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Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

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Collector's Edition 2 disc GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY vinyl includes AWESOME MIX VOL. 1, the collection of songs featured in the film. Music plays a major role in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY as the 1970s songs featured in the film are part of the storyline in a unique way. Explaining how the songs come to play in the story, director James Gunn says, 'One of the main story points in the movie is that Quill has this compilation tape (Awesome Mix #1) that he got from his mother before she died that she made for him. It was of songs that she loved, all songs from the 1970s, and that's the only thing he has left of his mother and that's the only thing he has left of his home on Earth. He uses that as a connection to his past and to the sadness that he feels of having left all that and lost all that.' As well as, the complete official original score from the film as composed by Tyler Bates.

From Marvel, the studio that brought you the global blockbuster franchises of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers, comes a new team the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. An action-packed, epic space adventure, Marvel's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY expands the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the cosmos, where brash adventurer Peter Quill finds himself the object of an unrelenting bounty hunt after stealing a mysterious orb coveted by Ronan, a powerful villain with ambitions that threaten the entire universe. To evade the ever-persistent Ronan, Quill is forced into an uneasy truce with a quartet of disparate misfits Rocket, a gun-toting raccoon, Groot, a tree-like humanoid, the deadly and enigmatic Gamora and the revenge-driven Drax the Destroyer. But when Quill discovers the true power of the orb and the menace it poses to the cosmos, he must do his best to rally his ragtag rivals for a last, desperate stand with the galaxy's fate in the balance.

**Deluxe Collector's edition on 180 Vinyl**

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One of the most critically acclaimed scores of 2013, UTOPIA SERIES 1’s soundtrack was described by The Arts Desk as "Cristobal Tapia de Veer's cunning, menacing music."

Coming out in September on DLP vinyl for the first time (and on limited yellow vinyl at that), the score features instruments ranging from a rare Chilean trutruka recorded in Borough tube station to the percussion sounds of a rhino turd from Zimbabwe! This one of the most eclectic and innovative TV scores in a long while and has been specially mastered for this vinyl release.

“This show. This music. Everything about is so odd and so perfect. The soundtrack to this show is quite honestly one of the best I've ever heard…” - Waterman Butterly (Top tracks of 2013 - UTOPIA OVERTURE - CRISTOBAL TAPIA DE VEER)

**YELLOW Colored Vinyl. Double LP. Only 500 copies in this color**

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Pink Moon is the third and final studio album by the English folk musician Nick Drake, released in the UK by Island Records on 25 February 1972. It was the only one of Drake's studio albums to be released in North America during his lifetime: the only previous release there had been a 1971 compilation simply entitled Nick Drake featuring tracks from both his first two albums, which were not released in North America in their original forms until 1976.Pink Moon differs from Drake's previous albums in that it was recorded without a backing band, featuring just Drake on vocals, acoustic guitar and a brief piano riff overdubbed onto the title track.

Released two years before Drake's death in November 1974, at the age of twenty-six, the lyrical content of Pink Moon has often been attributed to Drake's ongoing battle with depression. The songs are shorter than on his previous albums, with a total album running time of just over twenty-eight minutes.

Pink Moon, like Drake's previous studio albums, did not sell well while he was still living but has since gained in critical acclaim and record sales. Stephen Holden, in a 1972 review for Rolling Stone magazine said, "The beauty of Drake's voice is its own justification. May it become familiar to us all.

**180 gram. Single LP Edition. Gatefold sleeve. Download code and a Poster **

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Deerhoof 'La Isla Bonita' Pre-Order On Yellow Vinyl From PolyVinylRecords

Blame it on the Ramones. After Deerhoof finished recording demos for La Isla Bonita this past February, they began rehearsing for an upcoming tour. Halfway through a run-through of a long-time Deerhoof live favorite, their cover of the Ramones classic "Pinhead," someone offhandedly asked, "Why don't we ever write a song like this?" So Greg quickly dashed off a song on a scrap of paper, showed it to the band, and they recorded the breakneck stomper "Exit Only" in one take.

