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Michael Gammon of Transcriptors

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Michael Gammon of Transcriptors

written by Matt Trush

If you have ever seen Stanely Kubrick's 1971 film 'A Clockwork Orange', you might recall an amazing turntable in Alex's bedroom. It is called the Hydraulic Reference and was made by a company called Transcriptors.

From 1963 to 1979, Transcriptors produced some truly unique turntables. David Gammon, the founder, won several awards for his iconic designs and today, you can find his work in places like the Museum of Modern Art here in NYC.

We had a chance to hear from Michael Gammon, the eldest son of founder David Gammon, to get an inside look at what it was like to grow up with Transcriptors.

First, a bit of history from the Transcriptors site. 

David Gammon

Founded in 1960 by the late David Gammon, Transcriptors was one of the World’s leading manufacturer of manual turntables, tone arms and accessories, and one of the most modern Hi Fi manufacturing plants in Europe during the 60’s, 70’s and the early 80’s.

Many readers will be familiar with our turntables, which have been widely used in numerous television commercials, and in many films, including the classic 1971 film ‘A Clockwork Orange’ which used our 1964 Hydraulic Reference turntable in various scenes throughout the film.

Our products have been copied and reproduced all over the world, from the ‘Concept 2000’ and the ‘Audio Linear’. Even today’s modern turntable design’s bear there origins to the striking designs that were designed by David Gammon, perhaps no better compliment could be paid to his famous turntables.

Sadly David passed away in December 2005 after a long illness. He leaves five children Michael, David, Natasha, Ben and Olga, and four grandchildren.

Michael Gammon was born in Colchester, England in 1971 and moved to Clacton-on-Sea and then to Borehamwood. He was kind enough to share some great stories from his childhood and offer us a unique perspective his father's work, the vinyl format, and turntables.

Tell us about how you came to love music, audio, and vinyl records.

I have been interested in records and audio since I was five years old. Dad used to take us to the factory on Saturday mornings and we used to sit at one of the work benches whilst he made us a cup of tea. It was one of these Saturday mornings that he said to me "have a listen to this" and what he played introduced me to the wonderful world of audio.

The record he played was Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene and to this day I still use it as one of my main records when we do the hi-fi shows. As a young boy I could not get it into my head how you produced music from electronic components. This also lead me to play drums for twenty years and also piano, both self taught.

I love records, the way the outer sleeve is designed, removing the record and placing it on the turntable then sitting back in a chair and closing your eyes and being immersed into the sound.

Dad always said "you listen to music, you don't watch it!"

What was your earliest memory of your father's work with Transcriptors?

The earliest memory I have is when I used to come home from school and there would be a different turntable on the shelf, the first one i can remember is the Round Table. I later found out that Dad did this with all new models and would have my Mum testing each new model.

1975 Round Table

What is you're favorite story from that time period?

My favorite story is when Dad bought my Mum a new Mini car. He had just picked it up from the dealership and was smoking a cigarette when he could smell the fumes of petrol. He looked down at his feet and saw that a massive amount of petrol had leaked into the footwell of the car. So he carefully stopped the car, carefully open the door and ran!

The Hydraulic Reference is a design icon. Is this your favorite model or do you have another that you love?

The Hydraulic is one of my all time favorite turntables as this is the one that can tell you what it is without ever looking at the badge. It is a design classic and when you look in the old hi-fi year books and one page you have a standard turntable in a wooden box then you turn the page and you have a Hydraulic there is no comparison. That's probably why the late Stanley Kubrick came to see my father and borrow one for his film 'A Clockwork Orange', dad never saw it again!

Hydraulic Reference

However I love all the other models he did, because as an engineer you are always out to improve on an existing idea so hence the design timeline from the 1963 Reference to his last turntable the Transcriber in 1979.


It says on the history page that the family moved to New York in 1974 to serve the US market with the Skeleton and the Round Table. What was that like?

It was an eye opener that was for sure. Moving from the south of Ireland to the big apple was a big step. The hi-fi industry in Europe was starting to decline so Dad found a new exciting market in the US. We moved in to a penthouse overlooking Central Park and Dad used to take us there every day. On the same floor in our apartment block we had the 1970's group The Platters who always use to make fun of our english accents.

Dad had a house in Long Island lined up but then decided at the last moment that he could not stand the heat so we came back to Ireland. Also he had been to the World Trade Center to rent an office there but was cautious about safety. He was also afraid of heights and also could not foresee what would happen on that tragic day (god bless them all).

