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Ask Mr. Music by Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: Living just 65 miles north of Chicago, we easily receive many of their radio stations.

That is how I first heard Vic Damone's “South Side of Chicago,” probably in the mid-'60s. It's about the glory years “back when jazz was king, on the south side of Chicago.” It's a good song that was understandably popular down there.

Since then, I have found several other versions, including ones by Della Reese; Al Grey & Richard Boone; Lezlie Anders; Walter Wanderly; Charley Harrison; and my personal favorite, Ray Price.

What intrigues me is all but one refers to “21st and Wentworth” as the “beating heart” of the jazz night life and “the place where the action first got its start.”

The exception is Charley Harrison's. He changes the supposedly historic intersection to 63rd and Cottage. Why?

Harrison is also the only singer to mention Vaughan Freeman. Who is he?
—Julia Konizeski, Twin Lakes, Wisc.

DEAR JULIA: Vic Damone did have the first single release of tunesmith Phil Zeller's “On the South Side of Chicago” (complete title), issued in early 1967 (RCA 9145). Vic's single is also the only rendition to appear on any of the music charts.

Damone followed the single with an LP titled “On the South Side of Chicago” (RCA 3765).

Walter Wanderly's 1967 version is the only instrumental on your list. This fine Brazilian keyboardist (1932-1986) performed “On the South Side of Chicago” in the style of his 1966 hit, “Summer Samba.”

Now about the stray in the herd:

Charley Harrison is a top-flight jazz composer, arranger, and producer. He is not, however, the singer of “On the South Side of Chicago.” Harrison's guest vocalist on that track is Freddy Cole.

Their six-minute masterpiece is on Charley's debut (2006) CD album, “Keeping My Composure.” For all 11 of the tracks, Charley conducts Jeff Lindberg's Chicago Jazz Orchestra.

Harrison's is the only recording I know that cites somewhere other than 21st and Wentworth, actually on the edge of Chinatown, as “the place where [Chicago jazz] action first got its start.”

As a Chicago native, Charley might have known that there is no intersection of 21st and Wentworth there. They do have a 2100 South block on Wentworth, but none of the principal jazz clubs were that far north.

Nearly half of the 50 or so hot venues were on State Street, between 26th and 47th.

My recommendation for the verse would therefore be to pinpoint 35th and State as the Chicago jazz epicenter.

Still, 63rd and Cottage (full name: Cottage Grove) has long been a bustling area of general activity, especially the Grand Ballroom and Tivoli Theater. The Tivoli is long gone, but the Grand Ballroom still stands ready to host special events, from weddings to conventions.

One block from the Grand Ballroom stood another significant music venue: the Pershing Hotel, home of the Pershing Palace Ballroom and El Grotto Supper Club.

Conveniently, in the same building, right next to the Pershing's main doors, was a record store where all the top swing-era 78s were sold — possibly an impulse marketing precursor to today's supermarket checkout line racks.

Not Vaughan, Earle Lavon “Von” Freeman is an 87-year-old Chicago-born tenor saxophone legend. Last year, Freeman received the National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Masters award, our nation's highest jazz honor.

IZ ZAT SO? In Zeller's “On the South Side of Chicago,” we're told “there was everything” in that district. Phil could have also written “there was everyone,” in particular the country's biggest names in jazz bands and swing music.

Here is just a sampling of major stars, whose live shows at “little places filled with people glowing” cost from “no cover charge” to one dollar: Albert Ammons; Louis Armstrong; Count Basie; Sidney Bechet; Cab Calloway; Nat King Cole; Johnny Dodds; Benny Goodman; Lionel Hampton; Coleman Hawkins; Fletcher Henderson; Woody Herman; Earl Hines; Alberta Hunter; Al Jolson; Freddie Keppard; Jimmy Lunceford; Jelly Roll Morton; Jimmy Noone; Joe “King” Oliver; Kid Ory; Tiny Parham; Bessie Smith; Erskine Tate; Fats Waller; Billy Ward; Ethel Waters; Paul Whiteman; Joe Williams; and Teddy Wilson.

