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The Freeze "Land of the Lost" 1984

The Freeze are a hardcore punk rock band from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Freeze formed in late 1978. At the time all members were in high school. The Freeze are generally considered to be a Boston hardcore band, but they never truly fit into the typical Boston mould. Like most hardcore groups, the band was started by enthusiastic teenagers. Indeed, despite the popularity of their first record, the band's ability to capitalize on their local fame was limited only by their age at the time. Most members weren't old enough to drive to Boston, the local mecca of hardcore.

The Freeze were neither straight edge nor heavy metal-influenced like their Boston contemporaries DYS and SSD. The Freeze have a more melodic sound which hints more to punk rock than hardcore.

No vinyl, no more

Found this sad story online- we have to help the independent record stores- Buy Your Vinyl Locally!

No Radio Records fails to attract niche market in a changing industry

By Matt Biddle Staff Writer | March 5th, 2009

On a cold, blustery Monday afternoon, trees near The Commons sway in the wind while the action inside No Radio Records is considerably more static. Bob Proehl, the store’s owner, sits at the check-out counter, immersed in his computer, while records and CDs sit on the shelves, waiting for an eager customer to snatch them up.

No Radio Records will close permanently because of low sales and other financial reasons on March 13. Located just off The Commons on East State Street, the shop has been a piece of downtown Ithaca for more than two years. Proehl said he originally envisioned the shop as a lively, performance-heavy venue like the record stores he visited as a college student.

“I wanted it to be a community space,” he said. “You have this idea of it sort of being full of people all the time.”

Proehl said changes in the music industry, however, have made it hard for independent stores to compete with online services like iTunes and Limewire.

“We came along at a really difficult time for this industry,” he said. “Unfortunately, the industry has made a number of decisions over the past few years that have really hurt and, in some cases, seemed designed to hurt independent shops.”

Some artists release exclusively to places like Best Buy or Starbucks, while other bands lower the price of a digital copy of their latest music. However, Proehl said small stores would still find an audience.

“It’s a niche market,” he said. “There’s always going to be a small, dedicated group of people who want the physical object, who want a CD or want vinyl and need to have it in their hands.”

Proehl said it was a difficult but necessary decision to close the store. He incurred significant medical bills last year after developing skin cancer and, as the sole owner, he said running the store has become too expensive.

“I have a full-time job that doesn’t pay me,” he said. “It doesn’t give me insurance. Every now and then, it gives me a record or two — which is nice, but very few hospitals will allow you to DJ away your medical bills.”

Proehl said, while it’s difficult abandoning something he worked for, he’s happy that the business hasn’t clouded his love for music.

“There’s something very different about standing in line at midnight to get the new Radiohead album, like I did when I was in graduate school,” he said. “Given the choice, I’d very much prefer the former way of thinking about music.”

No Radio Records will host its farewell show at 8 p.m. closing day, featuring Dufus, a local band, and Jeffrey Lewis, a New York-based anti-folk singer. Seth Faergolzia, Dufus founder, said the performance will be bittersweet because the band played the store’s opening as well.

“It definitely makes me sad that it’s closing,” he said. “I had some really fun nights there, and I think it has been a stronghold for underground bands that want to hit Ithaca.”

Sophomore Cathleen Hannah, who has attended several shows at No Radio Records, said she’ll miss the store’s music selection most of all.

“It’s cool having stores like No Radio that have records from bands you normally couldn’t find,” she said. “I’d miss having that in Ithaca because it’s something we have that not a lot of other places have.”

Ithaca Underground, a local concert-planning organization, arranges shows for the venue. Bubba Crumine, in charge of booking and promotions for the group, said No Radio Records was the perfect location for shows.

“Kids would go to a show at No Radio just because there was a show at No Radio,” Crumine said. “There’s a different scene around No Radio.”

