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Ask Mr. Music by Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: We just finished watching the excellent 12-hour series, "Titanic: Blood and Steel."

Since one of the girls in the Italian family is named Violetta, I was thinking they might figure a way to include all or part of "Violetta," a popular song in the early 1960s, but they didn't.

That's the only other time I've ever heard this lovely name.

There could be many reasons they missed the opportunity to tie-in with this tune, such as they didn't even know it existed.

Do you know "Violetta"?
—Melanie Goodrich, Portsmouth, N.H.

David Whitfield
DEAR MELANIE: I do, both Violetta Silvestri, beautifully played by Valentina Corti in "Titanic: Blood and Steel," and "Hear My Song, Violetta," the recording by David Whitfield (1960: Decca 7036) and Ray Adams (1962: Laurie 3118).

Neither version did well in the U.S., though both were huge hits in many other countries, from Norway to Australia.

Big sales means more copies in circulation, so either disc is likely to be found on eBay, and probably for under ten bucks.

Even if the producers knew of "Violetta," they would not knowingly have a record from the 1960s playing when the Titanic was under construction, circa-1910. That would be known in filmese as a flub.

DEAR JERRY: There is one line in Brenda Lee's "One Step at a Time" that has me befuddled.

As with some of her earlier songs, she uses an occasional hiccupping delivery, a bit like Buddy Holly does at the beginning of "Rave On," and that's the problem with this mysterious verse.

All I know is it has something to do with a hound dog.
—Sean Callahan, Patterson, N.J.

DEAR SEAN: Music is my life, but dogs and hiccups are among my other areas of expertise.

When "One Step at a Time" came out, in early 1957, Brenda was just 12, and obviously influenced by hiccupping rockabilly artists.

The befuddling verse is "every old hound dog once was a pup."

DEAR JERRY: Long ago my grandfather worked for a local record distributor, one having an association with the Gennett company.

Handed down from him to my father, then to me, is a collection of Gennett 78s, all still in their paper sleeves.

A few of the songs are familiar, but I don't recognize any of the musicians, and I do not have a phonograph.

I once tried to get them appraised on the Antiques Roadshow, but they said there were too many for them to deal with.

Can you help me determine if I have anything of value?
—Orville Sigler, Richmond, Ind.

DEAR ORVILLE: You don't say how many Gennetts you have, other than enough for the Roadshow to lose interest.

I do know that the more you own the better your chance of having some of the big ticket items. Also, those authentic Gennett Records company sleeves will make your stash even more attractive to buyers.

Gennett set up shop in Richmond in the early 1920s, and remains one of the more desirable record labels.

Take a look and see if you have any of these sought-after artists, grouped in Gennett's three main categories: Jazz, Blues, and Country.

Even though these folks all recorded for Gennett in the 1920s and '30s, I'm thinking you will at least spot two or three names you recognize:

Jazz and Big Band:
Bix Beiderbecke (a.k.a., Bix and His Rhythm Jugglers)
Hoagy Carmichael
Deppe's Serenaders (with Earl Hines)
Duke Ellington
Fletcher Henderson
Jelly Roll Morton
New Orleans Rhythm Kings
King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band (with Louis Armstrong)
Andy Preer and the Cotton Club Orchestra
Red Onion Jazz Babies
Johnny Silvester and His Playmates
Sioux City Six, Featuring Bix (Beiderbecke)
State Street Ramblers
Alphonse Trent
Frank Trumbauer
Wolverine Orchestra
Zach Whyte and His Chocolate Beau Brummels

Black Birds of Paradise
Big Boy Cleveland
Jaybird Coleman
Sam Collins
Jesse C. Crump
Tiny Franklin
Georgia Tom (Thomas A. Dorsey)
Daddy Moon Hayes
Henry Johnson and His Boys
Horace Smith
Lizzie Washington

Gene Autry
Blue Ridge Mountaineers
Vernon Dalhart
Bradley Kincaid
Fiddlin' Doc Roberts
Rutherford and Foster
Ernest Stoneman
Virginia Mountain Boomers (with Ernest Stoneman)

IZ ZAT SO? For interested collectors who would like some recent sales prices on records by a few of the above named artists, here are just 10 that fetched four figures. Keep in mind that with 78s, rarely are they found anywhere close to near-mint condition:

$7,656: Daddy Moon Hayes and His Boys - "Two Little Tommie Blues" / "Gang of Brown Skin Women" (Gennett 6122)
$4,500: Black Birds of Paradise - "Muddy Water" / "Sugar" (Gennett 6211)
$2,551: Rutherford and Foster - "She's Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage" / "There's No One Like the Old Folks" (Gennett 6777)
$1,902: Blue Ridge Mountaineers - "Old Flannigan" / "Old Voile" (Gennett 6870)
$1,652: Jesse C. Crump - "Mister Crump Rag" / "Golden West Blues" (No Gennett number used)
$1,593: Jaybird Coleman - "Man Trouble Blues" / "Trunk Busted, Suitcase Full of Holes" (Gennett 6245)
$1,358: Black Birds of Paradise - "Bugahoma Blues" / "Tishomingo Blues" (Gennett 6210)
$1,250: Horace Smith and the Patent Leather Kids - "Going Away and Leave My Baby" / "Clickity Clack Blues" (Gennett 7056)
$1,136: Henry Johnson and His Boys - "Hawaiian Harmony Blues" / "Blue Hawaii" (Gennett 6156)
$1,136: Georgia Tom - "Six Shooter Blues" / "Second Hand Woman" (Gennett 7130)

Jerry Osborne answers as many questions as possible through this column.  Write Jerry at: Box 255, Port Townsend, WA 98368  E-mail:   Visit his Web site:

All values quoted in this column are for near-mint condition. 

Copyright 2014 Osborne Enterprises - Reprinted By Exclusive Permission 

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Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

selected pre-orders from our friends at SoundStageDirect

MTV Unplugged, 1991 (Pre-Order) by R.E.M.

R.E.M. Unplugged, 1991 shares the band's set for MTV's "MTV Unplugged" acoustic performance. The release draws largely from 1991's Out of Time and five albums in total, as well as a cover of the Troggs' "Love Is All Around".

R.E.M. mark the point when post-punk turned into alternative rock. When their first single, "Radio Free Europe," was released in 1981, it sparked a back-to-the-garage movement in the American underground. While there were a number of hardcore and punk bands in the U.S. during the early '80s, R.E.M. brought guitar pop back into the underground lexicon. Combining ringing guitar hooks with mumbled, cryptic lyrics and a D.I.Y. aesthetic borrowed from post-punk, the band simultaneously sounded traditional and modern. Throughout the '80s, they worked relentlessly, releasing records every year and touring constantly, playing both theaters and backwoods dives. Along the way, they inspired countless bands, from the legions of jangle pop groups in the mid-'80s to scores of alternative pop groups in the '90s, who admired their slow climb to stardom.

Pre-Order at SoundStageDirect

Onslaught VI - (Pre-Order) by Onslaught

Initially active from 1983 to 1991, Onslaught reformed in 2004. The band initially drew influence from second wave punk rock bands such as Discharge and The Exploited, and then adopted a straight forward thrash metal sound. To date, Onslaught have released five studio albums, one compilation, four singles and two live recordings: a live album and a DVD. Sixth studio album by the UK‑based Thrash Metal Legends! Mixed & mastered by Thomas ‘Plec’ Johansson (Tiamat, Scar Symmetry) at the award winning ‘Panic Room’ studios Sweden. Onslaught have been on tour with bands like Anthrax, Motorhead, and Annihilator.

On Military Green Vinyl

Pre-Order at SoundStageDirect

Bulletproof Picasso (Pre-Order) by Train

Three-time Grammy®-winning band Train will release their much anticipated 7th studio album, Bulletproof Picasso, on September 16th. Train has sold more than ten million albums worldwide, thirty million tracks worldwide, with numerous platinum/gold citations on their mantle, 3 Grammy® Awards, 2 Billboard Music Awards and dozens of other honors and nominations.

The album’s first single, “Angel In Blue Jeans,” has soared to the Top 15 of Triple A and Adult Top 40 radio in only a month, joining the band’s successful arsenal of other radio-embraced singles throughout their two-decade career.  Other songs on the new album include the combustible title track, “Bulletproof Picasso,” “Cadillac, Cadillac,” “Just A Memory,” “Give It All,” and “The Bridge,” among others.

