Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vinyl Collective Additions

This from my vinyl friend Virgil, over at Stop on by, the vinyl selection is the best you can find!

"We just got a load of really really really great records in. That Dr. Dog record is probably my favorite of the year. If it sells out quick which it might since we kept a few for staff, I will get more. If you have not heard them, this new album is phenomenal. Fans of Kay Kay will love them. I am stoked to see them on Saturday."

DR. DOG “Fate” LP
DR. DRE “Dre. Dre 2001″ dbl LP
THE MARS VOLTA “Bedlam In Golia” dbl LP
PIETASTERS “Awesome Mix Tape #6″ LP
THIN LIZZY “Black Boys On The Corner: Best of 1970-1974″ LP
BRIAN WILSON “That Lucky Old Sun” LP
WU-TANG CLAN “Enter The Wu-Tang” LP
WATCHFIRE “The Triumph of Death” 7″ red w/ green vinyl
BORIS THE SPRINKLER “Drugs & Masturbation” 7″ full sleeve pink vinyl
BORIS THE SPRINKLER “Drugs & Masturbation” 7″ copied single insert pink vinyl

"We recently did a trade with our new friends at Robotic Empire. Trading with other labels is a great way to buck the traditional distribution system. Since Robotic Empire has such a strong mailorder network and we have a decent one ourselves, it works out really well. So take a look down the list and get some records from this really great label."

CANNABIS CORPSE “Tube Of The Resinated” LP
Cursive “Recluse/Art Is Hard” 10″ picture disc
GHASTLY CITY SLEEP “S/T” LP vanilla vinyl
ISIS “In The Absence Of Truth” dbl LP red/yellow vinyl
ISIS “Live IV” dbl LP honey brown vinyl
KAYO DOT “Dowsing Anemone” dbl LP
MELT BANANA “666″ 6″ sky blue vinyl
PAGENINETYNINE “Document #8″ deluxe reissue LP
PYGMY LUSH “Bitter River” LP
RED SPAROWES “At The Soundless Dawn” dbl LP white/blue vinyl
RIDDLE OF STEEL “Got This Feelin” red vinyl
TORCHE “In Return” 10″ + CD flower vinyl
VERSE EN COMA “Rialto” 10″ + CD tan vinyl
VERSOMA “Life During Wartime” LP confetti vinyl

Other new arrivals:

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST “Beats Rhymes & Life” dbl LP
A TRIBE CALLED QUEST “Mignight Marauders” LP
BAND OF HORES “Everything All The Time” LP
BAND OF HORSES “Cease to Begin ” LP
BAND OF HORSES “No One’s Gonna Love You” UK single 7″
BLITZEN TRAPPER “Furr” LP w/ digital download coupon
Chixdiggit “S/T” LP
CONSTANTINES “Tournament of Hearts” LP
FOALS “Antidote” LP + 7″
FRUIT BATS “Spelled In Bones” LP
FUCKED UP “Crooked Head” 7″
Iron and Wine “Creek Drank” LP
IRON AND WINE “The shepherd’s dog” LP
Iron and Wine “Woman King:” LP
Jimmy Eat World “Chase the Light” LP
MILES DAVIS “In A Silent Way” LP import
MOGWAI “The Hawk Is Howling” dbl LP
MUDHONEY “Touch Me I’m Sick” 7″
Nirvana “Silver” 7″
NO AGE “Eraser” 7″
NO AGE “Nouns” LP
PINK FLOYD “Dark Side Of The Moon” LP 30th Anniversary Edition import
Pissed Jeans ìHope For Menî LP
Postal Service ” We Will Become” LP
RADIOHEAD “In Rainbows” LP
Radiohead “Kid A” double 10″
Rise Against “Sufferer & The Witness” LP
Rogue Wave “Descended Like Vultures” LP
Shins “Chutes Too Narrow” LP
Shins “Oh Inverted World” LP
SMASHING PUMPKINS “Siamese Dream” dbl LP
Smashing Pumpkins- Gish LP
The Album Leaf “In A Safe Place” LP
The Shins ìWincing The Night Awayî LP
THE THERMALS “The Body, The Blood, The Machine” LP
Weakerthans “Reunion Tour” LP 180 gram w/ free download
WILCO “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” dbl LP
Wolf Parade “S/T” LP

Vinyl Art - A New Canvas

This is a new video and an article I wrote about this amazing vinyl record artist. Take a few minutes today and marvel at the images that Daniel creates right before your eyes in his 'time-lapse' YouTube videos. Did you know that via special arrangement with you can get 15% off one of these masterpieces? Email me for the code and you can own a piece of rock & roll pop art!