Performances will continue at this location when The Shop, a cafĂ© and music venue, takes its place in April. Phoebe Aceto, the new owner, said she plans to sell music and merchandise from local bands, as well as maintain the store’s community sense.
“It’s pretty much going to replace that casual hangout spot so anyone can feel welcome,” she said. “[We want] live music as often as possible in the evenings.”

Proehl said The Shop will be a positive replacement for the independent music shop.
“Using it as a community and performance space was definitely a crucial part of [my original model], and I’m really happy that aspect of it is going to continue, albeit in a different form,” he said.


In Hamtramck, vinyl records keep on spinning

By Terry Parris, Jr.
Citizen Staffwriter

If Jeff Garbus doesn’t have it, Mike Smith does. And if Smith doesn’t have it, Garbus does. That’s pretty much been the modus operandi of Hamtramck’s two vinyl record dealers.

Garbus, who owns and operates Record Graveyard, specializes in more soul albums (though he has more then 100,000 records to choose from) whereas Smith, who does the same with Detroit Threads, tends to stock a lot of local rock and techno albums. Smith also sells a lot of vintage clothing (really vintage everything) and Detroit-influenced ware at his shop. But, still, he has a lot of records.

“I think we’re the two best record shops in southeast Michigan,” Smith said, who actually grew up with Garbus in Westland. “We bring people from all over Michigan, and all over the world. We’re destination spots for the city of Hamtramck.”

Garbus has been operating in Hamtramck since 2001. His record selling business started with metro Detroit’s Desirable Discs music stores, which also sold CDs. But now it’s just the vinyl for Garbus.

“I’ve always had an affection for them, personally. More than CDs,” Garbus said. “It’s what I love.”

Garbus just recently moved from his Jos. Campau location, which was located on the Belmont corner, to the old Piast Institute spot on Caniff.

“I did it for economical reasons and the other spot needed some repairs,” he said. “It feels like home here, home sweet home.”

The two record stores used to be a block apart on Jos. Campau before Garbus left for around the corner. But now Smith is the only vinyl dealer along that strip, located closer to Trowbridge St.

Smith and Detroit Threads have been in town for 11 years and at the current location for three.

Some people might ask why vinyl? What about CDs? What about iTunes and downloading?

“People just like records,” Garbus said plainly.

As for sales, both have said they’re doing quite fine, despite Michigan and Hamtramck’s economic hardships.

“There was a bit of a drop in recent years but record collecting has really picked up again,” Smith said.

“Of course, it’ll be a little harder but I’m hanging in there quite well,” Garbus said. “Records are entertaining and people always want to be entertained.”

For Detroit Threads, Smith said, he has other options if the records don’t sell.

“If one thing isn’t selling, something else is. I have the vintage clothes and people always buy up the Detroit stuff,” he says.

For both Record Graveyard and Detroit Threads, the upcoming “Hamtramck Blowout” weekend should bring in some buyers. Both places will participate in the festivities. Detroit Threads will be open all three nights with DJs, including Smith himself, while Record Graveyard will have bands on Saturday night. Additionally, Garbus said anyone with a Blowout wristband would get 20 percent off in his store.


Music News & Notes

Eminem Confirms Two 2009 Albums: “Relapse” Due May 19th

Eminem’s “Crack a Bottle” has become a hit on the singles chart, and now the album it likely comes from — his long-awaited comeback LP "Relapse" — finally has a release date. Interscope announced that Relapse is scheduled to go on sale May 19th, and a second album, titled "Relapse 2" will later in the year.

“A lot of people were expecting Relapse to drop last year. I was one of them,” Eminem stated in a press release. “Then Dre and I went back in the studio in September for a few days, and that turned into six months. We were on such a roll; we wound up with a ton of new music produced by Dre. Putting out Relapse 2 will let everyone get all of the best stuff.”

