Monday, August 18, 2008

World's Largest Record Collection

I just received a special email about the "World's Largest Record Collection" and it seems that no one has bought this marvelous and historic audio archive. The owner, Paul Mawhinney is trying to get someone to carry on his legacy and to preserve this wondrous archive of music.

A filmmaker from New York, Sean Dunne, sent me this email:

"Recently I was in the Pittsburgh area and I visited the famed Record Rama Sound Archive. The place is simply amazing, Paul Mawhinney has a ridiculous collection that would blow any record collectors mind.

Anyway, I made a little short film about his collection. At first the film was just meant to be about an obsessive collector but in the process of interviewing him I feel it kind of became a film about the fall of the music industry as a whole."

After watching the video, I am saddened that no one has come forward to buy this collection, I mean, somewhere, somehow, you would think that it could be done. Take a look at this short video, I'd love to hear your comments:

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.