Vinyl Art - A New Canvas

written by Robert Benson

Album cover art has a long and fascinating history. From the days of Alex Steinweiss to pop artists like Andy Warhol and Roger Dean, album cover art has evolved; with some highly praised covers (i.e. the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper LP) to the controversial, including Jimi Hendrix’s “Electric Ladyland” that featured nude women.

But using old, generally unplayable vinyl records (LP’s) as a canvas, artist Daniel Edlen is creating one-of-a-kind ‘Vinyl Art’ masterpieces, adding a new dimension to the art of vinyl albums.

I spoke with Daniel about his love of art and music and how he is able to merge the two on the unique canvas of a vinyl record.

“My Dad introduced me to records with the Beatles’ “Revolver” album,” explained Daniel. “My Mom volunteered for the local library, running the used book sales. They would get records as donations and I got first crack at them because they were usually too beat up and they didn't sell well. Then I had an art project in my teens with white pencil on black paper and I thought, why not try to paint on some of these old records.”

But as a record collector yourself, isn’t this almost blasphemy, using a vinyl record as a canvas?

“I have struggled with that question, especially after the reaction I've gotten from some collectors. My answer is that I do try use albums that would practically ruin a good phonograph needle, and also, I'm turning something that likely would sit in a box in someone's garage into something they can hang on their wall to celebrate their musical culture. It's something unique and creative that is a great ice-breaker, starting conversations about music, art, and all things retro.”

When asked about the process, Daniel detailed:

“The actual painting part of the process verges on meditation for me, it just flows. I'm always listening to music while I work, often whom I'm painting. It's a joy to do what I do, and when I write my blog posts, I often end up adding how lucky I feel that my passion allows me to touch people. The tricky part is finding and sizing the right image of the musician. I place the portrait so the label becomes part of the composition, sometimes highlighting specific information, like the title of the album or certain tracks that make that particular record special or important. I use just white acrylic paint, using the density to create the shading. The whole process takes about a day."

Recently, Daniel has also begun creating time-lapse videos that he's uploaded to YouTube These show the development of the paintings, using about twenty-five pictures taken as the painting goes through its stages, and are backed by music recorded by the subject of the piece.

So, just who is Daniel Edlen? Obviously a very talented artist, he would draw and paint for fun and enjoyment throughout his formative years and after experimenting with other art media (such as sculpture), he did a few pieces of what he now calls ‘Vinyl Art’ for friends and family as gifts.

His audience not only loved his work, they encouraged him to try selling them. So with the support of his wife, family and friends, Daniel decided to utilize his talent and passion to, not only make something new from something old, but to create a whole new way for music-lovers to share that passion. For Daniel, the payoff is peoples' reaction when they see the pieces for the first time.

Daniel has opened up a web site and online gallery so the public can see just what he does. Framed simply in a black metal LP frame with the album sleeve behind, the focus is on the original painting.

As a vinyl record collector and enthusiast, I am excited and just marvel at the ‘Vinyl Art’ history and one-of-a-kind paintings that Daniel Edlen creates everyday. Daniel keeps his audiences craving more, and as an artist, that is all you could ever wish for.

Road Records Won’t Fade Away

I love the stories about the small, independent record stores- this is a just as much a part of our musical heritage as the records they sell. Here's a nice story from Ireland:

The owner of Road Records on Dublin’s Fade Street tells Niall Bourke about the changes he has seen from behind the counter of Ireland’s smallest record shop.

ROAD Records on Fade Street, off George’s Street, celebrated 11 years in the record business recently. It hasn’t always been easy. Dave Kennedy and his partner Julie have had to be very flexible and open to change in order to survive as the record market and music industry in general took a hammering from both the legal and illegal downloading of music.

“These days we steer clear of nearly everything in the Top 50,” reveals Dave. “It just wouldn’t be of interest to our customer base. It’s strange but most of our customers tend to be over 30. We don’t see that many really young people in the shop. It’s like they don’t see the reason or the need for a record shop as such, when they can order whatever they like online."

“In fact, some young customers would find the idea of an album hard to understand as they’re so used to ordering a track here and a track there online.”