Pre-Order at SoundStageDirect

This Week's Bestselling Vinyl Records at SoundStageDirect

1. A Picture of Nectar (Deluxe Vinyl) (Pre-Order) - Phish
2. Led Zeppelin IV (Deluxe Edition) (On Sale) (Pre-Order) - Led Zeppelin
3. Led Zeppelin IV (On Sale) (Pre-Order) - Led Zeppelin
4. Houses Of The Holy (Deluxe Edition) (On Sale) (Pre-Order) - Led Zeppelin
5. Houses Of The Holy (On Sale) (Pre-Order) - Led Zeppelin
6. Feels Like The First Time (On Sale) - Nirvana
7. Led Zeppelin IV (Super Deluxe Edition Box) (On Sale) (Pre-Order) - Led Zeppelin
8. Houses Of The Holy (Super Deluxe Edition Box) (On Sale) - Led Zeppelin


classic vinyl available from our friends at Sundazed

The Byrds - The Columbia Singles '65-'67 2-LP Set 

When “Mr. Tambourine Man” first rumbled out of car radio speakers in 1965, it was a pivotal moment in pop history. With its jangling 12-string and epic sweep, it was the dawn of a new day: the birth of folk-rock. And the Byrds were just getting started. The next two years saw one hit after another, from the Biblical prophesies of “Turn, Turn, Turn” to the raga-rock of “Eight Miles High,” from the exotic orchestration of “So You Want To Be A Rock ‘N’ Roll Star” to the Byrds bringing it all back home with “My Back Pages.” Here they are again, 30 landmark recordings in their perfectly constructed, radio-friendly mono mixes: the forgotten rarities, withdrawn singles and, of course, all the original A and B-sides. No one has ever had a stronger run of singles than did the Byrds in their prime. No one.

Order at Sundazed

Canned Heat - Canned Heat MONO Edition LP

Of all the American rock bands that embraced the blues in the 1960s, none took their musical mission more seriously than Canned Heat. The California quintet, led by vocalists Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson and Bob “The Bear” Hite and featuring the brilliant guitarist Henry Vestine, combined fiery instrumental chops with a vast knowledge of blues history. Canned Heat quickly carved out a unique niche in that heady era, making high-profile appearances at Woodstock and other notable rock festivals, and managing to break into the pop singles charts without diluting their sound.

Canned Heat’s eponymous 1967 debut LP, released shortly after their attention-getting performance at the Monterey International Pop Music Festival, introduced the band’s audacious synthesis of blues tradition and electrified boogie. The 11-song album features raw, fiercely soulful interpretations of material by such blues masters as Howlin’ Wolf, Elmore James, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and Sonny Boy Williamson, powered by Wilson and Hite’s contrasting vocal styles and Vestine’s explosive fretwork. The result is one of the most distinctive and dynamic blues-rock recordings of the ’60s, and the album that launched Canned Heat’s five-decade musical journey.

This new vinyl edition of this landmark debut effort has been sourced from the original mono masters and pressed on 180-gram vinyl, and features a meticulous reproduction of the LP’s original cover art.

Order at Sundazed


Hail to the King - Avenged Sevenfold 

Hail to the King is their sixth studio album and was released on August 23, 2013 in New Zealand and Australia, and was released on iTunes on August 27, 2013 and in North America on the same day. The album was produced by Mike Elizondo. This marks the first album with new drummer Arin Ilejay, who joined the band as a touring drummer in 2011 before becoming an official member in 2013. This is also the first Avenged Sevenfold album without any musical contributions from the band's late drummer, Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan.

The album was a commercial and critical success, reaching #1 on the Billboard 200.

2-LP set in a gatefold jacket featuring an alternative cover artwork designed by artist Cam Rackam.

Order at BecauseSoundMatters


The Stereo State - Crossing Canyons 10"

The East Coast's most genuine and promising punk rock band is back with an EP's worth of their best material to date! Produced and engineered by Jay Mass (No Trigger, Defeater), "Crossing Canyons" features 6 brand new tracks of the melodic and heartfelt punk goodness that fans of the band have come to know and love. THE STEREO STATE have truly continued to progress and evolve as a group of best friends and musicians, and that chemistry surfaces on "Crossing Canyons" like never before. Get stoked, you'll be singing along in no time.

(Red and Yellow w/ Orange Splatter)

Order HERE


The Ruby Suns- The Ruby Suns Album Bundle

A bundle collecting all 3 Sub Pop-released Ruby Suns albums. These include Sea Lion, Fight Softy, and Christopher. When purchasing all 3 albums together in this bundle, you save off the price of ordering each individually!

Order at SubPop


About A Girl - Winter Gloves

Winter Gloves began as one guy’s way of figuring out how to plug himself into life in the big city. It was a single microphone and minimal equipment gathered into Charles F’s downtown Montreal apartment to piece together all the distances he’d covered since growing up in rural Quebec. The jarring shift of such a transition seemed to peek through every chance it could, a constant inspiration as much as frustration that was drafted in the band’s self-released Let Me Drive EP of mainly demo tracks.

Today, Winter Gloves is Charles F (lead singer/songwriter/wurlitzer), Pat Sayers (drums), Vincent Chalifour (synth) and Jean-Michel Pigeon (guitar/glockenspiel). With only a handful of live shows behind them at the beginning of the 2008, Winter Gloves was already receiving invitations to join bands like Tokyo Police Club on a series of sold-out tour dates. Such well-attended shows helped spread what was becoming the wildfire of the earlier EP demo tracks that spiked on top 10 lists with record downloads after being made available on iTunes, and lead to top pick coverage at both major annual music festivals in Canada, Canadian Music Week and NXNE.

After the Canadian release of the band’s full length in the Fall of 2008, the band continued on the same foot as things had started with dates alongside Tokyo Police Club and a slot at Toronto’s Virgin Festival before hitting the road across Canada with Vancouver’s You Say Party! We Say Die! and Quebec’s Beast. Reactions to the album and these shows immediately secured showcase opportunities at International conferences, invitations for further touring and secured spots on “Best of 2008” yearend lists including “Best New Artist” from iTunes Canada.

The about a girl LP is ten songs driven by the sounds of keyboards and drums, all wrapped up in a constant buzz of bass and gritty synths. Pitchfork Media premiered the band’s recently completed video for the album’s leadoff track, “Let Me Drive”, which received an incredible 11,000 views in its first week of online posting as people tried to figure out the method behind the flipbook madness of the video!

Order at PaperBagRecords


from our friends at SlyVinyl

Taking Back Sunday / The Used – Split // Limited to 300 Black & Dark Blue Split 10″ Vinyl LP

Girlsondrugs – Washd // Limited to 100 Clear w/ Blue Haze & 150 Hot Pink 7″


Oasis Detail Upcoming '(What's the Story) Morning Glory?' Reissue


Deadbeat Launches Fundraiser to Reissue Out-of-Print Albums as 6LP Box Set


fantastic article, well worth the time to check out!

From User to Dealer: A Vinyl Junkie Goes Pro... Sort of


The 25 Best Music Documentaries Streaming on Netflix


we can ask why, but this is kinda cool:

Smoke Signals: A Collection of Famous Album Covers Painted on Empty Gitanes Cigarette Packs


Amazon's Top Ten Best Selling Music

1. Eric Clapton & Friends - The Breeze (An Appreciation of JJ Cale)
2. Hypnotic Eye ~ Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
3. Essential ~ N-Sync
4. Mandatory Fun ~ Weird Al Yankovic
5. The Voyager ~ Jenny Lewis
6. Led Zeppelin IV (Super Deluxe Edition) ~ Led Zeppelin
7. Houses Of The Holy (Super Deluxe Edition) (Pre-Order) ~ Led Zeppelin
8. CSNY 1974 (3 CD + DVD) ~ Crosby Stills Nash & Young
9. Venus and Mars (Deluxe Book) (Pre-Order) ~ Paul McCartney
10. Wings at the Speed of Sound (Deluxe Book) (Pre-Order) ~ Paul McCartney and Wings


GRIMEY'S BEST SELLERS 7/21 - 7/27, 2014

Vinyl Top 25
1. Colony House - When I Was Younger
2. Widespread Panic - Space Wrangler
3. Jack White - Lazaretto
4. White Fence - For The Recently Found Innocent
5. Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds In Country Music
6. The War On Drugs - Lost In The Dream
7. Jason Isbell - Southeastern
8. Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
9. Trampled By Turtles - Wild Animals
10. Mastodon - Once More Round The Sun
11. First Aid Kit - Stay Gold
12. Various - Ghost Woman Blues
13. Ed Sheeran - X
14. The Beatles - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
15. Shovels & Rope - O Be Joyful
16. Madvillain - Madvillainy
17. Morrissey - World Peace Is None Of Your Business
18. Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence
19. Sharon Van Etten - Are We There
20. Bleachers - Strange Desire
21. Rx Bandits - Gemini, Her Majesty
22. Duran Duran - Rio
23. Neil Young - A Letter Home
24. La Roux - Trouble In Paradise
25. Sam Cooke - Portrait Of A Legend

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Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

Led Zeppelin Announces Deluxe Editions of ‘IV’ and ‘Houses of the Holy’ Details

The Led Zeppelin reissue campaign got off to an remarkable start in June 2014 as deluxe editions of 'Led Zeppelin,' 'Led Zeppelin II' and 'Led Zeppelin III' debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. The albums achieved similar international success with debuts near the top of the charts in more than a dozen territories, including Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

For the second round, the band prepared the reissues of 'Led Zeppelin IV' and 'Houses Of The Holy.'  As with the previous deluxe editions, both albums have been newly remastered by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page and are accompanied by a second disc of companion audio comprised entirely of unreleased music related to that album.

