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I have discovered a great source for vinyl, read a bit about who they are and stop by the site for a visit!

What and Who are Nerd Alert Records?

We are an 100% independent, D.I.Y., vinyl-only, online record store owned and operated by married couple, Bonnie Molleston and myself, Tony Peters since its birth on May 28th, 2008. We decided to open this store in May 2008 as an at-home job for a pregnant Bonnie. Taking a two month break from my day job working at Nintendo of America, we spent a couple months gathering stock and readying a web store with no prior knowledge of running a music store and absolutely no contacts or outside money. It was built from our money, our credit cards, our hard work – a textbook definition of D.I.Y.

As record collectors ourselves, we strive to put as much information as possible about the records we sell our listings so that all of our customers know exactly what they are buying. And if you happen to be a collector, you know how frustrating it can be to play the roulette wheel with stores that do not bother to list variant/color/pressing information.

But – at the same time, there are plenty of music lovers who simply want the record to listen to, not to collect. To see that these customers types be represented in our store as well, we go out of our way to amass as much music from as many genres as possible, regardless of record label, artist image, etc. We’re in the business of music, not anonymous judgment.

Our business has no employees, no corporate sponsors, no outside investors – everything that is done for/to the store is done by us. That means that there are no hoops to jump through in order to talk to someone who can actually help you out. You’ll never talk to some space cadet kid who doesn’t even care or know about the products they are selling.

What and who do the two of you listen to?

Tony: I could list for-ev-er, so here’s what is on the top of my head (in no particular order): Alkaline Trio, 311, Less Than Jake, NOFX, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, All (Chad years), The Descendents, Sage Francis, Atmosphere, Murs, The Coup, Rage Against The Machine, The Falcon, The Larry Arms, Rise Against, Against Me!, Ozma, The Vandals, The Aquabats, Nerf Herder, RX Bandits, Saul Williams, Tenacious D, The Offspring, Bad Religion, Pulley… …see, for-ev-er. I grew up on mid-late 90s 3rd wave ska and So-Cal punk, with a healthy dose of present day hip-hop.

Bonnie: Coming Soon

Do you collect records? And if so, can I see your collection and/or trade with you?

For sure we collect! We started collecting and active listening to vinyl in the past couple years, so there are gigantic holes in both our collecting collection and our listening collection. Though not complete as of this writing, our collection can be found over at CheckMyVinyl.com, either by searching for user nerdalertrecords or by clicking here. As for trading, again, we would be more than happy to do so with anyone. We will trade records from either our personal collection (see above) and/or from the store. When checking our collection, be sure to only ask about records that have the “Willing to Trade?” option marked as yes.

Current Coupons:

•RAZOR52 – Free Mystery LP with $35+ purchase (no current expiration date).
•SECRETWEAPON – Free Mystery LP with $35+ purchase (no current expiration date).
•TENPERCENT – 10% off your order, duh! (Doesn’t work with video games).

The Wonderful World of Bootleg Records

Written By Peter Richardson

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you find yourself in a shop surrounded by stuff that you've dreamed of acquiring but you know is impossible to source? You're walking down the aisles and all these myriad treasures that you've long fantasized and generally secretly obsessed about are there awaiting your perusal.

Never could such a dream be more applicable than to the world of rock music, and nowhere is there a better example of a band specifically designed to fulfill such a fantasy than The Rolling Stones.

It doesn't take long for even relatively casual students of Stonesology to realize that there is a hefty chunk of their back catalogue that has never been released. The reasons are many and various, including all kinds of contractual grief, an acrimonious split with a manager whose estate still has a stranglehold on the rights to the cream of their back catalogue and a weird kind of hubris which attaches itself to the band and dictates that they really don't wish to have to compete with their younger and infinitely groovier incarnations as they still have the occasional album to release or the occasional tour to contemplate, Keith's arthritis and Ronnie's ongoing dalliances with the demon drink notwithstanding.

The fact that really amazing material is held under lock and key, while all that devoted fans can access through legitimate channels are pseudo rarites which in effect are nothing new just adds to the sense of frustration.

So the reasons why bands such as the Stones created such a long standing gap in the market are fairly plain to see but with all gaps in the market there are always entrepreneurs ready to satisfy these latent demands.

