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Crosby Stills Nash & Young - Southern Man - Live 2000

Record Store Day Roundtable:

Discussing the resurgence of metal vinyl with key record labels

On Saturday, April 18, 2009, hundreds of independently owned music stores across the country will celebrate Record Store Day. Originated in 2007, Record Store Day became an annual event where indie record stores would come together with artists and labels to celebrate the art and unique culture of music on a communal and national level.

A website,, was soon developed to advertise participating and coordinating stores.

Various shops around the country celebrate Record Store Day in several fashions, be it through special sales, rare and exclusive merchandise, in-store meet-and-greets with artists, and even full-blown concerts on-site.

To commemorate this year’s Record Store Day, I have coordinated a round-table discussion with several record label executives and got their opinions on the resurgence and collectability of heavy metal vinyl. Participating in this discussion are Paula Hogan (General Manager, CANDLELIGHT RECORDS USA), Austin Stephens (Director of Sales, ROADRUNNER RECORDS), Pat Egan (Director of Sales, RELAPSE RECORDS), Tracy Vera (Senior VP, METAL BLADE RECORDS), and Simon F├╝llemann (General Manager, METAL BLADE RECORDS GmbH).

Following the round-table is a small listing of some key events happening around the country on Record Store Day. Enjoy!

Roundtable Discussion

20 cool Record Store Day exclusives

It's impossible to list all of the in-store goodies that will be available tomorrow, but here is a list of some truly great collectible vinyl:

1. Black Kids - Wizard Of Ahhhs 10"
Band's debut hype-making demo on a physical format for the first time

2. Booker T - Warped Sister/Reunion Time 7"
As in Booker T And The MGs – featuring Drive By Truckers and Neil Young on lead guitar!

3. Camera Obscura - French Navy/The World Is Full of Strangers 7"
First track comes ahead of album release, second is previously unreleased

4. Cursive/Ladyfinger - Split 10"
Features four songs: two new, two previously unreleased on a picture disc

5. The Dead Weather - Hang You From The Heavens 7"
First release from Jack White's new band, and a first for Third Man Records

6. The Decemberists - The Rake's Song/East India Lanes 7"
The b-side is an unreleased rarity

7. Elvis Costello - Complicated Shadows/Dirty Rotten Shame 7"
Features a previously unreleased track

8. Elvis Costello/Jenny Lewis - Carpet Baggers/Go Away split 7"
Available for the first time in the US

9. Flaming Lips/Black Keys - Borderline/Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles split 7"
Two great bands, one vinyl

10. Flight Of The Conchords - Pencils In The Wind/Albi The 7"
Both exclusive new tracks

11. Loney Dear/Andrew Bird - Split 7"
Comes with a hand silk screened cover

12. Lykke Li/Perro Del Mar - After Laughter/At Your Best split 7"
Both are previously unreleased covers

13. Pavement - Live in Cologne 1997 LP
A previously-unreleased show in Germany

14. Sonic Youth/Beck - Pay No Mind/Green Light split 7"
Sonic Youth covering Beck and Beck covering Sonic Youth

15. Sonic Youth/Jay Reatard - Hang Them All (Jay Reatard)/No Garage (Sonic Youth) split 7″ Another split, another RSD exclusive

16. Bruce Springsteen - What Love Can Do/A Night From The Jersey Devil 7″
Comes in clear sleeve with 3"x5" photo

17. Thermals/Thao - Get Down Stay Down split 7"
Two artists, four unreleased tracks

18. Vetiver - Wishing Well/Pay No Mind 7"
Two non-album tracks from oft Devandra Banhart cohorts

19. Tom Waits - Live From The Gillterdome split 7″
Recorded live in Atlanta and Edinburgh

20. Whiskeytown - San Atone/Great Divide 7"
Two unreleased tracks from Ryan Adams' old band

Ben Harper - Shimmer And Shine/Spanish Red Wine 10"

Chicha Libra & Dengue Fever - Primavera En La Selva/Genjer Genjer split 7"

Cold War Kids - Live At Fingerprints EP

Def Jam – History Of Def Jam 4xLP

Depeche Mode - Wrong/Oh Well 7"

Domino Records – Blood On The Tracks compilation LP

Bob Dylan - Dreaming Of You/Down Along The Cove (Live) 7"

Gaslight Anthem - Live From Park Ave 10"

Gomez - Airstream Driver/Edit 7"

Graham Coxon - In The Morning etched 10"

Grizzly Bear - While You Wait For The Others/He Hit Me (Live on KCRW) 7"

Guided By Voices – Hold On Hope LP reissue + 3 bonus tracks

Iron & Wine – Live CD

Jane's Addiction - Mountain Song/Standing In The Shower Thinking 7"

