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Top 5 eBay Vinyl Record Sales - Week Ending 08/21/2010

This week is a who's who of Top 5 regulars, save for the Ska instrumental in the #5 spot. If record collecting had a Mt Rushmore, The Beatles, Zep and Nirvana records on this list would be three out of the four icons. What would be the fourth? Tune in to VRT (Vinyl Record Talk) and hear Jane and I argue about it.

1. LP - The Beatles "Please Please Me" Parlophone UK Gold Black label 1st Stereo - $5,166.66

2. 12" - Led Zeppelin “Road Box” - $3,150.00

3. LP - Michele Auclair Schubert: "Complete Works For Violin And Piano" Erato STE 50136 - $2,551.99

4. 45 - Nirvana "Love Buzz" 28/1000 Sub Pop - $2,225.00

5. 45 - Jackie Mitoo / Anthony Ellis "unknown" / "You Were Wrong" sky intr. blank pressing - $2025.00

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Music News & Notes

Chainfist Reveals "Black Out Sunday" Artwork And Track Listing

Chainfist has issued the following announcement about revealing the cover artwork and track listing for the band's new album "Black Out Sunday:" The cover was made by Gustavo Sazes who also have made covers for God Forbid, Arch Enemy etc.

"We're very pleased to present the cover layout and track list for Black Out Sunday. After weeks of waiting, guessing how the cover would look like, we're very happy to present the cover for our debut CD 'Black Out Sunday. "We're really pleased how Gustavo took our music and lyrics and created this cover, we really think he 'read' Chainfist for what we are and how our music could be displayed in a cover. Black Out Sunday will be in stores on Oct. 15th 2010 on SAOL/H'art/Zebralution/"

The album's track list:

1. Free Me
2. Edge of the World
3. Evolution
4. Be a Man
5. Have you Ever
6. Stay
7. In Your Face
8. Show Me
9. Clown
10. Carpe Diem
11. Black Out
12. SHCHWH (Feat. Jacob Batten of Illdisposed)


SONIC SYNDICATE: Entire New Album Available For Streaming

"We Rule The Night", the new album from the Swedish modern rock/metal act SONIC SYNDICATE, is now available for streaming in its entirety on the band's MySpace page. Due in Europe on August 27 via Nuclear Blast Records, the CD was recorded at Bohus Sound studios in Kungälv, Sweden with producer Toby Wright, who has previously worked with KORN, SLAYER, MÖTLEY CRÜE, KISS, FEAR FACTORY, IN FLAMES, STONE SOUR and OZZY OSBOURNE, among others.

In addition to the album's standard version, "We Rule The Night" will be made available in a limited-edition digipack featuring two bonus songs and a DVD.

The cover artwork for "We Rule The Night" was created by Gustavo Sazes (ARCH ENEMY, GOD FORBID) of Abstrata Art.


CRADLE OF FILTH: New Album Artwork Unveiled

On November 1, 2010, the latest chapter of the band's dark history is set for release via Peaceville Records on the band's own AbraCadaver imprint (November 9 in North America via Nuclear Blast Records). Titled "Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa", their ninth studio album is, in the word's of CRADLE's infamous frontman Dani Filth, "without doubt the fastest and most brutal album we've created to date. As an acquaintance of the band so aptly noted, this is like 'IRON MAIDEN on crack in a graveyard of angels!' This album is CRADLE at our most sinister and darkened fairytale," continues Dani. "A gothic horror themed slay-ride of fervour and perversion; yet amidst the orchestral melodrama and lush, cinematic production, there sits stalwart a ravening beast of furious riffing, flesh ripping vocals and monstrous, unstoppable percussion."

CRADLE OF FILTH — consisting of Dani Filth on vocals, Paul Allender and James McIlroy on guitar, David Pybus on bass, Martin Skaroupka on drums and Ashley Ellyllon on keyboards — recorded the follow-up to 2008's "Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder" at Monkey Puzzle studios near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. The bandmembers remain stalwarts to the satanic horror ethos by again composing a fully blown concept album, this time based on Adam's first wife, the lascivious Demoness Lilith; throwing Medieval nuns, Knights Templars, Greek mythology and lashings of sex, occult lore and violent bloodshed into the smelting pot, to create a darkly erotic nightmare set to their unique scope of supreme vampyric metal. And with an as-near-as-dammit release date of All Hallow's Eve 2010, CRADLE OF FILTH are snarling at the leash to get out to all of their fans across the world. "We can't wait to play this shit live," admits Dani.