The second round of reissues begins with one of the most artistically influential and commercially successful albums in the history of music, 'Led Zeppelin IV.' Released in November 1971, the album—which is officially untitled—defined the sound of rock music for a generation with ubiquitous anthems such as "Stairway To Heaven," "Rock And Roll," "Black Dog," and "When The Levee Breaks." The album was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999, has been certified 23x platinum by the RIAA. The 'Led Zeppelin IV' deluxe editions include unreleased versions of every song heard on the original album including alternate mixes of "Misty Mountain Hop" and "Four Sticks, " mixes of "The Battle Of Evermore" and "Going To California" heavy with guitar and mandolin, and the fabled, alternate version "Stairway To Heaven," mixed at the Sunset Sound Studio in Los Angeles which lets fans hear one of the most revered songs of all time as they have never heard it before.

The 11-million-selling follow up ‘Houses of the Holy,’ meanwhile, will feature seven unreleased tracks on the companion audio disc — including rough and working mixes for "The Ocean" and "Dancing Days," a guitar mix backing track for "Over The Hills And Far Away" and a version of "The Rain Song" without piano.

'Led Zeppelin IV' and 'Houses Of The Holy' will each be available October 28 from Atlantic/Swan Song in the following formats:

  • Single CD - Remastered album packaged in a gatefold card wallet.
  • Deluxe Edition (2CD) - Remastered album, plus a second disc of unreleased companion audio.
  • Single LP - Remastered album on 180-gram vinyl, packaged in a sleeve that replicates the LP's first pressing in exacting detail.
  • Deluxe Edition Vinyl (2LP) - Remastered album and unreleased companion audio on 180-gram vinyl.
  • Digital Download - Remastered album and companion audio will both be available.
  • Super Deluxe Boxed Set - This collection includes:
  • Remastered album on CD in vinyl replica sleeve. 
  • Companion audio on CD in card wallet featuring new alternate cover art. 
  • Remastered album on 180-gram vinyl in a sleeve replicating first pressing.
  • Companion audio on 180-gram vinyl in a sleeve with new alternate cover art. 
  • High-def audio download card of all content at 96kHz/24 bit. 
  • Hard bound, 80 page book filled with rare and previously unseen photos and memorabilia.


from our friends at NewOnVinyl


House of Pain, the Irish-American Hip Hop group really blossomed on its second album, Same As It Ever Was (1994). With this album, Everlast changed his style of rapping considerably and unveiled a much more distinctive and recognizable approach. Sounding twisted, damaged, and maniacal, Everlast grabs the listener’s attention and refuses to let go on such wildly entertaining fare as “Back From The Dead”, “Over There Shit” and “Runnin’ Up On Ya”.   Release on 2014-08-18
  •  180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  •  20th Anniversary Edition
  •  First pressing of 1000 numbered copies on Irish Green vinyl
Order at NewOnVinyl


Finally coming to vinyl. One of the greatest live concerts of Queen. Queen was on the verge breaking thru to becoming one of the best live bands ever. The two concerts that they gave in March and November of 1974 were truly legendary. The are coming out in 2 very nice variants.  
  • Limited Edition
  • LP 1: Live At The Rainbow, March ’74
  • LP 2: Highlights from Live At The Rainbow, November ’74 

Order at NewOnVinyl


Ghost is the official soundtrack, on the Milan Records label, of the 1990 Academy Award- and Golden Globe-winning film Ghost starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg (who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as "Oda Mae Brown" in this film) and Tony Goldwyn. The score was composed by Maurice Jarre. The album was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Score.

Order at NewOnVinyl



Deluxe Edition Reissue of Montreal, Canada's Sonic Avenues' debut full-length album! Reissued & Remastered with 2 additional bonus tracks. Out of print since 2010. Band now on Dirtnap Records. Members of The Steve Adamyk Band & more.

***PRE-ORDER for GREEN VINYL!!! (Limited to 100)

 Ships in Aug/Sept. Comes with download.

Order HERE

MURMURS - Bound 

Seattle, Washington's kings of crusty pop-punk are back with their first official full-length album. Last year saw the vinyl release of the bands' debut batch of songs titled, "Fly With The Unkindness". Well, Murmurs are back and are here to kick the goddamn door in with, "Bound". Drawing from earlier pop-punk influences (ranging from the East Bay to the Northwest), the band pushes further on with their dark, urgent & poppy melodic tones. All while churning it up with a chunk of fuzzed-out grunge rock, this time around.

If you weren't a believer before, then you will be now. An outstanding effort & one of our favorite records of the year, straight up. (Members of: Snuggle, Pipsqueak, No Hi-Fives To Bullshit, Transient & more.) Comes w/download.

*PRE-ORDER FOR COLORED VINYL on Turquoise/Teal Color vinyl! 

Limited to 100! (Shipping in August!)

Order HERE


Chopping Mall OST 

Available for the first time ever on vinyl

Remixed and remastered from the original master tapes

Available on 180 gram neon yellow with neon green haze vinyl, and 180 gram fluorescent pink vinyl

Housed in a heavyweight old-style tip on jacket with film laminate gloss finish

Liner notes from composer Chuck Cirino and Chopping Mall screen writer Steve Mitchell

12″X12″ art print insert included

Order at WaxWorkRecords


SUPERDRAG - Head Trip In Every Key  

Superdrag - 'Head Trip In Every Key' first pressing on vinyl ever. Clear colored vinyl. This is Superdrag's follow up to major label release, 'Regretfully Yours.' Produced by Jerry Finn (Green Day, Alkaline Trio, Blink 182). Double LP. Also available in various bundle options including addtion of demos/rarities record, 'Jokers W/ Tracers.'


Order HERE


Spacemen 3 Live Album from 1989 Gets Official Vinyl Release


for shits and giggles:

All 14 Weird Al Yankovic Album Covers as a Whiteboard Video


Monday, July 28, 2014

New Music Releases - July 29, 2014

Abolition A.D. - After Death Before Chaos
Adelitas Way - Stuck
Allman Brothers Band - The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings (6 CD edition)
Artwoods - Steady Gettin' It: Complete 1964-67
Bette Midler - Songs For The New Depression (limited anniversary edition)
Bob Moses - First To Cry (12")
Bucks Fizz - Remixes & Rarities: Special Collector's Edition
Cassandra Wilson - Traveling Miles (reissue) (2xLP)
Circle Traps - Machine City EP (vinyl)
Daniel Bachman - Orange Co. Serenade (vinyl)
Dee Dee Warwick - The Complete Atco Recordings
Diplo - Random White Dude Be Everywhere
Donald Byrd - Black Byrd (reissue) (vinyl)
Dream Academy - The Morning Lasted All Day A Retrospective
Eric Clapton & Friends - The Breeze (An Appreciation of JJ Cale)
Everly Brothers - Cadence Sessions 1957-60
Fela Kuti - Finding Fela OST
Gladys Knight - Where My Heart Belongs
Guess Who - Power in the Music
Harvey Danger - Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone? (reissue)
Hooray for Earth - Racy (vinyl)
Imelda May - Tribal
James Brown - Get On Up: The James Brown Story: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
James Williamson and Lisa Kekaula - I Got A Right (7")
Jefferson Airplane - Signe's Farewell: At the Fillmore Auditorium 66
Jenny Lewis - The Voyager (vinyl)
Jim-E Stack - Tell Me I Belong (vinyl)
Joe Henderson - Mode for Joe (reissue) (vinyl)
Joe Manning and Joan Shelley - Outside, Stay Outside (7")
John Coltrane - Standard Coltrane (reissue) (vinyl)
Johnny Winter - Live Bootleg Series Volume 11 (limted edition)
Jungle - Jungle (vinyl)
Kenny Burrell - Midnight Blue (vinyl)
Kenny Dorham - Afro-Cuban (reissue) (vinyl)
Kinks - Essential
KISS - Music From the Elder (reissue) (vinyl)
Krakatau - Water Near a Bridge (mixed color vinyl)
Krigsgrav - The Carrion Fields
Land Observations - The Grand Tour
Lost Midas - Off the Course
Mama Cass Elliot - Don t Call Me Mama Anymore Plus Rarities Her Final Recordings
Marc Broussard - A Life Worth Living (vinyl)
Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr. - Hope We Get to Love in Time: Expanded Edition
Mark Lanegan Band - No Bells On Sunday
Michael Des Barres - Carnaby Street / I'm Only Human
Motorhead - Aftershock
Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens - Cold World (vinyl)
Neneh Cherry - Out of Black Remixes (12")
New God - Firework
No Lands - Negative Space
Peggy Lipton - The Complete Ode Recordings
Pia Zadora - When The Lights Go Out (2 CD Deluxe)
Please Return the Evening - Cherry Poppin' Daddies Salute the Music of the Rat Pack (vinyl)
Ramsey Lewis - Sun Goddess
SBTRKT - Transitions 001 (12")
SBTRKT - Transitions 002 (12")
SBTRKT - Transitions 003 (12")
Shabazz Palaces - Lese Majesty (2xLP)
Shirelles - Happy and in Love / Shirelles
Sienna Skies - Seasons
Silver Convention - Get Up & Boogie: Expanded Edition
Sir Michael Rocks - Banco
Soft Walls - No Time (colored vinyl)
Stardeath And White Dwarfs - Wastoid
SW/MM/NG - Feel Not Bad
Takuya Kuroda - Rising Son (2xLP)
Tease - Tease
The Dream Academy - The Morning Lasted All Day - A Retrospective
The Liminanas - Liminanas (reissue) PRE-ORDER
The Muffs - Whoop Dee Doo
The Specials - Live at The Moonlight Club (vinyl)
Theory of a Deadman - Savages
Tom Petty & the Haertbreakers - Hypnotic Eye
UnBreakable - Knockout
Van Dyke Parks - Super Chief
Various Artists - Beck Song Reader
Various Artists - Ghostbusters: Original Soundtrack Album (vinyl)
Various Artists - How to Stuff a Wild Bikini: Original Stereo Soundtrack
Various Artists - Lets Stick Together: Fury Records Story
Various Artists - Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music (Blu-ray)
Various Artists - The Best of 2 Tone (2xLP)
Wildest Dreams - Wildest Dreams
Wreckless Eric - Le Beat Group Electrique

