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Rolling Stones Release ‘Brussels Affair’ Vinyl Box Set

The Brussels Affair Box - Collector's Edition

Item will ship on or around November 16, 2012.

Units available: 1,727

Limited-Edition Book, numbered and hand-signed by Mick Jagger, Michael Putland and Nick Kent.
Album: 180-gram Triple-Vinyl Set of the complete Brussels concert.

Watch: ’70s-era “Tongue & Lips” Watch—Japan Seiko movement and stainless steel face with brass dial.

Tour Lithograph: 1973 tour lithograph.

History: In 1973, the government of France banned the Rolling Stones from entering French territory because of various run-ins with the law—most of them occurring during summer of 1971, while the band members were in the South of France, recording one of their masterpieces, Exile on Main St. This was a blow to the Stones’ hordes of French fans, who would be shut out from experiencing the Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band In The World on their 1973 European Tour in support of the newly released Goats Head Soup. That October, the band organized a concert across the Belgian border in Brussels, and a local radio station chartered a bus to transport French fans to the now-historic gig.

All the sights and sounds from this historic show and tour have now been amassed for the first time in The Brussels Affair, the inaugural release from the Stones Archive. The package features an 180-gram triple-vinyl album and rare photographs from the Brussels show by Claude Gassian, as well a book documenting the entire 1973 European tour, with exclusive photographs from Michael Putland and a newly written text by acclaimed NME scribe Nick Kent.

Vinyl box sets will range from $750 for the Collector’s Edition to $1,500 for the Art Edition. But unlike the mp3s, quantities of the box sets are very limited. There are 1,727 copies of the Collector’s Edition, with even fewer copies of the Platinum (173) and Art (73) Editions available for sale.

Pre-orders for the sets are expected to ship on or around Nov. 16th are being accepted HERE


last week, mark david chapman was denied parole for a seventh straight time since serving the minimum of his 20 year to life sentence for shooting John Lennon... i still hate this guy for killing a our generation's musical genious....

Mark David Chapman Says He Didn't Target John Lennon


album cover art of the day:

COHEED AND CAMBRIA: New Album Cover Explained


Rolling Stones to Play Four Shows?


vinyl news from the uk:

Elbow singer Guy Garvey to launch vinyl record label


vinyl news from down under

Vinyl revival rocks the horse again


and even more vinyl news from down under!

Vinyl Resurgence Keeps Independent Record Store Spinning


from california, more news about our beloved vinyl!

Orange Pop: Creme Tangerine goes back to vinyl


Morning Glory Release Poets Were My Heroes


from our friends at VintageVinylNews

Preview: Afterglow - Black Country Communion


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JULY 2, 2012

Albums To Include New 5.1 And Stereo Mixes

Both Albums To Be Released On Limited Edition 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl

Special ELP Merchandise Pre-order Bundles Now Available Now At

The Emerson, Lake & Palmer 40th Anniversary Concert To Exclusively Premiere On AXS TV This August

(New York, NY) – Razor & Tie is set to release the first two Emerson, Lake & Palmer re-issues of the band’s first two albums: Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1970 – Studio Album) and Tarkus (1971 – Studio Album) on September 25th.  Both records will be available as 3-disc deluxe editions containing never before released 5.1 Surround Sound and Stereo Mixes, including previously unheard out-takes.  Three time Grammy-nominated producer and engineer Steven Wilson (who has also recently remixed classic albums by Jethro Tull and King Crimson for acclaimed 40th anniversary editions) worked from the original Greg Lake produced multi-track tapes to remix both albums.

Fans can also purchase Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Tarkus deluxe editions at where the albums will be bundled with a variety of ELP t-shirts perfect for any collector.  Pre-orders are available now for the deluxe albums, vinyl re-presses and a selection of Emerson, Lake & Palmer t-shirts.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Tarkus will also be released on limited edition 180 gram audiophile vinyl.  The records will be re-pressed and released with their original packaging and track listings.  The vinyl re-presses will be available September 25th as well. 

Both albums will also be digitally, specifically mastered for iTunes by Grammy-award winning engineer Brad Blackwood (Alison Krauss & Union Station, Maroon 5, North Mississippi Allstars, Saving Abel).

AXS TV will also exclusively premiere the Emerson, Lake & Palmer 40th Anniversary concert this August.  The legendary Rock Band reunited to celebrate their 40th Anniversary and headlined London's first High Voltage Rock Festival. This was the historic moment when Emerson Lake and Palmer performed for the first time since 1998. This spectacular performance with extravagant special effects and lighting recaptured the magic and musical genius of Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer as they performed their greatest hits in front of thousands of fans and leaving a lasting memory of the stunning musicianship of these three legendary performers.

Razor & Tie’s full catalogue re-issue campaign will continue with the release of newly expanded, re-mastered, editions of four additional ELP classic albums: Pictures At An Art Exhibition (1971- Live Album), Trilogy (1972- Studio Album), Brain Salad Surgery (1973- Studio Album), and Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends – Ladies & Gentlemen (1974- Live Album). 

Considered by many to be one of rock’s original first super-groups, Emerson Lake & Palmer formed in England in 1970 consisting of Keith Emerson (keyboards), Greg Lake (bass guitar, vocals, guitar) and Carl Palmer (drums, percussion). The band created a brand new world of music, combining classical and symphonic rock fused with beautiful vocals.  Their penchant for appropriating themes from classical music and the group’s more nuanced, textured approach to symphonic arrangements set ELP apart from their more bombastic guitar-based contemporaries of the time.   This subtler and more sublime approach carries on today in the expansive atmospherics of Radiohead and Muse and also in the prog-influenced sphere of band’s like Porcupine Tree, Dream Theatre, Opeth and many others, making ELP one of the more relevant torchbearers of the progressive rock sound.  Along with Yes, King Crimson, Genesis, and Rush, Emerson Lake and Palmer ushered in the Prog era and as one of the most commercially successful rock bands of the 1970’s having sold over 40 million albums.  ELP’s dramatic flair, sincere passion, labyrinthine song structures, and symphony-worthy virtuosity proved that classical rockers could compete for arena-scale audiences as the band headlined stadium tours around the world. 

Emerson, Lake & Palmer Deluxe Edition Track List:

Disc One:  Original Album

1. The Barbarian
2. Take A Pebble
3. Knife-Edge
4. The Three Fates
ii. Lachesis PIANO SOLO
iii. Atropos PIANO SOLO
5. Tank
6. Lucky Man

Disc Two:  Bonus Tracks (2012) THE ALTERNATE ELP NEW 2012 STEREO MIXES (Previously Unreleased)

1. The Barbarian
2. Take A Pebble
3. Knife Edge (with Extended Outro)
4. Promenade
5. The Three Fates: Atropos
6. Rave Up
7. Drum Solo
8. Lucky Man

Bonus Tracks:

9. Take A Pebble (Alternate Version)
10. Knife Edge (Alternate Version)
11. Lucky Man (First Greg Lake Solo Version)
12. Lucky Man (Alternate Version)

Disc Three:  DVD Audio NEW 2012 – 5.1 MIX (Previously Unreleased)

1. The Barbarian
2. Take A Pebble
3. Knife-Edge
4. The Three Fates: Atropos
5. Rave Up
6. Lucky Man

NEW HIGH RES 2012 STEREO MIXES (Previously Unreleased)

7. The Barbarian
8. Take A Pebble
9. Knife Edge (with Extended Outro)
10. Promenade
11. The Three Fates: Atropos
12. Rave Up
13. Drum Solo
14. Lucky Man
15. Take A Pebble (Alternate Version)
16. Knife Edge (Alternate Version)
17. Lucky Man (First Greg Lake Solo Version)
18. Lucky Man (Alternate Version)

Tarkus Deluxe Edition Track List:

Disc One:  Original Album

1. Tarkus
i. Eruption
ii. Stones Of Years
iii. Iconoclast
iv. Mass
v. Manticore
vi. The Battlefield
vii. Aquatarkus
2. Jeremy Bender
3. Bitches Crystal
4. The Only Way (Hymn)
5. Infinite Space (Conclusion)
6. A Time And A Place
7. Are You Ready Eddy?

Disc Two:  The Alternate Tarkus 2012 Stereo Mixes

1. Tarkus
2. Eruption
3. Stones Of Years
4. Iconoclast
5. Mass
6. Manticore
7. The Battlefield
8. Aquatarkus
9. Jeremy Bender
10. Bitches Crystal
11. The Only Way (Hymn)
12. Infinite Space (Conclusion)
13. A Time And A Place
14. Are You Ready Eddy?
15. Oh, My Father
16. Unknown Ballad
17. Mass (Alternate Take)

Disc Three:  TDVD Audio New 2012 5.1 Mixes

1. Tarkus
2. Eruption
3. Stones Of Years
4. Iconoclast
5. Mass
6. Manticore
7. The Battlefield
8. Aquatarkus
9. Jeremy Bender
10. Bitches Crystal
11. The Only Way (Hymn)
12. Infinite Space (Conclusion)
13. A Time And A Place
14. Are You Ready Eddy?
15. Oh My Father

2012 Stereo Mixes

16. Tarkus
17. Eruption
18. Stones Of Years
19. Iconoclast
20. Mass
21. Manticore
22. The Battlefield
23. Aquatarkus
24. Jeremy Bender
25. Bitches Crystal
26. The Only Way (Hymn)
27. Infinite Space (Conclusion)
28. A Time And A Place
29. Are You Ready Eddy?
30. Oh My Father
31. Unknown Ballad
32. Mass



Ask Mr. Music by Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: What a surprise it was to find a Don Drysdale 45, and even with a picture sleeve. I knew immediately he was the same guy who was once a great pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, but I never imagined him as a singer.

