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Andre Georget - La France Interdite

Obscure mondo-documentary released in grindhouse theaters in 1983 and well-known by sleazy diggers of the VHS era, La France Interdite, or French Prohibition, unleashes a dark yet strangely arousing side of France, a bizarre and mysterious world where sexual perversion, marginality, and sometimes violence mingle without inhibitions nor taboos. This rare exploitation movie by Gilles Delannoy, Jean-Pierre Garnier and Jean-Pierre Imbrohoris covers it all: peep shows behind the scenes, porn movie auditions, black masses, nights with transvestites in the Bois de Boulogne, S&M clubs, and life in a day of an eagle trainer, among other oddities. A unique journey wrapped in the decadence and vice of the 80s.

A big part of the decadent charm of La France Interdite comes from the playful soundtrack composed by Andre Georget (arranger/producer) for French music legends such as Alain Bashung and Francoise Hardy. Straight from the golden age of synthesizers, the soundtrack is reminiscent of the best of Giorgio Moroder, Harold Faltermeyer, or even Art of Noise in some parts. “Collection Voitures” is an ambient gem, while “Intro Peep Show” goes full Scarface and “Muscles” gives up the sticky funk in a major way. A delightful mix of musical mastery and nostalgia kitsch.

•Limited edition of 300!
•First ever release of this obscure soundtrack!
•Includes two poster inserts and bonus 7".

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Psyche - Re-Membering Dwyane

At the end of 1981, brothers Darrin and Stephen Huss and schoolmate Dwayne Goettel performed for the first time as Psyche in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Their live show was a combination of horror and electronics that was completely unprecedented in Western Canada. Although Goettel and the Huss brothers parted ways before Psyche was to release any material, the masters containing Dwayne Goettel’s performances were preserved in the band’s vaults.

Now, 19 years after Goettel’s untimely passing in 1995, Dark Entries records presents “Re-Membering Dwayne”, the original Psyche-Dwayne Goettel sessions. All tracks were recorded and mixed on 4-track during a single day in March of 1983. Psyche’s early material is visceral and abrasive, a far cry from the sleek, dark synthpop they’d later become known for. Like the body horror films of fellow Canadian David Cronenberg, Psyche disquietingly conflate the organic and the mechanical, calling into question the limits of the human form. Dwayne, who would join Skinny Puppy a few years later, contributes heavily to this more aggressive, disturbing sound.

All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Each LP includes a 12-page booklet with excerpts from Darrin Huss’ diary, unpublished photos of Psyche with Dwayne, and an essay by Darrin reflecting on Psyche’s past and the Goettel legacy as well as lyrics. This collection is a glimpse at the early Canadian industrial scene and the roots of Skinny Puppy. Go take a walk in the past with an ear for the future; you just might learn something.

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new releases from our friends at MusicOnVinyl

David Bowie - Reality

Reality, the 26th album of David Bowie (2003) followed up on the heavily successful formula of Heathen, combining influences of Bowie's Seventies' past (say, from Heroes to Scary Monsters) with a contemporary new millennium vibe. David produced this album together with Tony Visconti, the dream team that also made Heathen a true work of art, resulting in yet another surefire production and memorable songs. The album made it to the top 30 of the Billboard 200, and set the course for great Bowie albums to follow.

Released in a time when vinyl popularity was at an all-time low, Reality never saw its proper official vinyl release. Until now. To celebrate this unique occasion, we're pressing 2 different coloured issues of 2500 copies each, all individually numbered. One run will be issued on transparent green vinyl, the other on orange vinyl. Of course, the album will also be readily available in regular black vinyl. Each unit contains a 12-page booklet with lyrics and artwork.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • Includes a 12-page booklet
  • Available on vinyl for the first time!
  • First pressing available in 2 colours: 2.500 numbered copies on transparent green vinyl 
  • 2.500 numbered copies on orange vinyl
  • Also available on black vinyl

Original Soundtrack - Machete Kills

"Machete don't fail". The U.S. government recruits Machete to battle his way through Mexico in order to take down an arms dealer who looks to launch a weapon into space and bomb the USA. Machete needs to save his new country in a dangerous journey full of betrayals and plot twists. And he's certainly not joking around doing so. Or is he?

This hilarious action thriller starring Danny Trejo as the hero, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen as the US president (can you imagine?!), Lady Gaga, Antonio Banderas and Cuba Gooding Junior is perhaps the funniest thing you'll ever see on the big screen. In short: funny one-liners, fast paced action, in-your-face violence and an array of über sexy ladies make this quintessential Robert Rodriguez film one never to forget.