Friday, July 25, 2014

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

upcoming releases from our friends at MusicOnVinyl


X-Men: Days of Future Past is a 2014 superhero film based on the fictional X-Men characters that appear in Marvel Comics. Directed by Bryan Singer, it is the seventh installment of the X-Men film series.

The film stars an ensemble cast, including Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Peter Dinklage, Ian McKellen, and Patrick Stewart.

The movie received widespread critical acclaim becoming the best-reviewed film in the X-Men series. Reviewers commended its fresh visual style and storyline. It is the highest-grossing film in the series, having earned over $731 million worldwide.

Director Bryan Singer's regular collaborator John Ottman worked on the score of the film, in addition to being its editor. Ottman is the first composer to score more than one film in the X-Men film series, having previously scored X2 (2003). This also marked the first time a theme from a previous X-Men film has been retained; Ottman re-used some of his themes from X2, most notably the main title theme.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • Insert
  • Original Soundtrack by John Ottman 
  • First pressing of 2000 numbered copies on clear grey (LP1) and clear blue (LP2) vinyl


How to Train Your Dragon 2 is the 3D CGI action fantasy film released in 2014, loosely based on the book series of the same name by Cressida Cowell. It is the sequel to the massively successful 2010 computer-animated film How to Train Your Dragon and the second in the trilogy. How to Train Your Dragon 2 takes place five years after the first film, featuring Hiccup and his friends as young adults.The film is written and directed by Dean DeBlois, and stars the voices of Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrera, a.o. The film was recently released and received positive reviews.

Composer John Powell, who earned his first Academy Award nomination for his music in the original How To Train Your Dragon movie, returned to score the sequel. The score was conducted by Gavin Greenaway and recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London with a 120 piece orchestra, a 100-voice choir, and a wide array of ethnic instruments, including celtic harp, uilleann pipes, tin whistle, bodhrán, and bagpipes.

Sigur Rós lead vocalist, Jónsi, who wrote and performed the song "Sticks & Stones" for the original movie, provided two new original songs for the sequel in collaboration with Powell. The track "Where No One Goes" is not only written, but also performed by Jónsi and Powell.  Belarusian-Norwegian artist Alexander Rybak, who voices Hiccup in Norwegian, also wrote and performed the song "Into A Fantasy".
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • Insert
  • First pressing of 1000 numbered copies on yellow (LP1) and red (LP2) vinyl


Mudhoney didn't invent grunge, but they were one of the first bands to truly define the style, and thanks to the bizarro-world logic that has defined their career, they seemed to lose interest in the stuff once you could actually make serious money playing it, ensuring that they wouldn't have to deal with the mainstream adulation that made followers like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden into multi-platinum cash cows. By 1995, Grunge's brief fling on the charts was pretty much over, just in time for Mudhoney to decide they liked the stuff again, and make the finest album of their career, My Brother the Cow.

Produced by Jack Endino, the album includes numerous direct references to bands that influenced Mudhoney's sound. The song "F.D.K. (Fearless Doctor Killers)", for example, is a reference to the Bad Brains song "F.V.K. (Fearless Vampire Killers)". "Orange Ball-Peen Hammer" alludes to the song "Orange Claw Hammer" by Captain Beefheart, as well as containing lyrics borrowed from Led Zeppelin.

"1995" is a homage to the Stooges song "1969" and also includes musical references to "L.A. Blues", another Stooges song.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • Exclusive first pressing of 1000 numbered copies on white vinyl
  • Including a bonus 7" on white vinyl
  • Also available on black vinyl (including the 7")


Dutch singer Sharon Kovacs is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from the Dutch city of Eindhoven, her incredibly dark, raw voice impressed, but also made her musical education a challenging one. She teamed up with producer Oscar Holleman (Within Temptation, After Forever, Gorefest), who was blown away by her voice. "Though her voice sounds black, here stood a white girl with a shaved head. I was intrigued, so we started working together." Due to her style and dark voice, comparisons to Portishead and Shirley Bassey are quickly made. As Sharon states: "I listen to Billie Holiday, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Dinah Washington… Tina Turner and Janis Joplin are favourites as well."

Sharon also travelled to several other countries to write with a range of different songwriters. The result: Kovacs's eponymous debut EP, containing four songs (the vinyl edition boasts a bonus track + hidden track) on which she makes a lasting impression. On tracks like the first single "My Love", "When The Lady's Hurt" and "He Talks That Shit", Sharon's up front attitude is apparent. The fourth song on her EP "I've Seen That Face Before", made famous by Grace Jones, was recorded in Cuba with local musicians at the Egrem Studios in Havana. Together they are now putting the finishing touches to her debut album.

The EP "My Love" was released in The Netherlands on May 9th and reached top 10 in the iTunes charts straight after the release. She was chosen as Radio 6 Soul & Jazz Talent and 3FM's Serious Talent, performed live on tv at "De Wereld Draait Door" and played amongst others live at the Radio 3FM "GIEL" morning show. "My Love" is 3FM Megahit as of July 18th. She performed at large Dutch festivals such as Bospop and the North Sea Jazz Festival, and two aftershows for Pearl Jam.

The vinyl edition of My Love EP contains a bonus track and hidden track, and is limited to 500 copies on a neat little 10" record!
  • Limited edition 10"
  • Includes bonus track "Shirley (Sound Of The Underground)" 
  • Including hidden track "The Gold Ballroom"


Severed Heads - Since The Accident

Medical Records presents two of the most striking and iconic reissues in its catalog. The first of the two Severed Heads reissues is 1983’s “Since The Accident”. Severed Heads are one of the most diverse and expert sound palette engineers and are also repeatedly overlooked and far underrated. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, they formed in 1979. The band was composed of many different members though it’s existence but Tom Ellard has always been the constant since 1979 when he joined the band. The group’s early recordings were characterized by manipulated tape loop experiments, cleverly modulated noise elements and repetition. This period is very well suited to the early industrial period. Over time, the sounds morphed into more melodic leanings with pop elements and more prominent synth leads and backbone. “Since The Accident” was released in 1983 on UK “Ink” records. The LP exemplifies the transition point between experimental structure and loops into the catchy pop hooks that would later define such releases as “Rotund For Success”. Difficult to classify, it is a masterpiece of electronic music. The opening track “Relic Of The Empire” is a slow sequenced magnificent piece with time-stretched samples overlaid with multiple tracks to create a symphony quite unlike anything heard before.

The hit “Dead Eyes Opened” (charted in 1985 as a single) is a dance floor friendly track with crafted synth hooks fused with bursts of noise intertwining with interesting vocal samples. “Gashing The Old Mae West” is a perfect example of how the record can take a dark turn into the style of the earlier Sev Heads with jagged industrial crunched out tape loops and folding in and out samples. Though signed to 80’s industrial label icon Nettwerk in North America and often classified in the same vein, these records are not easily definable and actually have a life of their own. Though commonly misclassified with a lot of the late 80s industrial/goth scene (as well as touring with Skinny Puppy at one point), Severed Heads would be more accurately in good company with acts such as Cabaret Voltaire, early Coil, Chris & Cosey (and CTI), and the like.

Long out of print and a rarity on the collector’s market, it is presented with original repro jacket. Remastered by Tom Ellard form the original source masters. Presented on high-quality 180gram heavyweight black and white vinyl. Features bonus LP insert compiled by Tom Ellard with ephemera from the time. Limited Edition.

•Limited edition LP presented on high-quality 180gram heavyweight BLACK & WHITE VINYL
•Features bonus LP insert compiled by Tom Ellard with ephemera from the time.
•Remastered by Tom Ellard form the original source masters.

Second up of the two Severed Heads reissues is 1985’s “City Slab Horror”.

Long out of print and a rarity on the collector’s market, it is presented with original repro jacket. Remastered by Tom Ellard form the original source masters. Presented on high-quality 180gram heavyweight bone white vinyl. Features bonus LP insert compiled by Tom Ellard with ephemera from the time. Limited Edition.

