Monday, September 3, 2007

Basic Rock Outfit-a powerful debut release

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Basic Rock Outfit

When famed producer Sylvia Massy Shivy (Tool, Dishwalla, Johnny Cash) called on the band “Basic Rock Outfit” to deliver a project that is “retro and really classic,” the veteran Florida rockers, Jeremy Thomas (Vocalist, Songwriter, Guitarist), Jason Alfano (Drummer), Jason Gaines (Bass) and Joe Sanders (Guitar) took her to heart.

With the debut CD from the band called “Thank You for the Pain,” the band proves that they belong with rock’s elite. Using vintage equipment, their sound is captured in a collection of well-articulated power rock, with fresh melodies and refined acoustics.

With the four expert musicians that make up the band and using the years of musical experience loving the music that they play, it is impossible to not only hear the passion in which they play, but to actually feel it as well.

“Every song has a life of its own,” explains Jeremy, the main song writer of the band. “I had so many co-writers on this CD and it makes it really special to give so many different people in my life credit for helping make this project a reality.”

And the cumulative reality of all these “helping hands” is exemplified by the stories in the songs, stories of love, passion, loss and rebuilding, stories of the life we all live and the journeys we all take.

Listening to the cut “Alabama,” with its melodic, sweet haziness and heartfelt lyrics of a love that didn’t last, is so brilliantly articulated that you can feel the hurt. It becomes an intrinsic part of the musical experience. The band changes gears on the start and stop rocker, “Shell,” with its infectious tempo, addictive hooks and energetic refrain, the song is burning up Internet radio and belongs (and would be right at home) on any rock station in the land.

While staying well within the wheelhouse of guitar pop, the band exhibits impressive range, from the driving rocker "Alive" to the broodingly and bluesy "Broken Man" to the ballad "Flowers & Champagne," with its sublime ascent to crescendo. Thomas' singing masterfully brings the best out in each song, on the full-throated belting (with just the right dash of rasp) on the title track and other up-tempo numbers. From beginning to end, "Thank You for the Pain" delivers music that is at once modern and classic. Simply put, Basic Rock Outfit's sound will never go out of fashion. Believe it: Its Basic Rock Outfit's time.

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