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Rhino Handmade To Release Three Disc Deluxe Edition Of The Monkees’ Album, Head, In Tandem With Criterion Collection Box Set

Rhino Handmade Expands The Cult Classic’s Soundtrack Into A Three-Disc Boxed Set With 21 Unreleased Tracks, Outtakes, Rarities, And Live Performances

Pre-Order Beginning September 20 Exclusively At

And Receive A Bonus 7″ With Two Previously Unreleased Instrumentals

Boxed Set Arrives October 26

LOS ANGELES – Ahead of its time when it was released in 1968, Head has emerged over the years as a cult classic from the psychedelic era. Produced by Bob Rafelson and Jack Nicholson, the surreal odyssey stars The Monkees—Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith, and Peter Tork. While the film did not achieve commercial success, its soundtrack contains some of the quartet’s finest and most daring work.

Rhino Handmade expands the superbly strange soundtrack, originally compiled by Jack Nicholson, as a three-disc boxed set that features 21 previously unreleased tracks, outtakes, rarities, and live performances, plus an entire disc containing a rare interview with Jones recorded in 1968 for radio broadcast. All those who pre-order, will receive a bonus 7″ that includes unreleased instrumental versions of “Porpoise Song” and “As We Go Along.” The collection comes in a 7″ x 7″ deluxe box with a mirrored finish like the original vinyl release. Due out October 26, HEAD (DELUXE EDITION) will be available for pre-order beginning September 20 exclusively at Rhino for a suggested list price of $59.98.

Later this year, the Criterion Collection will release Head as part of America Lost And Found: The BBS Story, a compilation of innovative films produced between 1968 and 1972 by Rafelson and Bert Schneider (cocreators of The Monkees) and Steve Blauner. The BBS Story boxed set will be available on Blu-ray November 23 and DVD December 14. Head features a new, restored high-definition digital transfer (with DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and uncompressed monaural soundtracks on the Blu-ray edition). The extras include new audio commentaries by Dolenz, Tork, and Jones, and an interview with Rafelson.

HEAD (DELUXE EDITION) begins with the original soundtrack remastered, including “Porpoise Song” the film’s theme written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King, Nesmith’s rocker “Circle Sky,” Tork’s “Can You Dig It,” Jones singing Harry Nilsson’s “Daddy’s Song,” and Dolenz singing “As We Go Along,” a track penned by Carole King and Toni Stern (who later composed the chart topper “You’ve Got A Friend”). Also included from the original soundtrack are bits of dialogue from the film and incidental music conducted by Ken Thorne, who composed music for The Beatles’ film Help!

The first disc’s bonus tracks present alternate stereo mixes for nearly every song, except “Can You Dig It” which is featured as a rough stereo mix with Tork singing instead of Dolenz, and “Daddy’s Song” which is remixed with a section that was never originally used in the film or soundtrack album. The disc also features an unreleased stereo mix of the album’s closing audio collage: “Swami – Plus Strings.”

Disc two is dedicated to outtakes and rarities, including mono mixes for every track along with unreleased mono movie mixes for “Can You Dig It” and “Daddy’s Song.” The unreleased gems include an alternate version of “Ditty Diego – War Chant,” a satirical send-up of the theme to The Monkees television series written by Nicholson and Rafelson, plus “California, Here It Comes,” a song heard briefly in 1969 playing over the credits of The Monkees’ television special 33⅓ Revolutions Per Monkee. The disc also includes a rare live set from the Valley Music Hall in Salt Lake City from the spring of 1968. The performances were recorded for the film, but ultimately only one track (“Circle Sky”) was used. The unreleased live tracks from this set include the Headquarters-era gems “You Just May Be The One,” “Sunny Girlfriend,” and “You Told Me.”

The final disc contains a radio interview with Jones about the album that was issued in 1968 by Colgems as a promotional LP. The disc also includes full tracks and excerpts from the Head soundtrack that were interspersed throughout the interview. Deluxe booklet features new liner notes by Andrew Sandoval and Rachel Lichtman highlighted by brand-new interviews with Michael Nesmith and director Bob Rafelson about Head, in addition to dozens of unpublished color photos.


