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Top 5 eBay Vinyl Record Sales

Week Ending 04/11/2009

1. LP - Captain Marryat self titled Private Press - $3,946.80 - Start: $1.45 - Bids: 11

2. 45 - Bruce Springsteen "Point Blank" / "Ramrod" CBS Dutch Pressing - $3,100.00 - Start: $100.00 - Bids: 9

3. 45 - Elvis Presley "That's All Right" / "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" Sun 209 - $2,500.00 - Start: $2,499.00 - Bids: BIN

4. LP - Led Zeppelin I Atlantic UK First Press Turquoise Lettering - $1,655.00 - Start: $4.35 - Bids: 12

5. 45 - Queen "Now I'm Here" / "Lilly Of The Valley" EMI Portugal - $1,623.26 - Start: $145.00 - Bids: 11

Here's the list few days late but it was a treacherous Easter.

Above all the gods on this week's list, the #1 goes to the Captain Marryat LP, a recent discovery of the lost Prog records of the early seventies. This LP bids up past $3.9k, closing somewahat less than it's high points last year, however all of the sales were originally transacted in British Pounds and have been converted using monthly charts. Given the Pounds recent fall, the price graph may not accurately compare sale values.

Next, an unissued 45 from Bruce Springsteen's River LP out of Holland sells for exactly $3.1k. In the #3 spot an original Sun 45 from Elvis gets taken on a Buy-It-Now for $2.5k.

A UK first press of Led Zeppelin's first LP closes for a little more than halfway over $1.6k and gets the #4 spot. And last, a Portuguese 45 from Queen sells for a little over $1.6k

As always, thanks to Norm at for this great data!

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As we all know, the 2nd annual Record Store Day is coming up fast, this Saturday in fact. This is the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music. Special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional products are made exclusively for this day. Be sure to visit your local record stores and take part in the festivities and special offers for the day! Obviously, I cannot list every store and every special, but I have a few here that you can look at: For the latest updates visit

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