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New Music Releases - September 14, 2010

Things are really picking up after the holiday, with lots of great classics to choose from as well as new music by established acts. Collecting Vinyl Records Blog Picks Are In Red.

Accept - Blood of the Nations
Acid Washed - Acid Washed
Addicted To Pain - Addicted to Pain
Aids Wolf - March To the Sea (Vinyl)
Air Supply - All Out of Love Live
Alex Chilton - Like Flies on Sherbert (reissue)
Altar Eagle - Mechanical Gardens (Vinyl)
Amelia Curran - Hunter, Hunter
Amusement Parks on Fire - Road Eyes
André Obin - Front Runner
Animals - Animalism (vinyl reissue)
Atrocity featuring Yasmin - After the Storm
Autopsy - The Tomb Within EP
Azure Ray - Drawing Down the Moon (Vinyl)
Bad Cop - Harvest the Beast
Bear in Heaven - Beast Rest Forth Mouth
Beneath the Massacre - Marée Noire EP
Betsy Franck & the BareKnuckle Band - Still Waiting
Bilal - Air Tight Revenge
Bill Hicks - The Essential Collection (2-CD & 2-DVD box set)
Bishop Morocco - Bishop Morocco
Black Angels - Phosphene Dream
Black Milk - Album of the Year

Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart (Vinyl)

Buy Black Mountain Here

Wilderness Heart, the new album by Black Mountain, is packed with succinct rock songs that pulse and pound with startling precision: it pummels you and you ask for more. This is arguably the band's tightest, most concentrated venture, but there's still plenty of raw rock energy at work. "It's our most metal and most folk oriented record so far," McBean says. "I'm not gonna say it's our best record or the album that we always dreamt of making 'cause that's what everyone says. It's all about where we were at the time the machines were rolling. You can't control the electricity or how your limbs were moving that day. You have to erase the visions and just go along for the ride." A little over a year after releasing In the Future, their critically and commercially celebrated sophomore effort, Black Mountain started building Wilderness Heart on the west coast of America. With Randall Dunn at the helm (Sunn O))), Boris), London Bridge Studios in Seattle saw a portion of the construction with songs "Old Fangs," "Let Spirits Ride," and title track "Wilderness Heart" among others. The preponderance of recording was held with D. Sardy in Los Angeles at Sunset Sound, which has captured tracks from The Doors, Ringo Starr, the Rolling Stones, and more. L.A. - with its tacos and sunsets, starlets and hills and post-Deco kitsch - was a considerable inspiration. "Just being under the influence of one's surroundings, as we were while recording in L.A., had a tremendous impact on the process and the way we play. Consequently, the L.A. sessions have a free and summery vibe. The Seattle sessions, made in the grey, rainy environs that we're used to up there, have a chillier, more claustrophobic feeling," Wells explains. "It's a Black Mountain pop record, which is to say it's nothing like pop at all. This was the fastest record we've ever made. We're used to spending a lot of time deliberating over the songs and spacing out recording sessions over years. Start to finish, this album was made in four months, which is something like a miracle for us. We've never worked with producers before and that was a challenge; for us to let go and let two outsiders into the process, D. Sardy and Randall Dunn - it took some growing for us to be truly open, but this album is all the better for it." The band cites a slew of disparate influences: New Order, King Crimson, Studio 54, Alex Chilton, sunshine, Janis Joplin, Please Kill Me, Shirley Collins, Mickey Newbury, jalapeño salsa, Night of The Hunter, Cactus Taqueria, Funky 16Corners podcasts, Dennis Wilson, the house blowing up in the desert at the end of Zabriskie Point - but, as Schmidt points out, "Who knows how these things connect with the holistic mix of often dissonant forces that become Black Mountain?" Indeed: Listen and find out.

Black Pacific - The Black Pacific
Blackmore's Night - Autumn Sky (Import - Domestic Release Date Unknown)
Blonde Redhead - Penny Sparkle (vinyl)
Blood, Sweat & Tears - Mirror Image / New City
Blossom Toes - We Are Ever So Clean
Blue Cranes - Observatories
Boom Boom Satellites - Over and Over
Boz Scaggs - Boz Scaggs & Band: Deluxe Edition
Boz Scaggs - My Time: Deluxe Edition
Brandon Flowers - Flamingo (Vinyl)

Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record 10 inch Vinyl Box Set (Vinyl)

Buy Broken Social Scene Here

At long last, it's here! Forgiveness Rock Record was co-produced by the band and Tortoise's John McEntire at Soma Studios in Chicago, with additional recording at Giant Studio and The Schvitz Studio in Toronto. 'Although we've gotten several solo albums and plenty of tours out of everyone's favorite multi-member indie collective, it was five years ago that Broken Social Scene last released a full-length album. Forgiveness Rock Record ends the wait. It features a leaner line-up than did Broken Social Scene, relying mostly on the contributions of only six members: singer/guitarist Kevin Drew, singer/guitarist Andrew Whiteman, guitarist Charles Spearin, guitarist Sam Goldberg, singer/bassist Brendan Canning, and drummer Justin Peroff. Of course, it wouldn't be a BSS affair without some superstar guests contributing their two cents; this go-round includes Feist, Metric's Emily Haines, and members of Stars, the Sea and Cake, and Tortoise, among others. First single "World Sick" delivers on the album's epic promise, hinting at more opulent, guitar-laden fun to come.' - Susannah Young /