The A-side, "Give Her Love" (Reprise R-20162), is a pretty good song, and I'm wondering if it became a hit, especially in the L.A. area.

Was he in his baseball prime when he made this record?

I saw a "Give Her Love" on eBay, but it is by the group Love Committee. Is it the same song as Don Drysdale's? Was the one he sang ever a hit by anyone else?
—Darla Hotchkins, Marysville, Calif.

DEAR DARLA: In the order asked, here are the answers:

Issued in 1963, "Give Her Love" may have gotten some spins in L.A. radio market because Drysdale was so well-known, but it did not make any of the local charts. I personally never heard it on the radio, and I lived there throughout 1963, and was even a Dodgers fan.

Of Don's 14 seasons in MLB, all with the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers, 1962 was one for the ages. He won 25 games and the Cy Young Award; pitched 314 innings in 41 games, had 232 strikeouts, and led the majors in all of these categories. Yeah, he was absolutely in his prime.

The disco-oriented Love Committee's "Give Her Love" (1978) is an entirely different song. It's a pretty good tune, but another one that didn't chart. This committee is best remembered for "Heaven Only Knows" (1976).

"Big D" was the second person to record this song. It was written in 1961 by James K. Harbert as "Give Him Love," and promptly recorded by Nancy Wilson (Capitol 4558). That too failed to chart.

Another song, different but with the same title, came out in late 1970 by Patti Page (Mercury 73162), and it became a Top 40 Country hit.

Interestingly, Frank Sinatra's Reprise label signed Drysdale to record "Give Her Love," then in 1966, Sinatra's own version of "Give Her Love" appeared on his million-selling album, "That's Life" (Reprise 1020).

DEAR JERRY: I have what amounts to a scrapbook of hundreds of your columns, including one dated April 1, 1987. And this is no April Fool's joke.

I saved this one because I am a big fan of Jerry Fuller's late 1950s and early '60s music, and he was one of your topics that week.

Todd Mariano, of Youngstown, Ohio, wrote to ask if a CD collection of Fuller's tunes existed. You replied no, then added "When someone finally decides to release a Best of Jerry Fuller, here are what I feel are some must-have tracks: "Betty My Angel"; Tennessee Waltz; "Shy Away"; "Guilty of Loving You"; "First Love Never Dies"; "Hollywood Star"; "Double Life"; and "I Only Came to Dance with You." With these tunes, you are assured one great Jerry Fuller collection."

In the 25 years since, has anyone taken your advice?
—Marsha Mills, St. Paul, Minn.

DEAR MARSHA: Yes, but they didn't exactly jump right on it.

You might also recall I spoke to Jerry (strangely, he was doing the same thing at the time) and he provided a contact at Sony Music, who I called and made my feelings known about the need for a Challenge anthology for Fuller.

Not only did nothing come of that, but it took until 2008 for someone to get the message. For that, we have Ace Records, a UK label to thank — even though Jerry's recordings were not hits in Britain.

Ace is one of several prolific European labels specializing in artists and songs seemingly ignored by the American companies.

Still in print and available for around $20 is "A Double Life - The Challenge Recordings 1959-1966" (Ace 03502).

It's nice to see that among the 24 tracks are all of those I deemed essential.

IZ ZAT SO? Apart from his singing career, Jerry Fuller is credited with discovering, among others, Gary Puckett & the Union Gap, Mac Davis, the Knickerbockers, and Collin Raye.

An established writer of hit songs, here are some he wrote for three well-known artists:

Rick Nelson: "Travelin' Man"; "A Wonder Like You"; "Young World"; "That's All She Wrote"; and "It's Up to You."

Gary Puckett and the Union Gap: "Young Girl"; "Lady Willpower"; and "Over You."

Al Wilson: "Show and Tell" and "Touch and Go."

Jerry Osborne answers as many questions as possible through this column. Write Jerry at: Box 255, Port Townsend, WA 98368 E-mail:   Visit his Web site:

All values quoted in this column are for near-mint condition.

Copyright 2012 Osborne Enterprises- Reprinted By Exclusive Permission

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Top Ten Best Selling Vinyl Records ~ August 29, 2012

this from our friends at

Top Ten Bestselling Vinyl Records At SoundStageDirect

1.  The Counting Crows - After (Pre-Order)  200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl

Counting Crows' 1993 debut album released for the first time as an LP in the U.S.!

Double album cut at 45 RPM, plated and pressed by Quality Record Pressings — four sides maximize the recording's dynamic range

Mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound

Counting Crows put in the gigging hours during the early days of the band, and it paid off. By the time they signed to Geffen in 1993, they had already built up a significant fanbase. Their debut, August and Everything After, produced by T-Bone Burnett, was released later the same year and became an unexpected multi-platinum hit, partly as a result of the successful single "Mr. Jones."

Although recorded to audio tape, the album was originally mastered for CD and featured a longer playing time than a standard LP. Thus Analogue Productions has reissued August and Everything After as a double LP set to maximize the dynamic range of this recording. This is the first time that the 'Crows multi-platinum smash has been released in the U.S. as an LP. Mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound.

Track Listing:
1. Round Here
2. Omaha
3. Mr. Jones
4. Perfect Blue Buildings
5. Anna Begins
6. Time And Time Again
7. Rain King
8. Sullivan Street
9. Ghost Train
10. Raining In Baltimore
11. A Murder Of One

Pre-Order at SoundStageDirect

the rest of SoundStageDirect's Top Ten

2.  The Black Crowes - Freak N Roll
3.  Dead Man's Bones - Dead Man's Bones
4.  MFSL Original Master Record Sleeves (50)
5.  Steely Dan - Aja
6.  Various Artists - FM Original Soundtrack (On Sale)
7.  Weezer - Weezer (Blue Album) (Pre-Order)
8.  Electric Light Orchestra - Out Of The Blue
9.  Various Artists - In From The Storm (Picture Disc)
10.  KISS - Destroyer: Resurrected



1. Pathology - The Time Of Great Purification
2. Sister Sin - Now And Forever
3. Emmure - Slave To The Game
4. A Day To Remember - Homesick - Deluxe Special Edition w/ BONUS DVD
5. Silverstein - Decade (Live At The El Macambo) CD/DVD



Shop Radio Cast Top 10 Albums – August 27, 2012

Here are the Top 10 Albums sold at Shop Radio Cast for the week of August 21 – August 27, 2012:

1. Andrew W.K. – I Get Wet 2XLP
2.  Quicksand – Slip LP
3.  Yellowcard – One For The Kids LP
4.  Coheed and Cambria – The Afterman: Ascension LP
5.  Minus The Bear – Infinity Overhead LP
6.  Bad Books – II LP
7.  Weezer – Weezer (The Blue Album) LP
8.  The Starting Line – Direction LP
9.  Northstar – Is This Thing Loaded LP
10.  Between the Buried and Me – The Parallax II: Future Sequence 2XLP



EasyStreetOnline Top Ten Selling Vinyl

1.  Allen Stone - self-titled
2.  Lee Hazlewood - House Safe For Tigers
3.  Sigur Ros - Varud
4.  Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti - Mature Themes
5.  Yeasayer - Fragrant World
6.  Heavy - Glorious Dead
7.  Pixies - Surfer Rosa
8.  Radiohead - Ok Computer
9.  Black Keys - Chulahoma
10.  Smiths - Hatful Of Hollow

Visit easystreetonline


GRIMEY'S BEST SELLERS 8/20 - 8/26, 2012

Vinyl Top 25:

1. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Mature Themes
2. The Lumineers - The Lumineers
3. Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls
4. Natural Child - Mother Nature's Daughter 7"
5. JD McPherson - Signs & Signifiers
6. Dylan LeBlanc - Cast The Same Old Shadow
7. Yeasayer - Fragrant World
8. Kiss - Destroyer: Resurrected
9. Sigur Ros - Varud 10"
10. Michael Kiwanuka - Home Again
11. The Sea & Cake - Oui
12. The Clean - Oddities
13. Coupler - America In The Coming Age of Electronics
14. Kyle Kinane - Death Of The Party
15. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
16. Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
17. D Watusi - Brother & Sister 7"
18. JEFF The Brotherhood - Hypnotic Nights
19. Father John Misty - Fear Fun
20. Bill Fay - Life Is People
21. The Sea & Cake - One Bedroom
22. Tortoise - It's All Around You
23. Six Organs Of Admittance - Ascent
24. Bloc Party - Four
25. The Heavy - The Glorious Dead


Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

IRON MAIDEN Vinyl Picture Discs Coming Soon!

A series of special limited edition IRON MAIDEN vinyl picture disc albums are due to be released by EMI and UMe starting in October 2012. Comprised of the first eight albums of Maiden’s career, all released in the 1980’s, each picture disc will be packaged in a gatefold sleeve with full colour printed inner bags and the heavyweight vinyl will be cut from the original album master tapes.

The albums will be released chronologically between October and February, starting with ‘Iron Maiden’ and ‘Killers’ on 15 October 2012 followed by ‘The Number Of The Beast’ and ‘Piece Of Mind’ in November 2012.