One interesting aspect of the shop’s business is the revival of interest in vinyl records.

According to Dave it’s not unusual to have a customer in possession of an Ipod who is still looking to purchase a vinyl record.

“There’s a steady trade in vinyl and it’s getting bigger,” says Dave. “And you’ll always get customers who are looking for classic albums like ‘Sgt Peppers’ on vinyl. We’re also getting people who have down­-loaded a new album and now they’re in the shop looking for the vinyl version as well.”

Dave also points out that some of the smaller record companies have taken to issuing special codes with vinyl releases so that when the customer buys a record he or she can use the code to download a version as well.

“I also believe that people actually miss having the physical product available to them at home,” adds Dave. “For some people a little white box just isn’t the same.”

Providing local bands with an outlet for their product is also part of the general philosophy at Road Records.

“We try and help out as many local bands as we can here,” explains Dave. “There’s a great DIY attitude among some bands - you may get a band who record a record themselves and print up maybe 500 copies. Then they try and shift them through local stores around the country, or we get some groups who do only 50 or 60 CDs and just leave them in the shop with us.”

Dave also provides a space for local bands to perform in the shop, albeit acoustically, mostly on Saturday afternoons.

But how did Dave himself originally get into the business of selling records?

“Well I used to work in Borderline Records, that’s where I met my partner Julie, and knowing something of the business we just decided that we’d give it a go,” he relates.

Dublin has a tradition of having some great record stores over the years, like Pat Egan’s Sound Cellar on Nassau Street, Freebird Records and who can forget Advance Records on King Street, home to Dublin’s original punks. Does Dave see Road Records as continuing in this tradition?

“Well I believe people actually appreciate it if the person behind the counter in a record shop actually knows something about the music they are attempting to sell you,” he suggests.

"This is a wonderful job,” he adds. “I love coming to work, maybe I’ll never make a load of money from it but I really enjoy my job and Record Records is here for the long haul.”


Classic Rock Videos

More of the 'Fat Man' some of the best pure rock and soul that can be heard!

Top 5 eBay Vinyl Record Sales

Week Ending 08/23/2008

1) LP - Bruce Springsteen "Born To Run" Test Pressing Script jacket - $3050.00

2) LP - Bent Jaedig "Jazzman 67" Danish Debut - $2,901.00

3) LP - Elvis Presley "Christmas Album" Sealed LOC-1035 - $2,650.00

4) LP - Elvis Presley "Aloha" Chicken Of The Sea Promo - $2,639.00

5) 45rpm - The Nothing "Scream 'N' Cry" / "Uniformz" Wide Awak Musik - $2,503.00


Less Than Jake Offer 7'' Box Set for Their Super Fans

Less Than Jake has decided to keep it old school with the release of a 7'' box set this fall that will include rare songs, a DVD and almost everything else a LTJ fan would want.

According to Absolute Punk, the box set will be out on November 11 and features 'live, acoustic or demo versions of album tracks as well as B-sides culled from the studio and stage.' And that's not all! You will also receive a LTJ poster, their latest album, GNV FLA, and a 'DVD of in-studio footage arranged and edited by LTJ trombonist Louis "Buddy" Schaub from the GNV FLA recording sessions and live performances from concerts and in-stores.'

Less Than Jake has become known throughout their 16-year career for releasing limited-edition vinyl recordings. The band has put out over 20 7'' records including "Muppets," "Pesto" and "Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria," in addition to seven full-lengths, two live records and a few EPs ... but good luck finding them all!

Album Cover Art

Here we go again- a look at Gigwise's list of controversial, weiredest, best and worst album cover art as complied by their crack staff.


34. The Strokes: ‘Is This It’ This is controversial? Maybe it has something to do with the leather glove, buy I hardly think this ranks as a great cover. But, it did draw controversary and actually had to be replaced.

"Is This It," is the debut album by the American alternative rock band The Strokes, released in 2001. The Strokes were the first band to break into the mainstream as part of the turn-of-the-millennium garage rock trend. After signing with RCA, the band went on the opposite way of recording adopted by traditional rock bands. Instead of doing their full-length debut in a professional studio, the Strokes instead opted to record in a basement on Manhattan's Lower East Side, to which they put the name Transporter Raum Studio.