The soundtrack rocks and thunders, like the film. Latin flavoured Desert Rock and cynical Mariachi meets Classical scores – better get that bottle of tequila and victory cigar ready and kickstart the subwoofer to annoy your neighbours! First pressing limitedly available on blood red vinyl.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • Insert 
  • 1000 numbered copies on bloody red vinyl!

Erroll Garner - Concert By The Sea

Recorded in a converted church in a military base near Carmel, California in 1955, Concert By The Sea is Erroll Garner's widely acclaimed pièce de résistance. A mixture of originals, show biz, and pop standards are delivered with his unique enthusiasm and spontaneity. The recording also features Eddie Calhoun on bass and Denzil Best on drums, and although it was produced using relatively primitive sound equipment, Garner's inventiveness and musical talent have ensured the album has become one of his most notable.

The release came about because Garner's personal manager, Martha Glaser, spotted backstage that a tape recorder was running. The recording was being made "by a jazz fan and scholar named Will Thornbury, strictly for the enjoyment of himself and his fellow servicemen". Glaser took the tape, put it into album form and then played it for the head of Columbia Records' jazz division, George Avakian, who decided to release it. Luckily for masses of Jazz fans, he did! 180 gram audiophile vinyl

Phillip Glass - Solo Piano

With Solo Piano, Glass presents himself "unplugged" - no electronic keyboards or synthesizers, and no overdubs, either - just solo piano. "Metamorphosis" was written in 1988 and takes its name from a play based on Kafka's short story. Its second track, "Metamorphosis Two", formed the basis of one of the main musical themes in the film "The Hours". It is also the song that the American rock band Pearl Jam uses as their introduction music to concerts.

"Mad Rush" was written for the occasion of the Dalai Lama's first visit in New York City. "Wichita Vortex Sutra" is the result of a chance meeting between two long-time friends, Glass and poet Allen Ginsberg, in a  bookstore in the East Village. 'We decided on the spot to do something together, reached for one of Allen's books, and chose the poem "Wichita Vortex Sutra"'. 180 gram audiophile vinyl Deluxe PVC outer sleeve

Herbie Hancock - Blow-Up (Original Soundtrack)

Blow-Up is a soundtrack album by Herbie Hancock featuring music composed for Michelangelo Antonioni's cult film Blow-Up, released in 1966. Musically the songs evoke the ambience of swinging Sixties' London with grooves that create effective bluesy Jazz moods on the slow pieces, and funky ones on the up-tempo tracks.

The album features performances by Hancock on keys, Freddie Hubbard and Joe Newman on trumpet, Phil Woods and Joe Henderson on sax, Ron Carter on bass and Jack DeJohnette on drums. Rumours go that either the fabled Jimmy Smith or Paul Griffin played the Hammond organ on this record.

Rock fans remember the film and the soundtrack for the inclusion of a rare Yardbirds number, "Stroll On" (actually, a Hard Rock adaptation of Tiny Bradshaw's Jump Blues "The Train Kept A-Rollin'" from 1951), one of only three songs they recorded with both Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page on guitars. The bassline to "Bring Down The Birds" was sampled by Deee-Lite for their 1990 hit single "Groove Is In The Heart" featuring Bootsy Collins. 180 gram audiophile vinyl

Gram Parsons - Sleepless Nights

Originally released in 1976, Sleepless Nights is a posthumous compilation album by Gram Parsons (who died in 1973 at the age of 26). Most of the tracks were recorded by the Flying Burrito Bros. in early 1970, just before Parsons left the group. The LP does not include any original Parsons/Burrito tunes as the majority of the material consists of vintage country songs - with the exception of the Rolling Stones' "Honky Tonk Women".

The other three tracks were recorded during the sessions in '73 for Parsons' second solo effort Grievous Angel. Emmylou Harris – who had worked with 'the father of country-rock' since his first solo album and tour – is featured on these songs, being "Sleepless Nights", "The Angels Rejoiced In Heaven Last Night" and "Brand New Heartache". 180 gram audiophile vinyl

Hank Williams - 40 Greatest Hits

Legendary Country singer Hank Williams (1923 – 1953) lived a short and troubled life. But despite his short career, he scored many number 1 hits in the USA. Williams's vocals, steeped in emotion, have influenced generations of artists. The songs he wrote and recorded have been covered by numerous musicians, and have been hits in various genres including Pop, Gospel and Blues.

