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DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA to release new album in September

Ascendance Records is gearing up for the release of the second album from DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA entitled ‘SING ALONG SONGS FOR THE DAMNED AND DELIRIOUS’

The unique genre-hopping Swedish sextet has already garnered an ever-growing army of fans on the strength of their self-released debut ‘The Butcher's Ballroom’ (later licensed to Candlelight Records in Europe and Sonic Cathedral in the US) and their European festival perfomances including MFVF and Summer Breeze.

The album was recorded at In Flames studio in Gothenburg under the supervision of producer Roberto Laghi who, besides his work on the latest In Flames effort, has also worked with the likes of Sonic Syndicate, Mustasch and Hardcore Superstar.

The band say that fans of “The Butcher Ballroom” will recognize the DSO sound but it has developed into something even more playful and at times far more aggressive than before.

A "very special" edition will be available directly from Ascendance by mail order only, with an individually numbered band logo Dog Tag pendant, a set of postcards and a vinyl sticker included with the CD/DVD version. This will be strictly limited to 300 copies.


Neil Finn, Wilco, Radiohead, and KT Tunstall collaborate for charity

The first 7 Worlds Collide album, a collection of amazing musical talents from across the globe in aid of Médecins Sans Frontières, was a unique live performance experience, fusing the varied talents of a stellar cast across a range of cover versions to create a series of shows that culminated in the live album of the same name. Seven years after that project, instigator Neil Finn has upped the ante with the new 7 Worlds Collide project, The Sun Came Out, a double album of original songs created and recorded by many of the original cast alongside notable new additions in an intense three weeks in his native New Zealand. This time the beneficiaries of this album will be Oxfam, as well as music lovers worldwide.

Familiar faces from the original album abound, Johnny Marr, Ed O'Brien and Phil Selway of Radiohead but this album, first and foremost presents the listener with new songs rather than interpretations of old favourites. The Sun Came Out also features a whole host of new guest talents such as KT Tunstall and Wilco and heart stopping firsts, including Phil Selway's songwriting and vocal debut as well as dream collaborations such as those between Johnny Marr and Wilco's Jeff Tweedy; and KT Tunstall and Neil Finn.

At the heart of the record is Neil Finn. His enthusiasm and drive persuaded the likes of celebrated producer Jim Scott, Lisa Germano, Johnny Marr and Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, Pat Sansone, John Stirratt and Glenn Kotche (amongst others) to spend their Christmas holiday in New Zealand and even interrupted KT Tunstall's honeymoon in the process.

With families welcome, the studio became a constant whirl of creativity and energy throughout the three weeks allocated to create the record. Johnny Marr returned from a run on the beach with the basis of 'Too Blue', where Jeff Tweedy was waiting to add his talents; KT Tunstall stopped Neil retiring to his bed to complete 'Hazel Black'; a wandering Johnny Marr added a chorus melody to Liam Finn's 'Red Wine Bottle'; Ed O'Brien fashioned 'Bodhisattva Blues' from a Tibetan chant. In this atmosphere, anything was possible and Neil's wife Sharon found herself laying down her debut vocal on 'Little By Little' whilst Phil Selway also took his vocal bow and unveiled a hitherto unknown songwriting talent with his solo turn 'The Ties That Bind Us' in one take.

From Neil's original doubts over the idea, "I thought, what is this? Is it just an ego thing," came a double album of astounding collaborations for the listener and amazing memories for all those concerned in the recording. At the center of it all stands Neil Finn, too humble to take the glory himself, it is left to KT Tunstall to give the credit due to the man who made this happen: "It's Neil. It all comes from him. There's something about him that made everyone open up creatively."


Green Day, Pink to perform at MTV Video Music Awards

Green Day and Pink are scheduled to return to the MTV Video Music Awards this year, both scheduled to perform songs from their recent releases at the Sept. 13 New York City event.

Pink, who at last year's VMA's sang a live rendition of "So What" from her October release "Funhouse," will select another track from the multi-platinum album to perform at Radio City Music Hall.

Green Day, slated to appear for the first time since 2005, will perform a song from the alt-rockers' new album, "21st Century Breakdown." Three tracks from the record--"21 Guns," "East Jesus Nowhere" and "Know Your Enemy"--are now available for download for use in the "Rock Band" video game.


DARK FOREST: 'Defender' EP Due Next Month

England's DARK FOREST will release the CD version of its new EP, "Defender", at the Reanimator Night concert in Wolverhampton on August 22. The vinyl edition will follow a couple of weeks later. According to the group, "There will be a special deal for those who buy both the CD and the vinyl: you'll only have to pay postage for the vinyl, the CD will be shipped for free, as soon as it's available. This way you can listen to the great new tunes right away without having to wait for the vinyl version to arrive. We'll also add some nice little extras to your package if you order both."

Formed in 2002 in the West Midlands, DARK FOREST "combin[es] the great legacy of classic NWOBHM acts like TYRANT, ELIXIR, MAIDEN or TREDEGAR with the pounding glory of epic metal bands like ISEN TORR and the beautiful mythic harmonies of Anglo-Saxon folk music," according to a press release. "DARK FOREST deliver an absolutely unique brand of classic, no-bollocks heavy metal. Galloping rhythms, insanely beautiful twin guitar harmonies and unbelievable vocal lines — everything British metal was famous and loved for in the early '80s is there."

DARK FOREST's second album is tentatively due in 2010 via Iron Kodex.

Keeping the Album Alive

by Sean Highkin

You hear people say it all the time: the MP3 killed the album. And to an extent, it is true. The advent of iTunes has made it easier to pick and choose songs, and even if you do choose to buy the album, it’s really just files on a hard drive in a certain order. Obtaining new music has essentially lost any physical or personal value. I can’t even remember the last time I looked forward to an album’s release date so I could go to the store, buy it, and go home and put it on for the first time. Even on the rare occasions when I do buy music these days, I will have downloaded it two weeks before its release date, and at that point it becomes more like going through the motions of buying the physical product to put on the shelf. If it’s been a long time since I’ve bought an album without listening to it first, it’s been even longer since I’ve sat down with the artwork and lyric book for an album I own and truly immersed myself in it. Nowadays, you have to form a tweet-sized opinion so quickly that you don’t have time to first decide how you actually feel about the album, and then you move on to the next one.

So in that sense, yes, file-sharing has robbed us of the rituals associated with hearing a new album for the first time. However, I am not ready to believe that it has completely taken away the meaning of a certain collection of songs put out by an artist at one time in a specific order. You see the album’s continued relevance in the recent resurgence in vinyl sales. Granted, even a doubling market for LPs is still a tiny niche market at best, but it makes sense that those purists of the physical product would opt for the version with the bigger artwork and analog sound. After all, hasn’t the entire appeal of the CD, the increased portability, now been completely replaced by iPods?

But more than the renewed popularity of vinyl, there is another reason why I believe the “album” as a form of expression is not dead: with the supposed demise of the album in the digital age has come, oddly enough, the increased popularity among bands new and old of the live show built around a start-to-finish performance of one album. This concept is nothing new, of course—Pink Floyd and Yes used to do it all the time in the ‘70s, and the Who have repeatedly hauled Tommy and Quadrophenia out on tour. It’s something that seems logical if you’re pushing the “concept album” angle. The Decemberists are devoting the first hour of their latest shows to a full presentation of their newest literary epic, The Hazards of Love. Prog metallers Mastodon tore up Coachella in April with a front-to-back reading of Crack the Skye. If Green Day had any clue what they were doing, they would give the same treatment to 21st Century Breakdown on their latest arena tour.

What I find interesting is the amount of bands that are now doing this for albums that don’t necessarily need to be heard in order the way a concept piece would. Sonic Youth, for instance, garnered rave reviews when they performed Daydream Nation in its entirety at a handful of festivals last year. Similar shows by everyone from Slint (doing Spiderland) to Public Enemy (It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back) have found wide acclaim from both fans and critics. The Pixies just announced a Fall tour commemorating the 20th anniversary of Doolittle, and these shows will feature a complete performance of that album. Even classic-rock dinosaurs are getting in on the action: Aerosmith have been performing their 1975 classic Toys in the Attic in full on their summer amphitheater tour with ZZ Top, and Metallica has recently treated fans to 1986’s Master of Puppets.

However, sometimes when older bands with large bodies try to do this with newer or lesser-known albums, it doesn’t go over as well. Iron Maiden tried it in 2006 with A Matter of Life and Death, and was met with mixed reactions from fans who undoubtedly went to the show to hear the band’s classic ‘80s material. To Maiden’s credit, they didn’t backpedal, although they also have recently done tours covering only specific periods of their past. The Cure also faced backlash when they opted to perform their self-titled 2004 album on tour. It would seem that the live show isn’t the way to get acquainted with a new album from start to finish, which is why most bands that have tried it have stuck to replicating their most well-known works.