Brutal Truth - Need to Control Re-Release
Buke & Gass - Riposte
Buke and Gass - Riposte
Can - Inner Space (Vinyl)
Can - Out of Reach (Vinyl)
Chapin Sisters - Two
Charlatans UK - Who We Touch
Chilly Gonzalez - Ivory Tower
Chocolate Genius Incorporated - Swansongs
Chris Sligh - The Anatomy of Broken
Christopher Cross - Dr. Faith
Chromeo - Business Casual (Vinyl)
Cloud Cult - Light Chasers
Conditions - Fluorescent Youth
Connie Francis - Sings Jewish Favorites/Sings Irish Favorites
Cristy Lane - Country Classics 2 & 3
Cristy Lane - How Great Thou Art
Crocodiles - Sleep Forever
DOOM - Expektoration
Das Racist - Sit Down, Man
Dawn of Ashes - Genocide Chapters
Death Angel - Relentless Retribution
Deftones - White Pony (Vinyl)

Dio - Holy Diver (Vinyl)

Buy Dio Here

Plastic Head Music USA presents the latest from its distributed label Vinyl Collector Series. Each title is manufactured on heavyweight, 180 gram vinyl for optimum sound quality. The titles are hand-selected representing the best of the respective artist or genre. Strictly controlled, these titles will quickly sell out so stock up now before they are gone!

On red vinyl! 'After playing a major role in five positively classic heavy metal albums of the late '70s and early '80s (three with Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow and two with Black Sabbath), it seemed that singer Ronnie James Dio could truly do no wrong. So it wasn't all that surprising - impressive, but not surprising - when he struck gold yet again when launching his solo vehicle, Dio, via 1983's terrific Holy Diver album. Much like those two, hallowed Sabbath LPs, Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules, Holy Diver opened at full metallic throttle with the frenetic "Stand Up and Shout," before settling into a dark, deliberate, and hypnotic groove for the timelessly epic title track - a worthy successor to glorious triumphs past like Rainbow's "Stargazer" and the Sabs' "Sign of the Southern Cross." But subsequent metal anthems like "Straight Through the Heart," "Invisible," and the lycanthrope lullaby "Shame on the Night" were no less inspired; and by injecting uncommonly catchy melodies into the heavy rock riffery still dominating more accessible numbers such as "Gypsy," "Caught in the Middle," and hit single "Rainbow in the Dark" (where the singer himself played rather spotty keyboards), Dio proved himself perfectly capable of competing with the increasingly commercial hard rock fashions soon to come. Although most fans would agree that Dio would arguably never again replicate the simply sublime symbiosis of beauty and brawn achieved by the all-time standout "Don't Talk to Strangers." And, to be fair, aside from Ronnie's unquestionably stellar songwriting, Holy Diver's stunning quality and consistency owed much to his carefully chosen bandmates, including powerhouse drummer (and fellow Sabbath survivor) Vinny Appice, veteran bassist Jimmy Bain, and a phenomenal find in young Irish guitarist Vivian Campbell, whose tastefully pyrotechnic leads helped make this the definitive Dio lineup. So, too, is Holy Diver still the undisputed highlight of Dio's career, and, indeed, one of the finest pure heavy metal albums of the 1980s.' - All Music Guide

Dominant Legs - Young at Love and Life (Vinyl)
Dragonforce - Twilight Dementia' (Live)
Drums - The Drums
Dungen - Skit I Allt (LP limited to 3,000 copies)
Dwight Twilly - Best of 1975-1984
El Guincho - Pop Negro
Electric Light Orchestra - Live London 1976
Electric Sunset - Electric Sunset (Vinyl)
Elf Power - Elf Power (Vinyl)
Eluvium - Leaves Eclipse the Light EP
Emmett And Mary - Emmett And Mary
Exodus - Another Lesson in Violence (Vinyl)

Exodus - Bonded By Blood (Vinyl)

Buy Exodus Here

Plastic Head Music USA presents the latest from its distributed label Vinyl Collector Series. Each title is manufactured on heavyweight, 180 gram vinyl for optimum sound quality. The titles are hand-selected representing the best of the respective artist or genre. Strictly controlled, these titles will quickly sell out so stock up now before they are gone!  On blue vinyl! 'Had it been released immediately after it was recorded in 1984, Exodus' Bonded by Blood might be regarded today alongside Metallica's Kill 'em All as one of the landmark albums responsible for launching the thrash metal wave. But by the time it finally hit the streets more than a year later due to numerous record company-related difficulties, the genre the band helped spawn had evolved at an alarming rate (again, largely thanks to the unstoppable Metallica) and Exodus were left to wonder what kind of impact they may have had without these setbacks. Opening with the mind-blowing power of title track, the band immediately pummels through a number of astounding thrashers, including "And Then There Were None" and, perhaps their best well-known track, "A Lesson in Violence" - a veritable handbook for thrash etiquette. Though less enduring, "Metal Command" is one of the band's most fully realized compositions and leads the way into concert the fave "Piranha," which may sound a tad dated, or charmingly naïve depending on the listener. The same can be said for the remaining material, and while "No Love" could have done without its acoustic intro, the band closes strong with "Deliver Us to Evil" and the crushing intensity of "Strike of the Beast" . . . Put simply, Bonded by Blood is an album whose influence far exceeds its actual notoriety, and it remains a crucial piece of the thrash metal puzzle - essential.' - All Music Guide

