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New Music Releases - March 16

Here are a few of tommorrow's new releases. 
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Al Jarreau - Live In London (Deluxe Edition)
Angus & Julia Stone - Down The Way
Annie - My Love Is Better (vinyl)
Archie Bronson Outfit - Shark's Tooth (vinyl)
B-52's - Cosmic Thing (Audio Fidelity)
Band of Skulls - I Know What I Am (vinyl)
Beirut - Lon Gisland (vinyl)
Bellamy Brothers - Greatest Hits 3
Beth Orton - Trailer Park
Billy Edd Wheeler - A Big Bag Of Songs
Billy Joel - Glass Houses (Vinyl)
Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits
Bob Marley & the Wailers - Reggae With Soul: Roots of
Brad Mehldau - Highway rider
Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue
Charles Wright - Live @ The Ford Theatre (Vinyl)
Cymbals Eat Guitars - Wind Phoenix (vinyl)
Deep Purple - Machine Head (Audio Fidelity)
Delta Mirror - Machines That Listen (vinyl)
Devon Sproule - Don't Hurry for Heaven!
Dirty Three - Ocean Songs (vinyl reissue)
Disco Biscuits - Planet Anthem
Donovan - Greatest Hits
Doors - Absolutely Live (2-LP vinyl)
Drive By Truckers - The Big To-Do
Dropkick Murphys - Live on Landsdowne Boston MA
Duke Special - The Stage, a Book & the Silver Screen (3-CDs)
Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Rush To Relax (vinyl)
Ella Fitzgerald - The Best of Twelve Nights in Hollywood
Ellie Goulding - Lights
Field Music - Field Music (Measure) (vinyl)
Flobots - Survival Story
Friendly Fires & Holy Ghost - Hold on/On Board (vinyl)
From First to Last - Throne to the Wolves
Gamma Ray - To the Metal!
Gin Wigmore - Holy Smoke
Gloria Estefan - Greatest Hits
Gogol Bordello Non-Stop (dvd)
Graham Parker - Imaginary Television
Groove Armada - Vertigo (reissue)
Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday (vinyl)
Hoodoo Gurus - Purity of Essence
I Am Robot & Proud - Uphill City Remixes & Collaborations
Iration - Time Bomb
Jeff the Brotherhood - U Got the Look (vinyl)
Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys (reissue)
Jimi Hendrix - Bleeding Heart (Limited Edition 7" Single) (Vinyl)
Jonas Reinhardt - Powers of Audition
Josiah Wolf - Jet Lag (vinyl)
Kansas - Point of Know Return (Limited Edition Gatefold Cover) (Vinyl)
King Khan & Pat Meteor - The Fiery Tears of St. Laruent b/w Bon Bon (vinyl)
Kirk Fletcher - My Turn
Lady Gaga - Telephone (vinyl picturedisc)
Les Paul & Mary Ford - Let's Go To Town
Locksley - Be in Love
Lou Bond - Lou Bond (remastered with bonus tracks) (vinyl)
Loudon Wainwright III - Album III (vinyl reissue)
Loudon Wainwright III - Attempted Mustache (vinyl reissue)
Loudon Wainwright III - Unrequited (vinyl reissue)
Lusine - Lucky Numbers: The Ghostly International EPs
Mac Wiseman with Lester Flatt - Bluegrass 1971
Mannish Boys - Shake For Me
Mark Egan - Truth Be Told
Mark Matos & Os Beaches - Words of the Knife (vinyl)
Marvin Sapp - Here I Am
Mary Wells - In And Out Of Love
Mazzy Star - Among My Swan (vinyl reissue)
Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See (vinyl reissue)
Meredith Andrews - As Long As It Takes
Nas And Damien Marley - Distant Relatives
Neil Young - Dreamin' Man Live '92 (Vinyl)
Neon Trees - Habits (vinyl)
Old Man Luedecke - My Hands Are on Fire and other Love Songs
One for the Team - Ghosts (vinyl)
Os Mutantes - Os Mutantes (vinyl)
Pantha Du Prince - Stick to My Side (vinyl)
Patti Smith Group - Radio Ethiopia (vinyl reissue)
Pelican - What We All Come To Need
Peter Karp & Sue Foley - He Said She Said
Peter Wolf - Midnight Souvenirs
Polar Bear - Peepers (vinyl)
Popa Chubby - Fight Is On
Reni Lane - Ready
Rev. Gary Davis - Rev. Gary Davis At Home & Church (1962-1967) (3 CDs)
Rick Springfield - Venus in Overdrive / Live in Rockford
Rick Wakeman - Past Present & Future
Robin Guthrie - Sunflower Stories
Runaways - Mercury Album Anthology
Sarah Lee Guthrie & Family - Go Waggaloo (vinyl)
Seabear - We Built a Fire (vinyl)
She & Him - In the Sun (vinyl)
Simon & Garfunkel - Parsley Sage Rosemary & Thyme (Audio Fidelity)•Sly & the Family Stone - Ain't But the One Way
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Buried Behind the Barn (vinyl)
Sly Asher - Le Temps
Solid Gold - Synchronize EP
Stranglers - Decades Apart (2 CDs)
Streetlight Manifesto - 99 Songs of a Revolution
Summer Cats - Your Timetable (vinyl)
The Audition - Great Danger
The Nada - Almanac [mp3]
The Secret History - World That Never Was
The Superions [The B-52's Fred Schneider project] - The Superions [EP]
Tom McRae - The Alphabet of Hurricanes
Twin Atlantic - Vivarium
Uriah Heep - Celebration (CD)
Uriah Heep - Live at Sweden Rock Festival
Various Artists - Coraline (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording)
Various Artists - Florida Funk: Funk 45s from The Alligator State
Various Artists - Malaco Soul Sisters
Various Artists - Thai Beat a Go-Go 2 (vinyl)
Various Artists - The Rough Guide To World Music For Children
Various Artists - Through A Faraway Window: A Tribute to Jimmy Silva
Various Artists - Troubled Troubadours
Whigs - In The Dark
White Stripes - Under Great White Northern Lights (2-LP vinyl) (DVD) (Blu-ray DVD)
Woody Herman, Les Paul & Mary Ford - Let's Go To Town
Yes - A Time And A Word (Vinyl)
Young Widows - Live Radio Performance April 6 2009 (vinyl)
Zach Lupetin and the Dustbowl Revival - You Can't Go Back To The Garden Of Eden