For this release, the band wanted mastery of their own destiny, choosing to release the album on their very own AbraCadaver label in conjunction with Peaceville Records. Vocalist Dani Filth has described the move as being "a choice to move away from the artistic restrictions/mindless inhibitions imposed by dwelling on a major label" and cites the current financial clime as "the perfect opportunity to start doing things our own way again, with the added benefit of being a far bigger fish in a proverbial pool, surrounded by people who have been handpicked to get the job best done. And more importantly... who still are hungry for the taste of music."


QUEENSRŸCHE: 'Empire' 20th-Anniversary Party To Be Held In Seattle

Seattle radio station KISW is presenting a 20th-anniversary party for QUEENSRŸCHE's "Empire" album on Tuesday, August 31 at a secret location in the Seattle area. The location will be revealed only when you buy your tickets so word doesn't get out. KISW is giving away a few tickets and a few others are being made available to members of the QUEENSRŸCHE fan club for $20 each.

Ryan Castle will be your host for a question-and-answer session with members of QUEENSRŸCHE and you!

A posting on the band's web site reads: "We'll listen to tracks from the re-mastered version of 'Empire', they'll play an acoustic set, and it's going to be recorded for a national radio special.Very few people can go; this is going to be very intimate."

QUEENSRŸCHE has partnered with Capitol/EMI for the September 28 release of an expanded 20th-anniversary edition of the band's triple platinum-certified breakout album "Empire". The new 2CD and digital packages both include the remastered album, featuring six hit singles, including the #1 smash "Silent Lucidity", as well as 13 bonus tracks, among them 10 previously unreleased live performances recorded in 1990 at London's Hammersmith Odeon. The 2CD package is presented in a lift-top box with five postcards, a fold-out poster and a booklet featuring rare photos from the band's personal archive.

After building a devoted fan base with album and EP releases throughout the 1980s, including 1988's critically acclaimed "Operation: Mindcrime", QUEENSRŸCHE broke into the mainstream across North America and abroad with the 1990 release of "Empire". In the U.S., the album peaked at #7 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and its hit ballad "Silent Lucidity" quickly became a heavy rotation staple at rock radio and on MTV, topping Billboard's Modern Rock singles chart and earning QUEENSRŸCHE the coveted MTV Viewers Choice Award for the song's music video. "Empire" also made the U.K.'s Top 10, and the album's international success led to QUEENSRŸCHE's 18-month headlining "Building Empires" world tour, the band's longest trek to date.

"Empire" also features the Billboard Top 10 Modern Rock hits "Jet City Woman" and "Another Rainy Night", the Top 20 single "Anybody Listening?", and the Top 30 singles "Best I Can" and "Empire". In addition to the aforementioned live recordings, "Empire (20th Anniversary Edition)"'s bonus tracks include "Last Time in Paris" from the "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane" soundtrack, "Dirty Lil' Secret" and the band's cover of SIMON & GARFUNKEL's "Scarborough Fair".

Since forming in Bellevue, Washington in 1981, QUEENSRŸCHE has sold more than 20 million albums around the world. The band continues to tour and record; "American Soldier" was released last year.

The track listing is as follows:

Disc 1 (original CD remastered with bonus tracks from 2003 reissue):

01. Best I Can
02. The Thin Line
03. Jet City Woman
04. Della Brown
05. Another Rainy Night (Without You)
06. Empire
07. Resistance
08. Silent Lucidity
09. Hand On Heart
10. One And Only
11. Anybody Listening?

Bonus tracks:

12. Last Time In Paris
13. Scarborough Fair
14. Dirty Lil Secret

Disc 2 (live tracks recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon, London on November 15, 1990):

01. Resistance
02. Walk In The Shadows
03. Best I Can
04. The Thin Line
05. Jet City Woman
06. Empire
07. Roads To Madness
08. Take Hold Of The Flame
09. Silent Lucidity
10. Hand On Heart


Peter Gabriel: Album Art - Hand Signed Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

A series of limited editions of prints of Gabriel’s album images have been launched. There are fifteen pictures in all, covering 35 years of recording. Each uses the finest Giclee printing methods on heavyweight paper. Each is signed in pencil by Gabriel and the artists involved.

”I’ve always loved artwork and album art. I think it’s been a huge part of what people identify and feel about the music and the records” - Peter Gabriel (PRWEB) August 20, 2010


Peter Gabriel’s album sleeves have long been celebrated for their startling, instantly identifiable style and creative energy. Ever since Peter Gabriel 1 (aka Car) in 1974, his cover art has been created in collaboration with some of the world’s foremost artists, sculptors and photographers.