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Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

interesting story out of the uk:

I’m a real record breaker: Man collects every number one single since charts started in 1952... and now he's flogging the lot

By Katie Silver

While many view their music collection as a source of pride, worthy of devouring their funds and free time, for Kevin Upchurch - who has collected every single UK number one since the charts began in 1952 – it’s in an entirely different league.

Mr Upchurch's massive haul - which totals a whopping 1,100 hits spanning vinyl, cassette, CD and MP3 - is all stored in his Kent flat.

Music mad Kevin has dedicated his life to scouring car boot sales, charity shops, independent record stores and the internet in a bid to complete his vast collection.

And after 39 years, it ranges from the classic How Much Is That Doggy In The Window by Lita Roza to modern dance anthems like Rihanna’s We Found Love.

But the 51-year-old, from Bexleyheath, Kent, is now putting the lot up for auction - with it expected to sell for a five figure sum - to make some room in his small flat.



Top 5 eBay Vinyl Record - Sales Week Ending 02/11/2012

A pretty poor week price-wise, but some interesting records show up nonetheless. The #1 45 is the first 45 from the artist known a few years later as David Bowie. Two Northerns show up on the list, and the Wings picture disc is the promo only copy that was distributed in the UK.

1. 45 - Davie Jones & King Bees "Liza Jane"/ "Louie, Louie Go Home" Vocalion Pop UK Pressing - $2,835.36

2. 45 - Tommy Dent "Soul Thing" / "Miss Woman" Cobble Stone 706 - $2,716.00

3. LP - Donald Byrd Sextet "Jazz 5" Transition - $2,370.67

4. 45 - Vondells "Hey Girl You've Changed" / "Soldier Boy" Airtown 456 - $2,125.00

5. LP - Paul McCartney and Wings "Back To The Egg" Promotional Picture Disc UK Pressing - $1,943.10

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Tigercats to Release Debut On Vinyl

Isle of Dogs, the debut album from East London indie-pop band Tigercats, will be released on CD and on 12" vinyl via Fika Recordings on April 9th. With 11 songs as heartfelt as they are fantastically catchy and infectious, the band are well in to their stride: enthusiastic, confident, charismatic and fun-loving


Demon Hunter Reveal Album Artwork

Demon Hunter's sixth studio album is called, 'True Defiance,' and the artwork was created by Ryan Clark and illustrated by Angryblue. The record is scheduled for release on April 10 via Solid State Records.

True Defiance Tracklist
1. Crucifix
2. God Forsaken
3. My Destiny
4. Wake
5. Tomorrow Never Comes
6. Someone to Hate
7. This I Know
8. Means to an End
9. We Don't Care
10. Resistance
11. Dead Flowers


Europe Reveals Cover Art For New LP

Swedish hard rockers Europe have revealed the cover art for their upcoming album 'Bag of Bones,' which is due out in April 2012 via EarMusic/Adel Records. The album was recorded in October 2011 and produced by renowned producer Kevin Shirley (Iron Maiden/Black Country Communion).


Dawn Of Disease Reveals Cover Art

German death metal band Dawn Of Disease has unveiled the cover art and revealed the track listing for the upcoming sophomore release 'Crypts of the Unrotten.' The album is scheduled for released on April 27, 2012 via NoiseArt Records.

1. Descent Into Another World (Intro)
2. Alone With The Dead
3. Knife vs Flesh
4. The Unrotten
5. Skinless And Impaled
6. Enter The Gates
7. Calcined Bones
8. Catacombs
9. Final Resurrection
10. Devouring Obscurity
11. But Death Goes On
12. Soulless Shape (Bonus Track)


Sigh Reveals New Album Details

Metal exhibitionists Sigh are set to release their ninth studio album this March. Called 'In Somniphobia,' the 11 track opus features guest appearances from Massacre’s Kam Lee and Meads Of Asphodel’s Metatron as well as cover illustration by renowned artist Eliran Kantor.

Founded in 1990 in Tokyo, Japan, Sigh is known for a nontraditional approach to metal and music in general and such is the case with the band's latest endeavor. Commented vocalist/keyboardist Mirai Kawashima: "This is your sonic nightmare. This is the music that lies somewhere between your reality and imagination. This is the heaviest, scariest, craziest and by far the best album by SIGH in every aspect. Be sure to smoke first then listen to this with headphones. Bad trip guaranteed."

