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The Cars - Dangerous Type

Cuff The Duke

Every now and then I find a band from Canada (they have musicians there too!) that I enjoy, thought I'd share this one....Cuff The Duke

Having spent several years carving their teeth on the road with the likes of The Sadies, Sloan, Hayden, The Weakerthans, Calexico and Nick Cave, Toronto's Cuff the Duke are poised to make the jump from indie-scene-darlings to bona-fide Canadian music icons. Their new album, Way Down Here was co-produced by Blue Rodeo’s Greg Keelor at his beautiful barn studio in rural Ontario and features the band's most mature, captivating and impressive collection of songs to date.

Cuff the Duke started out in Oshawa before making the move to Toronto in 2002. Their debut album, Life Stories for Minimum Wage was released on Three Gut Records, at the time one of the most exciting indie-labels in Canada. Their second and third albums, Cuff the Duke and Sidelines and the City respectively, were both released on Hardwood Records alongside label mates Basia Bulat and Hayden.

Last year the band won accolades backing Hayden on his Canadian and North American tours.

Having played in venues ranging from Canada’s small clubs to many of the country's largest arenas and concert auditoriums, Cuff the Duke have earned their road stripes -- and now with the release of Way Down Here, they are sure to earn a place in the hearts of music lovers everywhere. Watch for it in stores and online in Canada in September, and in the USA in January via The Ernest Jenning Record Co.

Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Organ, Piano and Lead Vocals

Electric and Stand Up Bass, Piano, Organ and Vocals

Electric, Acoustic and Baritone Guitar, Pedal Steel and Vocals

Drums, Percussion and Vocals

Life Stories for Minimum Wage
CD - 2002

Cuff the Duke
CD - 2005 - Hardwood

Sidelines In the City
CD/VINYL - 2007 - Hardwood

CDN - Noble Recording Co./Universal (Sept. 8, 2009)
USA - Ernest Jenning Record Co. (January 2010)

Recorded in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the winter of 2009, Way Down Here was produced by Blue Rodeo's Greg Keelor and Cuff The Duke.
In stores and online Sept. 8th in Canada and January 2010 in the USA.

Cuff The Duke 'The Ballad of Poor John Henry'

Music News & Notes

SECRETS OF THE MOON: 'Privilegivm' Artwork Unveiled

German progressive black metallers SECRETS OF THE MOON will release their new album, "Privilegivm", on September 11 in Germany and September 14 in the rest of Europe via Prophecy Productions. According to the band. The CD's cover art was designed by "France's best media artist" Metastazis.

"Privilegivm" was was produced by Markus Stock and was mastered by Peter in De Betou at Stockholm, Sweden's Tailor Maid Production.

The group also recorded two more tracks, including the cover of a song from "a well-known band."

SECRETS OF THE MOON last year announced the addition of guitarist K.S.A. to the group's ranks. According to the band, "His skills and his exigent nature just feel right for the band and he already contributed some extremely good ideas to what will become the new album."


Sonata Arctica Unveil Cover Art And Tracklisting For New Album

SONATA ARCTICA, hailing from Finland, have unveiled the new artwork, track listing as well as the album title of their forthcoming album.

“THE DAYS OF GRAYS” will see a worldwide release (excluding Asia) through Nuclear Blast Records on September 21st, 2009



Cesena, Italy's AWAKEN DEMONS has inked a deal with Trustkill Records. The band's new album, "The Mirror", will be released on CD and vinyl on August 25. According to a press release, the CD contains "10 songs of pure aggression" and includes guest appearances by Vincent Bennet (THE ACACIA STRAIN) and Karl Buechner (EARTH CRISIS). Both the European version of the CD and the vinyl release will feature exclusive and rare bonus tracks.

Look for the band to invade the U.S. in 2009 with a full tour kicking off in September as well as a full European tour in November and December.

AWAKEN DEMONS released its debut album, "From Heaven To Hell", in 2007 through Seventh Dagger and subsequently invaded the U.S. with their friends xAFBx and RHINOCEROS.


Sir Paul- The Political Beatle?

So he says, 40 years later, hmmm. Sir Paul has said that it is he who turned the Beatles on to politics, introducing John, Paul and Ringo to the evils of the Vietnam war.

Whereas John Lennon was widely considered the "political one," penning songs like "Revolution" and "Give Peace a Chance" Sir McCartney is now presenting an alternative history. In a forthcoming interview with Prospect Magazine, Sir Paul claims to have been the catalyst for the group's anti-war position.

"Just when we were getting to be well known, someone said to me: 'Bertrand Russell is living not far from here in Chelsea, why don't you go and see him?'" McCartney said. Russell, then in his 90s, was a prominent philosopher and activist. "So I just took a taxi down there and knocked on the door."

"He was fabulous. He told me about the Vietnam war – most of us didn't know about it, it wasn't yet in the papers – and also that it was a very bad war. I remember going back to the studio either that evening or the next day and telling the guys, particularly John, about this meeting and saying what a bad war this was.

"I politicized the Beatles," McCartney insists.

And now he has passed the "megaphone" to a new generation of political artists, he said. People like Bono. Yeah, Ok Sir Paul, we believe you. Yeah, and I am the freaking walrus (how odd for the truth to come out now because John lennon IS the political Beatle- always was- always will be!)


Should Be A Good Flick

The history of the electric guitar as seen from the point of view of three significant musicians: Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, U2's The Edge and the White Stripes' Jack White:

Eye of the beholderIs it a treasure?: Rarity, condition, market determine value of collectibles

DEBBIE CAFAZZO; The News Tribune

Valuable collectibles are made, not born.

“Anything that says ‘limited edition’ or ‘collectible’ on it probably isn’t,” says Mary Sudar of Mary Sudar Appraisals and Estate Sales in Tacoma. “History and popular culture make a collectible. A manufacturer doesn’t.”

During her 25 years of appraising and selling other people’s possessions, Sudar has seen plenty of items that clients assumed were worth big money, but turned out to have very little value.

When Sudar enters a client’s home and is asked to assess the value of items, she rarely looks in the china cabinet.

“We always head to the attic or the basement, or the cabinet under the sink,” she says. That’s usually where the forgotten treasure is buried.

There’s no formula to determine the value of an old piece of costume jewelry, a poster, a statuette or a toy from a bygone era. It’s a combination of factors, including an object’s condition, how rare it is and what other people are willing to pay.

“Knockoffs have hurt the value of genuine old stuff,” says Peggy Colclasure, owner of Antiques Olympia. While reproductions can be enjoyed for what they are, they don’t often hold their value into the future.

And there’s a difference between fads and true collectibles.

Read the rest here: Collectibles