To open the new year ‘Powerslave’ and the double album ‘Live After Death’ will be released in January, with the final two titles, ‘Somewhere In Time’ and ‘Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son’ coming out in February 2013.

These vinyl picture discs are being released to commemorate IRON MAIDEN’s current Maiden England tour which comprises largely 80’s material, in particular focussing on the ‘Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son’ album.

Get more info and order at


Senses Fail To Release LP 'Still Searching' On Vinyl 

Senses Fail have recently announced the vinyl release of their 2006 album called, 'Still Searching' which will be available for sale now exclusively on their new webstore.

Only 1000 pieces will be created with just 200 on red and black swirl vinyl available through the band’s webstore (which also debuts exclusive designs and new items from the band). 800 copies of the LP will be available on Coke bottle clear and sold exclusively through Hot Topic beginning October 16.

Order HERE


heard from Kellie at



WOO are Mark and Clive Ives, who in the 1980s in England made a pair of addictively appealing yet largely unknown records. Their second, IT’S COSY INSIDE, released in 1989, qualifies as some of the most uniquely organic electronic music ever made.

When WOO first began recording their relaxing and mysterious mood music in the 1970s, they used electronically treated acoustic instruments to create a sort of pop music for another universe. WOO have made music for more than 35 years now, much of it specifically designed for healing and meditation, while somehow entirely sidestepping the creative vortex of modern new age music. WOO aren’t distinctly any one thing, but we’re certain you’ll be hard pressed not to enter into a happy and somewhat mysterious meditative state upon listening to IT’S COSY INSIDE.

The album’s original publisher Independent Project Records put it best: “IT’S COSY INSIDE is as appropriate a title as could be for this collection of playfully unique instrumentals...

“Only Mark and Clive Ives, as WOO, seem to be able to effortlessly combine elements of English Folk Music, Jazz, Electronic Experimentalism, bits of playful easy listening, and now in this latest release, an occasional electronic reggae shuffle. Their music is fun, serious, adventurous, smoky, eerie, pretty, uplifting, a beehive of activity, joyful, and loving. IT’S COSY INSIDE takes you there all in one snug package.”

ITS COSY INSIDE Track Listing:
1.      Into
2.      The Western
3.      Water Drum
4.      Downtown Suburbia
5.      Upside Down
6.      Wallpaper
7.      Purple Pussy
8.      It’s Cosy Inside
9.      BB….!
10.     The Bird
11.     No Man’s Land
12.     Marion
13.     Did You See
14.     Final Card
15.     No More Telly
16.     End of the Attic
17.     Overheard

Pre-Order at DragCity


Smash Mouth Readying September 4th Release Of All New Album "MAGIC"

Exclusive Promotions On and Huffington Post Set To Run This Week, First Single "Magic" Heading for Top 20 On Mainstream AC Chart

Smash Mouth, the band that gave you crazy memorable hits like "All Star," "Walkin' On The Sun," "Then the Morning Comes" and "I'm A Believer" among many others, is readying the release of MAGIC, their debut all new album for 429 Records which will be available September 4th.  Two notable promotions have been set up for this week to whet the appetite for the release— will host an exclusive "First Listen" of the track "Flippin' Out" beginning August 28th and the Huffington Post will offer a free exclusive download of the remix of the first single "Magic" (a bonus track unavailable anywhere else).  The band is headed for another monster radio smash with the single "Magic" as it is headed for the Top 20 on the mainstream AC Radio Mediabase Chart.  The band consists of original members Steve Harwell (vocals), Paul Delisle (Bass) and Mike Klooster (keyboards).  Rookie players this time around are Randy Cooke (drums) and Mike Krompass (guitar).  Krompass in fact, also helmed the producer's mantle (having worked with Nelly Furtado and David Archuleta) capturing the quintessential Smash Mouth party sound as well as helping to take them to the next level.  The band will spend the rest of 2012 touring behind the new project as well as promoting the release of their rock and roll cookbook—"RECIPES FROM THE ROAD."  "MAGIC" will be released on September 4th on 429 Records.

The release of the album and single are perfectly in tune with the band's reputation for being the "sound of summer."  From their debut in 1997 when the smash hit "Walkin' On The Sun" (played by KROQ before any label deal) powered their album "Fush Yu Mang" to double platinum sales, the band has scored hit after hit worldwide.  Smash Mouth has toured extensively with notable stops in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay where they entertained U.S. troops.

Says Steve Harwell: "We're so excited to start performing some of the new songs off of this album. We've got so many hits on this new record, it's ridiculous! So get ready for some serious "Magic" this summer! Me and the guys will be bringing the party - Fun in the Sun style..."

"MAGIC" Track Listing:

1. Perfect Planet
2. Live To Love Another Day
3. Magic (featuring J-Dash)
4. Justin Bieber
5. Out Of Love
6. Flippin' Out (Featuring J-Dash)
7. Future X Wife
8. Better With Time
9. The Game
10. She's Into Me
11. Don't You Forget About Me

SOURCE 429 Records


Yip Yip Set For Vinyl Release Of Their New Album


YIP YIP is set to release it’s seventh record, 'Bone Up,' on vinyl October 9th, 2012. The vinyl release is set for 200 copies. The vinyl release comes  after the Digital, CD and Cassette Tape release of Bone Up in late 2011. This is the first full length release for Glowmobile Records out of Orlando, Florida. The 16 track record will be available online only while supplies last.

Yip Yip’s release of “Bone Up” marks the 10 year anniversary of Orlando’s critically acclaimed freak-chic, costumed electronic heroes. “Bone Up” is Yip Yip’s attempt at writing original, catchy, fun pop songs you wanna poke with a stick on repeat. Yip Yip’s zany style of music makes this sort of behavior a regular occurrence amongst Yip Yip fans, which in this case is a totally good thing.

The album is chock full of toy synthesizer sounds, massively tweaked Moog synthesizer leads, and filtered vocals all which conglomerate together to create a thrilling organic blend of vintage electronic music (using hardware instruments), mixed with the nerdy and spazzy musings of legendary nerd punk icons Devo, and others avant-underground legends Melt-Banana and Atari Teenage Riot just to name a few.

Yip Yip is a band (2-piece) with a unique personality and identity, which makes them standout from ego-centric laptop wizards, and overly pretentious trust fund kids who make a few recordings and call it a day. “Bone Up” is the rousing first track on the album which starts the record off with a bang.
Everything has been done before, nothing is totally original. Yip Yip encourages us to “Analyze and Dissect it instead because we are all copycats.” This is a valid point which isn’t new to anyone these days, but it makes for a hell of a dance song filled with bouncy synthesizers, funky saxophones, with a mind numbingly infectious repetitive vocal hook on a smart pop song. - Chris Big Money (Butter Yo Bread)

For more info visit


NEUROSIS Reveal Album Cover Art For New LP

The album cover art has been revealed for 'Honor Found In Decay,' the tenth studio album by Neurosis with a North American release date on October 30th.

Neurosis forged the songs on 'Honor Found In Decay' with Steve Albini, marking their fifth collaboration with the engineer in their longstanding relationship. Their monolithic sound captured at Electrical Audio studios, Chicago, the seven tracks were then mastered by John Golden at Golden Mastering in Ventura, California.


Trey Anastasio Reveals Album Cover Art, Pre-Order Details

Phish frontman Trey Anastasio has revealed the tracklist, album cover art and pre-order information for his upcoming album called, 'Traveler.' The effort is slated for release on October 16 via Rubber Jungle/ATO. 

Pre-Order HERE


this news from

Dodge Van ‘Melvan’ Featuring Artwork by Kurt Cobain Sells for $24,701 on eBay


if you are interested, has more info:

Aerosmith Release More New Album Details


and more cool stuff:

Pink Floyd Jamming During The 1969 Moon Landing


interesting cover art, sex sells (and it helps to have some fantastic music to go with it!)

Bat for Lashes Discusses ‘The Haunted Man’ Album and ‘Controversial’ Cover Art – Exclusive Interview