•Limited edition LP presented on high-quality 180gram heavyweight BONE WHITE VINYL
•Features bonus LP insert compiled by Tom Ellard with ephemera from the time.
•Remastered by Tom Ellard form the original source masters.

Available at LightInTheAttic


from our friends at Relapse

Num Skull - Ritually Abused (reissue)

Originally released in 1988, this lost thrash classic is finally seeing the light of day!  Fully remastered and featuring an exclusive bonus track, Num Skull’s ‘Ritually Abused’ is truly a forgotten gem primed for rediscovery.  Sounding like a demonic blend of Possessed and Slayer ‘Ritually Abused’ sounds as fresh and relevant today as it did when it was first released over 25 years ago.  Touching on moments of death-metal, grind, thrash and speed ‘Ritually Abused’ is the ultimate document of a metal band that ‘shoulda been huge’!
***Exclusively available through***

***Mailorder exclusive on purple vinyl limited to 300 copies.  Includes a free digital download of the entire remastered album***

Pressing Info: 
First Relapse Press
700 x Black Standard Gram
300 x Purple Standard Gram *Mailorder Exclusive*
100 x Clear (do not request clear)

Order at Relapse


The Flaming Lips - The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends (2LP Vinyl Exclusive)

THE FLAMING LIPS AND HEADY FWENDS includes vocal and musical assistance from such disparate playmates as Yoko Ono, Nick Cave, Bon Iver, Ke$ha and many more. Some of these tracks have already appeared on previously released, extremely limited edition color vinyl 12" EPs released in past months which sold out as soon as they became available. And all tracks were released together as a special limited edition Record Store Day 2012 vinyl 12" that was one of the most in demand items of the day.

Available from BecauseSoundMatters


Metallica Launch Vinyl Reissue Campaign via Their Own Blackened Recordings


very cool!

Musicians cut their own vinyl at Denver’s Underground Music Showcase


from the great states of missouri and louisiana:

New Orleans' Euclid Records is more than just a record store


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Light in the Attic reveals reissue of mysterious crooner Lewis’s second album Romantic Times


Built to Spill's 'Keep It Like a Secret' Treated to Vinyl Repress


VINYL SPOTLIGHT: Bonnie Raitt, 'Nick of Time' 25th Anniversary Edition


Vital Vinyl: Godhunter’s Charlie Touseull Opens Up About Debut LP ‘City of Dust’


album cover art of the day:

New Album "Cooking With Pagans" Announced By Freak Kitchen


album cover art of the day, part two:

Flyleaf 'Between the Stars' Album Cover Unveiled; Record Releases September 16

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ask Mr Music by Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: Your recent summary of the twist craze reminds me of something I once read, about "The Twist," by Chubby Checker, being in the Top 100 longer than any other song.

They did of course point out that it was issued twice and became a No. 1 hit each time.

When talking about this with a friend, who I'll call doubting Thomas, he says I am wrong. He thinks it is the 4 Seasons who hold that record.

Is Tom right or wrong?
—Lance Heathcliff, Evansville, Ind.

DEAR LANCE: Doubting Thomas may not be a good idea, at least on this point. He knows best.

"December 1963 (Oh, What Night)" (Warner Bros./Curb 8168) held a spot on the charts for 27 weeks when first released in 1976, and then, coincidentally, for another 27 weeks when their same vocal returned in 1994 as a remixed, dance version (Curb 76917). In total, the Jersey Boys enjoyed 54 weeks on the charts with "December 1963 (Oh, What Night)."

"The Twist" had an 18-week run, beginning in the summer of 1960, then returned one year later with an even longer stay, 21 weeks, for a total of 39, far fewer than 54.

Now, if we limit the total weeks tally to just one chart entry, the Billboard endurance champ is the 43-week run of "Tainted Love," the 1982 classic by Soft Cell (Sire 49855).

Surprisingly, "Tainted Love" barely made the Top 10, peaking at No. 8. Also, this one-hit wonder British duo never managed to follow "Tainted Love" with another chart record.

Sticking with vinyl era singles, the runner-up to Soft Cell is Paul Davis and his 40-week smash, "I Go Crazy," from 1978.

DEAR JERRY: Did either the Beatles or the Rolling Stones ever have a crossover Rhythm & Blues hit?

There is no question they both did some R&B style songs.

Also, which white singer had the most R&B crossover hits?
—Roxie Somerville, Greenville, S.C.

DEAR ROXIE: It is hard to understand the thinking process used by black music programmers when deciding which white artists they would play, and ultimately include on the regional surveys that heavily influenced the national R&B charts.

Improbable as it seems, "Don't Forbid Me" (Pat Boone); "Tom Dooley" (Kingston Trio); "Bye Bye Love" (Everly Brothers); and "The Chipmunk Song" (David Seville and the Chipmunks) all made the R&B Top 10.

Meanwhile, there were numerous blue-eyed soul tunes more deserving of crossing over, such as: "Green, Green Grass of Home" and "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" (Tom Jones); "Smile," "I Apologize," and "Make the World Go Away" (Timi Yuro); and especially "I'm Movin' On" (Matt Lucas).

There was also an unexpected decision on the part of Billboard that affected everyone in the R&B field for all of 1964, and the year of the British Invasion.

For about 14 months, beginning in Nov. '63, Billboard chose not to publish a Rhythm & Blues chart. Had this not been the case, perhaps the Beatles would have crossed over with their sensational revival of the Isley Brothers' "Twist and Shout."

The Rolling Stones were even more rooted in American R&B in '64, and certainly could have charted with "Time Is on My Side" and others. After the reinstatement of the R&B chart, however, they did crack the Top 20 with "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," making them the first British group ever on our R&B chart.

Two years later, the Spencer Davis Group, with "I'm a Man," would add their name to this very short list.

Three more Stones' hits would also cross over, but with slightly less success: "19th Nervous Breakdown" (No. 32); "Hot Stuff" (No. 84); and "Miss You" (No. 33).

As for the white singer with the most R&B hits, it is of course Elvis Presley. His total of 35 is far ahead of anyone else in this category, and includes 32 in the Top 15, of which 27 made the Top 10, and six reached No. 1.

IZ ZAT SO? From the dawn of the vinyl 45 era (1949), here are the 20 white singers and their songs that crossed over and reached No. 1 on the Black Music charts:

1952: Johnnie Ray ("Cry")
1956: Elvis Presley ("Hound Dog" - "Don't Be Cruel")
1957: Elvis Presley ("All Shook Up" - "[Let Me Be Your] Teddy Bear" - "Jailhouse Rock"); Everly Brothers ("Wake Up Little Susie"); Jerry Lee Lewis ("Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On"); Paul Anka ("Diana"); Jimmie Rodgers ("Honeycomb")
1958: Danny and the Juniors ("At the Hop"); Elvis Presley ("Wear My Ring Around Your Neck"); Everly Brothers ("All I Have to Do Is Dream"); David Seville ("Witch Doctor"); Bobby Darin ("Splish Splash"); Jimmy Clanton ("Just a Dream"); Elegants ("Little Star"); Kalin Twins ("When")
1960: Everly Brothers ("Cathy's Clown")
1962: 4 Seasons ("Sherry" - "Big Girls Don't Cry")
1963: Paul & Paula ("Hey Paula"); Little Peggy March ("I Will Follow Him"); Lesley Gore ("It's My Party"); Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs ("Sugar Shack"); Kingsmen ("Louie Louie")
1981: Hall & Oates ("I Can't Go for That [No Can Do]")
1988: George Michael ("One More Try")

Jerry Osborne answers as many questions as possible through this column.  Write Jerry at: Box 255, Port Townsend, WA 98368  E-mail:   Visit his Web site:

All values quoted in this column are for near-mint condition.

Copyright 2014 Osborne Enterprises - Reprinted By Exclusive Permission

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Music Releases - August 2014