La Isla Bonita was recorded in guitarist Ed Rodriguez's basement. Situated next to a parking garage, it was perfect for making noise till the wee hours. They recorded live, DIY style, "a weeklong sleepover arguing over whether to try and sound like Joan Jett or Janet Jackson, cracking each other up, one guitarist whose name starts with J always putting too much red chile into the rations," says Greg. But more than that La Isla Bonita is about the eclectic worldwide community that has supported them.

You'll hear them pay musical tributes to their improbable list of heroes-turned-fans: David Bowie, Ric Ocasek, The Roots, Lou Reed, David Byrne, Sonic Youth, The Flaming Lips, Radiohead, Beck.   This is the glorious sound of four musicians owning their own hard-won and richly deserved legacy.

**Early Bird Edition - Limited to 500**  

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Joyful Noise Recordings Announces Debut EP from Ko

Ko is the pseudonym of Kristin Newborn: vocalist, guitarist, and downright badass. From the age of 18, Kristin was classically trained by a religious cult show choir. No foolin'. But as fucked up as that experience must have been, Kristin emerged victorious. A native of Indianapolis by way of Los Angeles, Kristin first began writing under the name Ko in the spring of 2012, after the demise of her first group Slothpop. Shortly thereafter she enlisted Todd Heaton to play percussion for the live shows and later recordings.

We are very pleased to introduce you to their first recorded material. Ko's debut EP contains 4 songs of intricate vocal looping, heartfelt purpose, and plenty of Danelectro wall-of-sound-fuzz to boot.

The EP is released on bronze-inside-clear 7" limited to 350 hand-numbered copies, and white vinyl 7"

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Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band 'Mirror Man' Pre-Order

Captain Beefheart will be forever known as one of the first originators of art rock, prog-rock and punk rock all rolled into one. With his Howlin’ Wolfesque growl and blazing harmonica blues wailing, Don Van Vilet a/k/a/ Captain Beefheart truly delivered the goods with his legendary Mirror Man album. Originally recorded between 1965 and 1967, The Captain and his Magic Band created some of the most masterful funk and progressive rock ever waxed with this stellar session.

Consisting of lengthy jam packed champions like his classic Tarotplane and 25th Century Quaker, Beefheart continues to rock further with the international title track hit Mirror Man and the funkified rocker Kandy Korn.

Friday Music is very proud to announce the authorized 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl release of Captain Beefheart’s classic Mirror Man. Mastered from the authorized Buddah Records tapes by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and Capitol Mastering in Hollywood, these classic tracks truly reach sonic heights in the audiophile vinyl domain.

For a very short time, we are also including the super rare psychedelic die-cut gatefold LP cover artwork not seen in decades, to further enhance your listening pleasure, plus three poems on the back cover from the pen of Don Van Vilet.

MIRROR MAN (180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl/Limited Anniversary Edition/ Die-Cut Gatefold Cover)

Release Date: October 7, 2014 

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Crystal Voyager OST PRE-ORDER

*OST for the classic 1973 surf film, first ever US LP reissue. Fully authorized w/G. Wayne Thomas and George Greenough's involvement. Pure reproduction of the original art with heavy stock sleeve.

Includes printed inner sleeve, liner notes and download card!

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Minus The Bear – They Make Beer Commercials Like This // Limited to 1000 Custom Blue, 1000 Custom Orange, & 1000 Custom Pink Vinyl EP

The Pharmacy – Trouble Maker E.P. // Limited to 118 Yellow & 125 Green 7”s

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T.Rex: The Vinyl Collection To Be Released


The Afghan Whigs to reissue Gentlemen - Triple LP Part of Record Store Day’s Black Friday Event (November 28th).


These New Puritans to release Expanded live LP on limited edition vinyl featuring Field of Reeds and previously unheard tracks


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