and for shits and giggles

Slash Once Caught His Mom Naked with David Bowie


from our friends at VintageVinylNews

Vintage Rolling Stones Footage From 1965 to Be Released


Monday, August 27, 2012

New Vinyl Record and Music Releases - August 21, 2012

ASAP Mob - Lords Never Worry
A Tragedy In Progress - Mechanical Weather
Abandoned Pools - Sublime Currency
Acid House Kings - Advantage Acid House Kings (reissue)
Acid House Kings - Mondays are Like Tuesdays and Tuesdays are Like Wednesdays (reissue)
Acid House Kings - Sing Along with Acid House Kings (reissue)
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Don't Hear It…Fear It
Alanis Morissette - Havoc And Bright Lights
Alvin Lee - Still on the Road to Freedom
Andrew WK - I Get Wet (reissue) 
Army of the Dead - Be Burn
Art Garfunkel - The Singer (2 CDs)
Assembly Of Light - s/t
Autopsy - Born Undead (DVD)
Beardfish - The Void
Billy Squire - Enough Is Enough/Hear & Now/Creatures of Habit (2 CDs)
Brandy - Two Eleven
Brecker Brothers - The Complete Arista Albums Collection (box set) 8 CDs
Bruce Hornsby - Red Hook Summer (soundtrack)
Chilly Gonzales - Solo Piano II
Circa Survive - Violent Waves
City Rain - Montage (EP)  
DMX - Undisputed
Dan Deacon - America
David Cassidy - Gettin' It In the Streets
Divine Fits - A Thing Called the Divine Fits (vinyl)
Dunwells - Blind Sighted Faith
Dysrhythmia - Test Of Submission
Elbow - Dead In The Boot
Eluveitie - The Early Years
Etta James - The Complete Private Music Blues Rock N Soul Albums Collection (box set) (7 CDs)
Flatlanders - Odessa Tapes (CD/DVD)
Floaters - Into the Future (remastered)
Flobots - The Circle In The Square
Frank Zappa - Apostrophe (reissue)
Frank Zappa - One Size Fits All (reissue)
Frank Zappa - Over-Nite Sensation (reissue)
Frank Zappa - Roxy and Elsewhere (reissue)
Frank Zappa - Sheikh Yerbouti (reissue)
Frank Zappa - Sleep Dirt (reissue)
Frank Zappa - Studio Tan (reissue)
Frank Zappa - The Grand Wazoo (reissue)
Frank Zappa - Waka/Jawaka (reissue)
Frank Zappa - Zappa in New York (reissue)
Frank Zappa:- Zoot Allures (reissue)
Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart - Bongo Fury (reissue)
Gary Lewis & the Playboys - The Complete Liberty Singles (2 CDs)
Gaza - No Absolutes in Human Suffering
Gnosis - Monuments
Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks Vol. 28 2/26/73 Pershing Municipal Auditorium, Lincoln, NE 2/28/73 Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, UT (4-CD box set)
Grave - Endless Procession Of Souls
Green Day - The Studio Albums: 1990-2009
Gypsyhawk - Revelry & Resilience (vinyl)
Hess - Living In Yesterday
Hex Machine - Fixator
Holy Other - Held
Houndmouth - Houndmouth (EP)  
I Am War - Outlive You All
Ian Gillan & Tony Iommi - Who Cares (2 CDs)
Infantree - Hero's Dose
J. Cole - Better Than Your Average
Jaguar Skills - Jaguar Skills And His Amazing Friends
Jan & Dean - Heart & Soul of Jan & Dean
John Zorn - Rimbaud
Johnny Mathis - Tender Is The Night/Wonderful World of Make-Believe (remastered)
Jr. Juggernaut - Wake
Julianna Hatfield - Juliana Hatfield
Just Like Vinyl - Black Mass (vinyl)
Kaipa - Vittjar
Kamikabe - Aberration of Man
Katatonia - Dead End Kings
Khonsu - Anomalia
King of Spain - All I Did Was Tell Them the Truth and They Thought It Was Hell
Lightning Love - Blonde Album
Linda Ronstadt - Heart Like a Wheel (reissue)
Lionel Loueke - Heritage
Lisa Bozikovic - This Is How We Swim
Mad Planet - Ghost Notes
Madchild - Dope Sick
Magic Slim & the Teardrops - Bad Boy
Maria Minerva - Will Happiness Find Me?
Matthew Dear - Beams
Maximo Park - National Health
Meek Mill - Dreams & Nightmares
Minus The Bear - Infinity Overhead
Monuments - Gnosis
Mothlite - Dark Age
Murder Construct - Results
Nick Cave and Warren Ellis - Lawless (soundtrack)
Nightstalker - Dead Rock Commandos
North - The Great Silence
Obey The Brave - Young Blood
Of Monsters And Men - My Head Is An Animal
One Man Army - She's An Alarm
Osmonds - I Can't Get There Without You
Over Your Threshold - Facticity
Pallbearer: Sorrow and Extinction (vinyl)
Poor Moon - Poor Moon (vinyl)
Queen - Greatest Video Hits (DVD)
Richard Hawley - Standing at the Sky's Edge
Rita Ora - Ora
Robert Cray Band - Nothin But Love
Roxy Music - The Complete Studio Recordings 1972 - 1982 (box set) (10 CDs)
Saga - 20/20
Sarah Vaughan - The Complete Columbia Albums Collection (box set)(4 CDs)
Saturnian - Dimensions
Scum Of The Earth - The Devil Made Me Do It
Sean Rowe - The Salesman And The Shark
Snapcase - End Transmission
Static Insane - Tears of Sun
Stealing Axion - Moments
Strife - Grey
Swans - The Seer
TEEN - In Limbo
TV Off - The Writing On the Wall
Tavares - Love Uprising
The Beach Boys - The Beach Boys: Doin’ It Again (DVD)
The Chariot - One Wing
The Distractions - The End Of The Pier
The Graviators - Evil Deeds
The Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Maniac Lover (EP)
The Isley Brothers - Twist & Shout!
The Knickerbockers - Jerk & Twine Time
The Knickerbockers - Lies
The Last Vegas - Bad Decisions
The Look - Let It Go
The Mob - Let The Tribe Increase
The O'Jays - Live In Concert
The Orb with Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry - The Observer
The Rippingtons - Built To Last
The Shadows - Meeting With the Shadows
The Temperance Seven - Pasadenda
The Who - Quadrophenia: The Criterion Collection (DVD)
Thieves and Villains - South America
TobyMac - Eye On It
Tortoise - Tortoise
Townes Van Zandt - No Deeper Blue (reissue)
Triumph - Live At Sweden Rock Festival (CD/DVD)
Various Artists - A&M 50: The Anniversary Collection (3 CDs)
Various Artists - All Time Greatest Blues Songs
Various Artists - Lost Legends of Surf Guitar
Various Artists - Loving on the Flip Side
Various Artists - More Lost Legends of Surf Guitar
Various Artists - Lullabye Renditions of KISS
Various Artists - Music for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games
Vibrators - Alaska 127
Weatherstorm - Kühles Bier
White Flame - The Look
Wild Nothing - Nocturne
Wiz Khalifia - O.N.I.F.C.
Wood Brothers - Live 2: Nail and Tooth
World Fire Brigade - Spreading My Wings
Wretched - Beyond the Gate

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Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

RICHARD HAWLEY - Standing At The Sky’s Edge OUT TOMORROW 8/28

Following the success of his award-winning, critically acclaimed 2009 album Truelove’s Gutter, Richard Hawley will release Standing At The Sky’s Edge tomorrow, August 28th on CD (including US-only bonus track) and LP.

Recorded in Sheffield at Yellow Arch Studio in 2011, Standing At The Sky’s Edge marks a seismic shift in direction for Richard. Mirroring the blasted industrial sunsets of Sheffield, Hawley partners his distinctive fluid snarl with blazing electric guitar, spray-painting his audiences senses with a new sound, embracing the ever-changing landscape around him. The overall effect is hypnotic and psychedelic, casting a euphoric stage for Hawley to unleash some of his most tender moments to date.

Mourning the passing of friends and contemplating his place in the universe, Hawley urges us to accept how tiny we are and embrace the time we are given. Hawley says of the song, "If we could just allow ourselves to be liberated by the fact that this is our only time here, we could just get on with what really matters."

Hawley says of the album, "I wanted to get away from the orchestration of my previous records and make a live album with two guitars, bass, drums and rocket noises!"

She Brings The Sunlight
Standing At The Sky’s Edge
Time Will Bring You Winter
Down In The Woods
Seek It
Don’t Stare At The Sun
The Wood Collier’s Grave
Leave Your Body Behind You
You Haunt Me * (US CD-ONLY Bonus Track)

"Down In The Woods" is the new single



from our friends at Sundazed (i remember these songs very well, i still love the old sound....)

A Salute To The Girl Groups Of The 60's

The Ronettes - Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes featuring Veronica LP

Originally released in time for 1964's Christmas season, the Ronettes' one and only Philles LP is considered by many to be the crown jewel of the label's catalogue, representing the ultimate expression of Phil Spector's girl-group ideal.

Fronted by the impossibly charismatic Veronica Bennett, aka Ronnie Spector, the Ronettes combined girlish innocence and playful sexiness in a manner that struck a responsive chord with listeners in the '60s, and continues to do so five decades later. With Phil's surging Wall of Sound arrangements meeting their match in the kittenish vocals of Ronnie and her sister Estelle Bennett and cousin Nedra Talley, it's not hard to understand why the Ronettes effortlessly held their own with the British Invasion acts that otherwise dominated the pop scene in 1964.

Although the Ronettes are principally known as a singles act, Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes featuring Veronica is a remarkably consistent and cohesive set that collects all of the trio's early hits, including such enduring pop masterpieces as "Be My Baby," "Baby (I Love You)," "Walking In The Rain," "Do I Love You?," "(The Best Part Of) Breaking Up," "You Baby" and the Ronettes' original version of "Chapel of Love" (which predates the Dixie Cups' hit version). It's hard to imagine a more consistent collection of perfect pop bliss, or a more excellent expression of girl group greatness.

1. Walking In The Rain
2. Do I Love You?
3. So Young
4. (The Best Part Of) Breakin’ Up
5. I Wonder
6. What’d I Say
7. Be My Baby
8. You Baby
9. Baby, I Love You
10. How Does It Feel?
11. When I Saw You
12. Chapel Of Love

Order at Sundazed



The Crystals - Twist Uptown LP

The Crystals' first LP Twist Uptown, originally released in the summer of 1962, occupies an important position in Phil Spector's remarkable body of work. As the first full album produced by Spector and the first LP to be released on his legendary Philles label, it's a crucial cornerstone in the building of the fabled Wall of Sound. Beyond its historic significance, though, Twist Uptown retains a timeless resonance, thanks to Spector’s seminal studio wizardry and the Crystals' sweet-but-streetwise vocal magic.