You re-launched Transcriptors in 2000. Tell us a bit about why you decided to do that and what Transcriptors does today.

I was trawling the internet and came across a post about somebody looking for David Gammon of Transcriptors. I replied and within two days I was having an eight hour conversation with a collector from Florida. He had all of Dads turntables and suggested I do a web site.

I originally posted a short one page of information but then started to get enquiries for spares etc. So after spending ten years in injection moulding as a cnc toolsetter I restarted the company. In late 2002, I was asked when the new turntable was coming out, I just told them there had not been one made since 1979.

I taught myself autocad over a weekend and then came up with the T6 turntable which we still make today. We also service and repair and also offer a full spares service for all the models my late father produced.

Tell us a bit about the future of Transcriptors. Any plans for new models / expansion?

We will still be producing turntables as long as there is a hunger for the format. The current line up of turntables in the T6, Reference Series II (based on dads hydraulic reference) and the Spyder. We move in to a factory in 2010 as at the moment 75% of our components is produce by sub-contractors so we are aiming to bring it all in house.

Today, more and more people are discovering / rediscovering vinyl records. Do you have any words of advice to someone just getting started with vinyl?

Go in with an open mind. Salesmen will do anything to get a sale so visit many hi-fi shops and listen to the setup that they have running. Also remember that what you are hear in a demo room might not sound exactly the same in your own room at home.

Also you will get a lot of info regarding specification, remember specification is nothing, performance is everything. Just sit down and listen as you are equipped with the very best test equipment that money cannot buy and is supplied as standard to every human being and that is your EARS!

Any words of wisdom for someone that has never been exposed to vinyl records and turntables?]

Buy yourself a mid price turntable, amplifier and speakers, ditch your compressed music iPod and listen to how music was meant to be listened.


Thanks again to Michael for taking time to share his stories and insights with us. We're a huge fan of Transcriptors and we are looking forward to the next chapter in this great story.

Copyright 2009 Matt Trush Reprinted By Permission

Vinyl Collective News

This from Virgil over at - stop by and check it out and pcik up some great vinyl!

Vinyl Collective Used Vinyl Sales Launches

After a handful of brave souls gave selling their records through Vinyl Collective a shot, we are ready to open up our doors and allow you to sell your records through our store. I have put together a Frequently Asked Questions that will hopefully answer all of your questions. Read further, set up an account, and start getting us your listings. If you have further questions, please just post a comment on the site or message board. Thanks, I am so excited to see what records get listed:

How does selling my records through Vinyl Collective work?

Set up an account, start listing your records, and when they sell, we will email you the order. You ship the order, email us and the buyer the tracking info (if there is tracking info available), and depending on how you select receiving payment, you will see a statement for sales each week. The following week, you will receive a payment or store credit depending on what you select.

How do I set up a new user account?

Here’s the form to become a new user.

How do I submit my listings?

Here’s the form for submitting the releases:

Are the Used Records in a special section of the store?

The Used Vinyl will have the word Used at the beginning of the title and we have a special section in the store called Used Vinyl Sales. You can find those records here.

Can we list items other than vinyl like CDs, Books, and/or Cassettes?

Right now, we are only accepting listings of vinyl, but we may allow other items to be posted in the near future.

How do I know when someone has purchased one of my records?

We will email you when the order is placed, we ask that you please ship the order within 2 days. Please email us and the buyer the tracking info (we ask that you use delivery confirmation). Please package the record carefully.

What percentage does Vinyl Collective take?

We will take a 15 percent cut if you select payment by Paypal or by Check. We take 0 percent if you are using it for store credit. We will reimburse you for your shipping costs.

Shipping Costs will be charged in the following manner for Used Vinyl Sales (we take 15 percent if you select payment by Paypal or by Check, we take 0 percent if you select store credit):

$3.99 for media mail for all you can buy shipping

LPs in the U.S. – Priority $5.99 for one, $2 for each additional; Media Mail $3.99 all you can buy shipping
7″s in the U.S. – Priority $5.99 for one, $1 for each additional; First Class $2.99 for one, $0.99 for each additional

LPs in Canada – First Class International – $6.99 for one, $3.50 for each additional
7″s in Canada – First Class International – $3.99 for one, $2.00 for each additional

LPs in Europe,UK,Japan,Australia – First Class International – $13.99 for one, $7.00 for each additional
7″s in Europe,UK,Japan,Australia – First Class International – $6.99 for one, $3.50 for each additional

If my records don’t sell after a certain period of time, can I lower the selling price or remove the item?

