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The Beatles - Michelle

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Long unavailable, ASS was Badfinger's fourth and final album for the Apple label. Their self-titled debut for Warner Bros. would be released a mere three months after ASS. That, coupled with the fact that Apple did little to promote the album, resulted in an album that failed to chart. Despite the album's poor chart showing, it is not without it's highlights.

The album is bookended by two first-rate efforts from Pete Ham. The opening track is a kiss off to their former label. [Badfinger left Apple on acrimonious terms.] The closing track is the majestic "Timeless." [At nearly eight minutes it is the longest song in the Badfinger canon.]

Co-founder Tom Evans also turns in two equally fine songs. First, the uptempo "Blind Owl" and the lovely "When I Say." Mike Gibbins lone contribution is the country-flavored "Cowboy."

The remaining five tracks (along with the bonus track "Do You Mind") were penned by Joey Molland. The rockers like "Get Away," "Winner" and "Constitution" are serviceable, but the highlights are the love songs "Icicles" and "I Can Love You."

While not up to the high standards of their previous LP STRAIGHT UP, this is still a necessary purchase for Badfinger fans. RECOMMENDED (Amazon Review)

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A Look at the Magic of Deerhunter

Deerhunter is an American band made up of Bradford Cox, Moses Archuleta, Josh Fauver, Lockett Pundt and Whitney Petty, which originates from Atlanta. The band describes themselves as ambient punk although their music spans across a wide range of genres such as noise rock, art rock, ambient, and post-punk. The line-up has varied over the years, due to among several things the death of one of the members.

The band was co-founded in 2001 by vocalist Bradford Cox and Moses Archuleta and the name was proposed by the first drummer, Dan Walton, who was asked to leave the band during the early days. It was Colin Mee, who Coxon met while living in Atlanta that brought the band together. At that time Mee was working at the label Die Slaughterhaus Records with members of Black Lips.

In 2004 the first bass player, Justin Bosworth, died from the head injuries he suffered in a skateboarding accident. He was to appear on only one Deerhunter release, the Deerhunter/Alphabets Split, which was released before their debut album. Bosworth was replaced by Joshua Fauver, who at the time played drums for the Atlanta punk band Electrosleep International. The death of Bosworth influenced the sound of the first album, which according to the members was the result of a lot of negativity. Recording the album was an incredible struggle in the aftermath of the death of Bosworth and as said by Cox this was a record he would never want to do again. The liner notes are dedicated to Bosworth

After the release of of "Turn It Up Faggot" Cox asked one of his best friends from high school, Lockett Pundt, to join the band. The band went on tour playing shows with such bands as of Lightning Bolt and Gang Gang Dance. The tour culminated with a recording session at Rare Book Room in New York, which was organized by the well-known folk musician Samara Lubleski. No material that could be used came out of the session due to the mental and physical state of Cox at the time, together with a disagreement with Lubleski. According to Cox a copy of the recoding is kept under his bed on a scratched CD-R that no one will ever hear. Nevertheless, later the recording was made available as a download through the website of the band, and on advice by the band Liars Deerhunter started the recording of their second album.

The second album was recorded over a couple of days in November 2005 and was entitled Cryptograms. It was released by Kranky in January 2007 and the album featured a more subdued and introverted sound for the band. This album also had liner notes dedicated to a friend of Cox. This time to Bradley Ira Harris, who died from an overdose of heroin in 2005.

In May 2007 Deerhunter released the Fluorescent Grey EP, which was recorded in July 2006 and during the same month the Whirlyball 7" single was also released. That single was only available through Criminal Records, an Atlanta based record shop. In August the same year the band was also reduced with one member after guitarist Colin Mee was forced out of the band due to not showing up at a few gigs. However, he later rejoined the band their European tour the same autumn.

The third album, Microcastle, was released on October 27 2008. The album was leaked on the Internet during May the same year and also following the release Collin Mee again left the band and was replaced by Whitney Petty, a high school friend of Cox.