It’s a fascinating trend given the evidence of the endangerment of the album on almost every other medium, but in a way it makes sense. The instant access to music allowed by MP3s comes at the expense of much of the emotional connection tied to the full-album experience, and many fans want to be able to preserve that somehow. So why not through the live show? You’re there with the band, hearing the songs in the order they intended. I’m sure every fan can name a few albums they’d love their favorite band to present live in this fashion. Radiohead would be amazing at this, but I feel like Thom Yorke probably disdains the concept of being in a rock band too much to ever consider it. Bob Dylan’s live shows haven’t been relevant for years—how many fans wouldn’t love for him to revitalize himself as a touring act by devoting an evening to Highway 61 Revisited or Blood on the Tracks? Wouldn’t a Neil Young show featuring After the Gold Rush or Tonight’s the Night be infinitely preferable to a show based around his new concept album about electric cars? The possibilities are endless.

Here are a few albums that aren’t necessarily concept albums that I’d love to hear performed live:

My Bloody Valentine, Loveless – MBV already perform most of the songs on this 1991 masterpiece in concert anyway. Doing them in order and closing with their usual 20-minute feedback frenzy of “You Made Me Realize” would add up to roughly the length of one of their festival setlists, and adding “Performing Loveless in its Entirety!” to the poster would make the shows feel like a once-in-a-lifetime event.

U2, Achtung Baby – Debate all you want about the merits of the giant PopMart lemon, the Elevation heart, or this new claw thing U2 have been erecting in stadiums this summer. While all of these are landmarks in the field of spectacle, the fact remains that the best tour Bono and co. have ever done was 1992’s ZooTV tour, for one reason: these shows featured 9 or 10 songs a night from their finest album, Achtung Baby. Bringing this album back in full works on so many levels: as a perennial set-closer, “One” has become a groan-inducing chore to endure, building a reputation mainly as the song where Bono tells everybody to get out their cell phones and donate money to Africa despite the fact that they have just paid $150 to see the band’s show. Moving it back to its third spot on the album, where it would be surrounded either side with “Even Better Than the Real Thing” and “Until the End of the World,” could breathe new life into it. It would mean that every show would be guaranteed “The Fly” and “Mysterious Ways,” two songs no U2 concert should be without. And “Acrobat” and “So Cruel” have never been performed live, so it would be a great opportunity to please die-hards by pulling out two long-neglected gems. The rest of the material has rotated in and out of their sets over the past two decades, so it wouldn’t be impossible to pull off.

The Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers – If there’s any touring juggernaut whose live shows could use the boost of energy that Toys in the Attic has given Aerosmith, it’s the Stones. Exile on Main Street is the critical favorite, but it’s probably too long to pull off and still leave room for all the other classics the Stones would need to play. Sticky Fingers is perfect: it’s universally recognized as one of their best albums, they already play “Brown Sugar,” “Wild Horses,” and “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” every night anyway, and album cuts like “Sway” and “Sister Morphine” would be a treat to hear again.

The Smashing Pumpkins, Adore – Yes, I know. It’s not really the Smashing Pumpkins. Billy Corgan has zero credibility in 2009, for a variety of reasons that I’ll save for another column. But this could work. Corgan has always been obsessed with being a very ‘70s kind of rock star, and the “full album performance” thing that the Who and Pink Floyd used to specialize in is not something he got around to doing while he was relevant. So why Adore over Siamese Dream or Mellon Collie? For one, Adore is the band’s most underappreciated album, so giving it time in the spotlight would almost—almost—justify Corgan in keeping the Pumpkins name when there are no other original members left. Plus, given that it’s the only original Pumpkins album that drummer Jimmy Chamberlain, the last member to leave earlier this year, didn’t play on, it would seem to be the clear choice of an album that Corgan could credibly present under the band’s moniker while functioning as a solo act.


This Date In Music History-July 31


Will Champion – Coldplay (1978)

John Lowery - Marilyn Manson (1971)

Jim Corr - The Corrs (1964)

Robert Townsend - Pop Will Eat Itself (1964)

Norman Cook – Housemartins (1963)

Malcolm Ross - Aztec Camera (1960)

Bill Berry – R.E.M. (1958)

Daniel Ash – Bauhaus (1957)

Karl Green - Herman's Hermits (1947)

Gary Lewis (1946)

Bob Welch (Fleetwood Mac from 1971 to 1974), was born in Los Angeles in 1946.

Lobo (real name Kent Lavoie) turns 66.

They Are Missed:

The late Ahmet Ertegun (founder of Atlantic Records) was born in 1923. Along with his brother Nesuhi, he helped create and hone the Atlantic Records jazz, R&B, and pop empire in the '50s and '60s. The Ertegun brothers arrived in America from Turkey and forged a company to record, distribute and publicize the sounds of Black America, which at that time were largely going ignored.

Country singer Jim Reeves was killed in a plane crash in 1964.

One of the first major stars of R&B, Bull Moose Jackson (real name Benjamin Clarence Jackson), died in Cleveland of cancer in 1989 (age 70). Jackson was at his peak in the late 1940's, and became the first R&B artist to receive a gold record, for his 1947 recording of "I Love You, Yes I Do."

BBC producer John Walters died in 2001 (age 63). Walters produced and worked with Radio 1 DJ John Peel. Peel teamed up with Walters to broadcast some of the most groundbreaking music of an era.


In 1966, in Birmingham, Ala., a Beatles record-burning session was held to protest John Lennon's "bigger than Jesus" remark.

In 1969, Elvis Presley kicked off a four-week run at the Las Vegas International Hotel, (his first live show since 1961). He reportedly netted $1.5m for the shows.

Also in 1969 - A Moscow police chief reported that thousands of Moscow telephone booths had been made inoperable by thieves who had stolen phone parts in order to convert their acoustic guitars to electric.

In 1970, after Decca Records demands a final single from the Rolling Stones to make them fulfill their contract, Richards and Jagger delivered the unreleasable "Cocksucker Blues." The single becomes the title of a Stones documentary that the band decides is also unreleasable.

The documentary Gimme Shelter premiered in 1971 at London's Rialto cinema. The film includes footage from the infamous concert at Altamont.

The second night of the Who's first of two 1971 US tours was marked with tragedy when a 22 year old security guard was stabbed at New York's Forest Hills Stadium.

James Taylor went to #1 on the US singles chart in 1971 with the Carole King song “You Got A Friend.” The song would go on to win the 1971 Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male.

George Benson started a two-week run at #1 on the US album chart in 1976 with “Breezin.”

Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear The Reaper" was released in 1976.

In 1991, Black Crowes lead singer Chris Robinson was given six months probation for spitting on a customer in a 7/11 store in Denver. When the woman said she didn't know who the Black Crowes were, Robinson told her she would know if she didn't eat so many Twinkies. The woman claimed Robinson then spat on her. Hey, I love Twinkies….

Selena's "Dreaming of You" debuted at # 1 on the Billboard chart in 1995. It was her first English album. Selena became the first Latin artist to debut at #1.

Christina Aguilera scored her first US #1 single in 1999 with “Genie In A Bottle,” also #1 in the UK. The song spent 5 weeks at #1 on the US chart and won Aguilera the Best New Artist Grammy for the year.

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Pearl Jam Album Cover Art Game

Pearl Jam recently announced the release of their much anticipated new album, Backspacer (produced by Brendan O'Brien) on September 21, plus a handful of UK tour dates in support of the record.

For Backspacer's imagery, the band enlisted the creative genius of their friend and renowned political cartoonist Tom Tomorrow. Here's one image from Backspacer below - click on it to discover more.... or visit more on Pearl Jam's site here:

Cover Game

Classic Rock Videos

Ramones, Baby I love you!

Top Ten Most Valuable Records

I did a post last week and after searching the Internet for the world’s Top Ten Most Valuable vinyl records, one can be sure that the lists can be subjective, vary from country to country and will fluctuate over time. For instance, the copy of John Lennon & Yoko Ono “Double Fantasy” LP, the one that he signed for Mark David Chapman just a few hours before he was shot to death, is at the top of a common list.

However, the record remains unsold, so the asking price may not be exactly what the record is worth. With the recent death of Michael Jackson, copies of “Thriller” were selling at more than three times what the record price guides listed and Jackson’s rare vinyl has also skyrocketed. Although the prices for his more common records will even out, one can assume his rare vinyl will remain at high prices.

In all actuality, a record is worth what someone will pay for it; which is true of most collectibles. Many variables will effect the price, such as demand, the death of an artist, the condition of the vinyl itself, just to name a few. However, in the case of vinyl records, there are some recording artists that always show up on the ‘top ten’ lists, including the Beatles and the Sex Pistols. My guess is that there will always be a demand for the Fab Four and the Sex Pistols, hence the prices for their records and the rare ones will always be on the high end of any list. Also, the lists include acetates, which are another rare form of a record release.

If we take a look at the three lists below we see that the early Beatles work done as the Quarrymen show up on both the Wikipedia list and the list from the Telegraph in the UK. Also, the Beatles show up as the one that command the most money at (according to their database).

Most Valuable Records Lists

The following list is an attempt to list some of the most valuable recordings. Data is sourced from Record Collector magazine, eBay, Popsike, Good Rockin' Tonight and other sources.