F**ked Up - Year of the Ox (Vinyl)
Father Befouled - Morbid Destitution of Covenant
Fela Kuti - Opposite People & Sorrow Tears & Blood (reissue)
Fela Kuti - Shuffering & Shmiling & No Agreement (reissue)
Fela Kuti - Stalemate & Fear Not for Man (reissue)
Fela Kuti - Upside Down & Music of Many Colours (reissue)
Fela Kuti - VIP & Authority Stealing (reissue)
Fleetwood Mac - In London (Vinyl)
Fleshtomnes - Hexbreaker!/Speed Connection: Live in (reissue)
Flotsam and Jetsam - The Cold
Foreigner - Foreigner (Super CD/SACD)
Frazey Ford - Obadiah(Vinyl)
Free Energy/ Local Natives - split single (limited-edition 7-inch)
Gorillaz - Plastic Beach (Vinyl)
Gracious Few - The Gracious Few

Grinderman (Nick Cave) - Grinderman 2 (Vinyl)

Buy Grinderman Here

The DEXLUE EDITION LP version comes with a deluxe booklet and poster, and includes a CD of the album! The story of Grinderman begins within the working processes of another band: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. At the start of 2004, when Nick Cave took a small team of Bad Seeds members - violinist Warren Ellis, bassist Martyn Casey and drummer Jim Sclavunos - off to the tiny Misère studio in Paris for a songwriting session, they effectively established a new band. What followed was a revelation, an instinctual yawp that resurrected the demons of each musician's past: the trashcan proselytizing of Birthday Party-era Nick; Sclavunos' late 70s New York no-wave noise wisdom; Martyn Casey's ominous Triffids bass reverb; plus Ellis' avant-garde soundtrack work and his teenage love of Black Sabbath. A new generation fell in love with Grinderman, and of course, longtime Nick Cave fans came along willingly for the ride. Even Snoop Dogg namechecked Grinderman on Conan as one of his favorite new albums.

The first thing that hits you about Grinderman 2 is that you've never heard anything like it. The debut album did its job. It defined the band. It marked a clear contrast with Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. Nick, Warren, Martyn and Jim forged a distinctly different way of working together. They cast off musical baggage, shrugged off accepted wisdom, and tested pre-conceptions about who they were as musicians. In the process, they took to the Bad Seeds hallowed legacy with a baseball bat. Their new album, Grinderman 2, combines the structured invention of their live performance and the unrestrained free-for-all of their studio improvisation. But these guys also know something about the art of writing songs. Grinderman 2 bears the hallmark of its rapturously received predecessor, yet is more open-ended in its structure, more far reaching in its scope, and gloriously lost in its own transports of noise and rhythm. Grinderman is no hobby, no dalliance, and clearly no one-off: it is a crucible, an experimental workshop, a disciplined orgy of ideas and action. Grinderman is the one-of a-kind band Nick, Warren, Martyn and Jim have waited all their life to be.

Herra Terra - Quiet Geist
Hollies - Hear! Here! and Here I Go Again (mono vinyl reissues)
Hooters - 5x5 (Single)
Hot Chip - Remix EP (Vinyl)
Ike & Tina Turner - Come Together / Workin' Together
Immortal - The Seventh Date of Blashyrkh DVD/CD
Infantree - Would Work (Vinyl)
Ingrid Michaelson - “Parachute” single (
Islaja - Keraaminen Paa (Vinyl)
J. Tillman - Singing Ax (only available on vinyl)
Jack Bruce - Things to Do Live in Denver
James - The Morning After the Night Before
James Otto - Shake What God Gave You
James - The Morning After The Night Before
Jamey Johnson - The Guitar Song
Jason Simon (Dead Meadow frontman) - Jason Simon
Jefferson Airplane - Jefferson Airplane Live Pack (4 CDs)
Jen Wood - Finds You in Love
Jimmy Edgar - XXX
Jimmy Webb - Ten Easy Pieces Plus Four
Joan of Arc - Cassette Box Set
Joey + Rory - Album #2
Junip (features José González) - Rope & Summit EP
Junip - Fields (Vinyl)
Justin Townes Earle - Harlem River Blues (Vinyl)
Kamelot - Poetry for the Poisoned
Kate Bush - Sensual World (reissue) (Vinyl)
Kenny Neal - Hooked on Your Love
Kim Richey - Wreck Your Wheels
King Crimson - The Collectable King Crimson Vol 5: Live In Japan 1995 - The Official Edition (2 CDs)
La Dispute + Touche Amore - “Searching for a Pulse/ The Worth of the World” 7-inch
Led to Sea (Mirah and Laura Viers touring musician Alex Guy) - Into The Darkening Sky
Leonard Cohen - Songs From the Road (2 LPs) (Vinyl)
Les Savy Fav - Root for Ruin (Vinyl)
Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns
Little Beirut - Fear Of Heaven
Little Fish - Baffled and Beat
Liv Kristine - Skintight
Lizz Wright - Fellowship
Lobisomem - Onze Pedras
Lonely Drifter Karen - Fall of Spring