In the late sixties when there was still a genuine buzz of excitement around bands such as the Stones, there sprang up in America a generation of young guys that were not just into the music but were also enterprising enough to cater to the desires of collectors whose needs were not sufficiently sated by the corporate decision making (or lack of) of the sprawling and sluggish behemoth otherwise known as the music biz.

The fact that such activities were highly illegal, involving all kinds of calumny such as breach of copyright, theft of artist royalties and general disrespect for big business and the system in general just added to the heady aura of dubious legitimacy about such undertakings. The people behind the release of these hitherto hidden gems were extremely resourceful, their relative youth notwithstanding. Take the case of the guy from England living on the West Coast who had been a key player in the music business throughout most of the sixties. He had in his possession early demos including the Stones legendary "Bright Light's Big City" demo which was infinitely better than their first Decca release but hitherto unheard although often discussed in hushed and reverential tones amongst collectors, who regarded such material as the ultimate Holy Grail of Stonesdom.

Two of the guys at the forefront of what was to become known as the Bootleg industry were determined to get a hold of this stuff but the Englishman was extremely cautious about releasing the recordings perhaps feeling the weight of potential legal suites and exile from the magic circle in the offing should such material get into circulation. Undeterred the young entrepreneurs asked him if they could at least listen to these wonders. He eventually agreed and with a pile of rarities tucked under his arm he arrived at their house. A pleasant afternoon was spent with the young guys plying him with herbal cigarettes and drink while they all happily listened to the amazing and hitherto unheard (except by the chosen few) recordings. Unbeknownst to the guy with the London connections the exclusivity of the music that they were listening to had now been irretrievably compromised courtesy of an ever so discreet microphone and wiring from the back of the record player which had been artfully guided down through the floorboards to the basement below wherein dwelt another part of the team who was busily recording the whole session.

That was just the start, soon they were investing in state of the art microphones and recording live concerts, the albums being released scant weeks later on colored vinyl with edgier artwork than any record company would ever sanction to accompany them. It got to such a pitch that there was even one guy who wasn't actually part of the bootleg business but nevertheless became a reluctant and ultimately indignant feeder for their product who used to arrive at the Los Angeles Forum in a wheelchair which housed state of the art recording equipment. with microphones hidden in each arm of his wheelchair to capture the event in true stereo and as his needs were self evident he would always be wheeled down to the front of the auditorium to what was for his requirements, the best seat in the house.

The artwork was produced under similarly clandestine conditions. William Stout whose artwork dominates most of this post, first commissions for the TMoQ (Trademark of Quality) label involved him receiving his brief at a pre-determined corner with a list of the songs and album title written on a scrap of paper which would be delivered to him by an outstretched hand emerging from the depths of the dark interior of an old nineteen forties limo. He would present himself at a different corner the following week to hand over the artwork and receive payment.

All in all a truly fascinating business.

