Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dovecote's Di-Vinyl New Club

Apr 29, 2008

Story by: Michael Tedder

Dovecote Records recently opened one of the most exclusive music clubs around, and access is extremely limited. But to get in you don't need to know the right dress code or the door man, but it might help to bookmark their website and get a quicker modem speed. The New York-based label, home to artists such as Ed Harcourt and Mason Proper, recently launched their vinyl club with the release of a limited-edition two-song 7-inch from Cincinnati indie rockers Bad Veins, and has since put out releases by dance duo Blamma! Blamma! whom the label discovered through their MySpace page. The releases are sold directly, and exclusively, through Dovecote's site and limited to 500 copies.

"We love the format and want to keep it alive. For lots of these artists it makes sense," says Carter Matschullat, president and founder of Dovecote. "Blamma! Blamma! for example, create phatty-boom-batty dance tracks, but have yet to gain much exposure. A vinyl release is a credible introduction to their work and fans from around the world have been ordering their 12-inch. We've even been exporting to Japan and Europe from our small office. It's great fun."

Though the label also released the debut album by their own Mason Proper, There Is A Moth In Your Chest, on high-grade, 180-gram vinyl, one of the perks of their club is that it lets them work with artists outside of their usual roster.

"Vinyl rights are mostly ignored by labels so this club allows us to work with artists that may already be in the process of signing to other labels or haven't released anything on their own," Matschullat says, adding, "We produce limited quantities in hopes that once we run out, each release eventually becomes a rarity."

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