Disc 1 – Original LP…Plus

1. Opening Ceremony

2. “Porpoise Song” (Theme From Head) – The Monkees

3. “Ditty Diego – War Chant” – The Monkees

4. “Circle Sky” – The Monkees

5. “Supplicio”

6. “Can You Dig It” – The Monkees

7. “Gravy”

8. “Superstitious”

9. “As We Go Along” – The Monkees

10. “Dandruff?”

11. “Daddy’s Song” – The Monkees

12. “Poll”

13. “Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again” – The Monkees

14. “Swami – Plus Strings (Ken Thorne), Etc.”

Bonus Material

15. “Porpoise Song” (Theme From Head) (Alternate Stereo Mix) – The Monkees

16. “Ditty Diego –War Chant” (Alternate Stereo Mix) – The Monkees

17. “Circle Sky” (Alternate Stereo Mix) – The Monkees

18. “Can You Dig It” (Peter’s Vocal – Stereo Rough Mix) – The Monkees *

19. “As We Go Along” (Alternate Stereo Mix) – The Monkees

20. “Daddy’s Song” (Remix with slow verse) – The Monkees *

21. “Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again” (Alternate Stereo Mix) – The Monkees

22. “Swami – Plus Strings (Ken Thorne), Etc.” (Alternate Stereo Mix) *

23. “Happy Birthday To You” (Alternate Stereo Mix) – The Monkees *

24. “Ditty Diego” (Session) – The Monkees *

Disc 2 – Outtakes And Rarities

1. Head Promo “Coming Soon”

2. “Porpoise Song” (Theme From Head) (Mono Single Mix) – The Monkees

3. “Ditty Diego – War Chant” (Mono Mix) – The Monkees *

4. “Circle Sky” (Mono Mix) – The Monkees *

5. “Can You Dig It” (Mono Mix) – The Monkees *

6. “As We Go Along” (Mono Single Mix) – The Monkees

7. “Daddy’s Song” (Mono Mix) – The Monkees *

8. “Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again” (Mono Mix) – The Monkees *

9. “Porpoise Song” (Theme From Head) (Rough Mono Mix) – The Monkees *

10. “Ditty Diego” (Alternate Version) – The Monkees *

11. “Circle Sky” (Alternate Mono Mix) – The Monkees *

12. “Can You Dig It” (Peter’s Vocal) – The Monkees

13. “Daddy’s Song” (Mike’s Vocal) – The Monkees

14. “Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again” (Rough Mix Acetate) – The Monkees *

15. “Can You Dig It” (Mono Movie Mix) – The Monkees *

16. “Daddy’s Song” (Mono Movie Mix) – The Monkees *

17. Head Promo “Now Playing”

18. Introduction To Live Show – The Monkees *

19. “You Just May Be The One” (Live) – The Monkees *

20. “Sunny Girlfriend” (Live) – The Monkees *

21. “You Told Me” (Live) – The Monkees *

22. “Circle Sky” (Live) – The Monkees

23. “California, Here It Comes” – The Monkees *

Disc 3 – Head Open-End Radio Special Interview Platter With Davy Jones

1. “Circle Sky” (Excerpt) – The Monkees

2. Davy Jones Interview, Pt. 1

3. “Can You Dig It” (Excerpt) – The Monkees

4. Davy Jones Interview, Pt. 2

5. “Daddy’s Song” – The Monkees

6. Davy Jones Interview, Pt. 3

7. “Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again” – The Monkees

8. Davy Jones Interview, Pt. 4

9. “Porpoise Song” (Theme From Head) – The Monkees

10. Davy Jones Interview, Pt. 5

11. “Can You Dig It” (Excerpt) – The Monkees

* Previously Unissued

Music News & Notes

Reba Reveals Album Cover

Reba McEntire's 34th studio album, 'All The Women I Am,' is scheduled to be released on Nov. 9, and also marks the singer's first work with Dann Huff as producer. Dann has produced Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood, among many others. Reba unveiled the glitzy album cover this week.

“It is so good to be back in the studio with Dann Huff,” says Reba in a press release. “He has played guitar on so many of my albums and I was thrilled when he said yes to producing this CD with me. He’s a very talented, creative and fun person to work with."