The New York-based Crystals, all of whom were still in their teens at the time, were handpicked by Spector as the first act signed to Philles, and the first performers to receive the full-on Wall of Sound studio treatment. The quintet quickly scored major successes with their Spector-produced singles "There's No Other (Like My Baby)" and "Uptown." The latter, penned by Brill building stalwarts Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, also made history for introducing a new level of gritty social realism to pop.

Indeed, Twist Uptown perfectly embodies the combination of yearning innocence and worldlier emotions that would come to define Spector's greatest work. In addition to the aforementioned classics and the minor hit "Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby," the album features such lesser-known girl-group gems as "I Love You Eddie," "Please Hurt Me," "What A Nice Way to Turn Seventeen" and the one-of-a-kind oddity "Frankenstein Twist," along with an early version "On Broadway," actually recorded before the Drifters' reworked hit version, and an upbeat take on the Carla Thomas chestnut "Gee Whiz."

1. Uptown
2. Another Country—Another World
3. Frankenstein Twist
4. Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby
5. Please Hurt Me
6. There’s No Other (Like My Baby)
7. On Broadway
8. What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen
9. No One Ever Tells You
10. Gee Whiz-Look At His Eyes (Twist)
11. I Love You Eddie

Order at Sundazed



The Crystals - He's a Rebel LP

Although it was assembled quickly in 1963 to take advantage of the chart success of its eponymous title anthem, the Crystals' second album is a near-perfect summation of this seminal girl group's effortless appeal and the surging majesty of Spector's production genius. Between the group's winsome vocals, the massed muscle of Spector's legendary studio band the Wrecking Crew, and the stellar songwriting of such Brill Building pros as Carole King, Gerry Goffin, Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil and Doc Pomus, He's A Rebel is one of the most beloved items in the Philles Records catalogue.

While most listeners didn’t know it at the time, the Gene Pitney-penned "He's A Rebel" was actually recorded by Darlene Love and her studio group the Blossoms, and released under the Crystals' name. Love also takes the lead on the effervescent hit "He's Sure the Boy I Love." Under any name, however, these are among the most thrilling items in the Spector canon.

Along with such memorable early Crystals classics as "Uptown," "There’s No Other (Like My Baby)" and "Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby," He's A Rebel also features the controversial Goffin/King composition "He Hit Me (It Felt Like A Kiss)." Originally released as a single in 1962, the song's emotionally raw subject matter scared off radio programmers, and Spector quickly had it withdrawn from release. In the years since, the song has gained near-mythical status, and its inclusion here is a handy reminder of the power of Spector's singular artistry.

1. He’s A Rebel
2. Uptown
3. Another Country-Another World
4. Frankenstein Twist
5. Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby
6. He’s Sure The Boy I Love
7. There’s No Other Like My Baby
8. On Broadway
9. What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen
10. No One Ever Tells You
11. He Hit Me (It Felt Like A Kiss)
12. I Love You Eddie

Order at Sundazed



Bobb B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah LP

One of the most talented acts in Phil Spector's stellar recording stable, Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans featured the great Darlene Love, one of Spector's favorite vocal muses; Fanita James, who also sang alongside Love in the ubiquitous studio vocal group the Blossoms; and Bob B. Soxx himself, aka renowned singer Bobby Sheen, a legend in West Coast R&B circles. The trio's uncanny abilities provided Spector with an ideal vehicle to perfect his musical formula, making the trio's 1963 album Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah one of the most enchanting items in the Philles Records catalogue.

Recorded in the hallowed environs of L.A.'s Gold Star Studios with backup from the legendary Wrecking Crew, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah finds the trio cutting loose on a high-energy set that includes the Disney-inspired title hit and the infectious "Why Do Lovers Break Each Other’s Heart?" Love's powerful vocals are also featured on "My Heart Beat a Little Faster" and the Jackie DeShannon-penned "Jimmy Baby," while the ever-soulful Sheen is showcased on such tunes as "Dear (Here Comes My Baby)" and "Everything's Gonna Be All Right." Meanwhile, a left-field reading of Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land" and the album-closing instrumental "Dr. Kaplan's Office" demonstrate Spector's quirkier side.

1. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
2. Why Do Lovers Break Each Other’s Heart?
3. Let The Good Times Roll
4. My Heart Beats A Little Faster
5. Jimmy Baby
6. Baby (I Love You)
7. White Cliffs Of Dover
8. This Land Is Your Land
9. Dear (Here Comes My Baby)
10. I Shook The World
11. Everything’s Gonna Be All Right
12. Dr. Kaplan’s Office

Order at Sundazed



Dion, Shoes, Zacherle, David Cassidy and Grateful Dead reissues on Real Gone Music for early Fall.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Real Gone Music’s early Fall releases, due out October 2, 2012, are highlighted by Dion’s The Complete Laurie Singles, featuring the multi-decade superstar’s most famous and influential solo recordings (both A and B sides) plus 35 Years: The Definitive Shoes Collection 1977-2012, a 21-song chronicle of both indie and major label recordings by Midwest power-pop legends Shoes.

If that weren’t enough, Real Gone Music also resurrects David Cassidy’s 1985 Romance album, and anticipates Halloween with a twofer (Monster Mash/Scary Tales) from the Cameo-Parkway catalog of the cool ghoul, John Zacherle. Finally, the Grateful Dead’s Dick’s Picks series continues with Dick’s Picks Vol. 27—Oakland Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA 12/16/92, the only volume of the Dick’s Picks series to feature the final Dead line-up featuring Vince Welnick on keyboard.

Dion DiMucci’s original Laurie singles, the very tracks that established him as a superstar solo act during the ’60s, have never all been collected in one place. Real Gone Music’s 36-track The Complete Laurie Singles collection features all the single sides, both A and B, that Dion recorded for Laurie in their original mono single mixes, including the early singles that sparked his solo success, the sides that Laurie released after Dion signed with Columbia in 1962 (Dion was the first rock ’n’ roll artist to sign with that hallowed label), and, finally, the radically different and progressive singles from his triumphant return to the Laurie label, beginning with "Abraham, Martin and John" in 1968. It would be hard to find the original mono single mixes of any of these songs except for the big hits, and some of these songs (e.g. the later singles and the B-sides) aren’t on CD at all. Remastered from the original tapes at Capitol Studios by Kevin Bartley with assistance from Andrew Sandoval, and featuring liner notes by compilation producer Ed Osborne that include vintage photos of Dion, shots of the original singles and exclusive quotes from Dion himself, this two-CD set is a must for any Dion fan or collector, and encapsulates the Laurie years of this legendary artist like no other release before or since. Highlights include such chart-top hits as "The Wanderer," "Little Diane," "Love Came to Me," "Sandy," "Lonely Teenager," "Lovers Who Wander" and of course "Abraham, Martin & John." (Dion is still making credible music today as the solid new blues album titled Tank Full of Blues attests.)

Improbably hailing from the dry, church-dominated town of Zion, Ill. on the banks of Lake Michigan, Shoes were formed, like a lot of rock bands, by three kids who were just looking for something to do. The difference? Very few bands — none actually come to mind — write and perform perfectly crafted power pop songs for 35 years and counting. Indeed, Gary Klebe and brothers John and Jeff Murphy reign as deans of the entire power pop scene. And now, concurrent with the release of Ignition, their first new studio album in 18 years, and Boys Don’t Lie: A History of Shoes, a behind-the-scenes biography detailing their odyssey through the musical industry, Shoes and Real Gone Music have teamed to release the first-ever career-spanning retrospective of the band. 35 Years—The Definitive Shoes Collection includes 21 tracks chosen by Shoes and taken from all eight of their studio albums that saw an official release, starting with the DIY masterpiece of 1977, Black Vinyl Shoes, through the three albums (Present Tense, Tongue Twister and Boomerang) released on Elektra, the three albums (Silhouette, Stolen Wishes and Propeller) the band self-released in the ’80s and ’90s, and culminating in a newly-released track, "Say It Like You Mean It," from Ignition. Included are classic Shoe-tunes like "Tomorrow Night," "Too Late," "She Satisfies," "In My Arms Again" and "Feel the Way That I Do." The liner notes by Stephen "Spaz" Schnee feature fresh, exclusive interviews with the band and pictures from their private archives. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to Shoes’ sublime power pop pleasures, 35 Years—the Definitive Shoes Collection 1977-2012 is essential.

Straight from the crypts, er, vaults of Cameo Parkway comes this fiendish find, a gruesome twosome of vintage albums, Monster Mash/Scary Tales, from the Cool Ghoul himself, the original TV horror host, Zacherle. The first of these albums hit #44 on the charts, as it boasts Zach’s Top Ten hit, "Dinner With Drac" (plus, as one of four bonus tracks, its flipside, "Dinner with Drac Pt. 2"), but his sleeve notes alone are worth the price of admission — and these albums come to you in original "moan-o." None other than Zach acolyte (Zacholyte?) John Sebastian chips in with new notes, too. The albums are back in print in America following a long absence, just in time for Halloween.

The Romance album, David Cassidy’s first and only for Arista, was withheld from the American market upon its original release in 1985. Which, one suspects, may have sparked some second guessing in the label’s corporate suites after it scored a Top 10 hit in the U.K. with "The Last Kiss," which featured George Michael on vocals. "She Knows All About Boys" was a European smash as well, while the album itself went to #20 on the British charts. Romance is also notable for being the only ’80s release from the former Partridge Family teen idol, and for the production and songwriting work of Alan Tarney (a-ha, Squeeze, Leo Sayer, Matthew Sweet). Nevertheless, this reissue marks the first time Romance has been released in any form in the U.S. Mike Ragogna’s liner notes place this long-lost recording in context of Cassidy’s one-of-a-kind career.