You are welcome to lower prices at any time. Just email us the new prices and we can adjust the listings. We do suggest that you wait at least a week, maybe two. Also, if you ever need to remove an item from our Used Vinyl Sales, just email us and we can take it down.

What happens if the order sent is never received?

This is why delivery confirmation is so important. If the tracking says that the package has been delivered, the buyer must take up the lost parcel with their post office or postal carrier. If the package hasn’t been delivered after 30 days in the United States or 45 days overseas, we will be forced to refund the buyer full amount of the record and shipping and debit your account that amount. Since delivery confirmation isn’t available overseas, if you would rather not offer your records to buyers overseas, let us know.

What happens if the record arrives damaged or not as described?

We ask that you please carefully package the order preventing damage and to correctly describe the item’s condition. If the item arrives damaged or not as described, the buyer and seller must negotiate possible credit or refund.

How is shipping prices calculated for Used Vinyl?

Each seller is set up as their own distribution center and therefor has their own shipping prices. If you buy something from a Used Seller and from the normal part of the Vinyl Collective store, you will be charged 2 distinct set of shipping prices. If you buy more than one record from a particular used seller, you will benefit in shipping discounts. Buy from multiple used sellers and you will again have to pay multiple shipping fees. Even though you are able to put all of these items in one cart and experience one checkout, it is like purchasing from multiple sellers and since each seller is in different parts of the United States, each seller incurs a shipping charge.

If I live outside of the United States, can I sell records through Vinyl Collective’s used vinyl sales?

Currently, No. We would prefer to get all of our kinks worked out with sellers in the United States first before we consider offering sellers in other countries the opportunity to sell records.

In other news:

Vinyl Collective Top 40 Sales for October 2009

1 Vinyl Collective Raffle Ticket 377 copies
2 Suburban Home Chad Price Fall,Winter Sampler DIGITAL ALBUM (mp3) 326 copies
3 LAWRENCE ARMS “Buttsweat And Tears” 7? 156 copies
4 MICAH SCHNABEL (of Two Cow Garage) “When the Stage Light Goes Dim” CD 150 copies
5 WHATEVER 137 copies
6 CHUCK RAGAN “The Daytrotter Sessions” 10? white vinyl VC exclusive color 103 copies
7 SH/VC WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE (5 Points,10 Free CDs) 80 copies
8 KUDROW “Lando” 7? mixed color vinyl 62 copies
9 COBRA SKULLS “American Rubicon” LP red w/ white marble vinyl 57 copies
10 “Under the Influence” Volumes 15-24 Subscription A (/500) 56 copies
11 NOFX “Cokie The Clown” 7? 43 copies
11 NOFX “My Orphan Year” 7? 43 copies
13 Suburban Home SHOTGUNATOR black 42 copies
14 CHUCK RAGAN/ BRIAN FALLON “Gospel Songs” 7? brown vinyl VC exclusive color 37 copies
15 SH/VC WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE (20 Points,50 Free CDs,Free T-shirt) 35 copies
16 GOOD OLD WAR “Only Way To Be Alone” LP brown/gold swirl vinyl 30 copies
17 CONVERGE “Axe To Fall” LP colored vinyl 26 copies
18 12” Record Jacket Sleeve. Fits over album jacket. 24 copies
19 RUSSIAN CIRCLES “Geneva” dbl LP clear vinyl 22 copies
19 CHAD PRICE “Smile Sweet Face” DIGITAL ALBUM (mp3) 22 copies
19 THE SWELLERS “Welcome Back Riders” 7? pink w/ blue haze vinyl 22 copies
22 LUCERO “1372 Overton Park” LP 21 copies
22 CHAD PRICE “Smile Sweet Face” CD 21 copies
22 THE SWELLERS “Welcome Back Riders” 7? pink/blue half and half vinyl 21 copies
22 CHUCK RAGAN/ BRIAN FALLON “Gospel Songs” 7? white vinyl 21 copies
26 V/A “Delicious Vinyl: Fest 08? DIGITAL ALBUM (mp3) 21 copies
27 HEAVY HEAVY LOW LOW “Turtle Nipple…” LP brown/pink 19 copies
28 Suburban Home Pick 5 for $25 Sale + 5 FREE CDs (CDs, Vinyl, Pint Glasses) 18 copies
28 CHUCK RAGAN “Gold Country” LP gold vinyl 18 copies
30 SH/VC WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE (10 Points,25 Free CDs) 17 copies
30 A WILHELM SCREAM “Mute Print” LP mustard yellow vinyl 17 copies
32 V/A “Wrecktrospective” 3xCD 16 copies
32 GREGORY ALAN ISAKOV “This Empty Northern Hemisphere” LP 16 copies
32 CHAD PRICE “Smile Sweet Face” LP Transp. Brown vinyl 16 copies
32 BROADWAY CALLS “Good Views, Bad News” LP green vinyl 16 copies
32 DEAD TO ME “African Elephants” LP 16 copies
32 JOEY CAPE / MIKE HALE “Under the Influence 11? 7? brown 16 copies
39 Vinyl Collective Custom Vinyl Art LP 15 copies
39 TIM BARRY/ FRANK TURNER split 7? blue vinyl 15 copies
39 APPLESEED CAST “Two Conversations” LP monster electric green vinyl 15 copies
39 DRAG THE RIVER “Primer” Collection CD 15 copies
43 LEMURIA “Ozzy” 7? black vinyl 12 copies
43 “Under the Influence” Volumes 15-24 Subscription B (/1000) 12 copies
43 PORTUGAL THE MAN “It’s Complicated Being a Wizard” LP 12 copies
43 CHUCK RAGAN “Live From Rock Island: The Daytrotter Sessions” 10? black vinyl 12 copies
43 CITY AND COLOUR “Sleeping Sickness” 7? 12 copies
43 THE MENZINGERS “Hold On, Dodge” 7? brown vinyl 12 copies
43 PORTUGAL THE MAN “The Satanic Satanist” LP german import white/blue marble vinyl 12 copies

