Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Vinyl Pulse

The Vinyl Pulse, is a weekly snapshot of what is selling on the big vinyl machine called eBay. This is a great way to keep your eyes peeled for a specific record and what you might have to pay for it to obtain it.

CollectorsFrenzy lists the top 25 real time ended auctions and the selling price for the collectible vinyl and is updated daily.

Top 10 Items for 07/21/2012

1. M RABIN L POMMERS "Mosaics" Capitol SP 8506 symb. at 9:00 rare late issue.
Sold Price:$1313.00 USD End Time:07/21/2012

2. Mega Rare THE BEATLES Photographs signed by Robert Freeman LIMITED
Sold Price:$1270.00 USD End Time:07/21/2012

3. Rare Original Elvis Presley Sun Records 45 " That's All Right " 209
Sold Price:$1057.00 USD End Time:07/21/2012

Sold Price:$1040.36 USD End Time:07/21/2012

5. The Beatles The White Album Low Number Mono 1st press complete EX+ cond
Sold Price:$992.66 USD End Time:07/21/2012

Sold Price:$985.61 USD End Time:07/21/2012

Sold Price:$864.79 USD End Time:07/21/2012

Sold Price:$861.32 USD End Time:07/21/2012

9. Ca 350 BEAT Singles, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Creation, Beach Boys, Move etc
Sold Price:$860.28 USD End Time:07/21/2012

10. The Musical Linn Twins 7" 45rpm Rockin' Out The Blues
Sold Price:$857.32 USD End Time:07/21/2012

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also did some checking, there are 1,623,871 results found for the search term LP on eBay today, and this is a great indication of the past several days....lots of records for sale on the big vinyl machine, no wonder prices have come down.

some other interesting notes from searches on eBay on the 22 of july, 2012:

2,910 results found for beach boys LP

3,545 results found for queen LP

743 results found for aerosmith LP

579 results found for sex pistols LP

609 results found for foghat LP

689 results found for three dog night LP

and i'm not sure who's buying these records (my guess is not many), but ebay makes a killing on listing fees!

1,774 results found for kenny rogers LP

1,194 results found for dean martin LP

542 results found for al martino LP

4,300 results found for frank sinatra LP

1,788 results found for johnny mathis LP

382 results found for gene autry LP

1,855 results found for benny goodman LP

1,083 results found for john denver LP

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

Press Release:

Queen Release Greatest Video Hits on DVD in North America

August 28th Sees The Best of Queen's 70s and 80s Promo Videos Get Released in 2-disc Box Set

This 2-disc set packages many of Queen’s classic promotional videos into 1 package for the first time. The 33 videos on display have gone through video restoration and received a DTS Surround Sound mix, along with commentary from Brian May and Roger Taylor.

Disc 1 spotlights Queen in the 1970’s, when the music video began to emerge. This collection highlights some of their most beloved tracks, from "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Another One Bites The Dust", "We Will Rock You" & "We Are The Champions". From the freezing backyard shoots of "We Will Rock You" and "Spread Your Wings", to the visual masterpiece that accompanies "Bohemian Rhapsody", Queen was already showing off the various ways that they visually wanted to represent their music.

Disc 2 shows the masterwork of Queen in the 1980’s, from 1982’s Hot Space album through 1989’s The Miracle. With the advent of MTV in the US, Queen proved that they could be as creative visually as they were on record. From the Metropolis-themed video for "Radio Ga Ga", the spoofing of Coronation Street in "I Want To Break Free" (which would be banned from the network) and the band being replaced by children in "The Miracle", Queen put their stamp on the music video in the best way they knew how: by doing something new and different each time.