Lordi - Babez for Breakfast

Buy it for the album cover

Louis Armstrong - Playlist: The Very Best of
Lungfish - Pass and Stow (reissue; Dischord)
MF Doom - Expektoration Feat. Big Benn Klingon
Madness - On Board the Nutty Express: Live at the Astoria
Madness - One Step Beyond
Majeure - Timespan (reissue) (Vinyl)
Major Organ & The Adding Machine - Major Organ & The Adding Machine
Matthew Dear - Little People
Mavis Staples - You Are Not Alone (2 LPs) (Vinyl)
Max Richter - Infra (Vinyl)
Megafaun - Hertofore (Vinyl)
Mice Parade - What It Means to Be Left-Handed (Vinyl)
Michael Giacchino - Lost: The Final Season (soundtrack)
Michael McDonald - No Lookin' Back
Michelle Branch - Everything Comes And Goes [EP]
Miles Davis - Bitches Brew: 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition (3 CDs/1 DVD/2 LPs)
Murdocks - The Distortionist
Nat King Cole - Forgotten 1949 Carnegie Hall Concert
Nellie McKay - Home Sweet Mobile Home
New Czars - Doomsday Revolution
New York Dolls - Live at Radio Luxembourg Paris 1973 (Vinyl)
Nirvana - Insesticide (reissue) (Vinyl)
O'Jays - Christmas With
Oceansize - Self Preserved While the Bodies Float Up
Of Montreal - False Priest (Vinyl)
Olivia Newton-John - Grace And Gratitude Renewed
Olof Arnalds - Crazy Car
Olof Arnalds - Innundir Skinni
Ozark Mt. Daredevils - Don't Look Down
Ozark Mt. Daredevils - It'll Shine When It Shines
Ozark Mt. Daredevils - It's Alive
Ozark Mt. Daredevils - The Car Over The Lake Album
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell 3-Disc Deluxe Edition/2-Disc Expanded Edition
Peter Himmelman - Mystery & The Hum
Porcupine Tree - Recordings (reissue)
Prince Rama - Shadow Temple (Vinyl)
Queensryche - Empire: 20th Anniversary Edition (2 CDs)
Randy Houser - They Call Me Caddillac
Randy Houser - They Call Me Cadillac
Ravi Shankar - Very Best of
Replacements - Don't Tell A Soul (Vinyl) (reissue)
Rick Nelson - The Last Time Around: 1970-1982
Robert Plant - Band Of Joy
Rodriguez - Cold Fact (reissue) (Vinyl)
Rory Gallagher - The Beat Club Sessions
Sara Radle - Four
Sarah Jaffe - Suburban Nature (Vinyl)
School of Seven Bells - Heart Is Strange EP
Screaming Females - Castle Talk (Vinyl)
Selene Vigil-Wilk (of 7 Year Bitch) - That Was Then
Sodom - Better Off Dead

Sonic Youth - Bad Moon Rising (reissue) (Vinyl)

Sonic Youth - Sister (reissue) (Vinyl)

Buy Sonic Youth Here

On 180 gram vinyl! 'EVOL was a major leap forward for Sonic Youth, but Sister is a masterpiece, demonstrating the group's rapidly evolving musicality. More than ever before, Sonic Youth's songs sound like actual songs, and their collages of noise, distortion, and alternate tunings are now used to provide texture and depth to the music, which is original, complex, and rewarding. Not only is there the full-throttle roar of "Tuff Gnarl," but there are shimmering layers of ambient harmonics and dissonance that are as haunting and challenging as any of their barrages of feedback. Furthermore, Sister has a warm sound, which lures the listeners into music that's defiantly arty but never indulgent. It's one of the singular art rock records of the '80s.' - All Music Guide

Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes - Pills & Ammo
Starfucker - “Julius” single (digital version; 7-inch available October 12)
Steve Reich - Double Sextet/2x5
Stooges - Fun House (remastered) (Vinyl)

Stooges - The Stooges (remastered) (Vinyl)