Source: wikipedia

1) John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Double Fantasy (Geffen US Album, 1980) Note: Autographed by Lennon five hours before Mark David Chapman assassinated him. Value: $525,000

2) The Quarrymen – “That’ll Be the Day”/”In Spite Of All The Danger” (UK 78 RPM, Acetate in plain sleeve, 1958) Note: Only one copy made. Value: $180,000

3) The Beatles – Yesterday and Today (Capitol, US Album in ‘butcher’ sleeve, 1966) Value: $38,500, though more typically prices range from $150-$7500

4) Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (CBS, US album, stereo 1963 featuring 4 tracks deleted from subsequent releases) Value: $35,000

5) Long Cleve Reed & Little Harvey Hull – “Original Stack O’Lee Blues” (Black Patti, US 78 RPM in plain sleeve, 1927) Value: $30,000

6) Frank Wilson – “Do I Love You?” (Tamla Motown, US 7” 45 RPM in plain sleeve, 1965) Value: $30,000

7) Velvet Underground & Nico – The Velvet Underground and Nico (US Album Acetate, in plain sleeve, 1966 with alternate versions of tracks from official release) Value: estimate $25,200.

8) Elvis Presley - Stay Away, Joe (US, RCA Victor UNRM-9408, 1967) Note: One side promotional album.

9) The Five Sharps - “Stormy Weather” (US, Jubilee 5104, 78 RPM, 1953) Value: $25,000

10) The Hornets - “I Can’t Believe” (US, States 127, 78 RPM, 1953) Value: $25,000

Here is a list from the UK (note they do list several acetates, which are different from vinyl, these are very rare indeed!) and the two lists certainly are different and the estimates of worth vary.


1. THE QUARRYMEN: That'll Be The Day/ In Spite Of All The Danger (1958): £100,000 ($165,000)

2. SEX PISTOLS: God Save The Queen (1977) Value: £7,000 ($11,500)

3. SEX PISTOLS: Anarchy In The UK (1976) Value: £6,000 (double-sided acetate) ($9,900)

4. QUEEN: Bohemian Rhapsody (1978) Value: £5,000 ($8,250)

5. JOHN'S CHILDREN: Midsummer's Night Scene (1967) Value: £4,000 ($6,600)

6. TOBY TYLER: The Road I'm On (Gloria) (1964) Value: £3,000 (acetate) ($4,950)

7. DAVID BOWIE: Space Oddity (1969) Value: £3,000 ($4,950)

8. JOHN LENNON WITH THE PLASTIC ONO BAND: You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) (1969) Value: £3,000 ($4,950)

9. XTC: Science Friction (1977) Value: £2,500 ($4,125)

10. JACKIE LEE COCHRAN: Ruby Pearl (1957) Value: £2,500 ($4,125)

Now let’s explore the Top Ten Vinyl Records that have been documented as sold by (although this does not include private sales between record collectors)


1. Beatles - White Album UK 1968 Mono LP Cover No.0000005 2008-11-23 ($31,700)

2. VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO 1966 Acetate LP ANDY WARHOL 2006-12-21 ($25,200)

3. SEX PISTOLS - God Save the Queen - GENUINE A&M AMS7284! 2006-03-02 ($20,900)

4. SEX PISTOLS God Save The Queen PUNK PRE A&M 2006-04-02 ($17,750)

5. SEX PISTOLS - God Save the Queen - GENUINE A&M AMS7284! 2006-06-30 ($16,500)


7. SCARCE Northern Soul 45 Junior McCants KING RARE PROMO 2008-10-05 ($15,099)

8. Sex Pistols- Jamie Reid Complete Set LTD Edition Signed 2007-12-12 ($15,000)

9. THE MISFITS- PLAN 9 1009- HORROR BUSINESS ULTRA RARE 2008-01-26 ($14,301)

10. PINK FLOYD Meddle BLUE VINYL Colombia ULTRA RARE UNSEEN 2009-01-17 ($12,000)

Bird And Animal Names In Rock And Roll History- part twenty-three

Let’s continue our series about “bird” and “animal” group names in rock and roll history:

Based out of Los Angles hails the rock band led by Grant Lee Phillips called Grant Lee Buffalo. Playing alternative pop rock, the group released five albums, "Fuzzy" (1993), "Mighty Joe Moon" (1994), "Copperopolis" (1996) and "Jubilee" (1998) as well as the LP called “Storm Hymnal-Gems From The Vault Of” in 2001; which is a compilation of singles, album tracks and rarities.

Often sounding like their influences (David Bowie, John Lennon, R.E.M. among many others), Phillips’ songwriting received prominent critical acclaim as he gracefully tackled political and social issues with his lyrics. Musically, the band is equally adept at hard rock and roll, folk rock or haunting ballads.

The group was a popular live attraction, opening up for some of the major players at the time including R.E.M., Pearl Jam and the Smashing Pumpkins. However, as popular as the band was with their fans and critics alike, they could not break through into the mainstream music arena, despite the strong musicianship and original styles of the band. The group gave up their efforts in 1999 and Phillips launched a solo career, issuing the intimate album "Ladies Love Oracle" on the Internet in 2000. His first full-length LP, "Mobilize," was released to enormous critical acclaim in 2001. He has continued to work in the business, guesting on albums by Eels, Neil Finn, Harvey Danger (among others) and releasing several solo efforts.

Before going solo, Linda Ronstadt fronted a band called the Stone Poneys that cracked the Billboard Top 40 with a Michael Nesmith (of the Monkees fame) written tune called “Different Drum.” The band’s debut album did not contain this hit song (it was on the second album), but provided listeners with strong original folk material from the band’s guitarists, Bob Kimmel and Ken Edwards. The Stone Poneys broke up during the recording of their third release, leaving Ronstadt to finish it up with various session men and is a great LP, including songs written by Mike Nesmith, Laura Nyro and three Tim Buckley originals. While the album served up some classic California folk rock and was well produced, it was the last of the Stone Poneys. But with this springboard, Linda Ronstadt went on to mega-stardom and recorded the number one song “You’re No Good” as well as many other Top 40 Billboard hits.

Although the popular California psychedelic band Country Joe & the Fish may be best remembered for their legendary performance at Woodstock with a version of the song “Fixin’-To-Die” and the obscene “Fish Cheer,” the band actually capitalized on the psychedelic era with their raunchy guitars and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, free love preaching and political protest ideals.

The first release, an EP with a folk version of “I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die-Rag,” along with a second EP release were combined with other songs by the band for their debut album, “Electric Music For The Mind And Body” and the album fit in perfectly with the times. Subsequent releases captured audiences with more heavily a distorted guitar, organ heavy psychedelia and Country Joe’s good-time lyrics and stage antics.

But the band’s main claim to fame and one of the decades most famous war protest songs “Fixin’-To-Die” could never be duplicated, although Country Joe fronted several versions of the band after the group’s third release, “Together,” which featured a classic country Joe and The Fish tune called “Rock and Soul Music.”

Mallard was a short-lived experimental rock outfit that featured several former members of Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band, including: guitarist Bill Harkleroad (aka Zoot Horn Rollo), bassist Mark Boston (aka Rockette Morton), and percussionist/drummer Art Tripp (aka Ed Marimba), the latter of which also played in Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention for several albums, as well. Boston and Harkeford played with Beefheart for 1968 through 1974, but they had a falling out over their unhappiness with the album “Unconditionally Guaranteed.”

So the unhappy musicians recruited Art Tripp and were joined by a host of others including John “Rabbit” Bundrick, singer Sam Galpin and percussionist Barry Morgan for the release of Mallard’s 1975 self-titled LP. The record was financed by Beefheart fan Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull; however the LP was only available in the US as an import. Mallard’s next LP “In A Different Climate” was released in 1976 but in spite of the musical talents of these veteran musicians and support from the British press, Mallard never achieved commercial success. In 1994, both albums were re-released on CD by Virgin Records in the UK and in the US.

Grant Lee Buffalo Tidbits:

Grant Lee Buffalo was - Grant-Lee Phillips (vocals and guitar), Paul Kimble (bass) and Joey Peters (drums). All three were previously members of another Los Angeles band, Shiva Burlesque.

Grant Lee Buffalo had an Americana tinged sound, clearly influenced by the likes of Neil Young and elements of old-fashioned country music.

In 1995, Phillips was voted best male vocalist by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Stone Poneys Tidbits:

The band was discovered by a couple of music industry executives while rehearsing at a soul food restaurant called Olivia's which was located in Ocean Park, a community between Venice Beach and Santa Monica that was famous for its food and clientele, including The Doors.

In 1970, the Pickwick record label licensed nine Stone Poneys tracks from their Capitol albums and released Stoney End under the name Linda Ronstadt & the Stone Poneys. The album featured "Different Drum", "One for One" and "Some of Shelly's Blues,” as well as their recording of the 1960's classic "Let's Get Together.”

Their misspelled name came from Delta Blues singer Charlie Patton's 1929 song "The Stone Pony Blues" (also known as "Pony Blues."

Country Joe & the Fish Tidbits:

Country Joe and The Fish were regulars at Fillmore West and East and Chet Helms' Avalon Ballroom. They were billed with such groups as Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Led Zeppelin, and Iron Butterfly.

They played at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 and at the Woodstock Festival in 1969. In 1971 the band appeared in a Western film starring Don Johnson as an outlaw gang called the Crackers.