"Dick" was Dick Latvala, the official tape archivist for the Grateful Dead until 1999, whose inspiration and encyclopedic knowledge of the band’s vaults spawned the fabled Dick’s Picks series of live Dead concert recordings. The 36-volume Dick’s Picks follows the band on its long, strange trip through a multitude of eras, tours and venues, featuring handpicked shows that display the band at its visionary, improvisational height. Dick’s Picks Vol. 27—Oakland Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA 12/16/92 is the only Dick’s Picks volume to feature the final Dead line-up, with Vince Welnick assuming all keyboard duties after the departure of Bruce Hornsby, and, fittingly enough, it provides quite the showcase for the ex-Tubes keyboardist’s vocal chops on the unexpected covers of the Who’s "Baba O’Riley" and the Beatles’ "Tomorrow Never Knows." Those are two of the four bonus songs taken from the next night’s show at the same venue; the rest of this 3-CD set presents the complete 12/16/92 Oakland show, which offers among its treasures a rare (albeit abbreviated), ‘90s reading of "Dark Star," a great, Pigpen-tribute rendition of "Good Lovin’," Bob Weir’s reading of Willie Dixon’s "The Same Thing" and a marvelously exploratory "Playing in the Band/Drums/Space" segment. The set preserves one of the best ‘90s Dead shows, presented in HDCD sound, previously unavailable in stores.

About Real Gone Music

Real Gone Music, formed and helmed by industry vets Gordon Anderson and Gabby Castellana, is an eclectic and prolific catalog and reissue label with distribution through Razor & Tie. Anderson and Castellana each started businesses in 1993 — Collectors’ Choice Music and Hep Cat Records & Distribution, respectively — that became two of the most important outlets for buyers and sellers of vintage music recordings. They joined forces in 2011 to launch Real Gone Music, which serves both the collector community and the casual music fan with a robust release schedule combining big-name artists with esoteric cult favorites. Real Gone Music is dedicated to combing the vaults for sounds that aren’t just gone — they’re REAL gone.

October 2 releases from Real Gone Music:

Dion: The Complete Laurie Singles

Shoes: 35 Years—the Definitive Shoes Collection

Zacherle: Monster Mash/Scary Tales

David Cassidy: Romance

Grateful Dead: Dick’s Picks Vol. 27—Oakland Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA 12/16/92

Available October 2, 2012. Pre-Order Coming Soon.


Dethklok Releasing New Album This Fall

Dethklok have scheduled an October 16, 2012 North America release date for their new album called, 'Metalocalypse: Dethklok Dethalbum III.' The Dethalbum III is once again co-produced by Metalocalypse co-creator Brendon Small and Dethklok producer Ulrich Wild. The cover art was also illustrated by The Dethalbum and Dethalbum II cover artist Antonio Canobbio.

Dethalbum III will not only be released in its original CD and digital format, but also as a Deluxe Edition CD/DVD and a clean version of the CD. The Deluxe Edition CD/DVD will include a 32-minute behind-the-scenes documentary of the making of Dethalbum III, as well as music videos and much more. A vinyl edition of the album with special etching will be released on November 6, 2012.

1. I Ejaculate Fire
2. Crush the Industry
3. Andromeda
4. The Galaxy
5. Starved
6. Killstardo Abominate
7. Ghostqueen
8. Impeach God
9. Biological Warfare
10. Skyhunter
11. The Hammer
12. Rejoin


Weapon - Embers and Revelations LP (Maroon)

After two stellar albums of filthy blackened death metal, Bangladesh by way of Canada’s WEAPON make their blasphemous Relapse debut with ‘Embers and Revelations’.

Pressing Info: First Press 10/9/12

500 x Standard Gram Black
500 x Maroon
100 x Clear (Not Available to the Public)

Pre-Order at Relapse


from our friends at

Pre-Order Xiu Xiu The Air Force LP+MP3

Six years after its original release, Xiu Xiu's groundbreaking -- and previously out of print -- fifth album The Air Force makes its return this fall!

Featuring re-imagined artwork by Xiu Xiu frontman Jamie Stewart and his brother, longtime Xiu Xiu designer Joe Stewart, the record is now available on 180-gram vinyl for the first time.

Originally awarded an 8.0 by Pitchfork, The Air Force "make[s] romance sound like a good horror flick" (SPIN).

In stores October 9. Pre-orders ship September 28.

Pre-order at PolyVinylRecords


from our friends at

Between the Buried and Me – "The Parallax II: Future Sequence" pre-order

Prog-metal titans of industry Between the Buried and Me are readying their latest full-length The Parallax II: Future Sequence for an Oct. 9 release via Metal Blade, produced by longtime BTBAM collaborator Jamie King.

The 72-minute album is available for pre-order on 2XLP on marbled vinyl (1 LP Grey, 1 LP Light Blue). The gatefold jacket also comes with four color inserts.

The Parallax II: Future Sequence was recorded at The Basement Studios in Winston-Salem, NC with longtime friend of the band and producer Jamie King. Jamie engineered, mixed and mastered The Parallax II: Future Sequence, which makes this the sixth release Jamie and BTBAM have worked together on. The new album, which clocks in at approximately 72 minutes, features artwork from Charlotte, North Carolina artist and designer Chandler Owen (Underoath, Shai Hulud, and Hopesfall).

Regarding the concept of The Parallax II: Future Sequence, the new full-length album picks up where the 2011 EP, The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues, left off. "The two main characters of the story take on a journey through space and time with the unenviable task of having to cure the flaws of humanity by any means necessary. While the EP served mostly as an introduction to the characters, Future Sequence contains the action of the story. The lyrics are written in the stream of consciousness style, which really helps to capture the perspective and emotion of the characters. We really enjoyed the challenge of writing this record, and I think we were all pleasantly surprised with how well the music and lyrics jived with one another. I couldn't be happier with how Future Sequence turned out," comments guitarist Paul Waggoner.

Vocalist and keyboardist Tommy Rogers adds his thoughts on the musical direction of The Parallax II: Future Sequence. "This album is BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME on steroids. I feel like we have created an album that perfectly mirrors the band we've been trying to create since day one. An album that has sounds that will stimulate many genres and music fans alike. A conceptual journey that takes the listener to worlds that seem familiar and worlds that make you scratch your head. From start to finish this is music we want to create, not music we think people want us to create. We create songs that keep us (and hopefully you) excited about heavy music. Keep listening something new will be there each time. Enjoy the music we enjoyed writing it."

Get your copy at ShopRadioCast


from my neck of the woods, a new vinyl record and music store, will have to be there for the opening!

Acme Records is an outlet for Shopkeeper's vinyl passion


for shits and giggles

Cute Babies on Album Covers


my kid brother grew up with this guy's voice, as did my kids and now my grandchild...he will be missed!

Jerry Nelson, Count of 'Sesame Street,' dies at 78


be sure to check out some of the new music for september!

New Music Releases ~ September 2012




Friday, August 24, 2012

The Vinyl Pulse ~ Beatles "Love Me Do" Demo Sells For $13,000

Wow, if I only had that kind of money.  13 grand is a lot to pay for a record, but someone has it to spend!!

The Vinyl Pulse, is a weekly snapshot of what is selling on the big vinyl machine called eBay. This is a great way to keep your eyes peeled for a specific record and what you might have to pay for it to obtain it. 

CollectorsFrenzy lists the top 25 real time ended auctions and the selling price for the collectible vinyl and is updated daily.

Top 10 Items for 8/23/2012

1.  BEATLES LOVE ME DO DEMO 250 ONLY INVESTMENT STUNNING CONDITION !! NO RESERVE!!!   Sold for $12959.28 USD on August 23, 2012 

2.  Great Private Modern Soul Boogie 45 CHOCOLATE BUTTERMILK BAND on CBM Head Games   Sold for $2807.57 USD on August 23, 2012

3.  NIRVANA~Love Buzz~SUB POP #372/1000 Authentic Original 7"~NOT REGISTERED~MINT-!   Sold for $1703.00 USD on August 23, 2012

4.  THE BEATLES collection 14 LP BOX SET mobile fidelity MFSL original master JAPAN
 Sold for $1060.00 USD on August 23, 2012 

5.  45 Northern Soul GEORGE BLACKWELL Can't Lose My Head 1966 Smoke 200 Original!
 Sold for $985.00 USD on August 23, 2012

 Sold for $934.02 USD on August 23, 2012

 Sold for $845.51 USD on August 23, 2012 

 Sold for $790.20 USD on August 23, 2012

 Sold for $720.00 USD on August 23, 2012

 Sold for $699.99 USD on August 23, 2012 

Please visit CollectorsFrenzy for daily updates!

also did some checking, there are 1,613,992 results found for the search term LP on eBay today, and this is a great indication of the past several days....lots of records for sale on the big vinyl machine!


Upcoming Record Collector Shows Update

Find a record collector expo or show coming to a town or city near your home! 


Aug 25 Charleston SC CHARLESTON RECORD EXPO West Ashley Shoppes, 946 Orleans Road Free 10AM-5PM 843-571-4657

Aug 26 Des Moines IA Des Moines Music Collectors' Show Holiday Inn - 1050 6th Ave. - Des Moines, IA $1 10AM-4PM 515-284-1401 Over 20 dealers from the upper midwest will sell records, CDs, DVDs, posters & memorabilia.