Source:  http://cloud-109.blogspot.com/

Reprinted By Permission

New Music Releases ~ Feb 2, 2010

Buy Vinyl Here:  http://www.insound.com/

Agnetha Faltskog - Original Album Classics: Agnetha Faltskog
Album Leaf - A Chorus of Storytellers
Alexander Tucker - Grey Onion
ALO - Man Of The World
Anchors - Music From The Future
Aretha Franklin - Original Album Clasics (3-CDs)
Barry White - Early Years
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba - I Speak Fula
Bob Blank - Blank Generation Blank Tapes NYC 1975-1985
Brown vs Brown - Odds and Unevens
Bruce Kulick - BK3
Christina Aguilera - Keeps Gettin' Better: A Decade of Hits
Cliff Richard - The Early Years
DeWayne Woods - My Life's Lyrics
Disco Biscuits - Planet Anthem
DJ Hell Featuring Bryan Ferry - U Can Dance Remixes Pt.1 (Single)
DJ Hell Featuring Bryan Ferry - U Can Dance Remixes Pt.2 (Single)
Dommin - Love Is Gone
Ella Fitzgerald - Jazz Manifesto
Fela Kuti with Ginger Baker - Live With Ginger Baker
FM Belfast - How to Make Friends
Freda - Original Album Classics: Freda
George Benson - Blue Bossa
Glossary - Feral Fire
Hank Williams - Classic Years
Hank Williams - Hank Williams
Helloween - Unarmed: Best of 25th Anniversary (2 LPs)
Him - Heartkiller
Husky Rescue - Ship of Light (with bonus tracks)
Jamie Foxx - Body
Joao Gilberto - Chega De Saudade (remastered with bonus tracks)
Joe Satriani - Live in Paris: I Just Wanna Rock•Saxon - Destiny
Johnny Cash - Inspiration
k.d. lang - Recollection
Lifehouse - Smoke & Mirrors
Lightspeed Champion - Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You
Lil Wayne - Rebirth (deluxe edition with bonus tracks)
Madlib & Guilty Simpson - Madlib Medicine Show 1
Malakai - Ugly Side of Love
Marina & The Diamonds - Hollywood (vinyl)
Midlake -The Courage of Others
Mighty Baby - Tasting the Life: Live 1971
Miles Davis - Jazz Manifesto
Millie Small - My Boy Lollipop: the Best of Millie Small
Monolake - Silence
Mount Eerie - Black Wooden EP
Nick Jonas & The Administration - Who I Am
Nneka - Concrete Jungle
Olafur Arnalds - Dyad 1909
Pale White Moon - Call of the Wolf Peach
Passion Pit - Chunk of Change EP
People - Ceremony: Buddha Meet Rock
Pepi Ginsberg - East is East (vinyl)
Philip Glass - Itaipu
Pierced Arrows - Descending Shadows (vinyl)
Priestess - Prior to the Fire (vinyl)
Ray Charles - Classic Years
Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe 2 (vinyl)
Rory Gallagher - Greatest Hits

Buy Vinyl Here:  http://www.insound.com/

Rory Gallagher - Live in Europe
Saxon - Innocence is No Excuse
Saxon - Rock the Nations
Scorpions - Original Album Clasics (3-CDs)
Scuba - Sub: Stance
Shining - Black Jazz
Shirley Bassey - Easy to Love
Skullflower - Strange Keysto Untune Gods
Soft Pack - The Soft Pack
soihadto... - Adventure Stories (Not Based On Fact?)
Sole - Nuclear Winter Volume 1
Sono - Plus
Sourpatch - Crushin
Statik Selektah: 100 Proof - The Hangover
Styles P & DJ Green Lantern - The Green Ghost Project
The Brunettes - Paper Dolls
These New Puritans - Hidden
Toni Braxton - Pulse
Toro Y Moi - Causers of This (vinyl)
U.S. Girls - Go Grey
Various Artists - ASK-820 Karaoke: Hits of Lady Gaga 1
Various Artists - Creation (soundtrack)
Various Artists - Dear John: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various Artists - Disco Love: Rare Disco & Soul Uncovered
Various Artists - Extraodinary Measures (soundtrack)
Various Artists - Next Stop Soweto (vinyl)
Various Artists - Shutter Island (Music From The Motion Picture)
Various Artists - Under the Weight of Light
Various Artists - Wall of Sound: The Best of Phil Spector
Various Artists - Ziggy Marley Presents: Dancehall Originators, Let's Go Back... Way Back. Vol. 1
Vedera - Stages
Voicesvoices - Origins (vinyl)
Wakey!Wakey! - Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said the Last Time I Saw You
We Are Wolves - Invisible Violence

Music News & Vinyl Record Notes

Cult Of Luna Release First Two Albums on Limited Edition Vinyl

Swedish avant-rockers Cult Of Luna's self-titled debut album and its follow-up, The Beyond, are available now on vinyl for the first time ever. Earache Records has released Cult Of Luna's classic first two albums on limited edition vinyl, marking the first time these albums have ever been pressed on vinyl.

The release is part of Earache's "First Time on Vinyl" campaign, plugging the gaps in the Earache catalogue previously unavailable on vinyl.

Cult Of Luna and The Beyond are available on limited edition double-gatefold, coloured vinyl and both albums have been specially remastered for this release by producer Pelle Henricsson (Refused, Hell Is For Heroes). Both albums also feature exclusive new artwork by Cult Of Luna guitarist Erik Olofsson. The self-titled debut also includes three songs which have been enhanced and extended specifically for the vinyl edition.