A series of limited editions of prints of Gabriel’s album images have been launched. There are fifteen pictures in all, covering 35 years of recording. Each uses the finest Giclee printing methods on heavyweight paper. Each is signed in pencil by Gabriel and the artists involved.

It’s an impressive line up of some of the art world’s most influential names from the past three decades. It includes the likes of Storm Thorgerson of the groundbreaking early ‘70s agency Hipgnosis, Malcolm Poynter, Julian Grater, David Scheinmann, Nils Udo, Susan Derges, York Tilyer, Marc Bessant and the estates of Robert Mapplethorpe and Trevor Key.

The images range from deceptively simple, beautifully expressive black and white portraiture, through to complex montages built out of pictures, stage sets, and graphic effects. Despite this diversity of styles, there is a consistent and elusive aesthetic running through the work. Ultimately, it’s a spirit of experiment, and excellence in execution. These are carefully considered and meticulously rendered works, reflective of Gabriel’s approach to his music.

What’s intriguing is that (particularly with the earlier works) the images are as hi-tech and as fresh as anything produced today, but the ways in which they were created were lo-tech and labour intensive and shaped some of the tricks of today’s computer-generated graphic Photoshop environment.

In “Scratch”: Gabriel’s outstretched fingers tear away the cover. This is a 35mm black and white still, with torn strips of paper glued on top. It was then re-photographed; the new shot was meticulously tippexed to disguise the rougher joins. It was then photographed yet again to produce the end result. Today, a similar effect would involve a basic design program and a lot of messing around, but it could never achieve the same result.

In the late 70s, Les Krims created “Krimsography”, based on experimentation with Polaroid film. Storm Thorgerson and Peter himself used this methodology to squeeze, squash and force images as they emerged from the camera. That resulted in the distorted face-to-camera shot of Gabriel, which became cover of “Melt”.

“Us” was arguably the first Photoshop-manipulated Mac-produced image released to a commercial audience. It took two days to cut and paste all the elements (which included stage sets from Robert Lepage) and a further two weeks to complete. The mix of images and rendered surfaces was created using Version 1.0 of Photoshop on a desktop Mac with no RAM and just 20mb of internal memory.

The stories that attach to the creation of the images are as unusual as the images themselves: studios stuffed with bendy mirrors to morph Gabriel’s face, low grade prints from Boots 1-hour processors, back-yard photo shoots, and on one famous occasion (for “Ovo”) the building of a nest on a lake which was subsequently burnt by an unwitting gardener who thought it was just a heap of discarded wood.

”I’ve always loved artwork and album art. I think it’s been a huge part of what people identify and feel about the music and the records” said Peter Gabriel “I used to love gatefold sleeves…when you would sit with a new record and open it up it was just a precious moment. Now we’ve gone into this digital world a lot of that has been lost. We’ve being looking at ways of getting quality prints of the artwork for a long time and I’m happy now it has happened.”

For each cover, there are one hundred 19” x 19” prints (some sizes vary) starting price £599, and just twenty-five 28” x 28” prints (some sizes vary) starting price £999. Same number sets can be obtained.

Curated by Andy Wood and Rob Smeaton of Hypergallery

To order or for further details visit:

For images and further press information please contact Hypergallery: enquiries(at)hypergallery(dot)com
Tel: +44 (0)1491 637021



Neil Young announces new Daniel Lanois-produced album

Folk-rock legend Neil Young is set to release a new album on September 28 on CD, vinyl and through iTunes. 'Le Noise' was recorded in a Los Angeles mansion, and produced by U2 and Bob Dylan collaborator Daniel Lanois. The record will be available on Blu-ray in November, followed by a release as an app for the iPhone and iPad.

Speaking to Rolling Stone recently, Lanois said: "We cut a couple of solo acoustic songs, but the rest is very electric. There's no band, but I got in there with my sonics. There's nothing else out there like it."

'Le Noise' is the follow-up to last year's 'Fork In The Road'.


Soundgarden Release CD Cover Art

The cover for the new Soundgarden ’greatest hits’ CD Telephantasm. The CD will be in stores September 28th and will come in a varitey of CD and vinyl configurations.