URIAH HEEP To Release 'Live in Budapest, Hungary 2010'

Progressive rock veterans Uriah Heep have recently announced their plan to release a new live album, called "Official Bootleg Volume II – Live in Budapest, Hungary 2010." The band states, "This is an official bootleg recording from our concert in the Petofi Hall, Budapest Hungary, on the 4th May 2010.

"There are going to be many more recordings from around the world, as this will be an ongoing series, giving fans the chance to hear the band in many different countries.

"These recordings are true official bootlegs in every sense and they reflect that nights performance as it happened, totally untouched. You can almost feel that you are at the concert, so put the CD on, turn it up loud, close your eyes and enjoy a night in Budapest with URIAH HEEP."

The official release date for "Official Bootleg Volume II – Live in Budapest, Hungary 2010" has not yet been announced.

Uriah Heep remains one of British rock's most consistent and long-standing acts, with album sales of over 30 million worldwide.


DAATH: New Album Artwork Unveiled

Atlanta-based quintet DAATH is set to release their third, self-titled full-length album on October 26 via Century Media Records. Drummer Kevin Talley (ex-CHIMAIRA, DYING FETUS) began laying down his tracks in Atlanta on June 7 with renowned producer Mark Lewis (ALL THAT REMAINS, TRIVIUM, DEVILDRIVER) and co-producer Eyal Levi (guitar) at the helm.

image daaththird

Lennon Lives On Via Yoko

Hail, Hail, Rock'n'Roll

Lennon's song God floors you with a punch. It's a farewell – to the past, to the Beatles. In destroying our idols, it somehow sets us all free

Laura Barton

People are always surprised when I tell them how much I like Yoko Ono. I interviewed her a few years ago, ahead of an ATP festival; we talked about art and music and love, and I found her smart, warm and kind of wonderful. At the end of our conversation she gave me a cape gooseberry, placed it in the palm of my hand, like a ripe and precious gift.

Yoko's reputation you will know well: the woman who took John Lennon from his wife, and from the Beatles, and since I met her, it has often amused me that she is painted always as a taker, while I remember her as a giver.

Read the rest here: john lennon

Matador at 21: 6-CD charity box set and double vinyl

On September 28, on the eve of the label’s 21st anniversary celebration in Las Vegas, the Matador at 21 box set lands in stores. The limited-edition box contains five CDs documenting the history of the label with remastered songs released from 1989 through 2010, and one CD of unreleased live recordings from the Matador 10th Anniversary concerts in New York City in 1999. These were recorded to multitrack via the Rolling Stones Mobile Truck and not mixed down until now.

As shown above, the set comes in a blue-grey foil-stamped linen-bound box. The six CDs sit in custom digipaks. An 85-page perfect-bound book documents the history of the label with essays, photos, ephemera, emails and more. In addition, the box holds 36 custom Matador poker chips in three values.

The release has been assigned the catalog number OLE-1000, which is pushing it a little bit because we’re really only up to OLE-949 (the upcoming Kurt Vile 7?) in the main sequence. A budget-priced double vinyl set reproduces the contents of Disc 5, ‘Matador Today,’ and will be available on the same day as the box. All proceeds from the set will go to benefit three charities chosen by the label owners, enumerated at the bottom of this post. The artists have graciously agreed to donate their royalties as well in order to make this all possible.*

DISC 1 – THE PRE-DAWN (1989-1992)

1. Teenage Fanclub – Everything Flows
2. H.P. Zinker – Dancing Days
3. Superchunk – Slack Motherfucker
4. Dustdevils – Throw the Bottle Full
5. Railroad Jerk – These Streets
6. Come – Fast Piss Blues
7. Bettie Serveert – Kid’s Alright
8. Chain Gang – Cut Off The Drug Czar’s Head
9. Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 – More Glee
10. Unsane – This Town
11. Circle X – Compression of the Species
12. Toiling Midgets – Mr. Foster’s Shoes
13. Bailter Space – The Today Song
14. Pavement – Perfume-V


1. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Afro
2. Yo La Tengo – Big Day Coming
3. Railroad Jerk – The Ballad of Railroad Jerk
4. Helium – Superball
5. Pizzicato Five – Baby Love Child
6. Liz Phair – Mesmerizing
7. Pavement – Silence Kit
8. Guided By Voices – Game Of Pricks
9. 18th Dye – Whole Wide World
10. Chavez – Peeled Out Too Late
11. Come – String
12. Moonshake – Secondhand Clothes
13. Guitar Wolf – Midnight Violence Rock’n Roll
14. San Francisco Seals – Back Again
15. Bardo Pond – Rumination