August 5

Adult Jazz - Gist
Al Jarreau - My Old Friend: Celebrating George Duke
Alestorm - Sunset on the Golden Age
Alias - Pitch Black Prism (vinyl)
Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid (reissue) (vinyl)
Amp Live - Headphone Concerto
Angus and Julia Stone - Angus and Julia Stone (2xLP)
Antonio Carlos Jobim - Stone Flower (2XLP)
Arkells - High Noon
Avulsed - Carnivoracity (reissue)
Bayside - Cult (colored vinyl)
Bear In Heaven - Time Is Over One Day Old (colored vinyl)
Belphegor - Conjuring The Dead
Billy Joe Shaver - Long in the Tooth
Black Trip - Goin' Under
Blink 182 - Buddha (tape)
Blues Pills - Blues Pills
Bobby Darin - Icon
Bolzer - Soma
Brimstone Coven - Brimstone Coven
Capture the Crown - Reign of Terror
Cemetery Fog - Towards The Gates EP
Chairmen of the Board - Complete Invictus Studio Recordings: 1969 -78
Chaos Moon - Resurrection Extract
Charlotte OC - Colour My Heart EP (vinyl)
Christopher Denny - If The Roses Don't Kill Us (vinyl)
Chrome - Feel It Like A Scientist
Cloudface - Untitled LP (2xLP)
Cold World - How The Gods Chill
Columns - Please Explode (vinyl)
Cory Branan - The No-Hit Wonder (vinyl)
Counterpunch - Bruises
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River (reissue) (vinyl)
Darkest Hour - Darkest Hour
David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights - End Times Undone (vinyl)
Deep Purple - Concerto for Group and Orchestra (2002 remix/remaster) (vinyl)
Devonté Hynes - Palo Alto (original motion picture score) (vinyl)
Dikembe - Mediumship
Dub Club - Meaning of Dub (vinyl)
EDJ - EDJ (vinyl)
Eluveitie - Origins
Elvis Presley - That's The Way It Is (2xCD)
Empty Hearts - The Empty Hearts
Entombed A.D. - Back To The Front
Eric Copeland - Ms Pretzel (12")
Four Letter Lie - Like Structures
Gang Star - Icon
Godsmack - 1000hp
Goodnight, Texas - Uncle John Farquhar (vinyl)
Hamish Kilgour - All of It and Nothing (vinyl)
Has-Lo and Castle - Live Like You're Dead
Holy Shit - Stranded at Two Harbors (vinyl)
Holy Tongues - Weak People
Iman Omari - Energy (vinyl)
It Looks Sad. - Self-Titled (7")
Jethro Tull - A Passion Play (reissue) (vinyl)
John Gallow - Violet Dreams
John Garcia - John Garcia
Johnny Cash - The Legend of Johnny Cash (reissue) (2xLP)
Kevin Morby - My Name (7")
Kix - Rock Your Face Off
Lakes - Fire Ahead (2xLP)
Lee Corey Oswald - Regards (vinyl)
Lee Hazlewood - Friday’s Child (reissue) (vinyl)
Lee Hazlewood - Love and Other Crimes (reissue) (vinyl)
Lee Hazlewood - The N.S.V.I.P.’s (Not So Very Important People) (reissue) (vinyl)
Leon Russell - Life Journey (vinyl)
Lil Silva - Mabel EP
Linda Ronstadt - Hand Sown Home Grown / Silk Purse / Linda Ronstadt
Linda Ronstadt - Icon
Loops Haunt - IIVA EP (12")
Lost Boy - Canned
Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music: First Full Instrumental Version Performed Live by Zeitkratzer (2xLP)
Lusine - Arterial (10")
Mastodon - Remission (reissue)
MC Hammer - Icon
Mogwai - Come On Die Young (4xLP)
Mouth Of The South - Struggle Well
Mozart's Sister - Being (vinyl)
Mutilated Veterans - Necro Crust Warhead EP
Nachtmystium - The World We Left Behind
Naomi Punk - Television Man (vinyl)
Newmoon - Invitation to Hold (7")
Nikki Sudden and Rowland S. Howard - Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc (vinyl)
Nikki Sudden and the Jacobites - Dead Men Tell No Tales (vinyl)
Nils Lofgren - Face the Music
Panopticon - Roads To The North
Pat Martino - El Hombre (vinyl)
Paul Flaherty and Chris Corsano - Low Cost Space Flights (vinyl)
Phyllis Nelson - Move Closer: Expanded Edition
Poison - Icon
Reba McEntire - Icon
Rosebuds - Sand + Silence
Roses - Dreamlover EP
Rowland S. Howard - Pop Crimes (vinyl)
Saturn - Ascending
Shaggy - Icon
Skid Row - Rise Of The Damnation Army: United World Rebellion: Chapter Two
Somi - The Lagos Music Salon
Spider Bags - Frozen Letter (vinyl)
Spoon - They Want My Soul (vinyl)
Summer Camp - Beyond Clueless
Sunny Sweeney - Provoked
Swashbuckle - We Hate the Sea EP
Teenage Fanclub - Man-Made (reissue) (vinyl)
Teenage Fanclub - Shadows (reissue) (vinyl)
The Dead Daisies - Face I Love EP
The Interrupters - The Interrupters
The Jayhawks - Hollywood Town Hall (reissue) (vinyl)
The Jayhawks - Rainy Day Music (reissue) (2xLP)
The Jayhawks - Smile (reissue) (2xLP)
The Jayhawks - Sound of Lies (reissue) (2xLP)
The Jayhawks - Tomorrow the Green Grass (reissue) (vinyl)
The John Lurie National Orchestra - The Invention of Animals
The Murder City Devils - The White Ghost Has Blood on Its Hands Again
The Order Of The Solar Temple - The Order Of The Solar Temple
The Red Garland Quintet - Soul Junction (vinyl)
The Rosebuds - Sand + Silence (vinyl)
The Spinners - The Best of Spinners (vinyl)
The Waterboys - A Pagan Place (reissue) (vinyl)
The Weeks - Buttons EP (vinyl)
The Wind and the Wave - From the Wreckage (vinyl)
Those Who Bring the Torture - Piling Up
To Set Ablaze - The Life We Lead
Tom Carter and Pat Murano - Four Infernal Rivers (2xLP)
Tops - Change of Heart (7")
Tuatara - Underworld
Twin Peaks - Wild Onion (vinyl)
Vandenberg MoonKings - Vandenberg MoonKings
Vardan - Enjoy of Deep Sadness
Various Artists - Garden State OST (2xLP)
Various Artists - Music from the Mountain Provinces (vinyl)
Wildcat! Wildcat! - No Moon at All (vinyl)
Wind and the Wave - From the Wreckage (vinyl)
Wovenwar - Wovenwar
Ziguri - Ziguri (vinyl)

August 12

A.C. Newman - What If OST
Ace Frehley - Ace Frehley (reissue) (vinyl)
Adebisi Shank - This Is The Third Album of A Band Called Adebisi Shank
Ali Muhareb - Walkin' (7")
Atara / Miserable Failure - Hang Them
Ben Fields - Extraordinary Light (vinyl)
Black Wine - Yell Boss (vinyl)
Blood Orange - Uncle ACE (12")
Botanist - VI: Flora
Brian Setzer - Rockabilly Riot! All Original (vinyl)
Bully - Milkman (7")
Bunji Garlin - Differentology
Byrds - Straight for the Sun
Caleb Johnson - Testify
Cannonball Adderley | Milt Jackson - Things Are Getting Better (reissue) (vinyl)
Chet Baker - Chet Baker in New York (vinyl)
Childhood - Lacuna
Chris Staples - American Soft (vinyl)
Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas (reissue) (vinyl)
Coleman Hawkins - The Hawk Relaxes (reissue) (vinyl)
Comet Gain - Paperback Ghosts (vinyl)
Crippled Black Phoenix - A Love Of Shared Disasters (2xLP)
Dama / Libra - Claw
Daniel Johnston - Fun (vinyl)
Dark Blue - Just Another Night with the Boys (7")
Diana Krall - Quiet Nights (reissue) (2xLP)
Diana Krall - The Look of Love (reissue) (2xLP)
Dilated Peoples - Directors of Photography (2xLP)
Donny Hathaway - The Best Of Donny Hathaway (vinyl)
Ensemble Economique - Melt Into Nothing (vinyl)
Evil United - Honored By Fire
FaltyDL - In the Wild (2xLP)
FKA Twigs - LP1
Frankie Knuckles - Beyond the Mix (vinyl)
Frankie Knuckles - Welcome to the Real World (vinyl)
Gene Simmons - Gene Simmons (reissue) (vinyl)
Grey Lands - Songs By Other People
Grifter - Return Of The Bearded Brethren
Gulp - Season Sun (vinyl)
Heartist - Feeding Fiction
Herman's Hermits - Their Greatest Hits (vinyl)
Joe Glazer - Garbage and Other Songs of Our Time (reissue) (vinyl)
Joe Glazer - Old Folks Ain't All the Same (reissue) (vinyl)
John & Jacob - John & Jacob
John 5 - Careful With That Axe
KISS - Alive: The Millennium Concert (vinyl)
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Pika Pika Fantajin
Letting Up Despite Great Faults - Neon
Liam Betson - Cover of Hunter (colored vinyl)
Louvin Brothers - Complete Recorded Works: 1952-1962
Lucero  Live From Atlanta
Lykke Li - I Never Learn (vinyl)
Max Richter - Retrospective (4xCD)
Mirel Wagner - When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day (vinyl)
Nozinja - Tsekeleke (12")
Paul Stanley - Paul Stanley (reissue) (vinyl)
Peter Criss - Peter Criss (reissue) (vinyl)
Peter Escott - The Long O (vinyl)
Porter Robinson - Worlds (2xLP)
Prawn - Kingfisher (vinyl)
Rivergazer - Random Nostalgia (vinyl)
Rome Ramirez - Get Free
Roosevelt Sykes - Collection 1929-47
Saint Pepsi - Fiona Coyne / Fall Harder (7")
Sinead O'Connor - I'm Not Bossy I'm the Boss (vinyl)
Slaughterday - Ravenous
Sonny Rollins - The Studio Sound of Sonny (reissue) (vinyl)
Steve Aoki - Neon Future
Suzanne Vega - Close-Up Series
The 5, 6, 7, 8's - Bomb the Rocks: Singles (reisue) (2xLP)
The 5, 6, 7, 8's - Teenage Mojo Workout (reissue) (vinyl)
The Animals - The Best of the Animals (2xLP)
The Blackbyrds - City Life (vinyl)
The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Jazz at the College of the Pacific (reissue) (vinyl)
The Ergs - dorkrockcorkrod (vinyl)
The Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt (vinyl)
The Modern Jazz Quartet - Concorde (vinyl)
The Pharmacy - Spells (vinyl)
The Underachievers - The Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium
Tre Mission - Stigmata (2xLP)
Twitching Tongues - World War LIVE
Upon A Burning Body - The World Is My Enemy Now
Various Artists - Collection 1941-62
Watsky - All You Can Do
Wheat - Medeiros (2xLP)
You Blew It! - You Blue It (vinyl)
Zookeeper - Pink Chalk (vinyl)
µ-Ziq - Rediffusion (12")