1. Purgatorium
2. The Transfiguration Fear Lucid Nightmares
3. Lucid Nightmare
4. Somniphobia
5. L'excommunication a Minuit
6. Amnesia
7. Far Beneath the In-Between
8. Amongst the Phantoms of Abandoned Tumbrils
9. Ending Theme: Continuum
10. Fall to the Thrall
11. Equale (a. Prelude, b. Fugato, c. Coda)


Phish Debut LP To Be Released on Vinyl for Record Store Day

Phish has announced that their debut album, 'Junta,' will finally make it to vinyl format for the first time on Record Store Day. Originally released by the band on cassette in 1989, the album will now become available as a Limited Edition 180 gram Deluxe 3-LP vinyl set, available exclusively at independently owned record stores participating in Record Store Day. The release will be limited to 5,000 individually numbered copies and will only be available on April 21 for Record Store day.

Junta was recorded at Euphoria Sound Studios in Revere, Massachusetts in 1987 and 1988 on 16-track 2” tape and was mixed to 1/4” stereo reels. All production duties on the album are the work of the band members themselves. The vinyl release is culled from the original stereo master reels with lacquers cut by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Each LP is pressed onto 180g audiophile grade vinyl and includes a free MP3 download of the entire album (transferred from the new vinyl master).

The LE Deluxe vinyl copy will also feature the original packaging created by the band for the 1989 cassette release. In addition, 2,500 of the Junta Deluxe 3-LP sets will also include brand new exclusive Limited Edition hand-carved, hand-printed linolium block posters by Jim Pollock. Those editions will be distributed randomly at participating independently owned record stores across the country, but will be clearly marked.

Side A
You Enjoy Myself
Side B
Golgi Apparatus
Side C
Dinner And A Movie
Divided Sky
Side D
David Bowie
Side E
Fluff’s Travels


NAPALM DEATH: 'Scum' 25-Year Special Edition To Be Released In March

"Scum", the classic 1987 debut album from grindcore pioneers NAPALM DEATH, will be re-released on limited-edition redux CD and colored vinyl LP on March 5 via Earache Records.

To celebrate 25 years since the release of the most influential grindcore album ever made, "Scum" has been remastered especially for this release from the original tapes with Full Dynamic Range (FDR), allowing the music's nuances to shine through and giving the whole album a more ferocious and dynamic sound than ever before, and enabling the listener to immerse in the full audio chaos like never before.

Original NAPALM DEATH guitarist and founding member Mick Harris states: "It sounds wicked — that record still holds up today and I'm proud I was part of it."

Read the rest at Blabbermouth


GRIMEY'S BEST SELLERS 2/06 - 2/12, 2012

Vinyl Top 25:

1. Dr. Dog - Be The Void
2. Sharon Van Etten - Tramp
3. Jack White - Love Interruption 7"
4. The Black Keys - El Camino
5. Bon Iver - Bon Iver
6. Mark Lanegan Band - Blues Funeral
7. Fucked Up - Year Of The Tiger 12"
8. Gotye - Making Mirrors
9. Of Montreal - Paralytic Stalks
10. First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar
11. Jacuzzi Boys - Seahawks & Peacocks 12"
12. Cloud Nothings - Attack On Memory
13. Ben Kweller - Go Fly A Kite
14. Futurebirds - Futurebirds EP
15. Lost Sounds - Plastic Skin 7"
16. Thelonious Monk - The Unique Thelonious Monk
17. Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
18. Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker
19. Radiohead - OK Computer
20. Amos Lee - Live At Grimey's 7"
21. Dead Moon - Defiance
22. Townes Van Zandt - Live At Old Quarter
23. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
24. The Beach Boys - The SMiLE Sessions
25. Swell Maps - Jane From Occupied Europe


from our friends at

Top 10 Albums – February 13, 2012

Here are the Top 10 Albums sold on Shop Radio Cast for the week of February 13, 2012:

1. Blink 182 – Dude Ranch LP
2. Blink 182 – Enema Of The State LP
3. Blink 182 – Blink 182 2XLP
4. Taking Back Sunday – Tell All Your Friends LP
5. Taking Back Sunday – Where You Want It To Be LP
6. Blink 182 – Buddha LP
7. Fun. – Some Nights LP
8. AFI – Black Sails In The Sunset LP
9. Brand New – Your Favorite Weapon LP
10. Blink 182 – Neighborhoods LP (Blue/White)

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and in music history for february 15th:

In 1941, in Hollywood, Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra first recorded "Take the 'A' Train."