The group's name is derived from leftist politics; "Country Joe" was a popular name for Joseph Stalin in the 1940s, while "the fish" refers to Mao Tse-Tung's statement that the true revolutionary "moves through the peasantry as the fish does through water."

Country Joe's anti-war activity led to his being called as a witness at the Chicago Seven conspiracy trial in 1969.

Music News & Notes

Echo And The Bunnymen Plan New Album And Tour

Liverpool veterans Echo and the Bunnymen have confirmed details of their next album, which is set to be released on October 12.

'The Fountain' will be preceded by a single, 'I Think I Need To Know' on 28th September.

The forthcoming album, which will be their first since the release of 'Siberia' in 2005, will be followed by a five date UK tour.

Last year the band marked their 30th anniversary by playing an acclaimed show at the Liverpool Echo Arena that saw them perform their classic 'Ocean Rain' album in full.


Anita Baker, Snoop Dogg to Collaborate on New Album

Revered R&B singer Anita Baker is releasing an album with some surprising guest artists next year, according to reports.

The record will feature a combination of live performances and new music Baker wrote for other singers, as well as collaborations with contemporary artists, including the unlikely pairing of eight-time Grammy winner Baker and rapper Snoop Dogg.

The Ohio-born soul singer was quick to explain that, although she's working with rappers and more contemporary singers, the music will not be a major departure from her sound. "It will be an Anita Baker record, but it will have a lot of surprising elements in it," Baker told Billboard. "We'll take a lot of our contemporaries and bring them into my project where they may fit."

Baker's upcoming album (her seventh studio record) will be distributed by legendary jazz label Blue Note records, and is scheduled for release next spring.


Sea Wolf Sails Into Expansive New Territory On Sophomore LP

An expansive collection of modern mythology and lush orchestration, Sea Wolf's sophomore LP, "White Water, White Bloom," will be released September 22nd on Dangerbird Records. Akin to Sea Wolf's debut LP, "Leaves in the River," the latest was penned solely by Alex Brown Church but was this time recorded with a full band, which expanded the sonic palette. These new compositions were injected with a raw, dynamic energy that the band developed through extensive touring together, and will be unveiled on a cross-country six-week tour beginning in September. The album can be pre-ordered via Dangerbird. Fans have the choice of a 180-gram vinyl package that comes with two vinyl-only bonus tracks and a digital download card or a standard CD digipak with fold-out poster.


Fogelberg Release

Before he passed away, Dan Fogelberg put the finishing touches on some new tracks and a few that had been lingering on tape for a number of years. The results are Love in Time, his final album of new material which will be released on August 13 via the digital services by Universal Music Group. A CD version of the album will be out at a future date after Universal has a chance to finalize production and advertising.

The family pushed for the August 13 release, even if only digitally, as it would have been Fogelberg's 58th birthday. He passed away on December 16, 2007 after a battle with prostate cancer.


Detente Reveals New Album, "Decline," Cover Artwork

LA metal band, DÉTENTE, has revealed the cover artwork for their upcoming record, "Decline." The art for "Decline" was painted by Michael Leone with additional graphic work performed by Christopher Leone. DÉTENTE's "Decline" is tentatively scheduled for a December release.

I nominate it for heavy meatl cover art of the year....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Classic Rock Videos

Ramones - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (1980)

Mr. Music ~ Jerry Osborne

I am continuing our new feature: Ask "Mr. Music." Now in its 23rd year of syndication (1986-2008), Jerry Osborne's weekly Q&A feature will be a regular post every Wednesday from now on. Be sure to stop by Jerry's site ( for more Mr. Music archives, record price guides, anything Elvis, buy & sell collectibles, record appraisals and much more. I thank Jerry for allowing the reprints.


DEAR JERRY: During my pre-teen and teenage years in the late '70s and early '80s, I was a huge fan of ABBA. I loved ABBA and I still do, and think of myself as an ABBA expert who has forgotten more than most people knew, especially in the U.S.

On their “Voulez-Vous” LP, that I bought in the summer of 1979, I distinctly remember one of the tracks being “Summer Night City.”

Now I'm starting to wonder if I'm losing it because every source I've checked makes no mention of that track on “Voulez-Vous.”

Still, it does make sense since “Fernando” wasn't originally on the first (1976) “Greatest Hits” LP. It was added to later pressings after it became a big hit single.

Can you please clear this up for me? I'm going nuts here.
—William Simmons, Evansville, Ind.

DEAR WILLIAM: So I hear. It's not easy to keep this kind of thing secret.

I must side with the rest of the world, which says there are but 10 tracks on the original “Voulez-Vous” album:

(Side A): “As Good As New”; “Voulez-Vous”; “I Have a Dream”; “Angeleyes”; “The King Has Lost His Crown.”

(Side B): “Does Your Mother Know”; “If It Wasn't for the Nights”; “Chiquitita”; “Lovers (Live a Little Longer)”; “Kisses of Fire.”

I also examined “Voulez-Vous” albums from such diverse areas as Mexico, Germany, Russia, and Korea, all of which have the same 10 tracks. I even checked cassettes, 8-tracks, and reel-to-reel tapes. Same story.

Since the ABBA album after “Voulez-Vous” is “Greatest Hits, Vol. 2” (December 1979), and it includes “Summer Night City,” we must, however unlikely, consider the possibility your memory has transposed these two releases.

As you know, the 2001 Remastered Limited Edition “Voulez-Vous” compact disc adds three “bonus tracks not found on the original LP”: “Summer Night City”; “Lovelight”; and “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight).” I'd say they got it right.

DEAR JERRY: At a yard sale I noticed tiny record, about two inches in diameter, in an equally tiny picture sleeve. Appropriately, the manufacturer is named Mighty Tiny Records.

Though a gorgeous blonde is the only person pictured, the sleeve credits a group called the Harmonettes, and gives the title as “Honey Tones.”

Have you ever heard of such a thing? Are there others like this one? Did they ever make a mighty tiny record player?
—Drew Davidson, Detroit, Mich.

DEAR DREW: Yes, yes, and yes.

Created in Cincinnati by Ohio Art/Poynter Products, Inc., this short-lived example of failed technology came and went in 1967.

The records, all of which are by people you've never heard of, were sold in themed four-packs. The two sealed packs I have seen are “Rock'n Roll & Popular” (Harmonettes; Musical Squares; Amy Wilson and Her Guitar), and “Foreign Music” (German Folk Polka; Italiano Strings; Arab Desert Dance; and African Drums).

They made a few others, all labeled “Mighty Tiny Records for the World's Smallest Record Player,” which answers your last question.

In fact, they made two players: a Mighty Tiny hand-held portable, which looks like a Star Trek communicator, and a table-top console called a Stereoper. Buyers of either player also received a starter kit of three records.

The biggest complaints about the battery-powered Mighty Tiny system are its inability to maintain a consistent playing speed, and the dreadful — albeit varied — selection of music.

IZ ZAT SO? Widely known is ABBA's phenomenal success that began in the United States in the summer of '74 with the release of “Waterloo.”

Not nearly as well known is what happened in the two years before Björn Ulvaeus; Benny Andersson; Agnetha Fältskog; and Anni-Frid Lyngstad (a.k.a. Frida) became ABBA and met their “Waterloo.”

This foursome's first single, “People Need Love” (Polar 1156), was already a hit in Sweden, credited to Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid.

In July '72, Hugh Hefner's fledging Playboy label picked up “People Need Love” for distribution in the U.S.

Inexplicably, Playboy shortened the artist credit line to “Björn & Benny (with Svenska Flicka).”

Whether they erroneously thought “Agnetha & Anni-Frid” to be just one person we don't know, but the credit on this single (Playboy 10018) translates as “Björn & Benny (with Swedish Girl).”

Another possibility is they may have simply disregarded the Norwegian-born Frida, and not used the plural “Svenska Flickor” (Swedish Girls).

“People Need Love” made a bit of a blip on the national level so Playboy followed with a couple more Björn & Benny singles in late 1973 and early '74. These are two separate releases of “Another Town, Another Train” (Playboy 100023 and 10025), and neither clicked with stateside dee jays.

Then came the name change, “Waterloo,” and an endless series of trains and towns for ABBA.

Copyright 2009 Osbourne Enterprises- Reprinted By Permission

This Date In Music History - July 29


Randy Sparks - New Christy Minstrels (1933)

Neal Doughty - REO Speedwagon (1946)

Simon Kirk - Bad Company (1949)

Geddy Lee - Rush (1953)

Patti Sciafa - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (1953)

John Sykes - Thin Lizzy/Whitesnake (1959)

Martin McCarrick - Therapy (1962)

Miles Hunt - The Wonder Stuff (1966)

Simon Jones - The Verve (1972)

Wanya Morris - Boyz II Men (1973)

They Are Missed:

Mama Cass Elliot, a one-time member of the Mama's & Papa's, died in London in 1974. She was staying at Harry Nilson's London flat when she died. A postmortem the following day shows she died as a result of choking on a sandwich and from inhaling her own vomit. It's later revealed that she suffered a heart attack. She was 32.

