Saturday, May 24, 2008

Top 5 eBay Vinyl Records Sales

Week Ending 05/10/2008

1) LP - David Bowie Hunky Dory Sampler Alternate Takes - $6,500.00

2) LP - Bach Violin Concerto De Vito HMV ASD 429 - $4,257.00

3) 45rpm - The Cashmeres "Show Stopper" / "Don't Let The Door Hit Your Back" - $3, 350.99

4) LP - Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers" Mono DJ Copy - $3,250.00 -

5) 45rpm - Bob and Sheri "The Surfer Moon" / "Humpy Dumpty" Safari - $2,999.00

The Telescopes New Vinyl Album

The Telescopes will deliver their new album as a vinyl-only release for Textile Rds.

The new LP is named 'Infinite Suns' and will be released on June 24th, however the label are taking pre-orders at a lower price until June 10th.

Speaking of the LP, a press release says: "This LP is very much number one, the introduction to a series of releases (2 new albums and one live recording)."

"This new LP is a selection of analogue tape recordings taken between 2006 and 2007, using a multi directional mic to capture environmental response. Recording levels were set close to saturation, allowing for interaction with the tape machine itself."

The first side of the 12", finishes with a piece centered around a lock-groove from the run-out of the very first Telescopes album and is lock-grooved again so that it plays endlessly.


A1. Static Charge
A2. Thought Loops
A3. Northumberland

B1. Tidal Bandwidth
B2. Chrome Gulls


Harold and Maude


Our friends at Cameron Crowe’s record label, Vinyl Films Records, recently released the first official version of the Harold & Maude soundtrack - and on limited edition vinyl, no less! They’re giving away one of these precious rarities (along with several other original collectibles they’ve gathered) to true fans of the film who can answer some expert trivia questions! Below is a list of all the generous door prizes they’ll be giving away…

A promo strip of film from the actual Harold and Maude trailer in a silkscreened envelope Promo one-sided 7″ single of two Harold and Maude Radio Spots promo Glow-in-the-Dark Harold and Maude turntable mat test pressing of the Harold and Maude soundtrack vinyl promo-only picture disc of the Harold and Maude soundtrack vinyl complete retail version of the Harold and Maude soundtrack vinyl original paperback version of Harold and Maude the novel original hardback version of Harold and Maude the novel Harold and Maude on VHS Harold and Maude on DVD set of seven 8″ x 10″ promotional stills from the 1979 theatrical re-release publicity kit from the original 1971 theatrical release with twenty-five 8″ x 10″ stills U.S. Poster (27″ x 41″) from the 1979 theatrical re- release U.S. Poster (27″ x 41″) from the 1979 theatrical re- release, 2 copies of the U.S. Poster (27″ x 41″) from the original 1971 theatrical release.


Be Your Own Pet Sophomore Album Release

Be Your Own Pet

Three tracks that were removed from the North American version of Nashville, Tenn. punk band Be Your Own Pet's Get Awkward sophomore album because they were "too violent" will be released next month.

The three-song Get Damaged EP will be released digitally through XL Recordings on June 3 and will hit store shelves on June 24 as a limited-edition seven-inch vinyl record. XL issued Get Awkward's international version, which included "Betty," "Black Hole" and "Blow Yr Mind." Something prompted Universal to deem the tracks' lyrics too violent and they were removed from the album's North American version when it was released by Universal imprint Ecstatic Peace in March.

"I guess that's just what happens when you decide to have something to do with a major label," singer Jemina Pearl told Washington Square News in February before the album was released. "They're going to be scared of anything that's not completely cookie cutter.

"Like, maybe I would be a very violent person if I didn't have the chance to sing about what I want to sing about and express things I want and it's definitely helped me from being a destructive person in my life. And I think tons of people relate to that, so it's kind of frustrating that they want to censor me or whatever."