Regular Edition
1. “Hunted Down”
2. “Hands All Over”
3. “Outshined”
4. “Rusty Cage”
5. “Birth Ritual”
6. “Black Hole Sun”
7. “Spoonman”
8. “My Wave”
9. “Fell on Black Days”
10. “Burden in My Hand”
11. “Blow Up the Outside World”
12. “Black Rain”

2CD/DVD Limited Edition
1. “All Your Lies”
2. “Hunted Down”
3. “Fopp”
4. “Beyond The Wheel”
5. “Flower (BBC Session)”
6. “Hands All Over”
7. “Big Dumb Sex”
8. “Get On The Snake”
9. “Room A Thousand Years Wide (Single Version)”
10. “Rusty Cage”
11. “Outshined”
12. “Slaves & Bulldozers”

1. “Jesus Christ Pose (Live)”
2. “Birth Ritual”
3. “My Wave”
4. “Superunknown”
5. “Spoonman”
6. “Black Hole Sun”
7. “Fell On Black Days (Video Version)”
8. “Burden In My Hand”
9. “Dusty”
10. “Pretty Noose (Live on SNL)”
11. “Blow Up the Outside World (MTV Live ‘N’ Loud)”
12. “Black Rain”

1. “Flower”
2. “Hands All Over”
3. “Loud Love”
4. “Jesus Christ Pose (Original Version)”
5. “Outshined”
6. “Rusty Cage”
7. “My Wave”
8. “Spoonman”
9. “The Day I Tried To Live (Uncensored)”
10. “Black Hole Sun”
11. “Fell On Black Days”
12. “Pretty Noose (Uncensored)”
13. “Burden In My Hand”
14. “Blow Up The Outside World (Uncensored)”

Bonus Videos
1. “Spoonman (Mash-up Version)”
2. “The Day I Tried To Live (European Version)”
3. “Superunknown”
4. “Pretty Noose (International Version)”
5. “Pretty Noose (Alternate Ending)”
6. “Blow Up The Outside World (Censored)”


Sufjan Stevens releases new EP Date

'All Delighted People' is the follow-up to 2009's 'The BQE' and is now available to download for $5 from Built around two versions of the song 'All Delighted People', other tracks on the EP include 'Enchanting Ghost', 'The Owl And The Tanager' and a 17-minute long 'Djohariah'.

As Asthmatic Kitty Records reports, the EP will also be released on CD and as a double vinyl LP later this year.  The tracklisting for 'All Delighted People' is as follows:

'All Delighted People (Original Version)'
'Enchanting Ghost'
'From The Mouth Of Gabriel'
'The Owl And The Tanager'
'All Delighted People (Classic Rock Version)'


Brian Eno To Release New Album In November

Brian Eno is scheduled to release a new studio album,'Small Craft On A Milk Sea' late in the fall. The LP, recored alongside with Jon Hopkins and Leo Abrahams, will be released on November 15 in the UK. The former Roxy Music star's album will be available on CD, digital-download and Limited Edition Box Set, featuring heavyweight vinyl, 2xCD and lithographic print.

A special Collectors Edition Box Set will also include a signed and numbered screen print by Eno.

This Date In Music History - August 23


Jim Sohns - Shadow Of Knight turns 64.

Roger Greenaway, singer, songwriter, member of Blue Mink (1942). With Roger Cook he wrote hits for Andy Williams, Deep Purple, Cilla Black, The Fortunes, The Hollies and Gene Pitney. The pair also co-wrote 'I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing' which was recorded as a Coca-Cola radio commercial, with the lyric 'I'd like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company.' First aired on American radio in 1970.

Rick Springfield (1949)

Jimi Jamison - Survivor (1951)

Bobby G - Bucks Fizz (1953)

Mark Avsec - Donnie Iris & the Cruisers, Wild Cherry (1954)

Dean DeLeo - Stone Temple Pilots (1961)

Shaun Ryder - Happy Mondays, Black Grape (1962)

Cedella Marley - Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers (1967)

Shifty Shellshock (real name Seth Brooks Binzer) front man of Crazy Town (1974)

Julian Casablancas - The Strokes (1978)

They Are Missed:

Rudy Lewis of the Drifters was born in 1936. He was found dead in his bed on May 20, 1964; some accounts say the cause was a drug overdose, while others who knew him say that Lewis, who was a binge eater, choked to death in his sleep. The group's other lead singer, Johnny Moore, stepped into the breach that same morning on the scheduled session for "Under the Boardwalk", and was the Drifters' lead vocalist for the remainder of their tenure on Atlantic and beyond.

Born on this day in 1947, Keith Moon, drums, The Who, (1967 US #9 single "I Can See For Miles" and rock opera albums 'Tommy' & 'Quadrophenia'). Moon died on September 7, 1978.


In 1962, John Lennon married Cynthia Powell at Liverpool's Mount Pleasant register office. He then played a gig that night with The Beatles at Liverpool's Riverpark Ballroom.

The Rolling Stones appeared on UK TV show Ready, Steady, Go! for the first time in 1963, performing their debut single "Come On." The group made a total of 20 appearances on the show between 1963 and 1966.