American record producer and pedal steel guitar player Pete Drake died of lung disease in 1988. Worked with Elvis Presley, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

Keyboard player Huby Heard died from heart problems in 2004. Member of Billy Preston's, The God Squad.


The Isley Brothers recorded the classic "Shout" in 1959.

Dick Clark premiered his summer stage show, the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars, at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City in 1961.

After a four year hiatus, the Newport Folk Festival in Newport, Rhode Island reopened in 1963. Those getting thumbs-up from the crowd included Joan Baez, Peter, Paul & Mary and Bob Dylan.

Peter, Paul and Mary's "Blowin' In The Wind" was released in 1963.

In 1965, the Beatles film "Help!" debuts at London's Pavillion Theatre. Another sell-out crowd attended while critics were bemused.

In 1966, Bob Dylan suffered a broken neck vertebra when he crashed his Triumph 55 motorbike near his home in Woodstock, New York.

Also in 1966, Datebook published Maureen Cleave’s interview with John Lennon in which he said ‘We’re bigger than Jesus now.” American Christian’s reacted with outrage, organizing ‘Beatle bonfires’ burning the group's records.

Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker made their live debut as Cream at The Twisted Wheel, Manchester, England in 1966.

The Doors started a three week run at #1 on the US singles chart in 1967 with “Light My Fire.”

The first recording session of The Beatles seven-minute epic “Hey Jude” took place at Abbey Road studios London in 1968.

The Byrds left on their tour of South Africa in 1968 without member Gram Parsons. He refused to set foot in a country where apartheid was official policy.

The Rolling Stones' contract with Decca Records expired in 1970 and they talked about starting their own label. They did.

Gilbert O'Sullivan started a five week run at #1 on the US singles chart in 1972 with “Alone Again, (Naturally).” The follow up “Clair” peaked at #2.

In 1973, while Led Zeppelin, were in the middle of a very successful U.S. tour, they were the victims of one of the largest cash thefts in New York City. $180,000 was taken from the band's deposit box at the Drake Hotel. The money was mostly cash receipts from the first of two nights at Madison Square Garden.

In 1978, Prince appeared on the US charts for the first time with “Soft and Wet.”

The film soundtrack to Grease featuring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John went to #1 on the US album chart in 1978.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream introduced their "Cherry Garcia" flavor (named after the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia) in 1987.

In 2003, the chairman of the Professional Association of Teachers Jim O'Neill warned that children were being put under pressure to grow up too soon by pop stars who use a sexy image. "Kylie Minogue might be a great singer but in many of these things you can see more of her bottom than you hear of her voice," said Mr O'Neill. Dirty old man….

Founding member Jeff Hanna talks about the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

The Press-Release

Here are excerpts from an interview with Jeff Hanna, founding member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

On the band's origins:

"'66 is when we started playing together and getting paid. We were a jug band, which is a really rootsy concoction, music that was mostly written in the '30s or before. A lot of blues and skiffle and country elements. Old-timey country music. Mountainy stuff. And then we went through a growing phase when some of the guys left and a couple of other guys joined in '69, and retooled as a country rock band. At that point there were three or four groups really playing that kind of music, the Burritos (Flying Burrito Brothers) and Poco. The Band, of course, was a huge influence on us. There's was a melding of Americana, which as a musical phrase didn't exist before ... and rock 'n' roll

"That kind of morphed into what later on became a career in country music, too, because the music we started playing in 1969 really fit country radio in 1984 ... It wasn't quite as pop music-oriented as country music is today."

Read the rest here:

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Music News & Notes

New Megadeth album cover art revealed

Megadeth have released the cover art for the upcoming album called "Endgame." This is their twelfth studio album in two-and-a-half decades and is scheduled to be released on September 15 through Roadrunner Records.

Frontman Dave Mustaine spoke about the lyrical content of the new album, stating:

"I've never been known to be a silent bystander in a world that needs our participation. As more is revealed about our former President's legacy, a little-known but staggeringly frightening document which was signed into law ... has been uncovered."

The document Mustaine refers to is Operation Endgame, a plan to detain and remove all illegal aliens from the United States by 2012. Aside from the thematic elements of Endgame, Mustaine declared the new album as his “proudest moment since … Rust in Peace.” He particularly praises new lead guitarist Chris Broderick as inspiring him to relish recording new music in the studio.


Psycho Charger Reveal New 'Toxic' CD Art

Gore-soaked rockers Psycho Charger have joined forces with renowned horror artist Eric “Unkle” Pigors – best known for his “Toxic Toons” series as well as promo art for bands like Metallica, Wednesday 13, Genitorturers and Scum of the Earth – for the artwork to accompany their upcoming CD Mark of the Psycho.

Aside from contributing the cover art, Pigors will also reportedly step up to the mic, along with other rumored guest performers like actor Chuck Williams (Bubba Ho-Tep), Jeano Roid from The Creeping Cruds, and original Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra, who has been approached to record an introduction to the album.

More gory details – including the official release date – will be coming soon to the band's official “gravesite.”


Kristofferson plans September CD release

Kris Kristofferson will release a new disc, "Closer To The Bone," his second release with New West Records, on Sept. 29. Don Was (Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt) produced the 11-song disc. Was also produced Kristofferson's last CD, the critically acclaimed "This Old Road."

The new release will be offered a standard CD, deluxe two-CD set and a limited edition 180-gram vinyl.

"I like the intimacy of the new album" he said. "It has a general mood of reflecting on where we all are at this end of life." Songs include From Here To Forever, a melancholy lullaby to his children, and Good Morning John, written for Kristofferson's friend and mentor, the late Johnny Cash, about the struggles with addiction early in Cash's life.

"Closer To The Bone" features Kristofferson on vocals, guitar and harmonica, Don Was on bass, Rami Jaffee on keyboards, Jim Keltner on drums and longtime friend, the late Stephen Bruton, to whom the album is dedicated, on guitar, mandolin and backing vocals. All songs were written solely by Kristofferson except From Here To Forever, written in collaboration with Bruton and Glen Clark.


New No Age EP set for October release

Two-man but whole-lotta-noise pop combo No Age will release a new EP this October, their first new material since 2008's Nouns. It's called Losing Feeling and will be available to the record buying public from October 6 on Sub Pop. It'll be available on 12" vinyl and digitally, in some kind of mp3 format, but not as a CD.


Jamey Johnson Album Vinylized

Next week is one year since Jamey Johnson’s album That Lonesome Song came out on Mercury Records, but he’s already gearing up for his next CD. This time around, the album will come out simultaneously on retro vinyl, an appropriate move since much of the music he loves was recorded at a time when the CD hadn’t even yet been released.

"That’s how I listen to music," Jamey says. "It’s my favorite, No. 1 preference at home, to go put a vinyl record on my great grandmother’s old record player."

A release date hasn’t yet been announced for the new album, though the first single, "My Way To You," has already been released to radio stations. Beginning Monday, it will be available as a free download at The song goes to digital music stores Aug. 11.


Lips EP

The Flaming Lips digitally released a three song EP today called Songs From The Future Album Embryonic EP which, obviously, is a preview of their upcoming album Embryonic, which will be out this fall. The songs include "Convinced of the Hex," "The Impulse" and "Silver Trembling Hands."


Jazz Legend Dies

Legendary jazz master George Russell has died at age 86 from complications of Alzheimer’s disease, the AP reports. In 1953, Russell published The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization, a theoretical text credited with influencing Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue.”


Vinyl Collective Restocks

Virgil has some great restocks, stop by and get your fill at

GREY MACHINE îVultures Descendî LP
PELICAN “City Of Echoes” LP baby pink w/ black splatter 180 gram vinyl
PELICAN “City Of Echoes” LP black 180 gram vinyl
PELICAN “City Of Echoes” LP clear light blue 180 gram vinyl
PELICAN “City Of Echoes” LP clear w/ black splatter 180 gram vinyl
PELICAN “City Of Echoes” LP silver 180 gram vinyl
PELICAN/ THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES îPink Mammoth/Gold Diggersî split 10î clear w/ bl
PELICAN/ THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES îPink Mammoth/Gold Diggersî split 10î clear w/ pi
THE MELVINS î(a) Senile Animalî 4xLP
TORCHE “Healer/Across The Shields” LP + DVD emerald vinyl
TORCHE “Healer/Across The Shields” LP + DVD plain ol’ white vinyl
V/A “Champions Of Sound 2008″ dbl 7″ clear vinyl
XASTHUR “All Reflections Drained” dbl LP picture disc+backpatch
XASTHUR “All Reflections Drained” dbl LP red vinyl
NARROWS “New Distances” LP clear vinyl
REIGN SUPREME “Testing The Limits Of Infinite” LP light blue vinyl
JASON FALKNER “Can You Still Feel?” LP
GRIZZLY BEAR “Yellow House” LP
KINGS OF LEON “Aha Shake Heartbreak” dbl 10

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Music Releases ~ July 28, 2009

Angus Khan - Black Leather Soul

10 Ft. Gangja Plant - Bush Rock (vinyl)

A-ha - 'Foot Of The Mountain'

Amadou & Mariam - The Magic Couple

Anthem In - The Cloudbusting

Ashley Tisdale - Guilty Pleasure

Bad Secrets - Bad Secrets

Band of Skulls - Baby Darling Doll Face Honey (vinyl)

