Monday, June 9, 2014

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

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The Time Machine (1999) is the third solo release by Alan Parsons and features guest vocals by Tony Hadley (of Spandau Ballet), Colin Blunstone, Máire Brennan (of Clannad )and Beverly Craven. The concept of the album revolves around time travelling and memory of the past.

TRANSPARENT vinyl by Music On Vinyl. Double LP. Limited edition, only 1000 copies in this color.

Release date: 07-07-2014

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It would be a mistake to view Sum 41 as just another second-rate band cashing in on the early-'00s punk-pop boom, even if it did recruit Jerry Finn to produce All Killer No Filler. Just as Finn had done for both blink-182 and Green Day, he charges Sum 41's punk-pop with a razor-sharp edge, the sort of dynamic in-your-face sound that helps this music cross over to MTV and radio so well. Besides the notable production, a lot of credit should go to the band as well. Its songwriting is obviously more diverse here than it was a year earlier on its debut album, Half Hour of Power; for example, the group's rap and '80s metal influences rise to the surface more frequently here than on that first album and instill a fun sense of camp. ''Fatlip'' is perhaps the best example of how Sum 41 has made an effort to diversify the music with more than just power chords and melodic punk vocals.

Reissue LP by the label Asbestos. Single LP Limited Edition on Neon Pink colored vinyl. Only 400 copies.

Release on 07-01-2014

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Wild in the Streets is the second studio album by the hardcore punk band Circle Jerks. It was originally released on March 4, 1982 through Faulty Products, a sub-label of I.R.S. Records. The title track is a cover song of theGarland Jeffreys song of the same name. Mike Ness of Social Distortion can be seen on the cover of the album; running wild in the streets.

Reissue album of The Circle Jerks on Vinyl by Drastic Plastic. Single LP Limited Edition on Red colored Vinyl. Only 1000 copies.

Release date 07-01-2014

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Ziggy Marley returns to more adult-oriented fare with Wild and Free, a pro-cannabis album that’s suitably laid-back, militant, and organic. Helping with the organic is producer Don Was, who surrounds Ziggy with warm tones and good vibes and nothing feeling showy or cold. This enhances the freely developing numbers like “Roads Less Traveled” (a slowly chugging track that sounds inspired by Dad’s classic Wailers’ cut “Exodus”) and “A Sign” (one of those light, bright songs that reminds you Ziggy’s Melody Makers often shared the same new hippie spirit as hip-hop’s Arrested Development). Freedom and marijuana fuel the album as pro-pot advocate Woody Harrelson offers narration on the excellent title track, while “Changes” lead to a “Personal Revolution” and on to enlightenment. A big swerve comes at the end with the eulogy for a prostitute called “Elizabeth,” but there’s little doubt that it’s a songwriting high point for Ziggy, tugging at the heartstrings with a minimal amount of words. Stoned to the bone with Was at the controls means this is one of the more humble and cool offerings in the Ziggy Marley catalog, but those are the same reasons it’s an album to return to, delivering that satisfying Rastaman vibration whenever listeners crave a mellow mood.

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matt pond - Emblems

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Emblems, one of matt pond PA's most beloved albums, this classic title is now available on colored vinyl for the first time.

Featuring three vinyl-only bonus tracks as well as fan favorites such as "KC," "The Butcher" and more, this deluxe double LP is pressed on bone-colored wax.

The record will be available in stores on June 10, but you can pick up a copy and receive an instant full-album download from our E-Store now.
  • 2xLP + Instant MP3
  • 180-Gram Bone
  • First time on colored vinyl.
  • Includes 3 bonus songs
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Architecture in Helsinki - Places Like This Picture Disc

The next edition in our picture disc series has arrived just in time for summer!

Places Like This, the Polyvinyl debut from Australia's Architecture in Helsinki, is filled to the brim with infectious pop rhythms and more than enough dance floor anthems to keep the party going until late in the night.

The album's acclaimed artwork -- by UK illustrator Will Sweeney -- is put on full display here, providing a glimpse into the intricacies and mayhem of the music within the grooves.

This one-time pressing is limited to 300 numbered copies. Pre-Order Limited Edition

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