Music News & Notes

We Love Our Vinyl!

The resurgent vinyl market isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, recent figures released by Nielsen SoundScan indicate that overall U.S. vinyl sales will once again set a benchmark in 2009, with sales up 50% through the first five months of the year. SoundScan predicts vinyl sales will reach 2.8 million units in 2009, up from 1.9 million in 2008, a record since SoundScan began tracking sales data in 1991. Already in 2009, vinyl sales have topped 1 million. Rock albums account for 70% of all vinyl sold, but country vinyl is enjoying a growth spurt. Year-to-date country vinyl sales are already at 15,000 copies, compared with 5,000 for the comparable period in 2008.


Rage Against The Machine Debut To Be Released on Vinyl

Music on Vinyl Records will be releasing Rage Against The Machine's self-titled 1992 debut on 180g vinyl on November 20th


'This Is It': Michael Jackson soundtrack tops the albums chart in a busy week

Michael Jackson’s This Is It won the box office easily last weekend, so it should come as little surprise to find the concert film’s soundtrack topping the Billboard 200, too. The King of Pop’s latest posthumous release sold a strong 373,000 copies in its first week on shelves, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That’s comparable to the big sales his greatest-hits set Number Ones was putting up in the weeks immediately following his untimely death — and since This Is It is categorized as a new release, Jackson finally gets to take the No. 1 Billboard 200 spot that a technicality robbed him of for much of this past summer.

A busy pack of other new releases crowded into the shadow of This Is It. Creed came Full Circle to No. 2 with a respectable 110,000 copies sold, answering the question of how many people still consider themselves Creed fans in 2009. The public’s appetite for Rod Stewart covers albums remained unwhetted as his latest such set, Soulbook, bowed at No. 4 with 84,000. Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Night Castle checked in at No. 5 with 83,000. Sting’s If on a Winter’s Night… traveled to No. 6 with 80,000.


Motown's 50th Anniversary

On November 21, Detroit will see the annual Motown Historical Museum gala turn into a huge celebration for the labels 50th anniversary. The black-tie affair will include performances by Otis Williams and the Temptations, comedian Sinbad and Stevie Wonder. Rumors also say that Jermaine Jackson will attend for a tribute to Michael Jackson.

There will also be honors for the labels first five employees, writer/producer Robert Bateman, secretary Janie Bradford (who also wrote Money), songwriter/producer Brian Holland, singer/VP Smokey Robinson and backup singer Raynoma Singleton.