Aug 26 Charlotte NC Carolina Vinyl and CD Collectors Show Tremont Music Hall, 400 W. Tremont Ave., 28203 $3 10AM-4PM 704-996-9945 Featuring rare vintage vinyl, CDs, DVDs, and more!

Sep 2 Pasadena CA PCC Flea Market Record Swap E Colorado Blvd & Bonnie Ave - 3rd Floor of the Parking Structure Free 7AM-3PM 626-585-7906 One of the Oldest, One the Best, an Original



Sep 8 Wayne NJ The SECOND SATURDAY Record & CD Show Fire Co #1, 97 Parish Dr (@ Route 202S & Route 23) $6 10AM-4PM 973-209-6067

Sep 8 Charlottesville VA Charlottesville Virginia Vinyl and CD Show Holiday Inn University Area, 1901 Emmet St., 22901 Free 9AM-4PM 704-996-9945

Sep 9 San Francisco CA ROCK 'n SWAP University Of San Francisco, McLaren Hall, 2130 Fulton st. SF CA $3 7AM-4PM 415-386-5873Early Bird entry 7 AM-10 AM $10.

Sep 9 Ft. Lauderdale FL Record & CD Show Rodeway Airport Inn, 2440 State Rd. 84 $5 10AM-3PM 954-815-7625

Sep 9 Dedham MA Original New England Compact Disc & Record Expo Holiday Inn, Rte #1 Dedham MA $5 10AM-4PM 781-986-4538 This is our 32nd year. Largest show in New England.

Sep 9 Grand Rapids MI Grand Rapids Record & CD Show Radisson Grand Rapids Riverfront - 270 Ann St NE 49504 $2 11AM-5PM 616-516-5199 Great Midwest Show -- $40-8' table, 2 for $75

Sep 9 Roseville MI Metro Detroit Record Show VFW Hall, 25671 Gratiot Ave, Roseville MI $3 10AM-4PM 586-759-5133 Michigan's #1 Collector's Show!

Sep 9 St. Louis MO St. Louis Record & CD Show American Czech Hall, 4690 Lansdowne at Kingshighway $3 10AM-3PM 314-821-9121 Early Birds at 8:30 a.m. - Early Bird Admission is $5.00

Sep 9 Springfield NJ Greater NJ Record & CD Shows Hotel 304 West (previously owned by Holiday Inn) 304 West Route 22 $6 8AM-4PM 908-995-4570

Sep 9 Lancaster PA Pennsylvania Music Expo The Continental Inn, 2285 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster, PA 17602 Free 9AM-3PM 717-898-1246 The largest show of its kind, by collectors, for collectors.

Sep 9 Roanoke VA Virginia Vinyl and CD Collectors Show Ramada Inn-Royal Room, 1927 Franklin Rd. SW, 24014 Free 10AM-4PM 704-996-9945


Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

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Artist: Jimi Hendrix

Title: Come On (Let the Good Times Roll) / Calling All the Devil’s Children

Sundazed presents the second installment in its landmark Jimi Hendrix singles series, which honors the legendary guitar icon’s singular musical genius by presenting it in the same medium in which it was originally experienced by fans: vinyl.

The series’ latest release once again pairs two vintage Hendrix tracks, combining his visionary reading of Earl King’s R&B classic “Come On (Let the Good Times Roll)” alongside the Hendrix original “Calling All the Devil’s Children.” The former track, which Hendrix recorded for his classic 1968 album Electric Ladyland, demonstrates Jimi’s close ties to his blues and R&B roots. The latter demonstrates his skill with long-form improvisation, as well as his playful sense of humor.

Both tracks feature the classic Jimi Hendrix Experience lineup of Hendrix himself on guitar and vocals, Noel Redding on bass and Mitch Mitchell on drums. As with every release in the series, the new single features a color picture sleeve incorporating seldom seen Hendrix photos that capture the legendary artist’s distinctive persona and pioneering spirit.

This new release is the second in Sundazed Music’s historic partnership with Experience Hendrix, L.L.C., which launched in April 2012 with a single featuring two rare Hendrix performances from a pair of 1967 BBC sessions.

In a recording career that spanned only three and a half years prior to his tragic death in 1970 at the age of 27, Jimi Hendrix revolutionized the role of the electric guitar and radically altered the face of
contemporary music. He became rock’s first guitar superstar, with an effortless charisma that matched his visionary talent to an intensely original performing style. More than four decades after his passing, his influence upon contemporary music looms as large as ever.


1. Come On (Let the Good Times Roll)
2. Calling All the Devil’s Children



JOHNNY CASH -- THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION Brings Together 59 Albums On 63 CDs, From 1958's The Fabulous Johnny Cash Through 1990's Highwayman 2 With Waylon, Willie And Kristofferson

35 Albums Released on CD for the First Time by Columbia/Legacy in the U.S.; First 19 Albums (1958-1967) Released for First Time in Mono on CD by Columbia/Legacy in the U.S., Available everywhere October 30, 2012, through Columbia/Legacy

NEW YORK, Aug. 20, 2012 -- /PRNewswire/ -- Signed to Columbia Records at age 26 in 1958, the arc of Johnny Cash's career played out at the label over the next three decades, a near lifetime of work in music, film and television now presented on JOHNNY CASH – THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION.  Containing 61 distinct album packages (single and double CDs, totaling 63 discs overall) housed in a box with a lift-off cover, the deluxe set will be available everywhere October 30th through Columbia/ Legacy, a division of SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.

Released in the year in which Cash would have turned 80 (born February 26, 1932), JOHNNY CASH – THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION is a monumental tribute to the original Man In Black.  Working with Columbia producers Don Law (1958-67), Frank Jones (1960-67), Bob Johnston (1968-70), Larry Butler (1972-78), Charlie Bragg (1972-77), Brian Ahern, Billy Sherrill, Chips Moman, and others, Cash was always in command of his direction, whether it was country & western, gospel, blues, rockabilly, traditional balladry and folk, or any other style he chose to pursue.  The new box set was compiled by multi-Grammy Award®-nominated producer Gregg Geller and multi-Grammy® and W.C. Handy Award-winning producer Steve Berkowitz, who have supervised Legacy's historic Johnny Cash reissue program for over a decade. 

Willie Nelson, who took part in April's "We Walk the Line: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash" concert in Austin (available on DVD and Blu-ray from Legacy), had this to say about Cash at the event: "I always looked at John as somebody who had been there before me and who was doing it the way he wanted to do it.  I always admired and respected him for doing that − he was one of the first rebels, one of the first outlaws (if you want to call him that) that hit Nashville and I was a great fan of his not only for his music but for his attitude."

The box set begins with The Fabulous Johnny Cash, his Columbia debut LP recorded and released in 1958, with his first #1 country single at Columbia, "Don't Take Your Guns To Town."  It wraps up in 1990 (though Cash actually left Columbia in 1983) with Highwayman 2, the second Columbia album by the quartet of Johnny, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson, featuring the Top 25 country hit, "Silver Stallion."

In between, a total of 35 album titles are being released for the first time on CD by Columbia/Legacy in the U.S.  And the first 19 chronological titles (dating from 1958 to 1967) are being released for the first time in monaural (mono) sound on CD by Columbia/Legacy in the U.S.  Each title is packaged as a mini-LP CD with its original artwork, including the five original gatefold albums in Cash's Columbia discography.

THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION takes its place alongside similarly important Columbia career retrospectives by Miles Davis, Tony Bennett, Dave Brubeck, and Billie Holiday.  The contents are housed in a box that resembles the lift-off lid design of The Complete Miles Davis Columbia Album Collection box set issued by Columbia/Legacy in 2009

THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION is accompanied by a full-color booklet that includes complete discographic information for every album: songwriters, recording dates and cities, musicians, guest performers, producers, release dates, original catalog numbers, Billboard pop and country chart numbers for albums and single tracks, and more.

The booklet also features liner notes by veteran annotator Rich Kienzle, who references many of the Columbia albums along the way.  "When one thinks of Johnny Cash's recordings, one thing is certain," Kienzle writes. "The Columbia years loom larger than any other phase.  A star when he arrived in 1958, when he departed he was an American icon."

Complementing the Columbia albums, the producers have assembled two new compilations for this box set:

•Johnny Cash With His Hot & Blue Guitar, a 28-song collection of single and non-single tracks released during his Sun Records years (1954-58), including "Hey Porter," "Folsom Prison Blues," "I Walk The Line," "Cry! Cry! Cry!," "Ballad Of A Teenage Queen," "Big River," and more; actually an expanded edition of his 1957 Sun LP, bearing that album's iconic cover design; and

•The Singles, Plus, a 2-CD, 55-song collection (spanning 1958-85) of single sides that did not originally appear on Johnny's Columbia albums, 'plus' guest performances on other artists' albums, among them Bob Dylan, The Carter Family, Mother Maybelle Carter, June Carter Cash, The Earl Scruggs Revue, Marty Robbins, Willie Nelson, and Shel Silverstein.

There are several rarities and Johnny Cash catalog anomalies to be found throughout THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION.  Chief among these are three live albums (out of the eight live albums in the box set):

• Johnny Cash pa Osteraker, recorded at Osteraker Prison in Sweden in 1972, released in Europe in 1973, and later added to the U.S. catalog;

• Strawberry Cake, recorded at the Palladium in London in 1975, and released in 1976, named for the Cash-composed single track that appeared on this album; and

• Koncert V Praze, recorded at the Sport Hall in Prague in 1978, released on the Czech Supraphon label in 1983, now officially joining the U.S. catalog.