Buy Stooges Here

'The Stooges' first album was produced by a classically trained composer; their second was supervised by the former keyboard player with the Kingsmen, and if that didn't make all the difference, it at least indicates why Fun House was a step in the right direction. Producer Don Gallucci took the approach that the Stooges were a powerhouse live band, and their best bet was to recreate the band's live set with as little fuss as possible. As a result, the production on Fun House bears some resemblance to the Kingsmen's version of "Louie Louie" - the sound is smeary and bleeds all over the place, but it packs the low-tech wallop of a concert pumped through a big PA, bursting with energy and immediacy. The Stooges were also a much stronger band this time out; Ron Asheton's blazing minimalist guitar gained little in the way of technique since The Stooges, but his confidence had grown by a quantum leap as he summoned forth the sounds that would make him the hero of proto-punk guitarists everywhere, and the brutal pound of drummer Scott Asheton and bassist Dave Alexander had grown to heavyweight champion status. And Fun House is where Iggy Pop's mad genius first reached its full flower; what was a sneer on the band's debut had grown into the roar of a caged animal desperate for release, and his rants were far more passionate and compelling than what he had served up before. The Stooges may have had more "hits," but Fun House has stronger songs, including the garage raver to end all garage ravers in "Loose," the primal scream of "1970," and the apocalyptic anarchy of "L.A. Blues." Fun House is the ideal document of the Stooges at their raw, sweaty, howling peak.' - All Music Guide

Sully Erna - Avalon
Superchunk - Majesty Shredding (Vinyl)
Superpitcher - Kilimanjaro (Vinyl)
System Divide - The Conscious Sedation
T. Rex - Bang a Gong (Get It on) (Vinyl)
Tamaryn - The Waves (LP limited to 3,000 copies)
Tarja Turunen - What Lies Beneath
Teenage Fanclub - Bandwagonesque (reissue) (Vinyl)
Teengirl Fantasy - 7AM
Terror - Keepers of the Faith
The 88 - The 88
The Absence - Enemy Unbound
The Bad Plus - Never Stop (Vinyl)
The Black Angels - Phosphene Dream (Vinyl)

The Drums - The Drums (Vinyl)

Buy The Drums Here

Following a massive wave of critical acclaim, New York City's own The Drums . . . release their self-titled debut album on Downtown Records. The US version of the [album] will contain bonus tracks not found on the UK release. The Drums' spellbinding sound takes inspiration from elements of some of the greatest bands in history from The Smiths to the The Shangri-las and fuses them with the band's own raw energy and excitement. "Let's Go Surfing" sounds like a day at Coney Island with The Cure on the boombox. The melancholy sound of "Book of Stories" is offset with an understated sweetness and innocence in the lyrics and vocal. The rhythm and reverb will force you to dance and the melodies will stay with you on first listen . . . Their live show has been called "explosive" and Jonny Pierce "one of the most magnetic frontmen in years." The list of supporters is endless but nothing is more convincing than this stellar collection of songs. The last track on the album is entitled "The Future." Fitting, since it will be full of sounds from The Drums.

The Lonely Forest - The Lonely Forest E.P.
These Are They - Disposing of Betrayers
Those Darlins & Funstix - Night Jogger B/W Funstix Party (Vinyl)
Three - Dark Days Coming (reissue; available digitally and as a 12-inch; Dischord)
Tim Kasher - Cold Love (Vinyl)
Tina Turner, Dechen Shak Dagsay & Rugula Curti - Beyond
Tracy Ullman - Move Over Darling: the Complete Stiff Recordings
Trey Anastasio - Tab at the Tab
Trey Songz - Passion, Pain And Pleasure
Trooper - Flying Colors
Trooper - Thick as Thieves
Trooper - Two for the Show
UFO - Live on Air
UFO - Strangers in the Night (Vinyl)
Underworld - Barking (Vinyl)
Valient Thorr - Stranger (Vinyl)
Vanisher - The History Of Saints
Various Artists - 35!!! Years - Bear Family Records (3-CD box set)
Various Artists - Black Sabbath: Secret Musical History of Black Jewish Relations
Various Artists - NOW Country 3
Various Artists - Putumayo Presents: Yoga
Various Artists - Seussical the Musical
Various Artists - String Tribute to Iron Maiden [mp3]
Various Artists - The Scottsboro Boys (soundtrack)
Various Artists - Wish I'd Kept A Scrapbook: A Tribute to Tullycraft
Various artists - We Were So Turned On
Various artists - Young & Research (features Dream Cop, more; available exclusively on Bandcamp; Tough Love)
Vaselines - Sex With an X (Vinyl)
Wagner Logic - The Wagner Logic
Walkmen - Lisbon (Vinyl)
Walter Horton - Blues Harmonica Giant (3 CDs)
Weather Report - Playlist: The Very Best of
Weezer - Hurley (Vinyl)
Weird Weeds - Help Me Name Melody (Vinyl)
White Sea - “Heart Is Strange” single
Wishbone Ash - Live on Air
Your Youth - Aloha