The Beatles performed at the Hollywood Bowl in 1964. Selections from this concert and the one a year later comprise "The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl" album.

In 1965, security guards at a Manchester TV studio hosed down 200 Rolling Stones fans after they broke down barriers while waiting for the band to arrive for a performance.

In 1966, on their final tour of America, The Beatles performed at Shea Stadium in New York City, New York. Unlike the previous year's performance, which had sold out, there were 11,000 empty seats in the 55,600 seat stadium. The Beatles earned more than the previous year, receiving $189,000 for their performance.

Ringo Starr temporarily quit The Beatles in 1968. He returned a week later and finds his drum set strewn with flowers. They missed him after all.....

During a North American tour in 1968, The Jimi Hendrix Experience appeared at Singer Bowl, Flushing Meadow Park, New York. Also on the bill Soft Machine and Big Brother and the Holding Company.

Johnny Cash started a four-week run at #1 on the US album chart in 1969 with 'Johnny Cash At San Quentin.'

The Rolling Stones started a four week run at #1 on the US singles chart in 1969 with "Honky Tonk Women," the group's fifth US #1. Also #1 in the UK.

The self titled-debut, "Blind Faith," entered the U.S. album chart in 1969, eventually reaching #1.

Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground performed together for the last time at the New York Club 'Max's Kansas City' in 1970. Reed worked as a typist for his father for the next two years, at $40 per week.

Max Weinberg joined Bruce Springsteen`s E Street Band on drums in 1974.

Former Free guitarist Paul Kossoff`s heart stops beating for several minutes in 1975. Doctors revived him but Kossoff`s poor health claimed his life the following year.

Also in 1975, the first Fleetwood Mac album with Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, 'Fleetwood Mac' was released. It is one of the all-time best sellers.

Hamilton Joe Franks And Reynolds went to #1 on the US singles chart in 1975 with, "Fallin' In Love."

In 1980, The Heatwave Festival in Toronto, Canada took place with Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, The B-52's, The Pretenders, Rockpile and The Rumour. Tickets cost $30, with only 50,000 people attending the festival lost over $1 million.

Also in 1980, US police killed an escaped drug addict who had shot one of their officers during a Grateful Dead concert.

In 1986, Sigue Sigue Sputnik came up with an idea to sell advertising space between the tracks on their forthcoming new album. It was a non-starter. Bad idea all the way around...

In 1991, Iggy Pop, Sonic Youth, Pop Will Eat Itself, Dinosaur Jr, Chapterhouse, Nirvana, Silverfish, Babes in Toyland, James, The Fall, De La Soul, Blur, Teenage Fanclub, Flowered Up, The Fat Lady Sings, Kingmaker, Mercury Rev, Sisters of Mercy and Neds Atomic Dustbin all appeared at this year’s three day Reading Festival in England.

Natalie Merchant, former lead singer for 10,000 Maniacs, became the first guest in a series of live chats on the Elektra Entertainment Group's World Wide Web site in 1995.

In 2004, Queen, became the first UK rock band to receive official approval in Iran, where Western music was strictly prohibited. Lead singer, Freddie Mercury, who died of AIDS in 1991, was of Iranian ancestry and bootlegged albums had been available for years.

Les McKeown, the lead singer of the Bay City Rollers, appeared in court charged with drugs offenses in 2005. McKeown, aged 49, was accused of conspiring with four other people, including the band's drummer Pat McGlynn, to supply cocaine. He was arrested in Dalston, east London, in June as part of a major police operation.

In 2007, comedy writer Buddy Sheffield, sued Disney alleging that he originally came up with the idea for Hannah Montana but was never compensated by Disney. In the lawsuit, Sheffield claimed that he pitched an idea for a TV series with the name of ‘Rock and Roland’ to Disney Channel in 2001 with the plot of a junior high student who lived a secret double life as a rock star.

Madonna kicked off her 86-date Sticky & Sweet Tour at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff Wales in 2008. It became the highest grossing tour by a solo artist, breaking the previous record Madonna achieved with her 2006 Confessions Tour. Madonna's first venture with Live Nation, was estimated to have grossed $280 million.

The Foo Fighters June ’08 concerts held at London's Wembley Stadium were released on DVD in the UK in 2008. The disc features 18 performances including the surprise guest appearances by Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones (for renditions of Zeppelin's Rock & Roll" and "Ramble On").

Aerosmith’s "You Gotta Move," from ‘08's Honkin' On Bobo,” is the theme song for World Wrestling Entertainment's SummerSlam event at Staples Center in L.A. in 2009. What an honor....