August 19

Accept - Blind Rage
Acrania - Totalitarian Dystopia
Addison Groove - Turn Up the Silence EP (12")
Amy Grant - In Motion: The Remixes (vinyl)
Apache Dropout - Heavy Window (vinyl)
Ark Life - The Dream of You and Me (vinyl)
Bad Case of Big Mouth - Straight Up Bad Luck
Bahamas - Bahamas Is Afie
Beach Day - Native Echoes
Better Than Ezra - Surprise
Bishop Allen - Lights Out (colored vinyl)
Bob Carpenter - Silent Passage (vinyl)
Botanist - VI: Flora (vinyl)
Buddy - Last Call For The Quiet Life
Cardinals Folly - Our Cult Continues!
Caroline Rose - I Will Not Be Afraid (vinyl)
Carrier - Lowlife
Castanets - Decimation Blues (vinyl)
Celebration - Albumen (vinyl)
Children Of Technology - Future Decay
Christian Gregory - Count On You (vinyl)
Coachwhips - Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine (vinyl)
Coliseum - Coliseum (reissue) (2xLP)
Com Truise - In Decay (vinyl)
Connections - Into Sixes (vinyl)
Cream - Best of Cream (reissue) (vinyl)
Crime - Murder By Guitar (vinyl)
Cross Examination - The Dawn of the Dude EP
Deadlock - The Re-Arrival
Dictated - The Deceived
Dr. John - Ske-Dat-De-Dat: The Spirit of Satch
DragonForce - Maximum Overload
Electric Würms - Musik, Die Schwer zu Twerk (vinyl)
Elvin Bishop - Can't Even Do Wrong Right
Empire Auriga - Ascending The Solar Throne
Extinction A.D. - Plague Prophecy
Fela Kuti - Confusion (reissue) (vinyl)
Fela Kuti - Sorrow, Tears and Blood (reissue) (vinyl)
Fela Kuti - Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense (reissue) (vinyl)
Free Time - Esoteric Tizz (7")
Grinder Blues - Grinder Blues
Gruppo d’Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza - Gruppo d’Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza (vinyl)
Halcyon Way - Conquer
He Is Legend - Heavy Fruit
Holly Herndon - Body Sound (10")
Human League - Dare! (vinyl)
Imogen Heap - Sparks (2xLP)
Israel Nash - Rain Plans (vinyl)
James Yorkston - The Cellardyke Recording and Wassailing Society
Jenny Hval and Susanna - Meshes of Voice
Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas - Secret Evil (vinyl)
Jimmy Eat World - Clarity (reissue) (2xLP)
Jimmy Eat World - Futures (reissue) (2xLP)
Jimmy Eat World - Static Prevails (reissue) (2xLP)
jj - V (colored vinyl)
Joel Gion - Apple Bonkers (vinyl)
Johnny Touch - Inner City Wolves
Joy - Under the Spell of Joy (vinyl)
Julia Holter - Don't Make Me Over (7")
Julia Holter - Tragedy (reissue) (vinyl)
Karma To Burn - Arch Stanton
Kimbra - The Golden Echo (vinyl)
King 810 - Memoirs Of A Murderer
Kinks - Best of the Kinks 1964-1971
Literature - Chorus (vinyl)
Midge Ure - Fragile
Midnight - No Mercy For Mayhem
Moiré - Shelter
Monty Python - Monty Python's Total Rubbish: Super Deluxe
Moon Duo - Live in Ravenna (vinyl)
Museum Of Love - Museum Of Love
Music Go Music - Impressions (vinyl)
Ned Oldham - Further Gone (7")
Octoberman - What More What More
Orenda Fink - Blue Dream
Pallbearer - Foundations Of Burden
Paul Desmond - Take Ten (reissue) (vinyl)
Peliroja - Injusticia (vinyl)
Peter Jefferies - Electricity (2xLP)
Pillbuster - Brothel
Powerlord - The Awakening (reissue)
Punch - They Don't Have to Believe (vinyl)
Roadkill Ghost Choir - In Tongues
Roedelius - Flieg Vogel fliege (vinyl)
Rubblebucket - Survival Sounds (vinyl)
Sacrocurse - Unholier Master
Santana - Inner Secrets (reissue) (vinyl)
Sarah Jaffe - Don't Disconnect (vinyl)
Sleeping Bag - Deep Sleep (vinyl)
Sleeping Giant - Finished People
Smokey Robinson - Smokey & Friends
Souls of Mischief - There Is Only Now
Statik Selektah - What Goes Around
Stereo MCs - Connected (vinyl)
The Brokeoffs - Restless Leg
The Last Internationale - We Will Reign (vinyl)
The Offspring - Smash 20th Anniversary (reissue )(vinyl)
The Posies - Failure (reissue) (vinyl)
Trioscapes - Digital Dream Sequence
Various Artists - Kompakt Total 14 (2xLP)
Various Artists - Look Again To The Wind: Johnny Cash's Bitter Tears Revisited
Wiz Khalifa - Blacc Hollywood

August 26

Alraune - The Process of Self-Immolation
American - Coping With Loss
Ariana Grande - My Everything
Basement Jaxx - Junto (reissue) (2xLP)
Bastard Sapling - Instinct Is Forever
Battle Trance - Palace Of Wind
Bitchin Bajas - Bitchin Bajas (2xLP)
Brad Paisley - Moonshine In The Trunk
Cassie Ramone - Time Has Come
Circle Traps - Machine City EP (vinyl)
Cocksure - TVMALSV
Cold Specks - Neuroplasticity
Cymbals Eat Guitars - LOSE
Dry the River - Alarms in the Heat (vinyl)
Elephant Stone - The Three Poisons
Estrogen Highs - Hear Me On the Number Station (vinyl)
Etta James - Rocks the House (vinyl)
Famous Last Words - Council Of The Dead
Frnkiero And The Cellabration - Stomachaches
Full Force - With Love From Our Friends
Germ House - Showing Symptoms (vinyl)
Girl Tears - Tension (vinyl)
Gob - Apt. 13
High Ends - Super Class
High Inergy - Turnin' On
In the Valley Below - The Belt
J Dilla - The King of Beats (Ma Dukes Yancey Collector's Edition Box Set)
J Mascis - Tied to a Star
Liturgy - Renihilation (reissue)
Matchess - Seraphastra (vinyl)
Merchandise - After The End
MNDSGN - Yawn Zen
Mono/Poly - Golden Skies
Motorhead - Aftershock
Music Blues - Things Haven't Gone Well
Negative Scanner - Ambitious People / Evening News b/w R.I.P. (7")
Opeth - Pale Communion
Randy Bachman - Vinyl Tap Tour: Every Song Tells a Story
Robyn Hitchcock - The Man Upstairs
Royal Blood - Royal Blood
Rustie - Green Language (2xLP)
Sea of Bones - The Earth Wants Us Dead
Superdrag - Head Trip In Every Key (2xLP)
The Bug - Angels & Devils
The Front Bottoms - Rose (7")
The Griswolds - Be Impressive (vinyl)
The New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers
The Rentals - Lost In Alphaville
The Wytches - Annabel Dream Reader
The Young - Chrome Cactus (vinyl)
Tinnarose - Tinnarose
Twin Atlantic - Great Divide
Ty Segall - The Manipulator
Walter TV - Appetite (vinyl)
Wand - Ganglian Reef (vinyl)
Z - Visions of Dune

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

new arrivals from our friends at SoundStageDirect

Last Fair Day Gone Night by Katatonia

Katatonia was formed in 1991 by Anders Nyström and Jonas Renkse. Their debut album, ‘Dance of December Souls’, was released in 1993, gaining the band recognition for their eclectic brand of gothic doom/death metal & joining acts such as Paradise Lost & My Dying Bride as one of the genre’s defining bands. On future albums a newer, sleeker Katatonia sound came to the fore, starting with a streamlined & structured collection of melodic dark rock songs that became third album ‘Discouraged Ones’; the main evolution point for modern day Katatonia.

‘Last Fair Day Gone Night’ features the Swedish dark rock/metal masters at their glorious best with this electrifying set from London’s esteemed Koko venue.