Hyped by the music press for their melodic pop-influenced garage rock sound on both sides of the Atlantic, The Strokes' auspicious debut garnered them critical and popular attention, as well as a backlash from listeners turned off by the hype. Nonetheless, Is This It's more famous songs "The Modern Age", "Last Nite", "Hard to Explain" and "Someday" won the band much respect and helped the album reach number two in the UK and number thirty-three in the US.

The track "New York City Cops" was pulled from the North American edition of Is This It following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack and was replaced by "When It Started". This was because the band and their management thought the song might be considered insensitive, particularly the main chorus line "New York City Cops, they ain't too smart", which is repeated throughout. The band still plays "New York City Cops" live and the song is available on the international edition of the album, along with its original cover art. In 2002, Is This It was re-released with a DVD with music videos and out takes from a performance on MTV2.

alternate cover

"Is This It" is one of the most critically acclaimed albums of the 2000s. It was ranked 89th in a 2005 survey held by British television's Channel 4 to determine the 100 greatest albums of all time. In 2003, the album was ranked number 367 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. In June 2005, the album was ranked number 100 on Spin's list of the "100 Greatest Albums, 1985-2005". In July 2006, the album was ranked 48 on The Observer's list of 'The 50 Albums That Changed Music.' In November 2007 Q magazine rated it at 21 in "21 albums that changed music" In addition to being ranked among the greatest albums of all time, the non-U.S. version of the album cover has been ranked as one of the greatest album covers of all time. The U.S. cover is different; it features a photo of particle collisions in the Big European Bubble Chamber.

Wow, quite a remarkable list of accomplishments but the cover is not that bad- c'mon people it's just a butt!



34. Cerrone 3: 'Supernature' I guess this was some Disco music man, I won't even spend any time with this. Weird? How about worst and not even looking at it? What is with the guys with animal heads? Remember, coke was the drug of choice in the Disoc era, but this is more of an acid trip. Enough said.



34. Village People – ‘Renaissance’ After the downfall of Disco, the group tried to transition into a New Wave group. The attempt failed commercially and critically as most were turned off by the harsh change in direction. The album peaked at #138 on The Billboard 200. However, the album did find a cult fanbase years later. Many fans thought of the album to be an abstract, intriguing work. The standout tracks are the two singles, "Do You Wanna Spend The Night" and "5 O'Clock In The Morning." This album was reissued to CD in 1999.

Village People are a concept disco group formed in the late 1970s. The group is well known for their on-stage costumes as for their catchy tunes and suggestive lyrics. Original members were: police officer (Victor Willis), American Indian chief (Felipe Rose), cowboy (Randy Jones), construction worker (David Hodo), leatherman (Glenn Hughes) and Military man (Alex Briley). For the release of "In the Navy", both Willis and Briley appeared temporarily as sailors. Originally created to target disco's primarily gay fan base by featuring stereotypical gay fantasy personas[1], the band's popularity quickly brought them into mainstream. The group is seen by some music critics as less serious for their camp style, appearance and musical choices.

Village People scored a number of disco and dance hits, including their trademark "Macho Man", "Go West", the classic club medley of "San Francisco (You've Got Me) / In Hollywood (Everybody is a Star)", "In the Navy", "Can't Stop the Music", "Sex Over the Phone" and their biggest hit, "Y.M.C.A.".

Collectively, the Village People have sold 85 million albums and singles. The group also recorded new materials under the name "The Amazing Veepers".

I liked them better as the Indian, cop, construction worker, cowboy, the leather guy and military man. But, honestly, not that much.



34. Peter Gabriel: ‘Melt’ Peter Gabriel (1980) is Peter Gabriel's third eponymous album. It was his first and only release for Mercury Records in the USA, and was re-issued in 1983 on Geffen Records. The album was met with wide critical acclaim and contains two of Gabriel's most famous songs, "Games Without Frontiers," which reached the U.S. Top 50, and the UK Top Ten, and the political song "Biko", about the late anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko. The album was remastered, along with most of Gabriel's catalog, in 2002.

This album is often referred to as Melt, on account of the cover photograph. This was part of a session taken by Storm Thorgerson of Hipgnosis, using a Polaroid SX-70 instant camera, subsequently modified by Thorgerson and Gabriel. Thorgerson does not recall whether the cover image was manipulated by Gabriel, or by himself. I guess you just spill some water and modify as needed, hmmm, simple, but effective.