Slash Announces Solo Album Details

In what will be his first true solo album, rock icon Slash announced today his CD, Slash, will release in April 2010. The album features an all-star roster of guest musicians including Ian Astbury, Chris Cornell, Rocco DeLuca, Fergie, Dave Grohl, Myles Kennedy, Kid Rock, Lemmy Kilmeister, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Duff McKagan, M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold, Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, and Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother.

A major undertaking for Slash, he enlisted services of producing partner Eric Valentine (Queens of Stone Age, The All-American Rejects) and compiled a rhythm section of bassist Chris Chaney (Jane's Addiction) and drummer Josh Freese (Nine Inch Nails). Slash handled the majority of arranging and songwriting duties and hand-picked each guest artist. The album's guests worked collaboratively with Slash to round out the song.

"The idea was really simple in the beginning," said Slash. "These are all artists I wanted to work with – that I thought it would be amazing to do something creative and collaborative. And I was so impressed with what everyone brought to the table. They were all so committed to doing a good job. And we had a lot of fun making these songs."

The album will be released through EMI Label Services. "We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Slash on the "Slash" project. EMI Label Services and Caroline Distribution will be providing unique marketing and promotion services while working closely with Slash on creative ways to expose this great project to the consumer," said Dominic Pandiscia, SVP and General Manager, EMI Label Services and Caroline Distribution.

Slash Track Listing:

01. Ghost (Ian Astbury)
02. Beautiful Dangerous (Fergie)
03. Nothing To Say (M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold)
04. Crucify The Dead (Ozzy Osbourne)
05. Promise (Chris Cornell)
06. By The Sword (Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother)
07. Doctor Alibi (Lemmy Kilmeister)
08. Saint Is A Sinner Too (Rocco De Luca)
09. Watch This (Dave Grohl/Duff McKagan)
10. I Hold On (Kid Rock)
11. Gotten (Adam Levine)
12. We're All Gonna Die (Iggy Pop)
13. Starlight (Myles Kennedy)


The Magnetic Fields to Release 69 Love Songs on Deluxe Vinyl

The Magnetic Fields have just announced that they're going to release their SEMINAL 1999/2000 triple album, 69 Love Songs on DELUXE VINYL.

According to the reliable source of music news that is Pitchfork reports that the deluxe vinyl package will be released on April 20, via Merge. The box set will contain remastered version of all 69 songs, spread out over SIX whole 10" records, ALSO including a 10" version of the booklet which came with the original record. As is usually the way with these vinyl releases, there will also be an MP3 download code/token.


Bad Religion Announce 30th Anniversary Mini Tour As They Plan Next Album

2010 marks the 30th anniversary of quintessential Los Angeles punk rock pioneers Bad Religion, and to kick off the yearlong celebration the band will perform music spanning their storied career at multiple-night shows at House of Blues in Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Diego and Las Vegas beginning March 17.

The band also announces that they are currently writing new music with plans to head to the studio this spring and release their 15th studio album later this fall, culminating their anniversary celebration.

Formed in 1980 in the suburbs of Los Angeles by teenage friends; guitarist Brett Gurewitz, bassist Jay Bentley and singer Greg Graffin, with the additions of Greg Hetson (1984-Present), Brian Baker (1994-Present) and Brooks Wackerman (2001-Present), Bad Religion have become synonymous with intelligent and provocative West Coast punk rock and are considered one of the most influential and important bands in the genre. Over the past 3 decades the band has continually pushed social boundaries and questioned authority and beliefs armed only with propulsive guitars, charging drumbeats, thoughtful lyrics and an undying will to inspire and provoke anyone who will listen.

"The greatest feeling about this anniversary is that it is happening at all," says Graffin. "I'm mostly uplifted by the fact that a vibrant and evolving punk scene still inspires young people all over the world. If Bad Religion somehow serves as a symbol for the lasting importance of punk, then I am satisfied beyond words by reaching this milestone."

With 14 studio albums, countless worldwide tours and sold out shows, crossbusters tattooed, stitched and worn globally and a universal community of fans among other accolades, Bad Religion have earned their spot in punk rock history and will continue the celebration of their distinguished career with extensive touring, new website, exclusive merchandise, surprise releases and a new album in 2010.