The 2LP includes such number 1 hits as "Lovesick Blues", "Jambalaya (On The Bayou)", "Kaw-liga" and "Your Cheatin' Heart". This anthology is the perfect starting point for newcomers to Hanks Williams' recorded legacy.  180 gram audiophile vinyl Gatefold sleeve


from our friends at Relapse

DEATH: Leprosy to See Deluxe Remastered Reissue

Available on 2xCD/Deluxe 3xCD/LP/Picture Disc LP/Deluxe 2xLP Box Set/Digital

The fifth installment in Relapse’s exhaustive reissue campaign of DEATH’s immensely influential catalog is Leprosy, the band’s titanic second album.  Originally released in 1988 Leprosy was a pioneering album, building upon the thrash sounds of Metallica and Slayer but adding a previously unheard level of raw extremity. These songs are the roots of an entire genre: death metal.  While this was only the second record DEATH released, it immediately cemented them as heavy metal icons.

Leprosy is set for an April 29th release date in North America, April 28th in the UK/World, and April 25th in Benelux/Germany/Finland. The entire album, as well as the bonus material, has been painstakingly remastered by Alan Douches (Mastodon, Nile, etc) and will be reissued on 2xCD/Limited Edition 3xCD/LP/Picture Disc LP/Limited Edition 2xLP Boxset/Digtal. The Deluxe 2xCD contains 50 minutes of previously unheard and unreleased Leprosy demos and rehearsal material housed in an embossed o-card package with a 24 page booklet featuring unseen pictures of the band as well as brand new liner notes from Ian Christe (Sirius/XM) and Jeremy Wagner (Broken Hope).  The LP features the remastered core album on wax together with a download card for all of the music included on the 2xCD.

In addition to the 2xCD reissue, a super limited 3xCD version will be available exclusively from featuring everything included on 2xCD version + an exclusive 3rd CD featuring over 40 minutes of unreleased live material, housed in a deluxe embossed 8 panel digipak with a 24 page booklet, limited and numbered to 2000 copies.

Finally, a super limited, deluxe vinyl box set (limited to 500 copies) will be available exclusively from containing: the remastered core Leprosy album on exclusive colored vinyl; a 2nd LP containing unreleased rehearsal material from the Leprosy sessions housed in an exclusive jacket with original flyer art on exclusive colored vinyl; an exact replication of the original Combat newspaper print LP insert, a Leprosy turntable slipmat, and a download card of all 3 discs.  Pre-orders including an exclusive new line of official DEATH merch are available HERE.

Super limited deluxe vinyl box set available exclusively from containing the remastered core Leprosy album on exclusive colored vinyl; a 2nd LP containing unreleased rehearsal material from the Leprosy sessions housed in an exclusive jacket with original flyer art on exclusive colored vinyl; an exact replication of the original Combat newspaper print LP insert, and; a Leprosy turntable slipmat.  Comes with a download card for the entire 3XCD’s worth of music.  Strictly limited to 500 copies.

Pressing Info:

First Relapse Press 
2500 x Black Standard Gram 
1000 x Picture Disc *Mailorder Exclusive* 
500 x Pink w/ Orange and Blue Splatter Standard Gram (2xLP Deluxe Boxset) *Mailorder Exclusive*

Pre-Order at Relapse


this from JoyfulNoiseRecordings

Kishi Bashi "Lighght" is now available!

Yes indeed, the new Kishi Bashi album is now available! The album entitled Lighght (pronounced "Light") continues and expands the sound of his critically acclaimed debut, 151a - which earned Kishi Bashi the title of "Best New Artist" by NPR.

Though violin remains his primary instrument and songwriting muse, Kishi Bashi has expanded his palette to include more diverse and nuanced instrumentation. Bright and soaring avant-pop songs are prevalent, as are Eastern-tinged arrangements, gentle ballads, Philip Glass inspired improvisations, and more than a few moments that flirt with 70s prog (in the tradition of ELO or Yes).

The album is available on limited edition 'Gold Splatter' vinyl (w/ bonus 7"), Yellow Vinyl, CD, and Digital. Additionally there is an ultra limited VIP edition of just 500 hand-numbered copies on "Golden Halo" vinyl.

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from our friends at SlyVinyl

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Days of Abandon // Limited to 500 Colored Vinyl

tUnE-yArDs – nikki nack // Limited Red LPs + 7”


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