In 1954, Big Joe Turner recorded the original version of "Shake, Rattle And Roll." As sung by Turner, it is ranked #126 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

The shouting chorus on his version consisted of Jesse Stone, and record label executives Jerry Wexler and Ahmet Ertegün. The saxophone solo was by Sam "The Man" Taylor. Turner's recording was released in April 1954, reached #1 on the US Billboard R&B chart on June 12, did not move for three weeks, and peaked at #22, nearly at the same time, on the Billboard pop chart (subsequently billed as the Billboard Hot 100).

The song, in its original incarnation, is highly sexual. Perhaps its most salacious lyric, which was absent from the later Bill Haley rendition, is "I've been holdin' it in, way down underneath / You make me roll my eyes, baby, make me grit my teeth". [It may actually be "Over the hill, way down underneath.] On the recording, Turner slurred the lyric "holdin' it in", since this line may have been considered too risqué for publication. The chorus uses "shake, rattle and roll" to refer to boisterous intercourse, in the same way that the words "rock and roll" was first used by numerous rhythm and blues singers, starting with Trixie Smith's "My Man Rocks Me (With One Steady Roll)" in 1922, and continuing on prominently through the 1940s and 1950s.

In 1957, the Coasters record "Searchin'", which will reach #3 in the US and become the first of their ten Billboard Top 40 hits.

Also in 1957, the live rock concert package tour "Greatest Show of 1957" made its first stop in Pittsburgh. The cross-country show featured Chuck Berry, Clyde McPhatter, Fats Domino, LaVern Baker, the Five Satins, the Moonglows, and Bill Doggett.

In 1958, Frankie Avalon scored his first US Top 10 hit when "Dede Dinah" reached number 7. He would follow it with a string of hits over the next couple of years, including "Ginger Bread" (#9), "Venus" (#1), "Bobby Sox to Stockings" (#8), "A Boy Without a Girl" (#10), "Just Ask Your Heart" (#7) and "Why" (#1).

In 1958, Jerry Lee Lewis performs "Great Balls of Fire" and his latest release "Breathless" on American Bandstand. Later in the day, he would appear on Dick Clark's Rock and Roll program, Saturday Night Beechnut Show, along with Pat Boone, Connie Francis, Chuck Willis, The Royal Teens and Johnnie Ray.

In 1961, Jackie Wilson was shot by Juanita Jones, a girlfriend who had gone to his New York apartment to confront him about another woman. Although he managed to escape and make it to a hospital, Wilson lost a kidney and would carry the bullet that was too close to his spine to be removed, for the rest of his life.

In 1961, the Marcels recorded "Blue Moon."

In 1962, Ray Charles records "I Can't Stop Loving You" at United Studios in Hollywood, California. The tune will go on to top both the US and UK charts and would be included on the LP "Modern Sounds In Country / Western Music", which would lead the Billboard album chart for 14 weeks.

In 1964, 'Meet the Beatles!' became the Fab Four's first number 1 album in the US.

In 1965, after smoking three packs of cigarettes a day for many years, Nat King Cole died of lung cancer at the age of 47. His daughter Natalie had just turned 15 the previous week. Nat originally played piano in Jazz bands, but stepped to the front of the stage for good when "Mona Lisa" became a huge hit in 1950. Cole continued his hit streak with "Unforgettable", "A Blossom Fell", "Send For Me", "Looking Back", "Ramblin' Rose" and "Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer". He hit the charts again in 1991 when his voice was dubbed into a duet with Natalie on an updated version of "Unforgettable".

In 1965, at EMI's Abbey Road Studios in London, the Beatles recorded "Ticket To Ride." This was the first song by the band in which Paul McCartney was featured on lead guitar. The meaning of the title phrase remains unclear. Paul McCartney said it was "a British Railways ticket to the town of Ryde on the Isle of Wight," and John Lennon said it described cards indicating a clean bill of health carried by Hamburg prostitutes in the 1960s. The Beatles played in Hamburg early in their musical career, and "ride/riding" was slang for having sex.

