Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

Bleach Blood Vinyl Contest Still Taking Entries!

In cooperation with TransmissionRecordings.co.uk, I have a vinyl copy of the band's last EP 'The Young Heartbreakers Club' to the 10th emailer with the words "Bleach Blood Vinyl Contest" in the subject line to rbenson30@wi.rr.com    Limit one entry per email address

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again, for those who missed it, here is the best list i have found, from our friends at VinylCollective.com

2013 Record Store Day List

"Record stores keep the human social contact alive it brings people together. Without the independent record stores the community breaks down with everyone sitting in front of their computers"  - Ziggy Marley


very cool article and it's great to have people in the industry who care about the music!

Arhoolie Records: 50 Years Of Digging For Down-Home Music


always loved stevie and a real cool interview!

Stevie Nicks: 'When We Walk Into The Room, We Have To Float In Like Goddesses'


Vinyl records have bigger sound than CDs or downloads


interesting read, be careful out there!

Queens woman seeking buyer for her large vinyl record collection

But experts caution that predatory music stores often dupe unsuspecting customers into parting with their valuable records for cheap