 6," an orchestral piece inspired by the Grateful Dead's music, gets a world premiere performance by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in 2008. The work was composed by Lee Johnson.

Daughtry went to #1 on the US album charts in 2009 with ‘Leave This Town’, the bands second studio album.