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New Jazz Releases - Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Alex Riel - In Our Own Sweet Way
Art Blakey - Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers With Thelonious Monk
Art Tatum - Ben Webster & Art Tatum Quartet
Barron / Carter / Cobham - Art Of Three, The
Beachclub Vroeger 2010 - Beachclub Vroeger 2010
Beegie Adair - My Piano Journy
Beirach / Liebman / Mcnee / Richie - Quest For Freedom
Benny Goodman - Yale University Archives V5
Benny Goodman - Happy Session
Benny Goodman - Yale University Archives, Vol. 5: NBC Broadcast Recordings 1936-1943
Bill Evans - Live In Koblenz 1979
Bill O'Connell - Rhapsody In Blue
Billy Cobham - Art Of Three
Bixler / O'Farrill - Auction Project, The
Blue Cranes - Observatories
Bob Brookmeyer / Gerry Mulligan - Rare & Unissued 1955-56 Broadcasts
Bob Lark - Cathy's Song
Bob Lark / McNeely / Reid / Woods - Cathy's Song
Bobby Mitchell / Toppers - Rack Em Back
Brandi Disterheft - Second Side
Caheles Lloyd - Mirror
Cannonball Adderley - Complete Live In San Francisco
Cannonball Adderley - Sophisticated Swing
Carol Jarvis - Smile
Cecil Taylor - Love For Sale
Cedar Walton - Animation/Soundscapes
Charles Lloyd - Mirror
Charles Mingus - Playlist: The Very Best Of Charles Mingus
Charlie Byrd - Byrd In The Wind/Blues For Night People
Chris Donnelly - Solo
Chuck Willis - Rockin With The Sheik Of The Blues
Claude Williamson - Blues In Front
Clifford Brown / Max Roach - Clifford Brown & Max Roach
Coleman Hawkins - Bean Bags
Colosseum - Live05
Couturier / Laizeau / Mechali - Musica Callada
Cyrus Chestnut - Journeys
Dado Moroni - Shapes
Dahl / Riel / Vinding - In Our Own Sweet Way
Dan Andersen - The Spark
Dave Brubeck - Live In Portland 1959
Dave Brubeck - Dave Digs Disney/Southern Scene/In Europe
Dave Frank - Portrait Of New York
Dave Liebman - Quest For Freedom
David Bixler - Auction Project
David S. Ware - Onecept
Denise Donatelli - When Lights Are Low
Dick Sudhalter - Legacy 1967-2001
Dizzy Gillespie - Greatest Trumpet Of Them All
Django Reinhardt - Quintessential
Don Friedman - Composer, The
Don Friedman - Composer: Live At Jazz Baltica Salzau
Donald Byrd - Byrd In Hand/Davis Cup
Duke Ellington - Festival Session
Duke Ellington - Playlist: The Very Best Of Duke Ellington
Duke Ellington - From His Treasure Chest 1965-1972
Earl Hines - Swingin Down
Eddie Gomez - Forever
Ehud Asherie - Welcome To New York
Ella Fitzgerald - Geatest Hits
Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
Enrico Pieranunzi - Latin Jazz Quintet Live At Birdland
Eric Dolphy - Complete Last Recordings In Hilversum & Paris 1964
Evan Christopher - Django A La Creole
Fay Claassen - Sing!
Fere's Hot Strings - Swing-World-Blues
Francois Couturier - Musica Callada
Freddy Cole - Cole Nobody Knows
Gerry Mulligan - Gerry Mulligan Meets Johnny Hodges
Gerry Mulligan - Rare & Unissued 1955-56 Broadcasts
Harry Allen - When Larry Met Harry
Helen Sung - Going Express
Herb Ellis - Nothing But The Blues
Holcomb / Horvitz / Talking Pict - Point Of It All, The
Hot Strings - Swing-World-Blues
Humphrey Lyttelton - Four Classic Albums Plus (Jazz Concert/Jazz Sess
Humphrey Lyttelton - Jazz Concert/Jazz Session/In Perspective/Here's Humphrey
Jamie Oehlers & Paul Grabowsky - On A Clear Day
Jazz Baltica Ensemble - One For Three: The Jones Suite
Jazz Orchestra of the Concertge - Blues For The Date
Jermaine Landsberger - Hammond Eggs
Jessica Williams - Next Step
Jim Walker - Pied Piper
Jimmy Giuffre - Jimmy Giuffre Clarinet
Joey Defrancesco - Never Can Say Goodbye: The Music Of Michael Jackson
John Coltrane & Red Garland Trio - Traneing In
Johnny Hodges / Gerry Mulligan - Gerry Mulligan Meets Johnny Hodges
Junko Onishi - Baroque
Kahiba - Global Dialects
Kenny With The John Dankworth Orchestra Wheeler - Windmaill Tilter The Story Of Don Quixote
Klaus Gesing - Stories Yet To Tell )
Lark / McNeely / Reid / Woods - Cathy's Song
Lee Konitz - Lee Konitz With Warne Marsh
Lee Konitz / Warne Marsh - Lee Konitz With Warne Marsh
Lester Young - 100 Years: Forever Young
Louis Armstrong - Playlist: The Very Best Of Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong / Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
Louise Rogers - Black Coffee
Lygia Campos - Meu Nome E Brasil
Mario Abney - Spiritual Perception
Marty Paich - Broadway Bit
Matthias Lupri - After Hours: Moonlamps & Other Ballads
Michael Tracy Quartet - Wingspan
Michel Legrand - Le Grand Jazz
Mike Garson / Jim Walker - Pied Piper
Miles Davis / Michel Legrand - Le Grand Jazz
Milt Jackson & Coleman Hawkins - Bean Bags
Mose Allison - Back Country Suite
Nat "King" Cole - Love Is The Thing
Nat "King" Cole - Very Thought Of You
Nat "King" Cole - Forgotten 1949 Carnegie Hall Concert
Nikolai Kapustin - Twenty Four Preludes In Jazz Style
Nikolai Kapustin - 24 Preludes In Jazz Style
Nina Simone - Nina Simone At Town Hall
Norma Winstone - Stories Yet To Tell
Oregon - In Stride
Ornette Coleman - Reunion 1990
Oscar Peterson - Jazz Portrait Of Frank Sinatra
Oster / Welker Jazz Alliance - Detour Ahead
Oster-Welker Jazz Alliance the - Detour Ahead
Percy Mayfield - Nightless Lover
Pink Turtle - Back Again
Pizzarelli Boys - Desert Island Dreamers
Quartet / Tracy, Michael - Wingspan
Quest - Searching For The New Sound Of Be-Bop
Raphael Wressnig - Party Factor
Robin Holcomb - Point Of It All
Ronnie Laws - Friends And Strangers
Ronnie Lynn Patterson - Music
Roy Eldridge / Art Tatum - Art Tatum & Roy Eldridge Quartet
Ruby Braff - Hi-Fi Salute To Bunny / Easy Now / You're Getting
Rufus Reid - Out Front
Ryan Cohan - Another Look
Sidney Bechet / Buck Clayton - In Concert At The Brussels Fair 1958
Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus
Sonny Rollins - Sonny Rollins, Vol. 2
Stan Getz - At The Shrine
Stan Getz - West Coast Jazz
Sun Ra - Box Set: Heliocentric Worlds
Sun Ra - Heliocentric Worlds Of Sun Ra
Ted Curson - Round Midnight
Terry Oldfield - Spirit Of The World
Terry Oldfield - Spirit Of Africa
Thelonious Monk - Playlist: The Very Best Of Thelonious Monk
Theo Bleckmann - I Dwell In Possibility
Thurston Harris - Little Bitty Pretty One
Tom Grant - Delicioso
Tommy Dorsey - At The Fat Man's 1946-1948
Toots Thielemans - Live Takes Vol. 1
Topology + Misinterprotato - Healthy
Truth & Soul - Fallin' Off The Reel, Vol. 2
Warne Marsh - How High How Deep
Weather Report - Playlist: The Very Best Of Weather Report
Will Downing - Lust, Love & Lies
William Parker - I Plan To Stay A Believer: The Inside Songs Of Curtis Mayfield
Younger Than Springtime - Younger Than Springtime
Zoot Sims - Live At Half Note