Ticket to Ride" was released as a single on April 9, 1965 in the United Kingdom and April 19 in the United States with "Yes It Is" as its B-side, topping the Hot 100 for a week in the US and the UK Singles Chart for three weeks in the UK. The American single's label declared that the song was from the United Artists release Eight Arms to Hold You. This was the original title of the Beatles' second movie; the title changed to Help! after the single was initially released. The song was also included on the Help! album released on August 6 in the UK and on August 13 in the US.

Music critics Richie Unterberger of Allmusic and Ian MacDonald both describe "Ticket to Ride" as an important milestone in the evolution of the musical style of the Beatles. Unterberger said, "the rhythm parts on 'Ticket to Ride' were harder and heavier than they had been on any previous Beatles outing, particularly in Ringo Starr's stormy stutters and rolls." MacDonald described it as "psychologically deeper than anything the Beatles had recorded before ... extraordinary for its time — massive with chiming electric guitars, weighty rhythm, and rumbling floor tom-toms.

Also in 1965, the Beatles released the single "Eight Days a Week," but only in North America. Although it was a huge American hit, the group did not think highly of the song (John Lennon called it 'lousy') and they never performed it live.

In 1967, "Georgy Girl" by the Seekers was the #1 song in the US.

In 1967, six music students at Chicago's DePaul University – Walter Parazaider, Terry Kath, Danny Seraphine, James Pankow, Lee Loughnane, and Robert Lamm – formed a rock ensemble called the Big Thing. Later, with added member Peter Cetera, they changed their name to Chicago Transit Authority, then shortened it to Chicago.

In 1968, John Lennon, George Harrison and their wives traveled to India to study with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Beatle bandmates Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr soon followed. Many of the songs for the Beatles' "White Album" were written during their stay in India.

In 1968, blues harmonicist Marion Walter Jacobs, who performed as "Little Walter," died from injuries suffered in a fight while taking a break from a performance at a southside Chicago nightclub at the age of 37.

In 1975, singer Gino Vannelli became the second Caucasian performer to appear on the syndicated TV dance show, "Soul Train." (The first was Detroit guitarist Dennis Coffey who appeared in January 1972.)

In 1975, although she would place 21 songs on the Billboard Top 40, Linda Ronstadt had her only number one hit with "You're No Good".

In 1979, at the 21st Grammy Awards, the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack won Album of the Year and The Bee Gees were named Best Pop Group and Best Arrangement for Voices for "Staying Alive". Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are" won Record and Song of the Year. Donna Summer's "Last Dance" won two Grammys: Best Female R&B Vocal and Best R&B Song.

In 1981, 39 year old Mike Bloomfield, lead guitarist for Electric Flag, is found dead of a drug overdose in his parked car in San Francisco. He had just completed his final album, "Living In The Fast Lane".

In 1984, singer Ethel Merman died after being diagnosed with glioblastoma and undergoing brain surgery to have the malignant tumor removed at age 76.

In 1988, after allegedly referring to El Paso, Texas as "the place with all those greasy Mexicans", Joe Elliot and the rest of Def Leppard are forced to cancel a show in that city due to various threats.

In 1991, model Kelly Emberg launches a $25 million palimony suit against Rod Stewart. The pair lived together from 1985 to 1990. Rod has often been quoted as saying "Instead of getting married again, I'm going to find a woman I don't like and just give her a house."

In 1993, Little Richard expresses his anger after being told he will receive his Lifetime Achievement Award during the non-televised portion of the Grammy Awards. Richard said "This is the crowning achievement of my career and they want to give it to me secretly."

In 1994, a federal court jury ruled Michael Jackson did not steal the idea for his hit song "Dangerous" from a Denver woman who had sent him a demo tape.

In 2001, George Harrison took part in the first ever on-line chat on Yahoo Chat.

In 2006, the gravesite of Bon Scott of AC/DC was given heritage status.

In 2008, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was announced.

birthdays today include (among others): John Helliwell (Supertramp) (67), Melissa Manchester (61), Brandon Boyd (Incubus) (36) and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. (Killers) (36)