Eminem hasn’t released a studio album since 2004’s "Encore;" a greatest-hits compilation called "Curtain Call" was released the following year. In October 2008 he put out an autobiography called "The Way I Am," in which he confirmed a new LP was on the horizon:

“I’ve been recording the new album mainly in the crib. Makes it very easy for me. It’s like the old days, only there’s a lot more than a rusty four-track in my basement.” In December, he told Billboard, “Me and Dre are back in the lab like the old days, man. Just him banging away on tracks and me getting that little spark that makes me write to it.”


Mustane Turns Down Invite

Dave Mustane has turned down an invitation from former Metallica bandmates Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield to join them at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Mustane wrote on his website:

"Metallica, as you know, has been selected to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. So, it is with much respect that I say congratulations! I also had the nice surprise of hearing that they called to invite me to the pre-ceremony party the night before, and then to the actual ceremony. Unfortunately, as you all know, I will be winding down our European tour with Judas Priest, so I will be unable to attend. However, I'd like to say to Lars and James, I am so very proud of all you have accomplished.

"Thank you for the invitation and thinking of me."


Sir Paul & Ringo

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are scheduled to play at least one song together on April 4 at New York's Radio City Music Hall. The show is a benefit for the David Lynch Foundation which supports transcendental meditation in schools. Also on the bill are Sheryl Crow, Donovan, Eddie Vedder, Ben Harper, Moby, Paul Horn, Betye LaVette and Jim James.


Jane's Addiction to release massive box set

It includes 30 unreleased tracks

Jane's Addiction have announced that they will release a massive box set this spring.

'A Cabinet Of Curiosities' is due out in the US on April 21 via Rhino records, and features several rare recordings, demos and live tracks. The three CD, one DVD box set kicks off with five songs recorded in 1986 in Venice, CA including a previously unreleased version of 'Jane Says'.

It also includes rare demos of their classic tracks 'Three Days,' 'Ocean Size,' 'Classic Girl,' 'Summertime Rolls,' and 'Stop!' The second disc contains more unreleased demos along with a recording of the band rehearsing 'My Time' and a 12-inch remix of 'Been Caught Stealing'.

The set also includes Jane's Addiction covering Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love' and The Stooges' '1970'.

The DVD contains several videos including the one for 'Mountain Song' that was banned by MTV and candid home movies of the band. It also features 1990 performances taped in Milan for MTV Italy.

The box set comes packaged in a limited-edition wooden "curio cabinet" that features recreations of the band's early concert fliers, tickets stubs and other memorabilia. The set will also be available digitally.

Rhino has announced that it will release 180-gram vinyl versions of Jane's Addiction's landmark albums 1988's 'Nothing's Shocking' and 1990's 'Ritual De Lo Habitual' to celebrate Record Store Day on April 18.


Mastodon Tour

Grammy-nominated hard rock juggernaut Mastodon have confirmed dates for their Spring U.S. tour in support of their second album for Reprise Records, CRACK THE SKYE. This first tour behind the groundbreaking new album will sweep across the U.S. and Canada playing to smaller theaters and clubs to insure a maximum and up close intimate environment in which to be exposed to brand new songs and old favorites for Mastodon fans.

Yet another highly collectable Mastodon item will become available for sale in the coming weeks. This time, a special Limited Edition 12" vinyl Paul Romano album artwork picture disc of Divinations, backed with the instrumental Score version of the track. This disc will go on sale beginning Tuesday, Mar 10, at select Hot Topic retail store locations and at


Tork Ill

It's being reported that the Monkees’ Peter Tork has been diagnosed with a rare form of tongue cancer.

According to Popeater, Tork has Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, but luckily doctors discovered the tumor before it spread.

“I am extraordinarily grateful, amazed and humbled by the encouragement, affection and support I’ve received so far,” Tork said, adding he’ll be able to perform again in a matter of months.

Record company defies conventional labels

Silver Spring's Cuneiform Records survives for 25 years by signing avant-garde artists

by Jason Tomassini | Staff Writer

When Steve Feigenbaum started Cuneiform Records out of his parents' Wheaton home in 1984, he wasn't discouraged when it lost money its first year. Or the year after that. Or the next 11 years.