Anita O'Day - Sings For Oscar
Bill Evans - Portrait In Jazz
Cannonball Adderley - In San Francisco
Charles MIngus - East Coasting
Donald Byrd - Byrd In Hand
Duke Jordan - Flight To Jordan
Grant Green - Grantstand
Jimmy Smith - Midnight Special
John Coltrane - Traneing In
Kenny Burrell - Midnight Blue
Miles Davis - Seven Steps to Heaven
Miles Davis - Someday My Prince Will Come
Nina Simone - Very Best Of Nina Simone
Ornette Coleman - Shape of Jazz to Come
Paul Chambers - Whims Of Chambers
Sonny Stitt - Sits In With The Oscar Peterson Trio
Thelonious Monk - Brilliant Corners

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The information is updated biweekly by John Kelman

Music News & Notes

Rare Arthur Russell/Allen Ginsberg Collaboration Gets Limited Vinyl Release

Avant-garde pop icon Arthur Russell passed away over 18 years ago, yet his rich output continues to give us interesting and vital new releases in 2010. With a hand in disco, rock, modern classical and early dance music, Russell left behind a wealth of material. The latest discovery is a collaboration between Russell and famed American poet Allen Ginsberg.

The pair made the track “Ballad of the Lights” in 1977. The track was recently unearthed from Russell's archive, and will be released on a limited ten-inch record. It will include Ginsberg's 1971 performance of “Pacific High Studio Mantras” with accompanying cello from Russell on the B-side. The record will be available on October 19 through Press Pop and Audika and will be limited to 1,000 copies.


New Release: Various Artists: Jon Savage Presents Black Hole Californian Punk 1977-1980

Artists: Various Artists
Release: Jon Savage Presents Black Hole Californian Punk 1977-1980
Release Date: November 15
Label: Domino

01 The Germs: Forming
02 The Dils: I Hate the Rich
03 The Screamers: Peer Pressure
04 Crime: Murder by Guitar
05 The Zeros: WIMP
06 The Avengers: We Are the One
07 The Consumers: Anti Anti Anti
08 The Randoms: A-B-C-D
09 Black Randy and the Metro Squad: Trouble at the Cup
10 The Alleycats: Nothing Means Nothing Anymore
11 The Weirdos: Solitary Confinement
12 The Zeros: Beat Your Heart Out
13 X: We're Desperate
14 The Offs: 624803
15 The Sleepers: Seventh World
16 The Middle Class: Situations
17 The Bags: Survive
18 The Germs: Media Blitz
19 The Middle Class: Love Is Just a Tool
20 The Flesheaters: Pony Dress
21 Urinals: Black Hole
22 The Aurora Pushups: Victims of Terrorism
23 The Avengers: The American in Me
24 The Dead Kennedys: California Uber Alles
25 The Dils: The Sound of the Rain
26 The Sleepers: Los Gatos

Notes: Compilation of California-based first wave punk from the late '70s, compiled by writer Jon Savage (England's Dreaming.)