Bear McCreary - Battlestar Galactica: Season 4 (soundtrack)

Beardfish - Destined Solitaire

Berlin - Greatest Hits (vinyl)

Blur - Midlife: A Beginner's Guide to Blur

Carla Bruni - Quelqu'un M'a Dit (reissue)

Champagne Socialists - Blue Genes [Single]

Cinematic Orchestra - 'Late Night Tales'

Circle Jerks - Golden Shower of Hits (remastered vinyl)

Cornershop - Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast

Dandy Warhols - 'Dandy Warhols Are Sound'

Deee-Lite - The Very Best of Deee-Lite (reissue)

Divine Heresy - Bringer of Plagues

Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Please Describe Yourself

Duke Special - Songs from the Deep Forest (reissue)

Elbow - Asleep in the Back (reissue)

Elbow - Cast of Thousands (reissue)

Elbow - Leaders of the Free World (reissue)

Elvis Presley - From Elvis in Memphis

Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood - Live from Madison Square Garden (vinyl)

Eureka - Shackleton's Voyage

Fabolous - Loso's Way

Features - Some Kind of Salvation

Fred Hersch - Fred Hersch Plays Jobim

Gang of Four - Return the Gift (2-CD reissue)

George Thorogood & The Destroyers - The Dirty Dozen

Georgia Anne Muldrow - Umsindo

Howling Bells - Radio Wars

Iggy Pop - Iggy & Ziggy: Cleveland '77 (vinyl)

Indukti - Idmen

Iron Horse - A Boy Named Blue: The Bluegrass Tribute to Goo Goo Dolls

John Adams - Dr. Atomic Symphony/Guide to Strange Places

John Entwistle - Rigor Mortis Sets In (reissue)

John Zorn - O'O

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart (remastered vinyl)

Kevin Hearn - Havana Winter

Kid British - It Was This or Football: First Half

Kieran Kane - Somewhere Beyond the Roses

Kristinia DeBarge - Exposed

Laurent Korcia - Cinema (soundtrack)

Lo Fidelity Allstars - 'Northern Stomp'

Lou Reid & Carolina - My Own Set of Rules

Madness - The Dangermen Sessions, Vol. 1

Master Shortie - 'A.D.H.D'

Melinda Watts - People Get Ready

Merzbow - 13 Japanese Birds, Vol. 7

Michael Jackson - The Stripped Mixes

Morphine - Yes (vinyl reissue)

Neil Young - Mystery Train (reissue)

Neon Horse - Haunted Horse: Songs of Love, Defiance...

Octopus Project - Golden Beds

Opeth - Morningrise (vinyl reissue)

Opeth - My Arms, Your Hearse (vinyl reissue)

Os Mutantes - Os Mutantes (vinyl)

Owl City - Ocean Eyes (vinyl)

Pisces - A Lovely Sight

Porcupine Tree - Metanoia (reissue)

Radio Dept. - David EP

Reverend & The Makers - 'A French Kiss In The Chaos'

RX Bandits - Mandala

Starflyer 59 - Ghosts of the Past

Stina Nordenstam - The World Is Saved (reissue)

Subhumans - Time Flies/Rats (remastered)

Summer Cats - Songs for Tuesdays (vinyl)

Sun Ra & His Solar Research Arkestra - Helsinki 1971 - Complete Concert

Talking Heads - Rome Concert 1980

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - 103 7?

The Twang - Barney Rubble

Trashcan Sinatras - In the Music

Trevor Hall - Trevor Hall (vinyl)

Ty Segall - Lemons (vinyl)

Was (Not Was) - Boo! (vinyl reissue)

YACHT - See Mystery Lights

Various Artists - New Tales to Tell - A Tribute to Love and Rockets [Digital release]

Various Artists - Adam (soundtrack)

Various Artists - Black Rio, Vol. 2: Original Samba Soul 1968-1981 (vinyl)

Various Artists - Funny People (soundtrack)

Various Artists - Putumayo Kids Presents: Picnic Playground

Various Artists - Putumayo Presents: Brazilian Cafe

Various Artists - The Boat That Rocked (soundtrack)

Various Artists - We're Gonna Change the World! The 60's Chicago Garage Sound of Quill Productions (vinyl)

Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stones Box Set (13-CD box set)

Music News & Notes

Michael Jackson autobiography to be reprinted

Late singer's 1988 memoirs to be issued later this year

Michael Jackson's 1988 autobiography 'Moonwalk' is set to be reprinted later this year.

The rights to the book have been bought by Heinemann publishers in the UK and Harmony Books in the USA and Canada.

The reprint will be released in late October, reports the Montreal Gazette.

The reprint will feature a newly-written introduction by what publisher Random House, of which Harmony is an imprint, described as a "figure close to Jackson."

Maybe one of the Jackson's was right, he may be worth more to them dead.....

A number of reports have come out that Dr. Conrad Murray had been regularly injecting Jackson with the highly potent drug Propofol, including the night before his death. The problem is that the drug is only meant as an anesthetic and not as a regular cure for poor sleep. So, who, and why now become the story and yet the confusion and sadness will remain with all MJ's fans and family....


Rarest Apple 45 sells for record price on eBay

One of the rarest Apple label 45s has just sold for an all time record price on eBay. A "thick" vinyl version ("thick" term was normally used for radio promotion as compared to the commercial copy which was on a thinner vinyl)of Apple 8 "King of Fuh"/"Nobody Knows" by Brute Force recently sold for £4,888 ($8,063) to an unnamed bidder. EMI would not distribute the 45, over objections from John Lennon, and most of the 2,000 commercial copies that were circulated were given out or sold by mail order.

For More of the story: Beatles News


Apple and the LP

Apple and the four major record labels are reportedly collaborating on a project to boost album sales on iTunes. The move is an attempt to reinvigorate the album format, which has seen steadily decreasing sales since digital downloads took off.

The Financial Times says Apple is working with EMI, Warner, Sony and Universal to develop more appealing album download bundles under the codename 'cocktail.' The bundles will include additional content such as interactive booklets, sleeve notes and lyrics.

The per-track sales model on the iTunes store is blamed for contributing to the fall-off in album sales as digital downloads replace physical formats. Album sales in the US fell 14% last year, according to Nielsen. An executive close to the deal tell the FT that the new scheme is about 'recreating the heyday of the album when you would sit around with your friends looking at the artwork, while you listened to the music.'

Here's a novel approach....Why Not Release The Music As It Was Intended To Be- ON VINYL!!


New Michelle Branch Music

Michelle Branch will return with "Everything Comes and Goes," her first solo album in six years, in the fall. The first single “Sooner or Later” will make its iTunes premiere today and hit the radio on August 11th.


Michael Jackson Tops UK Album Charts For 5th Week

Michael Jackson topped the UK album charts for the 5th straight week with the greatest hits collection The Essential Michael Jackson. No other album has topped the UK album chart for so long this year.

Jackson didn’t just get the top spot, he also had five of the top 20 and ten of the top 50. 1982’s Thriller came in at #7 and 1979’s Off the Wall came in at #12.

He also had the #16 UK single with “Man in the Mirror” which was on Jackson’s 1987 album, Bad. “Man in the Mirror” peaked at #2 in the weeks immediately following Jackson’s death.


Bruce Springsteen 'Set To Play Dedicated 'Born To Run' Concert'

It's being reported that Bruce Springsteen will play his 1975 album 'Born To Run' in its entirety at a forthcoming show in Chicago. The gig, on September 20, is one of two shows Springsteen is set to play at the United Center as part of his US tour.

A source close to the singer confirmed to Rolling Stone that only the one show would be dedicated to 'Born To Run.'

The album is widely regarded as Springsteen's landmark release and was last performed in its entirety at a fundraising gig in New Jersey last year.

Springsteen is currently touring in support of his latest album 'Working On A Dream.'

Monday, July 27, 2009

Classic Rock Videos

RAMONES - Rock n Roll Highschool - 1980 - BBC Live

Beatles Records Increase In Value

I found this very interesting. Beatles vinyl will always be at a premium and this list shows the prices in 1976 and the value in 1996. These prices obviously have changed, but this is a great example of how the demand for Beatles records has driven the price upward.