Jesus Lizard – 9x7″ Box Set

Leonard Cohen - The Future/Suzanne (Live) 7"

MC5 - Kick Out The Jams/Motor City Is Burning – 7"

Modest Mouse - Satellite Skin/Guilty Cocker Spaniels 7"

My Morning Jacket - Celebraci├│n De La Ciudad Natal (Live at Ear X-Tacy & Louisville Waterfront) CD + 2×10″

Nickel Eye - Dying Star/Brandy Of The Damned (Featuring Wale) Mark Ronson Remix

Oasis - Falling Down Remix LP

Obits - I Can't Lose/Military Madness - 7"

Queen – First EP reissue CD

Radiohead - 10″ vinyl EP reissues

Silversun Pickups - Pikul 12″

Slayer - Psychopathy Red 7"

The Smiths - The Headmaster's Ritual/Oscillate Wildly 7"

Rivers Cuomo - Live At Fingerprints CD/DVD

Many artists have also created some special releases especially for Record Store Day. These are going to be true collectibles as they are being made in very limited supply.

Bad Religion - Original 7" Colored Vinyl EP with 6-tracks from 1981

Bob Dylan - Dreaming of You/Down Along the Cover recorded at Bonnaroo 7" Vinyl

Booker T - Warped Sister/Reunion Time 7" Vinyl

Bruce Springsteen - What Love Can Do/A Night With the Jersey Devil 7" Vinyl

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Deja Vu Live 2-LP set

Depeche Mode - Wrong/Oh Well 7" Vinyl

Elvis Costello - Complicated Shadow/Dirty Rotten Shame (previously unreleased) Picture Disc

Flaming Lips/Black Keys - Borderline/Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles 7" Vinyl

Grateful Dead - T-Shirt with exclusive design for Record Store Day

Jenny Lewis/Elvis Costello - Carpet Baggers/Go Away 7" Vinyl

King Crimson - 40th Anniversary Tour Box

Leonard Cohen - The Future/Suzanne recorded live in London 7" Vinyl

MC5 - Kick Out the Jams/Motor City Burning 7" Vinyl packaged in original design sleeve (not available since 1969)

Neil Young - Sugar Mountain Live at Canterbury House 1968 2-LP Vinyl

Pretenders - Break Up the Pavement/Love's... 7" Red Vinyl

Queen - Queen's First EP Limited edition numbered CD

Slayer - Psychopathy Red 7" Vinyl in special X-Files-style confidential packaging

Sonic Youth/Beck - 7" Vinyl

Sonic Youth/Jay Retard - 7" Vinyl

Talking Heads - 77 Reissue LP

Smiths - The Headmaster Ritual/Oscillate Wildly 7" Vinyl

Stooges - 1969/Real Cool Time 7" Vinyl

Tom Waits - Live From the Glitterdome 7" Vinyl with live tracks from Atlanta and Edinburgh

More Record Store Day News

I have a few nice articles for you to look at, and I sincerely hope that you visit your local record store and help celebrate vinyl!

Neighborhood indie record shops beckon

The independent record store is an endangered species.

But in a town accused of being devoid of culture and community, a few indie shops have managed to thrive, providing Las Vegas with small doses of both. Record Store Day, set for Saturday, celebrates the sheer survival of these cultural gems.

Top five reasons to visit an independent record store:

Five Reasons


Still spinning: For indie shops, Record Story Day aims to keep the music playing

STILL LIKE YOUR music the hard way - on albums and singles that you can spin on a player, hold in your hands, study for insights, and treasure forever?

If so, get primed for Record Store Day, a national consciousness-raiser and cause for celebration happening tomorrow at independent retailers.

Still Spinning


Vinyl still spinning, just for the record

Saturday celebration honors neighborhood retailers

Time and technology move inexorably forward, often leaving in their wake people who simply can't keep up with devices and formats that go from brand new to obsolete in a few years.

By most accounts both expert and amateur, the digital downloading revolution should have put the final nails into the record store coffin. The success of online storefronts such as iTunes and Rhapsody killed several once-mighty record store chains, including Tower Records and Virgin Megastores.

Vinyl Still Spinning


Record Store Day: Come celebrate 'cool stuff' culture

What started out as a promotional tool has turned into a party celebrating the culture of independently owned record stores.

On Saturday, more than 1,000 stores and 600 artists will participate in Record Store Day activities that include in-store signings and performances, and the release of dozens of exclusive musical products

Cool Stuff


Record Store Day

Ranch Records plans discounts, giveaways, live music

My name is Ben Salmon, and I am addicted to browsing and buying music.

I’m not talking about that piddly online MP3 junk, either. Somehow, I’ve reached 2009 and never paid for a digital song.

No, I love actually going to a record store, strolling up and down the aisles, and flipping through stacks of CDs and records.

Record Store Day