1. Boards Of Canada – Telephasic Workshop
2. Spoon – Waiting For The Kid To Come Out
3. Yo La Tengo – Autumn Sweater
4. Chavez – You Must Be Stopped
5. Silkworm – Tarnished Angel
6. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Flavor Part 1 (Beck)
7. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Flavor Part 2 (Mike D)
8. Pole – Fliegen
9. Cat Power – American Flag
10. Belle & Sebastian – We Rule The School
11. Mogwai – Helps Both Ways
12. Arsonists – Backdraft
13. Large Professor – ‘Bout That Time
14. Cornelius – Tone Twilight Zone
15. burger/ink – Flesh & Blood
16. Pavement – You Are A Light
17. Arab Strap – Blood
18. Matmos – L.A.S.I.K


1. Interpol – Hands Away
2. Cat Power – He War
3. Yo La Tengo – Today Is The Day
4. The New Pornographers – From Blown Speakers
5. Dizzee Rascal – Fix Up, Look Sharp
6. Dead Meadow – Good Moanin’
7. Mogwai – Kids Will Be Skeletons
8. Mission Of Burma – The Setup
9. Early Man – Death Is The Answer
10. Belle & Sebastian – Dress Up In You
11. Pretty Girls Make Graves – All Medicated Geniuses
12. Cat Power – Love & Communication
13. Shearwater - Johnny Viola
14. Brightblack Morning Light – Everybody Daylight
15. Lavender Diamond – You Broke My Heart
16. Jennifer O’Connor – Tonight We Ride
16. Earles & Jensen – Just Farr A Laugh: The Yogurt Machine
17. Stephen Malkmus – Discretion Grove


1. Fucked Up – Son The Father
2. Sonic Youth – Sacred Trickster
3. Kurt Vile – Amplifier
4. Yo La Tengo – Nothing to Hide
5. Jay Reatard – There Is No Sun
6. Times New Viking – Move To California
7. Harlem – Friendly Ghost
8. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Bottled In Cork
9. The New Pornographers – My Shepherd
10. Cold Cave - Youth and Lust
11. Interpol – Summer Well
12. Shearwater - Castaways
13. Esben and the Witch – Marching Song
14. Girls – Lust For Life
15. Magic Kids – Superball
16. Delorean – Stay Close
17. Cat Power – Metal Heart
18. Perfume Genius – Learning
19. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks – Real Emotional Trash


1. Pavement – Here (Live 1999)
2. Pavement – Trigger Cut (Live 1999)
3. Pavement – The Hexx (Live 1999)
4. Pavement – She Believes (Live 1999)
5. Pavement – Unfair (Live 1999)
6. Pavement – Zurich Is Stained (Live 1999)
7. Pavement – Debris Slide (Live 1999)
8. Pavement – Spit On A Stranger (Live 1999)
9. Come – New Coats (Live 1999)
10. Bardo Pond – Walking Stick Man (Live 1999)
11. Bardo Pond – Tommy Gun Angel (Live 1999)
12. Cat Power – Good Woman (Live 1999)
13. Cat Power – Naked, If I Want To (Live 1999)
14. Cat Power – You May Know Him / Sea Of Love (Live 1999)
15. Mogwai – Ex-Cowboy (Live 1999)

* Matador and the bands’ proceeds from sales of the box set and the double vinyl will be donated to:

The Jane Addams Hull House Association, a Chicago, IL non-profit that’s been assisting the city’s neediest families (child welfare, domestic violence prevention, literacy-advocacy, etc.) since 1889.

The Ali Forney Center (NYC-based provider of shelter and counseling for homeless gay, lesbian and transgender youth)

The Heart Institute at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (non-profit public hospital and a world leader in pediatric lifesaving)

Matador at 21 will be in stores on September 28. You can preorder it now from the Matador Store.

Matador at 21: The Lost Weekend takes place at the Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas from October 1-3, 2010. This event is sponsored by MySpace Music, Altamont and Incase.