Vinyl Treasures

There could be money in that box of LPs

Richard Morrison, Financial Post

In 1974, a local rock band called Rush played our high school cafeteria and after the concert was over I bought a copy of the group's debut album from the singer, a genial, hawk-nosed fellow named Geddy Lee. He smiled, pointed to the pile of records and spoke, but since my eardrums were still ringing from the 120-decibel music, I had no idea what he was saying. But now I know: "Buy all the records in this pile and don't open any of them because they'll be worth a fortune in 35 years."

The pile of LPs Mr. Lee was selling next to the stage were some of the 3,500 pressings of Rush's first album, produced by Moon Records. A sealed version of the album sold for US$831 on eBay in November, according to,a site that tracks record prices. With LP records, the first recordings by artists who later went on to superstardom are the most valuable, but even obscure musicians who couldn't fill a church basement have their followers, says Matt Oehmen, who runs Honest Reds Records, an online record store on eBay.

"Every artist has a fan somewhere, no matter how uncool or obscure. This is a lesson that has never failed to amaze me."

There is plenty of evidence that LP records are still being listened to. Best Buy, for example, offers about two dozen turntable models, many of which are sold out. Amazon.comlists more than 200 turntable models for sale. Mr. Oehmen says he was selling LPs last fall at a show near the University of Ottawa, "and never have I seen so many young people excited for vinyl. They were ravenous."

Like all collectibles, rarity and condition are key. Most LP records are worth less than a dollar, either because there are still thousands of them around, they are scratched or their covers have been damaged, Mr. Oehman says. But there are still some gems.

"The diamond in the rough -- the kind of collectible record that doesn't advertise itself as so, the obscure bands you've never heard of, that weird jazz album, that private pressing soul 45. These kinds of things are either spotted by luck or by a well-seasoned eye."

If you have a box of old records in your attic, basement or garage and you want to know what they're worth, log on to eBay and under "advanced search" check "completed listings," which details the results of auction sales that ended over the past 90 days. You will have to key in each artist and album title individually -- a time-consuming process that can be exasperating, especially when you go through 250 LPs and not a single one has sold for more than a dollar.

Along with the usual Pink Floyd, Beatles, Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and other major stars, LPs by bands so obscure they don't even have a Wikipedia entry attract the attention of collectors. For example:

- In 1968, the Immediate Record Co. Ltd. rounded up some budding British rock stars, called the group Billy Nichols, and tried to create a British version of the Beach Boys. But after 100 or so promotional copies were made, the label ran out of money and the album was pulled. A copy in near-mint state sold for US$9,700 on eBay on March 7.

- A 45rpm single from the mid-1960s, Lady In Green recorded by The Magnetics, a Detroit-based soul group, sold for US$5,500 on Feb. 22. Last year, the surviving members of the group reunited for a concert in England, where the group members were astounded at the value of their record. You can log on to YouTube and see the reunited group perform the song.

- Mind Odyssey, an LP by the 1960s California psych-rock group The Aggregation, sold for US$860 on Feb. 14. The group recorded the album while under the influence of LSD and most of its fans were similarly stoned. YouTube has a few cuts from the album, appropriately illustrated with kaleidoscopic images and lava lamps.

- A sealed copy of I'll be alright by Dave Lamb & Gye Whiz attracted 30 bids and sold for US$753.73 on Feb. 24. This English folk-rock group from the early 1970s is so obscure that it has neither a Wikipedia entry nor any clips on YouTube, but collectors love it.

- Asylum's First & Last original LP sold for US$710 after 22 bids on Feb. 26. The group, formed by members of the Fork Union Military Academy school in Virginia, had only 500 copies of this album pressed.

