Sunday, October 14, 2007

Counter Clock - Vinyl Record Market News-EBAY

When ebay first opened, vinyl record prices were greatly effected. When vinyl records that were thought to be rare started showing up on ebay, the prices for those vinyl records was influenced. When people started to sell vinyl records on the site, what was once thought to be a rare record, in reality had more copies readily available to the public and influenced the resale price of those specific vinyl records.

Interested in album resale prices and sales from one of the largest retailers on the Interent? Have an old album or a collection to sell? If you choose ebay, you can get an idea of what the market is for vinyl with a great resource called "Counter Clock" which is available at

Here is a sample of the information available to you from the site:

First week ending 9/29

"A Northern Soul 45 topped the list, Locations "Mister Diamond Man" / "He's Gone" on Ron Paul Records sold for $3080.00 with 30 bids from a starting bid of $99.99.

Another country "old timey" fiddle 78 RPM came in the #2 spot, Andrew & Jim Baxter "Forty Drops" / "Georgia Stomp" on Victor closed for $2577.00 receiving 15 bids from a starting bid of $49.99.

Next, a Columbian pressing on grey vinyl of Queen's Hot Space LP sold on a Buy-It-Now for $2500.00.

In the #4 spot, a rare Clash picture sleeve "Complete Control" sold for $2,358.00 with 39 bids.

And last, a private press Metal LP, Deathcrush from the band Mayhem, sold for $2,247.00 receiving 28 bids from a starting bid of $10.00"

So stop by (let them know where you found out about them!)and book mark this highly informative is updated weekly and allows you to, not only gauge the interest in a particular genre of music (Northen Soul is a hot commodity- we call it Motown), but can give you a clear picture of exactly what prices some of the vinyl records are selling for. A fantastic resource for any record collector!