Thirty rare Beatle records - what they were worth in 1976 & their value in 1996 (1976 value shown first followed by 1996 value)

(Note that the values given are for mint, sealed, or unique copies.
Values for copies in lesser grades would be much lower). 1976 Value 1996 Value

1. The Beatles & Frank Ifield ("Portrait" cover) stereo sealed $600.00 $20000.00

2. The Beatles & Frank Ifield ("Portrait" cover) stereo mint- $350.00 $7000.00

3. Introducing the Beatles, blank back mono mint- $125.00 $1200.00

4. Introducing the Beatles, brackets label stereo mint- $150.00 $1500.00

5. Songs, Pictures, and Stories of the Beatles (VJ LP) mono sealed $150.00 $2500.00

6. Beatleviews ‘66, interview LP mono mint $10.00 $150.00

7. Hear the Beatles Tell All mono sealed $150.00 $1000.00

8. Slippin’ and Slidin’, promo 45, Apple 1883 mono mint + $45.00 $300.00

9. Magical Mystery Tour, 16mm film reel stereo mint- $220.00 $400.00

10. Ram radio spots, original EMI 10" master mono mint $100.00 $1500.00

11. "Yesterday"... And Today, 1st state butcher mono sealed $300.00 $6000.00

12. Beatles vs Four Seasons stereo mint $300.00 $2000.00

13. Beatles ‘65, original Capitol black label mono sealed $35.00 $475.00

14. set of mono & stereo Butcher slicks (both) mint $750.00 $3000.00

15. entire set of all 28 Capitol and Apple Beatles singles,
WITH sleeves, including "Can't Buy Me Love" (set) mint- $300.00 $2500.00

16. Ain't She Sweet, Atco LP stereo mint- $40.00 $150.00

17. "Ringo" album w/long version of "Six O' Clock" stereo mint- $35.00 $150.00

18. Souvenir of Their Visit, VJ EP mono mint $25.00 $175.00

19. John Lennon "Roots" album stereo mint $70.00 $1500.00

20. The "Best of Tobe Milo Records" LP (both) sealed $8.00 $400.00

21. Let It Be Dialogue, one sided interview stereo mint $8.00 $75.00

22. Wings Over America, 3 LP test pressing stereo mint $100.00 $250.00

23. 4 x 4 Capitol EP 5365 stereo mint- $30.00 $250.00

24. Something New, original Capitol black label mono sealed $30.00 $550.00

25. "Yesterday"...And Today, pasteover mono mint- $250.00 $1000.00

26. Meet the Beatles, set of 12 different variations,
including record club both mint- $125.00 $600.00

27. The Early Beatles, original Capitol black label mono shrink $35.00 $200.00

28. Let It Be, boxed with book, UK stereo mint- $100.00 $250.00

29. Beatle solo 45s, complete set of all known variations,
90 different in all both mint- $450.00 $1200.00

30. Yellow Submarine, original Apple stereo sealed $7.00 $100.00

An Increase of more than 1100% ! Totals: $4,898 $56,375
When I get the time, I wil update the list to show the price in 2009 :O)


Top 5 eBay Vinyl Record Sales

Week Ending 07/25/2009

1. 45 - Brute Force "King Of Fuh" / "Nobody Knows" Apple 8 - $8,023.16

2. 78 - Dock Boggs "Old Rub Alcohol Blues" / "False Hearted Lover's Blues" The Lonesome Ace - $4,000.00
2. 78 - Dock Boggs "Lost Love Blues" / "Will Sweethearts Know Each Other There" The Lonesome Ace - $4,000.00

3. 45 - James Cotton "Cotton Crop Blues" / "Hold Me In Your Arms" Sun 206 - $3,050.00

4. 45 - Pink Floyd "Free Four" / "Absolutely Curtains" Odeon Japan Promo - $2,500.00

5. 7" - Elvis Presley "His Latest Flame" / "Little Sister" RCA Victor Compact Single - $2,200.00

As always, A special thank you to Norm at for this great data.

Stop by and listen to Accidental Nostalgia with Norm & Jane
On Radio Dentata Thursdays 4PM PDT/7PM EDT

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Classical Gas

Classical music fans now have a fantastic site to find their favorite music, all for the price of $9.95 a month or $99.50 a year.

Classical Archives ( bills itself as "the ultimate classical music destination."

"Archives" delivers just about everything that today's classical-music fan might desire, and it does so in one, easy-to-navigate place. This includes both information galore and recordings that can be streamed (for free) or downloaded onto an mp3 player. Downloading an entire album ranges in price from under $10 to over $20. The cost of downloading a single movement is often less than a dollar. The quality of the streaming revealed a solid flow of sound, free of the breakups that are common on many radio-station sites.

The quantity of material at Classical Archives is formidable. This includes at least 620,000 tracks, 7,800 composers, 27,000 artists and 110 labels. That's more than enough material to keep even the most avid aficionado occupied his entire life.

The site provides detailed musicological information for each work: movements, genre, principal instruments, year of composition and key. Users may compare various recordings of a given work. Various terms are explained clearly, concisely and accurately, including instruments, genres and stylistic periods. Almost every composer gets a bio as well as a list of works, albums and "essentials," which are must-have items.

Some people may find all this overwhelming and not know where to begin. Fortunately, "Archives" offers several entry points. The site's homepage includes "featured" sections for composers, performers and new releases, with each one offering a column of recordings.

When it comes to composers, the site seems intent on serving all kinds of listeners, including the novice, the traditionalist and the more adventurous sort. You'll find the masters most everyone has heard of in a category called "The Greats," and you'll find them (and seemingly everyone else) in a "Composers" category.

Now, if they can only get with a company to re-release some of the classic music on 180 gram (or better) vinyl.


Deep Purple To Record New Album In February 2010

British hard rock legends Deep Purple has announced that they will begin recording their next studio album next February. Lead vocalist Ian Gillan stated: "I think we are ready to make another album. We’ve been talking about it for some time already. I think we’ll start to work on it next February."

"We go into the studio with absolutely nothing, no music or lyrics whatsoever. We sit in the kitchen, having some cup of tea, talk about families and football… Then we go into the room and play; six hours a day. After three days, some ideas begin to shape and we start to turn them into songs. To prepare the main lines takes about three weeks, to deal with lyrics, recording process and mixing also take two weeks. Since there have been many technological developments recently and we use them by recording the music in analog and mix it in digital to achieve the best result."


Led Zeppelin Singer Robert Plant Injured In Car Crash

Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant had a car crash with a drugs counselor. The rocker was driving his Audi A8 car when he collided with driver Richard Grant at a junction in North West London.

Grant - who is a counselor for charity Turning Point - was knocked unconscious and suffered whiplash in the smash, but came round to find the singer standing nearby.

Plant – whose car was damaged beyond repair in the accident - said: "My Mercedes is smashed up and I'm not in a good way."

Plant, 60, is not thought to have been seriously hurt in the accident.


Mute Math Reveal Album Cover For ‘Armistice’

Mute Math have revealed the album art for their upcoming new album ‘Armistice‘ due out August 18th, 2009.

This Date In Music History-July 27


Pete Yorn (1974)

Juliana Hatfield (1967)

Rex Brown – Pantera (1964)

Karl Mueller - Soul Asylum (1962)

Conway Savage - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds (1960)

Duncan Cameron - Sawyer Brown (1956)

Michael Vaughn - Paper Lace (1950)

Maureen McGovern (1949)

Bobbie Gentry (1944)

Al Ramsey - Gary Lewis and the Playboys (1943)

Harvey Fuqua - Moonglows (1928)

They Are Missed:

The late Nick Reynolds of the Kingston Trio was born in 1933.

In 2001, Leon Wilkeson, bass player with Lynyrd Skynyrd, was found dead in a hotel room in Florida (age 49).

Louisiana bluesman Lightnin' Slim (real name Otis Hicks) died in Detroit in 1974 (age 61).

Singer Bobby Day ("Rock-in Robin") died of cancer in 1990 (age 60).

Bob Hope died in 2003 (age 100). The comedian topped the charts way back in 1938 with his signature tune "Thanks for the Memories."


Peggy Lee recorded her first hit record "Why Don’t You Do Right" in 1942.

The Bobbette's first and only Top Forty single, "Mr. Lee" entered the pop charts in 1957. The tune was about the trio's high school principal.

In 1958, fans of R&R music were warned that tuning into music on the car radio could cost them more money. Researchers from the Esso gas company said the rhythm of rock & roll could cause the driver to be foot heavy on the pedal, making them waste fuel. Drive 55 people…

Cass Elliot released her first solo single in 1968. “Dream a Little Dream of Me” had been recorded by Frank Sinatra, Frankie Laine and many others (#12 US - #11 UK).

John Denver started a two week run at #1 on the US singles chart in 1974 with “Annie's Song.” The song was a tribute to his wife and was written in 10 minutes while he was on a ski lift.

Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" was released in 1974.

In 1976, Bruce Springsteen sued his manager Mike Appel for fraud and breach of trust. The case dragged on for over a year, halting Springsteen's career. An out of court settlement was reached the following year.

Tina Turner filed for divorce from her husband Ike in 1976, ending their violent 16-year marriage and successful musical partnership.

In 1976, after a four-year court battle, John Lennon received his green card and was granted permanent residency status in the US. Authorities had wanted to deport him because of a previous drug arrest and because of his involvement with the radical left.

Alice Cooper's Indian art store in Scottsdale, Arizona was hit by a firebomb in 1979. Gone were $200,000 worth of artifacts and some of Cooper's gold records, which were stored in the back. Cooper said maybe a "disco-music freak" was responsible because he had been making some anti disco remarks. Yep, blame it on disco….

Madonna self-titled debut album was released in 1983.

Prince's first movie, "Purple Rain" opened nationally in 1984.

In 1986, Queen became the first western act since Louis Armstrong in 1964 to perform in Easton Europe when they played at Budapest's Nepstadion, Hungary, the gig was filmed and released as “Queen Magic in Budapest.”