Bad Religion Tour Dates: (More dates to be added soon)
Mar 17 - Anaheim, CA - House of Blues
Mar 18 - Anaheim, CA - House of Blues
Mar 19 - San Diego, CA - House of Blues
Mar 20 - San Diego, CA - House of Blues
Mar 21 - San Diego, CA - House of Blues
Mar 24 - Los Angeles, CA - House of Blues
Mar 25 - Los Angeles, CA - House of Blues
Mar 26 - Las Vegas, CA - House of Blues
Mar 27 - Las Vegas, CA - House of Blues
Mar 31 - Anaheim, CA - House of Blues
Apr 1 - Anaheim, CA - House of Blues
Apr 2 - Anaheim, CA - House of Blues


Simon Cowell’s “Everybody Hurts” All-Star Charity Single Premieres

The Simon Cowell-curated all-star rendition of R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” premiered this morning on U.K. radio, Reuters reports. The Haiti benefit single, which will be available for download this Sunday, February 7th, features Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle, Rod Stewart, Jon Bon Jovi and Miley Cyrus. Cowell’s version sticks pretty close to the Automatic For the People original, with all the stars involved each singing a line from the R.E.M. classic.


Joanna Newsom Reveals Album Cover

Pitchfork reports that Have One on Me is the name of Joanna Newsom's upcoming triple album, which comes out worldwide February 23 on Drag City. And that picture of Ms. Newsom lounging amidst too many antiques and animal prints serves as its cover.

This Date In Music History-February 2


Graham Nash - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (1942)

Peter Macbeth - Foundations (1943)

Ronnie Goodson - John Fred and His Playboy Band (1945)

Howard Bellamy - Bellamy Brothers (1946)

Derek Shulman - Gentle Giant (1947)

Peter Lucia - Tommy James and the Shondells (1947)

Alan Mckay - Earth Wind and Fire (1948)

Ross Valory - Steve Miller Band (1949)

Robert Deleo - Stone Temple Pilots (1966)

Ben Mize - Counting Crows (1971)

Born on this day in 1977, Shakira, (Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll) - Highest selling Colombian artist of all time, having sold over forty million albums.

They Are Missed:

Tenor saxophonist Stan Getz was born in Philadelphia in 1927 (died June 6, 1991)

Bass player Skip Battin of the Byrds was born in 1934. Member of New Riders Of The Purple Sage and The Flying Burrito Brothers. Battin died on July 6th 2003.

Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious died of a heroin overdose in New York City in 1979. There had been a party to celebrate Vicious’ release on $50,000 bail pending his trial for the murder of his former girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, the previous October. Party guests, said that Vicious had taken heroin at midnight. An autopsy confirmed that Vicious died from an accumulation of fluid in the lungs that was consistent with heroin overdose. A syringe, spoon and heroin residue were discovered near the body.

Alfred Lion, the founder of Blue Note records, died in Los Angeles in 1987 at the age of 78.

Born today in 1969, John Spence, singer, original member of No Doubt in the late 1980's. Committed suicide on December 21, 1987 by shooting himself.

Born on this day 1963, Eva Cassidy, US singer. She is the only artist to score three posthumous UK #1 albums: 2001’s 'Songbird'; 2002’s 'Imagine' and 2003’s 'American Tune'. Eva died of skin cancer on November 1st 1996, (age 33).

Born today in 1940, Alan Caddy, guitarist with The Tornadoes, who had a 1962 UK & US #1 single with "Telstar." This was the first major hit from a UK act on the American chart. Caddy died on August 16th 2000.

Billy Henderson, one of the founders of US soul group The Spinners, died in 2007 (age 67) after complications from diabetes. Had the 1980 UK #1 & US #2 single "Working My Way Back To You."

Keyboardist Joe Hunter, a veteran session musician as one of the Funk Brothers who helped craft the distinctive Motown sound, died in Detroit, Michigan in 2007 (age of 79). Hunter performed with such legendary Motown acts as Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson and Martha and the Vandellas.


RCA released the first 45 RPM records in 1949 (seven 45's in various genres, including the original "That's All Right Mama" by Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup).

Atlantic Records signed the Coasters in 1956, and rushed to release their first record, "Down in Mexico," written by new Atlantic writers Leiber and Stoller.

Dale Hawkins recorded the immortal "Susie-Q" in 1957.