Quite a few references have been mentioned by Cox as having influenced the sound. Some of these references are The Clean, The Fall, The Flying Lizards, Kompakt Records, The Birthday Party, The Bad Seeds, and Liars. However, according to Cox if he would have to narrow down their influences they would be Echo & The Bunnymen, Brian Eno, David Bowie and My Bloody Valentine.

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LACUNA COIL: 'Shallow Life' Artwork Unveiled; 'Spellbound' Digital Single Due Next Month

Italian hard rock band LACUNA COIL, which offers the dual vocals of male singer Andrea Ferro and female vocalist Cristina Scabbia, will release its much-anticipated new album, "Shallow Life", via Century Media Records on the following dates:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Italy: April 17
North America, Spain, Portugal: April 21
Sweden, Finland, Hungary: April 22
U.K., France, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Rest of Europe: April 20

This Date In Music History-Febraury 28


Singer/songwriter Joe South turns 69. He wrote Lynn Anderson's #3 "(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden," Deep Purple's "Hush," and scored a #12 hit himself in 1969 with "Games People Play."

Broadway star Bernadette Peters (1944)

Cindy Wilson- B-52's (1957)

Marty Sanders- Jay and the Americans (1941)

Ian Brown- The Stone Roses (1966)

They Are Missed:

Brian Jones- Rolling Stones guitarist (February 28, 1942 – July 3, 1969)

Willie Bobo - American jazz percussionist (February 28, 1934 – September 15, 1983)

Barbara Acklin (February 28, 1943 - November 27 1998)

Renowned folk guitarist John Fahey was born in 1939.

Mike Smith, lead singer with the Dave Clark Five died of pneumonia in 2008.

In 1968, Frankie Lymon was discovered dead of a heroin overdose in his grandmother's bathroom at age 25.

In 1974, singer/songwriter Bobby Bloom shot himself at his Hollywood apartment aged 28. Bloom had the 1970 US hit “Montego Bay.” His death was originally thought to be suicide, but is now considered accidental.

David Byron, singer with Uriah Heep died from a heart attack in 1985.


The Bobbettes recorded "Mr. Lee" in 1957.

Paul Simon's "Still Crazy After All These Years" was named Best Pop Vocal Performance and Album Of The Year at the 18th annual Grammy Awards in 1976. In his acceptance speech, Simon tells the audience "I'd like to thank Stevie Wonder for not releasing an album this year."

In 1976, the theme from the ABC-TV program S.W.A.T. became the first television theme song to top the Billboard Hot 100.

In 1966, Liverpool's Cavern Club, made famous by the Beatles' residency there, closes and is later turned into a subway station.

Alaskan singer-songwriter Jewel released her debut 'Pieces of You' in 1995.

In an interview with the New Musical Express in 1970, Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green talked about his plans to give all his money away. The following year Green confronted his accountant with a gun after he sent him an unwanted royalty check. The guitarist went to jail briefly before being transferred to an asylum and was committed to a mental hospital in 1973. He re- launched his career in the 90's.

Simon and Garfunkel started a six week run at the top of the US singles chart in 1970 with “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” also #1 in the UK in March the same year.

Eddie Rabbitt started a two week run at #1 on the US singles chart in 1981 with “I Love A Rainy Night,” his only #1 hit.

Michael Jackson won a record seven Grammy awards in 1984 including: Album of the year for “Thriller,” Record of the year and Best rock vocal performance for “Beat It;” Best pop vocal performance, Best R&B performance and Best R&B song for “Billie Jean,” and Best Recording For Children for E.T The Extra Terrestrial.

Celine Dion started a two week run at #1 on the US singles chart in 1998 with “My Heart Will Go On.”

In 1970, after the family of the late Ferdinand von Zeppelin threatens a lawsuit, Led Zeppelin performed in Copenhagen, Denmark as "The Nobs".