Release date: Tuesday August 28th 2012

Disc One
1. Bohemian Rhapsody
2. Another One Bites The Dust
3. Killer Queen
4. Fat Bottomed Girls
5. Bicycle Race
6. You’re My Best Friend
7. Don’t Stop Me Now
8. Save Me
9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
10. Somebody To Love
11. Spread Your Wings
12. Play The Game
13. Flash
14. Tie Your Mother Down
15. We Will Rock You
16. We Are The Champions

Disc Two
1. A Kind Of Magic
2. I Want It All
3. Radio Ga Ga
4. I Want To Break Free
5. Breakthru
6. Under Pressure
7. Scandal
8. Who Wants To Live Forever
9. The Miracle
10. It’s A Hard Life
11. The Invisible Man
12. Las Palabras De Amor
13. Friends Will Be Friends
14. Body Language
15. Hammer To Fall
16. Princes Of The Universe
17. One Vision


Flea Records Album With Proceeds Going To The Silverlake Conservatory of Music

From Flea:

Warning! It is not a Chili Peppers record. It does not have songs that are like the Chili Peppers at all. It is a mostly instrumental, weird and arty record, the music is mostly just me creating soundscapes that are very emotional for me, but certainly not for everyone! Just me tripping out at home. I am putting it out to raise money for The Silverlake Conservatory of Music a community based non profit music school that i am an integral part of.



ONLY 900 copies available. Will ship out August 10th 2012

Order HERE


from our friends at

Hooded Menace - Never Cross The Dead (2xLP)

Sophomore album from Finnish band fuses death metal and sludge doom. Conjures the classic spirit of old-school death and doom metal that will appeal to fans of Autopsy, Winter, and early Cathedral.

Second pressing black version

Order your copy at Relapse


this from our friends at

Marilyn Manson – Born Villain on Double 180 Gram LP!

Marilyn Manson’s new album, "Born Villain" came out earlier this year and is now available on a 180 gram double vinyl. The album was released this week, July 17th on the double 180 gram via Cooking Vinyl.

Order your copy at ShopRadioCast


this from

Thorns - Thorns (double vinyl)

Originally formed in 1989 by mastermind Snorre Ruch, Marius Vold, & Bård Faust (Emperor), Norwegian band Thorns has inspired a great number of acts such as Satyricon, Mayhem, Dissection, & Emperor, mainly due to Snorre's highly influential style of playing & creating riffs on the early Thorns demo tapes. So impressed was Euronymous of Mayhem, that Snorre became second guitarist in the band for a while & his riffs were used in classic Mayhem tracks.

'Thorns' was the band's debut (& only, thus far) full-length studio album. It was released in 2001 & is a cult slice of highly-individual Norwegian black metal, including experimental & sometimes industrial influences along with synth passages to create a chilling yet clinical slice of extremity. The album was notable for featuring Satyr of Satyricon on vocals, a duty shared between songs with the vocal talent of Aldrahn (ex-Dødheimsgard) & the recording line-up also featured Hellhammer of Mayhem on drums. The outcome was a unique & original album which is today considered a cult classic release by critics.

This edition of 'Thorns' contains 2 bonus tracks from the band's 2000 demo; namely the album track 'Existence' but also a previously unreleased song called 'TSoS'. This edition of 'Thorns' is presented officially for the first time on vinyl. On double black 180gm vinyl.

Order HERE


album cover art of the day:

MALIGNANCY: 'Eugenics' Album Details Revealed

Yonkers, New York-based technical death metallers MALIGNANCY will release their new album, "Eugenics" on October 9 via Willowtip. According to a press release, the CD promises to be MALIGNANCY's "most innovative release to date."

Get more details at Blabbermouth


more cool album cover art!

Stolen Babies Reveals New Album Cover Art

Avant-garde act Stolen Babies have recently revealed the album cover art for the band's upcoming full-length album called 'Naught, which is slated for release later this year.

"In continuing our collaboration with artist Crab Scrambly, it was really important to us to create something our fans would want to keep staring at while they caress and possibly fondle it's smooth exterior... not something easily done to a downloadable mp3, I must note," states bassist Rani Sharone. "We hope this album cover brings plenty of candy coated smiles to the masses and even more warm and fuzzy feelings when they see the rest of this little gem that is the album's packaging. Naught is our mutant, not so well behaved second full-length studio album and we look forward to its release!"

The band plans to release more details about 'Naught' in the near future.


interesting concept, bet she's found some treasures!

Collector seeks information about obscure recording artists


from the state of texas.....a story we can all relate to

Better on vinyl


and from the san diego area, it's all about the music (not the money!)

North County on the Job: record merchant


a turntable tale from ohio (hey, you can get a reasonably priced turntable on amazon!!)

Vinyl destination - The turntable's comeback proves that what goes around, comes around