A fan stabbed himself repeatedly with a hunting knife during a Los Angeles concert by the Cure in 1986. The fan told police he did it because he couldn't have the woman he loved. The 18,000 fans thought the stabbing was part of the show and cheered him on.

Jesus Jones went to #2 on the US chart in 1991 with “Right Here, Right Now.”

In 1991, Natalie Cole started a five-week run at #1 on the US album chart with “Unforgettable Love.”

Toni Braxton scored her first US #1 single in 1996 with “You're Makin' Me High” (#7 UK).

In 1996, The Spice Girls scored their first #1 UK single with “Wannabe.” Seven weeks at #1 the song won Best British-Written Single at the 1997 Ivor Novello Awards and Best Single at the 1997 Brit Awards. The Girl Power song became the best-selling single by a female group selling over six million copies worldwide.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Turntables, Needles and Belts - Oh My!

written by Robert Benson

Ahhh, the sweet sound of a vinyl record spinning on a turntable playing the music that you love. No matter what kind of music that you listen to, it just sounds better via this format. And if the vinyl revival is any indication, these treasures of sound are not fading away anytime soon.

In fact, new sales figures from SoundScan indicate the renewed interest in this historic audio format. In 2009, the sale of records has already topped the one million mark (through May). SoundScan is predicting that the sale of vinyl will reach 2.8 million units sold in 2009; up from 2008’s figure of 1.9 million units sold; a record high since the counting giant has been tabulating music formats sales.

Electronic companies also are seeing a renewed interest and a jump in sales of turntables or, as they used to be called, record players. People of all ages are resurrecting old turntables that have been stored away in attics and closets as the music industry has reveled in the digital age.

However, a couple decades of turntable storage will necessitate a couple of new parts to play those old and new records. Luckily, for the vinyl record consumer, there are a handful of places where one can still find the parts to get a turntable spinning again. Whether you seek a new cartridge, belt, preamp or needle (aka stylus) or are not sure what you need, one thing is certain; your local music shop stands almost no chance of easing your search. We found just one place online that not only had these items but had a posted warranty, toll-free number, live chat and electronics technician on staff.

Speaking with Steve Winokur from, we can understand why the site has become a Mecca for all who wish to restore their equipment. In this Q&A session, let’s explore more about what they do and how they help people with their turntable needs:

Tell us more about your company, why you started it:

“We used to be a consumer electronics repair facility in the 1990's,” details Steve. “TV, camcorder, VCR, CD, stereo, and even a few turntables can in for repair. We started operations in 1992. For the 1st several years I don't remember anyone coming in for a turntable belt save a few turntables a year that needed repair. Then, in the late 1990's, local walk-ins started coming in about once a month. They wanted a belt for their turntable! My VCR belt sources also had turntable belts so I ordered some in.”

“Back then internet was getting big so I bought the name After several months, I launched the site. After several more months I grossed enough to pay my rent on the repair facility and this made things very exciting to say the least. It was only natural to try my hand at selling needles. Over the past decade, countless 1000's of hours have been poured into making the difficult task of finding the right needle as easy as possible for the consumer. The result is the website you see today. “

What do you think of the vinyl revival and what has it done for your business?

“We can now declare..."The analog resurgence is on!” Orders are strong despite the economy. People all over the planet are pulling out the old turntable, installing a new needle and belt and spinning vinyl again. Why? Well how else can you listen to all your favorite tunes from yesteryear at such a low cost? Not only are people transferring their vinyl to digital to save the expense of buying titles in digital if they can even be found, but they are also playing records again just for the nostalgia or pure enjoyment.”

“As we all know, music is good for the soul. At this time in history, millions of people still have the music of their youth just sitting around. Many are realizing that for the price of a CD or two or three, they can get their turntable back up and running with a new belt and needle and be able to listen to dozens of albums that they likely already love. There's no risk of paying $18.99 and only getting one good song on a CD. What a great way to forget the troubles of life for an hour. Real music once again. No podphones, and no seek button, an album is an event, not a scan.”

Tell me some of the common problems that customers have:

“There is really only one that stands out....."How'd I get the WRONG needle?" Well, about 25% of the time, someone has changed the cartridge from what was originally installed on a turntable. So, when a customer looks up their needle by the model number of the turntable and pays no attention to the currently installed cartridge or does not match the photo result to their needle they may experience a 25% chance of getting it wrong, thus resulting in an exchange. Always check the cartridge number.”

“In ALL cases, the foolproof way to get the right needle the 1st time is to focus completely on the number of the cartridge or needle that is currently installed, not necessarily the model number (though that still may help). But beware the two stumbling blocks:

A) Often there is no part number on the needle or cartridge (or it may be hidden under the headshell on top of the cartridge).

B) The part number in the owner's manual is still valid ONLY if the cartridge has never been changed!”

Tell me more about your search feature; is this a database that you wrote?

“Yes. We've gleaned info from numerous old out of print books. Scanned the info into optical recognition software and then proofread every single result of which there are well over 100,000 cross references. At, "Find My Player" is our flagship search tool and is an innovative search window that takes you straight to the parts you seek. It includes over 80,000 individual models showing the most common parts required. Often the old info is not clear visually or the intent is not clear. Since the info from say the 50's and 60's is intended for human consumption not computers, then a range of models might be listed that all use the same needle. So, it might say that for models 1300 thru 1350 use needle number 123. Wow, talk about tricky. The maker might have only made 5 models within the range of 1300 to 1350. What to do? We had to go thru and extrapolate data using deductive reasoning and internet research. Such that the resulting data is somewhat different as we try to individually list each model or part number so that search engines can pick up a match.”

“We constantly work behind the scenes to improve our site. We just added several hundred more ceramic cartridges and idler wheels to our site. We specialize more in obsolete, impossible to find needles and ceramic cartridges, more so than say current production DJ needles,” said Steve.

What is the best way to listen to music (not a trick question) and why?

“Wasn't there a Star Trek next generation episode where everyone got addicted to a new video game and the ship almost crashed as a result?”

“In my town it seems that about 75% of the pedestrians have these little white things with wires stuck in there ears. I hope society doesn't crash from so many people becoming addicted to some little white pod, unable to socialize or have a quiet walk. With exceptions, music listening, I believe should be an event, not a crutch for a mind afraid to be by itself or a brain that is addicted to constant noise.”

Do you have an interesting story that you remember about a certain order?

“Sure, the order "that never was". It was a cold dark night.......oops wrong order. We have one comment a potential customer left over at:”

Customer Comments

“I think it was a few years ago but the customer was able to get their unit back up and running with NO parts required. We told them what to do to solve the problem on their own. At the above link you will find dozens of stories written by verified customers.”

So, bring out those old turntables and join in with the vinyl revival. The sound of your music will be better and your listening experience much more enjoyable. While you’re at it, share the great sound with someone caught up in the digital age, they will find a sound that their ears have been missing all along.

Copyright 2009 Robert Benson

New Riders of the Purple Sage Founder John Dawson Dies

John "Marmaduke" Dawson, singer and songwriter of the seminal country-rock band New Riders of the Purple Sage, died on Tuesday, July 21, 2009. The sixty-four year old died from complications due to stomach cancer.

In the summer of 1969, John Dawson was looking to showcase his songs while Jerry Garcia was looking to practice his brand new pedal steel guitar. They hooked up and began to play coffeehouses and small clubs and the music that they created became the nucleus sound for the country-rock band New Riders of the Purple Sage. Dawson loved the sounds of Bakersfield-style country music, and he would turn his older friends on to the work of Merle Haggard and Buck Owens, all the while providing a vital link between the East Coast, Timothy Leary-dominated psychedelic scene and the West.

The band took its name from a 1912 Western novel by Zane Grey, “Riders of the Purple Sage” and the New Riders became one of the Grateful Dead’s regular opening acts, its country-leaning sound complementing the older band’s psychedelic folk-rock.

Filling out the rhythm section in those early days were Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart and engineer Bob Matthews on bass, who was later replaced by Phil Lesh. In 1970, Dave Torbert took over on bass and the group began to tour extensively with the Dead, and in December of 1970, Spencer Dryden from Jefferson Airplane stepped in on drums.

The band was signed to Columbia Records in 1971 by Clive Davis and their self-titled album was released in September of that year to widespread acclaim. In 1972 the pattern of their success continued to grow, with their first European tour followed in June by the release of their second album, “Powerglide.” They toured the United States extensively in response to increasing demand, and in November, 1972 released their third album “Gypsy Cowboy.” The next LP "The Adventures of Panama Red," was released in September of 1973 and the title track "Panama Red," became an FM radio staple and the first gold record for the band. The record is considered by many critics as being one of the best country-rock albums that emerged from the 1970s and the sound continues to influence the alternative country movement of today. The group continued to release their signature sound of sweet country harmonies mixed with pulsing rock rhythms throughout the 70's.

The original New Riders of the Purple Sage disbanded in 1982, however Dawson continued to use the name, bringing in new musicians, for 15 years to play and record. He retired to Mexico in the late 1990s and by the 2000s was too ill to take part in reunion tours, said Buddy Cage, who replaced Mr. Garcia on pedal steel. The band carries on today with numerous personnel changes throughout the years, still hammering out alternative country rockers.