The Soft Boys Reissues

After a long hiatus from print and 30 years after its initial appearance on Armageddon Records, The Soft Boys' Underwater Moonlight is being released in its 10-song original form by Yep Roc, on CD and 180 gram vinyl. This will be the first reissue of the album to feature all the bonus tracks (last time taking up 2/3rds of the package) as digital downloads free with purchase. The vinyl release is the first ever reissue of the LP in its original form.

'Underwater Moonlight' has long been considered a classic record, "Big Star and us were the rickety bridge between the Byrds and REM", says former Soft Boys’ main man Robyn Hitchcock.

Additionally, the first, and rarely reissued Soft Boy’s album, 'A Can of Bees' is also being released with similar bonus downloads. "A red-hot poker up the arse of rock music" was how Julian Cope once described this album. The vinyl version of Bees is the first ever reissue of the LP in any form.


AC/DC and Other Rock Classics Banned At Funerals

If you wanted to be sent off into the great beyond with AC/DC's classic cut "Highway to Hell" or Queen's immortal "Another One Bites The Dust," you may be out of luck if you are going six feet under Down Under.

Gibson reports that The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne has banned the use of pop music at funerals, according to The New York Times. Archbishop Denis Hart has said the act of playing pop songs is not considered "a celebration of the life" of the deceased. The new guidelines state: "Secular items are never to be sung or played at a Catholic funeral, such as romantic ballads, pop or rock music, political songs, football club songs."

The Melbourne Hearld Sun reported that football songs are popular at many funerals, in addition to pop hits. Although Frank Sinatra's "My Way" and Bette Midler's "The Wind Beneath My Wings" are often requested, the newspaper reported that quirkier choices like AC/DC's "Highway to Hell," Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" and Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" also had been popular before the ban. I say let 'em play what they want!


Iggy Pop And James Williamson To Reissue 'Kill City' Album

Iggy Pop and James Williamson are set to reissue their classic album, ‘Kill City’.  The 11-track record, originally released in 1977, is due out on December 6 on CD and Vinyl.

The album, which helped bridge Pop’s career between The Stooges and his solo albums, has been remastered by the pair.  The singer said: "A lot of people have borrowed its ideas; it's one of the very first independent LP's I know of."

Williamson added: "With this re-release we are not only re-united in our musical endeavors but in our appreciation of this album, its re-mix and its importance to us as artists."

The CD reissue of ‘Kill City’ will be accompanied by a 24-page booklet, while the LP is on clear green vinyl.

The tracklisting is:

‘Kill City’
‘Sell Your Love’
‘Beyond the Law’
‘I Got Nothin'’
‘Night Theme’
‘Night Theme (Reprise)’
‘Consolation Prizes’
‘No Sense of Crime’
‘Lucky Monkeys’
‘Master Charge’


QUEEN: 'Singles Collection 4' Detailed

The final volume in the impressive retrospective four box set, "Queen: The Singles Collection 4", is set to be released October 18.  The closing chapter to the entire history of QUEEN's worldwide singles releases, Volume 4 tracks the band's output through the latter years of 1989 to 1999.

The 13 CD singles housed in this set complete the project to rediscover every one of QUEEN's singles to have made the top 40 anywhere in the world, all replicated in faithful detail to their original form.

Together, the four volume set offers over 100 tracks chronicling QUEEN's extraordinary journey through the world-wide singles charts: from the very first single, "Keep Yourself Alive", in 1973, to the very last single in 1999.  And what a spectacular journey queen made: no less than 14 out of the 16 A-sides in this set achieved top 10 chart positions worldwide.

QUEEN "Singles Collection 4":

CD Single 1

01. The Miracle
02. Stone Cold Crazy (Live)

CD Single 2

01. Innuendo
02. Bijou

CD Single 3

01. I'm Going Slightly Mad
02. The Hitman

CD Single 4

01. Headlong
02. All God's People

CD Single 5

01. The Show Must Go On
02. Queen Talks

CD Single 6

01. Bohemian Rhapsody
02. These Are The Days Of Our Lives

CD Single 7

01. Heaven For Everyone (Single Version)
02. It's A Beautiful Day

CD Single 8

01. A Winter's Tale
02. Rock In Rio Blues

CD Single 9

01. Too Much Love Will Kill You
02. I Was Born To Love You

CD Single 10

01. Let Me Live
02. We Will Rock You (Live)
03. We Are The Champions (Live)

CD Single 11

01. You Don't Fool Me (Edit)
02. You Don't Fool Me (Album Version)

CD Single 12

01. No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young)
02. We Will Rock You (The Rick Rubin "Ruined" Remix)
03. The Prize (Instrumental Remix for "The Eye")

CD Single 13

01. Under Pressure Rah Mix (Radio Edit)
02. Under Pressure (Mike Spencer Remix)
03. Under Pressure (Live At Knebworth)