"I had miserable experiences of people taking advantage of me and ripping me off," Feigenbaum said last week from Cuneiform's small office in downtown Silver Spring. "It was difficult and slow, but because I was young I just kept doing it."

Twenty-five years later, despite massive change in the record industry and massive changes in Silver Spring, Feigenbaum doesn't seemed surprised his small label of experimental music now makes him an honest living.

The first record Cuneiform released was from New Jersey songwriter R. Stevie Moore, after Feigenbaum listened to more than 100 of Moore's songs to release a "best of" compilation.

"I asked his manager, ‘Is Stevie going to care which songs are on the album?'" recalled Feigenbaum, a hyper-engery 51-year-old. The manager responded, "‘No, he thinks they are all wonderful.'

Read the rest of the article here:

Record Label

This Date In Music History-March 5


Alan Clark- Dire Straits (1952)

Reggae star Eddy Grant (1948)

Craig and Charlie Reid- The Proclaimers (1962)

Teena Marie- (1956)

John Frusciante- Red Hot Chili Peppers (1970)

Murray Head ("Superstar") is 63.

They Are Missed:

Michael "Smitty" Smith, drummer for Paul Revere & the Raiders ("Kicks"), is found dead from natural causes in 2001.

The late Tommy Tucker ("Hi-Heel Sneakers") was born in 1939.

Singer and Solid Gold host Andy Gibb ("Shadow Dancing") was born in Manchester, England in 1958. Gibb died on March 10th 1988.

Syd Nathan, boss of R&B label King Records, died in 1968 (age 63). His short temper brought him the nickname "Little Caesar," but King released records by legends like Little Willie John and James Brown.

Country singer Patsy Cline was killed in a plane crash at Dyersburg, Virginia in 1963, along with The Cowboy Copas and Hawkshaw Hawkins. They were traveling to Nashville to appear at a benefit concert for DJ 'Cactus' Jack Call, who'd died in a car crash. Cline was the first country singer to cross over as a pop artist.

Actor and singer John Belushi died from an overdose of cocaine and heroin in 1982. Belushi was one of the original cast members on US TV's Saturday Night Live, played Joliet 'Jake' Blues in The Blues Brothers.


Ike Turner recorded "Rocket 88," in 1951, a song many consider the first Rock n’ Roll record. Three months later it topped the R&B chart.

In 1970, John Lennon and Yoko Ono checked into the London Clinic. Later in the month the couple began a primal-scream course led by therapist Dr. Arthur Janov. Lennon started writing songs - such as "Mother" and "Isolation" - that will appear on Plastic Ono Band.

Led Zeppelin performed the epic anthem, "Stairway to Heaven," in concert for the first time in 1971 at the Ulster Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour releases his second solo album, "About Face" in 1984. He later realizes his solo material sells more when recorded under the name Pink Floyd.

Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass went to #1 on the US album chart in 1966 with “Going Places.”

Today in 1966, the song "The Ballad of the Green Berets" by Sgt Barry Sadler topped the charts and stayed there for 5 weeks.

Barbra Streisand started a three week run at #1 on the US singles chart in 1977 with “Love Theme From A Star Is Born,” her second US #1.

R.E.M. cleaned up in The Rolling Stone Music Awards in 1992 winning Album of the year, for “Out Of Time,” Artist of the year, Best single for “Losing My Religion,” Best video for “Losing My Religion'”and Best band, Best guitarist and Best songwriter awards. I guess they were the Best.

Madonna went to #1 on the UK singles chart in 2000 with her version of the Don McLean 1972 hit “American Pie.”

Elvis Presley was discharged from the U.S. Army in 1960.

Elvis Presley made his first TV appearance in 1955, on the "Louisiana Hayride" program.

Bobby Darin recorded "Dream Lover" in 1959.