There are collectors willing to pay up for classical LPs, and those obsessed with 78-rpm disks. If you're at a garage sale and see a Columbia LP from 1965 featuring a Beethoven concerto by Soviet violinist Leonid Kogan accompanied by an orchestra conducted by Constantin Silvestry with a turquoise and silver label, buy it. It sold for $6,363 last month. A mint-state 78-rpm recording of Alabama bluesman Ed Bell, made in 1928, sold for US$3,939 on Feb. 28.

A few weeks ago, a music store owner gave me a pile of 65 dance records from the 1980s, warning that the whole box of 12" 45-rpm records were likely worthless. He was right: after checking them against completed eBay listings and on Popsike, I tossed them all out. But not all 1980s dance albums are worthless, as a copy of Italian disco artist Ryvon DJ sold for US$3,551 on Feb. 21.

The best places to find LPs are garage sales, classified ads and estate sales, Mr. Oehmen says. This often means buying in bulk, so you may end up getting a good deal on 5,000 records where there may be 1,000 worthwhile selling.

"It's a lot of work, and is certainly not a get-rich-quick scheme. You must be actively passionate in collecting yourself in order to sell successfully."

Along with Popsike and eBay's completed listings, you can search record values at U.K.-based Record Collector magazine (,a bible of the hobby. A one-year subscription from Canada is £72. The magazine also offers a hard-bound price guide for £28.

Locally pressed LPs that are common in some parts of Canada may be collectors' items elsewhere, Mr. Oehmen says. "There can be regional variations, what's common in your home town isn't necessarily common elsewhere in the world. This really only comes in handy when selling on eBay or the like, where your marketplace is the entire world."

If you think you might have a valuable record, check it under a good light to make sure it is not scratched or badly scuffed, and if you have the time and access to a turntable, give it a listen.

Mr. Oehmen says he has 8,000 LPs in his inventory, and taking the time to play them all would "drive me clinically insane. I grade visually, and I've become better at it as I go. The only time I play-grade something is if it's a particularly collectible, scuffed disc, sometimes an ugly one will play through fine."


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Top 5 eBay Vinyl Record Sales - Week Ending 03/13/2010

1. LP - Billy Nichols "Would You Believe" Immediate UK Pressing - $9,700.00

2. LP - various artists "Black-Out: New Sounds Of '70" Century - $3,700.00

3. LP - The Beatles "white album" UK Pressing #0000033 - $3615.16

4. 45 - Royal Imperials "This Heart Of Mine" / "Keep It Up Baby" Mellow Town - $3,173.00

5. LP - Johnny Griffin "Introducing Johnny Griffin" Blue Note 1533 - $3,167.00

More on this week's top 5 on Vinyl Record Talk, Tuesday 7:00PM Eastern / 4:00PM Pacific on Radio Dentata.

Music News & Notes

SICK OF IT ALL: New Album Artwork Unveiled

"Based On A True Story", the new album from New York hardcore legends SICK OF IT ALL, is scheduled for release on April 20 via Century Media Records. The follow-up to 2006's "Death To Tyrants" was recorded Antfarm Studios in Ã…rhus, Denmark with Danish producer Tue Madsen (HALFORD, BEHEMOTH, KATAKLYSM, THE HAUNTED). The cover artwork was created by Ernie Parada .

Reflections Records will re-release the first two albums from SICK OF IT ALL — "Blood, Sweat And No Tears" (originally released on July 12, 1989) and "Just Look Around" (1992). Both albums will feature original artwork but be packaged in a gatefold sleeve. They will be limited to 500 copies.



Dovecote Records is excited to announce upcoming releases by Sunderland, England's The Futureheads AND New York by way of Boston's Hooray For Earth.

The Futureheads' new full-length album, The Chaos will be released June 1st via Dovecote Records. The Chaos is the band's fourth album and arguably their most riotous to date. Following high-profile tours supporting the likes of The Pixies and Foo Fighters, the four-piece buckled down, penning bold, three-minute, heads-down, pop delicacies. The Chaos was recorded over a series of sessions with David Brewis of Field Music and renowned producer Youth.

Also releasing June 1st is Hooray For Earth's MOMO. Originally available as a 5-song EP through the digital eMusic Selects program, a sixth track has been added to the EP and will see a proper physical and digital release from Dovecote Records. Hooray For Earth formed in Boston, MA in 2005, self-releasing an album in 2006.


Zappa's Music To Come Alive

Don Preston and Bunk Gardner, both original members of Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention, are going out on a tour of the east coast billed as The Don and Bunk Show. They plan on performing a wide range of Zappa's music plus "zany antics, wild improvisations and strange electronic music the early Mothers were famous for."

"We're doing this tour because I think Zappa fans need to come and hear how Zappa's music was performed by the originals," says Don Preston. "Hey people! We're still doing it!"


Singer Lesley Duncan Dies

Singer-songwriter Lesley Duncan passed away on Friday after a long illness (age 66). She is probably best remembered for the beautiful duet of her song "Love Story" that was on Elton John's Tumbleweed Connection album, one of the few songs he recorded in his career that he didn't compose himself.

Over her career, she recorded five albums and sang backup for John, the Dave Clark Five, the Alan Parsons Project, Dusty Springfield and Pink Floyd, doing backup vocals on Dark Side of the Moon.