Fats Domino sang "Blueberry Hill" and "Blue Monday" on Perry Como's television show in 1957.

In 1959, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper make their last onstage appearances during the GAC Winter Show tour, at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa.

The Coasters song, "Charlie Brown," was released in 1959.

Frankie Avalon's "Venus" was released on Chancellor Records in 1959. It will become the teen idol's greatest hit.

The Beatles played their first professionally organised gig outside of Liverpool at The Oasis Club, Manchester in 1962. The group’s set started with their version of ‘Hippy Hippy Shake.’

The Rolling Stones released "19th Nervous Breakdown" in 1966.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience played live on UK TV show Top Of The Pops in 1967 performing "Purple Haze."

In 1973, NBC-TV debuted its entry into the rock TV shows sweepstakes, "Midnight Special." The program was more middle-of-the-road than ABC's "In Concert" and was hosted by Helen Reddy.

Also in 1973, Keith Emerson of Emerson Lake and Palmer injured his hands when his piano rigged to explode as a stunt, detonated prematurely during a concert in San Francisco. He suffers various cuts and a broken fingernail.

Barbra Streisand started a four week run at #1 on the US singles chart in 1974 with the theme from the film "The Way We Were." The single won an Oscar and a Grammy for Song of the Year.

The Patti Smith Group released their debut, "Horses" in 1976.

Van Halen signed with Warner Brothers Records in 1978.

In 1980, in honor of the first anniversary of the death of ex-Sex Pistol Sid Vicious, 1,000 punks march from London's Chelsea section to Hyde Park. Vicious' mother, Ann Beverly, was to have been at the head of the march, however, the night before she was sent to the hospital for a drug overdose. How fitting.....

REO Speedwagon have the biggest album of the year with Hi-Infidelity, as it goes platinum on this date in 1981. It reached #1 and stayed there for 14 weeks.

Foreigner started a two-week run at #1 on the US singles charts in 1985 with "I Want To Know What Love Is."

Frank Zappa opened his "Broadway the Hardway" tour before a soldout house of 3,000 in Albany, New York in 1988.

In 1989, relatives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. (Big Bopper) Richardson gather in Richardson's hometown of Port Arthur, Texas for the unveiling of life-size statues of the rock 'n' roll stars.

In 1993, Willie Nelson's lawyer announced that the US Internal Revenue Service would accept nine million dollars from the singer to settle his $17-million tax debt. Under the agreement, the IRS says it would take proceeds from sales of Nelson's "Who'll Buy My Memories?" — The IRS Tapes, plus any judgment the singer might win in a lawsuit against his former accountant.

In 2002, The P.P.L. (Phonographic Performance Ltd), launched performersmoney.com for artists to check if they were owed any of the £10 million ($17 million) in unclaimed money. It showed that Michael Jackson was owed over £100,000 ($170,000) for ‘Say, Say, Say’, Stevie Wonder had money owing for ‘Ebony And Ivory’ and Ray Davies of The Kinks was owed a six-figure fee for ‘You Really Got Me’. Director Dominic McGonigal said “If anyone has seen Rick Astley please let him know, he is still earning money for his hits.”

Jennifer Lopez started a three week run at No.1 on the US singles chart in 2003 with "All I Have."

In 2004, TV network CBS apologized for its broadcast of the American Super Bowl after Janet Jackson was left exposed when Justin Timberlake ripped her top. The pair had been performing a raunchy half-time duet when one of Jackson’s breasts was exposed as Timberlake pulled at her top. CBS quickly cut away from the scene but was still flooded with calls from angry viewers about the half-time entertainment, produced by MTV. Timberlake insisted it had been an accident saying "I am sorry that anyone was offended by the wardrobe malfunction during the half-time performance of the Super Bowl."

The day the music died revisited. Graham Nash, Wanda Jackson and the Cricketts commemorate the 50th anniversary of Buddy Holly’s last show at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa in 2009(see above). Shortly after midnight following that fateful performance, Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper (J.P. Richardson) died when their charted plane crashed.

Rob Zombie's “Hellbilly Deluxe 2” was unleashed in 2010. The release was preceded by a supporting tour which marked the first time Zombie had worked under the "Hellbilly" moniker since the original run in '98.