Recorded during a series of special celebratory shows to mark the band’s 20th anniversary during 2011’s ‘Last Fair Day Gone Night’ tour, founding members Anders Nyström & Jonas Renkse are joined by long-time drummer Daniel Liljekvist, plus guitarist Per Eriksson & bassist Niklas Sandin, for an exhilarating evening fuelled by a rich & extensive set of Katatonia tracks both past & present. Also includes a special performance of the landmark 2001 album ‘Last Fair Deal Gone Down’ in its entirety.

Deluxe Box With An 8 Page 12” Book

Order at SoundStageDirect

The Silence In Black And White (Acoustic) by Hawthorne Heights

Hawthorne Heights will be releasing “The Silence In Black And White (Acoustic)” in celebration of the albums 10 year anniversary.

The album features all 11 tracks re-imagined for a truly unique re-release and a perfect homage to the album that put the band on the map.

“It’s hard to believe that after all these years, all these shows, and all these miles of highway, these songs still mean something to someone. It was so much fun to dive deep into these memories, and come out with fresh versions of songs that our fans have loved for years. It feels weird to think of it as an acoustic album, because it’s very much full band, as well as energetic. We tried to discover new depths; by digging into everything we have believed in all these years. We still believe in each other, we still believe in our fans, and we still believe in you.” – JT Woodruff (Vocals / Guitar)

Order at SoundStageDirect

Sardonic Wrath by Darkthrone

Darkthrone originally formed in the late 80’s as a thrash/death metal act & progressed through a period technical death and doom metal experimentation to become legends of the black metal world & one of the original leading bands of the Norwegian scene.

 ‘Sardonic Wrath’ was initially released in 2004 and was Darkthrone’s final album for the Moonfog Productions label. With a suitably raw sound courtesy of Lars Klokkerhaug, the album delivers a wholly grim selection of black metal greatness courtesy of Nocturno Culto and Fenriz, with a dose of pure 80s metal influence as ever coursing through their veins. Regarded as a particular highlight of Darkthrone’s Moonfog era albums, ‘Sardonic Wrath’ also features guest vocals from Apollyon of countrymen Aura Noir/Immortal.

Order at SoundStageDirect

This Week's Bestselling Vinyl Records at SoundStageDirect

1. Nirvana - Feels Like The First Time (On Sale)
2. Widespead Panic - Space Wrangler
3. The White Stripes - Let's Shake Hands
4. The White Stripes - Hand Springs (On Sale)
5. The White Stripes - LaFayette Blues
6. Widespread Panic - Everyday (Pre-Order)
7. The White Stripes - Hotel Yorba/Rated X
8. Widespread Panic (Pre-Order)



San Diego’s Beloved Band ILYA Follows-Up With Album After Eight-Year Hiatus with Tour Dates, a Renewed Sense of Purpose and a Rightful Place Next to Bands Like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Warpaint, Swans and Dead Can Dance


LOS ANGELES, CA (WEDNESDAY JULY 23, 2014) – San Diego post-rock band ILYA ( have confirmed Tuesday September 30 for the re-release of their third album In Blood (+Bonus Tracks). This is the bands first album of new music in close to a decade and is already proving to be their best work yet.

In Blood is a collection of dark, beautiful songs with deep attention to dynamics and mood, and a precision-like love for the subtleties and silence too often overlooked. A culmination of sounds and words so weighted you feel crushed, yet heightened by a delicate floating layer of hope, that leaves you clawing and scratching for more. Fans of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Warpaint, Swans and Dead Can Dance will find themselves right at home here.

An earlier version of In Blood was released regionally in and around San Diego to much fanfare this past spring. However, this new edition adds two new bonus tracks.

Pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl, with a beautiful full color Gatefold jacket. All vinyl purchases come with a free digital download.

Pre-Order HERE


from our friends at EnjoyTheRideRecords

Rob Zombie- Hellbilly Deluxe Coming on 180 Gram Vinyl

Rob Zombie's TRIPLE PLATINUM debut album 'Hellbilly Deluxe'

Available on vinyl as a non picture disc with complete artwork for the FIRST TIME

Pressed on 180 Gram Aqua/Orange/Green Swirl, Limited to 500 Copies & Exclusively Available At The Enjoy The Ride Records Webstore.

Housed in a Gatefold Jacket & 2 Sided Full Color Insert featuring Lyrics & original artwork by Rob Zombie

Each Order will also come with an individually numbered sticker of 1-500 which can be applied to anywhere on the jacket once open

You can order it tomorrow at EnjoyTheRideRecords


ZAPPA FAMILY TRUST Announces 40th Anniversary Edition of Frank Zappa’s Apostrophe(’) on 180-Gram Vinyl

The ZAPPA FAMILY TRUST presents more freshly remastered music with the 40th Anniversary Edition of Frank Zappa’s Apostrophe(’)on audiophile quality 180-gram vinyl. Cut directly from the original quarter-inch stereo analog master tapes, the special edition of the iconic 1974 album will be released on September 30.

Featuring definitive Zappa cuts “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow” and “Cosmik Debris” among its original nine tracks, Apostrophe(’)was Zappa’s highest-charting album, peaking at No. 10 on the Billboard 200. The Gold-certified album has been remastered for vinyl by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering and manufactured for the world at Pallas Group in Germany.

The 40th Anniversary Edition of Apostrophe(’)continues the ZAPPA FAMILY TRUST’s ongoing commitment to the restoration of Frank Zappa’s albums on audiophile quality vinyl. Joe Travers, Vaultmaster, Zappa Archives, is working on the new LP releases with Bellman.

In 2012, when the rights to the iconic composer’s masters reverted back to Zappa Records and the ZAPPA FAMILY TRUST--headed by Zappa’s widow Gail Zappa--the family made his entire recorded catalog available on iTunes for the first time and began remastering the albums for reissue on vinyl. Presented with proper care and attention to detail, the releases honor the iconic legacy of the Composer, Guitarist, Bandleader, Filmmaker and Irrepressible Wit.

Zappa was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995 and received the GRAMMY® Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997. The official biography: Frank Zappa, American composer, fl. 1940-1993.

For more information, go to


Sweet Bird of Youth - The Rock*A*Teens  (reissue)

When Sweet Bird was released, the band was approaching the end of its existence. A few tours went by. 2001 turned into 2002, and the band was barely doing anything at all. Understandably. The band members all had their own lives, their own jobs, and their own destinies. The band’s final concert on New Year’s Eve ’02 wasn’t sheepish but rather a triumphant farewell. Lopez sang without his guitar on, standing on the monitors and screaming “I am the car, and I am the driver!” The crowd was as jubilant as the band.

Much like their performances back then, their body of work is a true catharsis. They were a truly homegrown band from Georgia that couldn’t possibly be mistaken for being from anywhere else. For anybody that ever wants a glimpse into what Cabbagetown was all about back then, the Rock*A*Teens’ Sweet Bird of Youth is a glorious introductory step.  —Henry H. Owings, Atlanta, January 2014

Order at Merge


wonderful news for the folks in las vegas!

11th Street Records brings vinyl shop and a recording studio Downtown


Lost 'Wild Style' Breakbeats Unearthed For Lavish 7-Disc Vinyl Set


yeah, yeah, it's not vinyl, but it is ozzy:

OZZY OSBOURNE To Release 'Memoirs Of A Madman' CD, Two-Disc DVD In October


Amazon's Top Ten Best Selling Music

1. Mandatory Fun ~ Weird Al Yankovic
2. Eric Clapton & Friends - The Breeze (An Appreciation of JJ Cale) ~ Eric Clapton
3. Hypnotic Eye ~ Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
4. CSNY 1974 (3 CD + DVD) ~ Crosby Stills Nash & Young
5. Lowborn ~ Anberlin
6. Yes! ~ Jason Mraz
7. Heaven & Earth ~ Yes
8. Begin Again: Music From & Inspired By The Original Motion Picture ~ Various Artists
9. Kidz Bop 26 ~ Kidz Bop Kids
10. In The Lonely Hour ~ Sam Smith


GRIMEY'S BEST SELLERS 7/14 - 7/20, 2014

Vinyl Top 25
1. Widespread Panic - Space Wrangler
2. Jack White - Lazaretto
3. Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds In Country Music
4. First Aid Kit - Stay Gold
5. The Clean - Anthology
6. Trampled By Turtles - Wild Animals
7. Various - Country Funk II
8. The War On Drugs - Lost In The Dream
9. Fela Kuti - Expensive Shit
10. Bleachers - Strange Desire
11. The Black Keys - Turn Blue
12. Reigning Sound - Shattered
13. Morrissey - World Peace Is None Of Your Business
14. John Hiatt - Terms Of My Surrender
15. Pink Floyd - The Division Bell
16. Sam Smith - In The Lonely Hour
17. Beck - Morning Phase
18. Arctic Monkeys - AM
19. Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires Of The City
20. Cocteau Twins - Blue Bell Knoll
22. Ed Sheeran - X
23. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II (deluxe 2LP)
24. Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence
25. Lambchop - Nixon


album cover art of the day:

HELLION To Release 'Karma's A Bitch' Mini-Album