Among the other rarities in THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION are two original motion picture soundtrack albums, both produced in Nashville in 1970 by Bob Johnston, who also served as Columbia staff producer (at the time) of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Flatt & Scruggs, The Byrds, and others:

• I Walk the Line, directed by John Frankenheimer, starring Gregory Peck as a smalltown Tennessee sheriff, the soundtrack comprised entirely of Johnny Cash songs, featuring his final self-penned #1
country single, "Flesh and Blood"; and

•Little Fauss And Big Halsy, the motorcycle racing movie starring Robert Redford, Lauren Hutton and Michael J. Pollard, with a soundtrack mixing vocal and instrumental tunes by Cash and Carl Perkins.

"Johnny Cash and Columbia Records were joined at the hip for 28 years," Kienzle writes, "or nearly 60 percent of his 48-year recording career that began in early 1955 when he did his first formal session for Sun Records in Memphis, continuing until just before he died in 2003.  Cash staked his claim and established himself at Sun; at Columbia, he defined himself for all time."

THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION follows up other important Cash-themed titles released by Columbia/Legacy on August 7.  A new series entitled "The Greatest" was launched with three new 14-song compilations, The Greatest: Country Classics, The Greatest: Gospel Songs, and The Greatest: Duets, plus The Greatest: The Number Ones.  The deluxe version of The Greatest: The Number Ones features a CD with every Sun Records and Columbia side to hit #1 Country in Billboard and/or Cashbox from 1956 ("I Walk the Line") to 1984 ("Highwayman"), accompanied by a DVD with live performances of ten of the songs.  (This configuration is also available as a standalone CD, without DVD.)

August 7 also marked Legacy's release of We Walk The Line: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash, a DVD+CD set and separate Blu-ray disc.  The packages  chronicle the all-star tribute concert of April 20, 2012, held at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas.  Artists who performed that night and appear in the feature include Brandi Carlile, Sheryl Crow, Iron & Wine, Shooter Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Shelby Lynne, Pat Monahan of Train, Willie Nelson, Lucinda Williams, and others.

THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION also follows up the critical and commercial success of The Johnny Cash Bootleg Series, which has presented four historic releases to date.  Released in April, the most recent title in the series is The Soul Of Truth: Bootleg Vol. IV,  which includes 51 gospel-themed recordings.

Johnny Cash – The Complete Columbia Album Collection

1. The Fabulous Johnny Cash (1958)
2. Hymns By Johnny Cash (1959)
3. Songs Of Our Soil (1959)
4. Now There Was A Song! (1960)
5. Ride This Train (1960)
6. Hymns From The Heart (1962)
7. The Sound of Johnny Cash (1962)
8. Blood, Sweat and Tears (1962)
9. Ring Of Fire: The Best Of Johnny Cash (1963)
10. The Christmas Spirit (1963)
11. Keep On The Sunny Side – The Carter Family with special guest Johnny Cash (1963)
12. I Walk The Line (1964)
13. Bitter Tears: Johnny Cash Sings
14. Orange Blossom Special (1965)
15. Johnny Cash Sings Ballads Of The True West (1965)
16. Everybody Loves A Nut (1966)
17. Happiness Is You (1966)
18. Carryin' On With Johnny Cash & June Carter (1967)
19. From Sea To Shining Sea (1967)
20. Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison (Live) (1968)
21. The Holy Land (1968)
22. Johnny Cash At San Quentin (Live) (1969)
23. Hello, I'm Johnny Cash (1970)
24. The Johnny Cash Show (Live) (1970)
25. I Walk The Line Soundtrack (1970)
26. Little Fauss And Big Halsy Soundtrack (1970)
27. Man In Black (1971)
28. A Thing Called Love (1972)
29. Johnny Cash: America – A 200-Year Salute In Story And Song (1972)
30. Christmas – The Johnny Cash Family (1972)
31. Any Old Wind That Blows (1973)
32. The Gospel Road (2-CDs) (1973)
33. Johnny Cash And His Woman (1973)
34. Johnny Cash pa Osteraker (Live at Osteraker Prison, Sweden) (1973)
35. Ragged Old Flag (1974)
36. The Junkie And The Juicehead Minus Me (1974)
37. The Johnny Cash Children's Album (1975)
38. Johnny Cash Sings Precious Memories (1975)
39. John R. Cash (1975)
40. Look At Them Beans (1975)
41. Strawberry Cake (Live at the Palladium, London, England) (1976)
42. One Piece At A Time (1976)
43. The Last Gunfighter Ballad (1977)
44. The Rambler (1977)
45. I Would Like To See You Again (1978)
46. Gone Girl (1978)
47. Silver (1979)
48. Rockabilly Blues (1980)
49. Classic Christmas (1980)
50. The Baron (1981)
51. The Survivors: Johnny Cash – Jerry Lee Lewis – Carl Perkins (Live) (1982)
52. The Adventures Of Johnny Cash (1982)
53. Johnny 99 (1983)
54. Koncert V Praze (In Prague Live) (1983)
55. Rainbow (1985)
56. Highwayman: Waylon Jennings – Willie Nelson – Johnny Cash – Kris Kristofferson (1985)
57. Heroes (1986)
58. Highwayman 2: Waylon Jennings – Willie Nelson – Johnny Cash – Kris Kristofferson (1990)
59. At Madison Square Garden (Live) (2002)
60. Johnny Cash With His Hot & Blue Guitar (2012)
61. The Singles, Plus (2-CD) (2012)

Order The Complete Columbia Album Collection Today!


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FEN Creates Storm with Release of New Album, "Of Losing Interest"!


The album may be called "Of Losing Interest" but the overwhelming critical and fan response to Fen's latest release has been anything but a lack of interest.  Hard City gushes, "progressive melodic rock that you must hear to understand the magic."  The Ringmaster hails Fen as "a thriving infection gone wild, a nigging treat for the psyche with its contagion of progressive melodic enterprise, insatiable rock n roll hooks, and mesmeric shadows.  Every song borders perfection. Melodic rock at it's best."  And over at the BCFM Rock Show, they simple praise Of Losing Interest as "a great record from a first rate band.  A release that will do both Fen's and Ripple Music's growing reputations the power of good."

Following the breakout premiere of the album on Heavy Planet, Ripple Music is proud to announce the release of Of Losing Interest world-wide.  Look for it as it's headed towards a music store near you . . . both physically and digitally.

Following up on 2010’s breakout album, Trails Out of Gloom, the band return to their heavier roots with the brand new album, Of Losing Interest! Once again recorded at Creativ Studios with longtime producer, Mike Southworth at the helm, the band have crafted themselves an album that perfectly balances the technical virtuosity of heavy metal with the more down to earth tones of the early 90’s alternative rock movement. Of Losing Interest  is now available through Nail Distribution in North America, Code 7 in the UK, Clearspot International in Europe, and the online Ripple Music store.
Fen will be hitting the road to begin support Of Losing Interest in September:

Sept 21st: Kamloops, BC - The Dirty Jersey
Sept 22nd: Salmon Arm, BC - Hideaway Pub
Sept 25th: Calgary, AB - Vern's Bar
Sept 28th: Prince George, BC - Riley's Pub
Sept 29th: Dawson Creek, BC - Rockwell's



from an online and in-store vendor in seattle easystreetonline

Top Selling Vinyl of 2012 (So Far)

1. Jack White - Blunderbuss
2. Lana Del Rey - Born To Die
3. Black Keys - El Camino
4. TheeSatisfaction - Awe Naturale
5. Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls
6. The Shins - Port of Morrow
7. Beach House - Bloom
8. Mark Lanegan Band - Blues Funeral
9. The Head & the Heart = The Head & the Heart
10. Sigur Ros - Valtari
11. Brad - United We Stand
12. Of Monsters & Men - My Head Is An Animal
13. Bon Iver - Bon Iver
14. Damien Jurado - Maraqopa
15. The Lumineers - The Lumineers
16. Charles Bradley - No Time For Dreaming
17. M83 - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming
18. Fleet Foxes = Fleet Foxes
19. Dr. John - Locked Down
20. Father John Misty - Fear Fun
21. Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues
22. Bon Iver - For Emma Forever Ago
23. Silversun Pickups - Neck of the Woods
24. Of Monsters & Men - Into the Woods EP
25. Grimes - Visions
26. Nirvana - Bleach
27. Kurt Vile - Smoke Ring for My Halo
28. Allen Stone - Allen Stone
29. Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas
30. Beach House - Teen Dream
31. XX - XX
32. The Shins - Wincing the Night Away
33. Washed Out - Within & Without
34. Donnie & Joe Emerson - Dreamin' Wild
35. Lee Hazlewood - LHI Years: Singles, Nudes & Backsides
36. Absolute Monarchs - 1
37. The Shins - Oh Inverted World
38. Gotye - Making Mirrors
39. War On Drugs - Slave Ambient
40. Radiohead - King of Limbs


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Vinyl gets its groove back


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Famed Colony Music store in Times Square to close after 64 years


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Neil Young and Crazy Horse Double-Disc 'Psychedelic Pill' Due in October


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John Fogerty’s New Album Postponed Until 2013