New Stereophile-Sponsored Audio Show Coming

The Audio Expo North American (AXPONA for short), launched under the auspices of Stereophile magazine and taking place in March of 2010, is being billed as the audio show of the future. The venue is the Wyndham Riverwalk Hotel in Jacksonville, FL and the dates are March 5 thru 7. A variety of AV dealers, manufacturers and distributors will exhibit their newest audio products and technologies, equipment and supporting media. Three floors of the hotel will be used, with 18 large exhibit rooms on the main convention level. The show is expected to draw many exhibitors due to its cost to exhibitors being up to 25% less than other AV shows, and there being no charges for drayage or removing furniture from the rooms - two sources of savings to those participating. There will be a focus on hi-end playback equipment, and audio recording demonstrations, plus live musical performances and seminars with top industry names. A new web site has been designed for the show:


Motion City Soundtrack Release More New Album Details

(PR) Motion City Soundtrack have revealed the details of their major label debut – My Dinosaur Life today. It's official, the album – produced by Blink-182's Mark Hoppus and mixed by the legendary Andy Wallace (Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Kaiser Chiefs) – will be released on January 19th, 2010 on Columbia Records. In addition, they have released the final track listing for the new album (see below) and revealed the incredible cover art by renowned collectible toy artist Joe Ledbetter ( – also responsible for the entire album art.

My Dinosaur Life is the exciting next chapter for Motion City Soundtrack. The band – Justin Pierre, Joshua Cain, Matt Taylor, Tony Thaxton, and Jesse Johnson – first jumped onto the scene with their 2002 debut I Am the Movie (Epitaph). They followed this up with 2005's Commit This to Memory (Epitaph). Also produced by Mark Hoppus, Commit This to Memory debuted at #72 on the Billboard 200 and has gone on to sell more than 300,000 copies. It garnered raves from Spin, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, and Blender among others and found Motion City Soundtrack making their late night TV debut on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. In 2007, MCS released Even If It Kills Me (Epitaph), a markedly poppier endeavor that found them working with producers Adam Schlesinger, Eli Janney and Ric Ocasek. This third release debuted at #16 on the Billboard 200 and once again, the critics weighed in favorably – Alternative Press featured them on the cover of their "Most Anticipated" issue, the New York Times claimed "they made an album that sounds like one long sugar rush, and so long as the rush lasts, it sounds pretty great" and SPIN proclaimed the album as "near perfect pop." In the Fall of 2008 Motion City Soundtrack further showcased their talents when they released alternative versions of five songs off Even If It Kills Me as an iTunes exclusive. The culturally acclaimed hit TV series Gossip Girl featured the alternative version of "Fell In Love Without You'" in their season premiere that fall.

Enter 2010 and Motion City Soundtrack are poised to take another giant step forward with the imminent release of My Dinosaur Life – 12 new songs that are lyrically contemplative, poignantly honest, and cleverly and culturally astute. The music harkens back to early Motion City Soundtrack with is grit and hooks while employing the musicianship and maturity the band has gained over the past seven years. During these years they've accomplished quite a bit – including headlining Warped tour, Bamboozle and the mvtU Campus Invasion Tour to playing Lollapalooza, Fuji Rock Festival and Honda Civic Tour. They've won two mtvU Woodie Awards – in 2005 the Breaking Woodie for Best Emerging Artist and in 2008 the Best Video Woodie for "It Had to Be You." Motion City Soundtrack has worked incredibly hard over the past seven years for everything they've achieved and they're excited about the next chapter.

My Dinosaur Life Track Listing:
1. Worker Bee
2. A Lifeless Ordinary (Need A Little Help)
3. Her Words Destroyed My Planet
4. Disappear
5. Delirium
6. History Lesson
7. Stand Too Close
8. Pulp Fiction
9. @!#?@!
10. Hysteria
11. Skin And Bones


Aerosmith, Tyler Parting Ways?

antiMusic reports: Classic Rock posted a bombshell report on Wednesday about the future of Aerosmith. Could the band be parting ways with frontman Steven Tyler? Going by what members of the band, including Tyler himself, told Classic Rock it is looking more and more likely that it may happen.

Steven Tyler told Classic Rock, "I don't know what I'm doing yet, but it's definitely going to be something Steven Tyler: working on the brand of myself – Brand Tyler."

The magazine goes on to report that the members of the band "will reconvene (probably sans Tyler) to discuss future plans, which could be either the announcement of a long hiatus or even possibly include carrying on with a new lead vocalist."

While you may see that as reading too much into things, guitarist Brad Whitford discussed the possibility of bringing in a new singer with the magazine and he seems open to the idea, "if somebody was willing to do it and the chemistry was right, why not?". On the other hand, the magazine promised that "February's issue of Classic Rock will have a full story and a very, very special surprise for Aerosmith fans."


Cloud Cult Reissues

PR reports: On December 8th, 2009 Cloud Cult will release a double-disc reissue of They Live on the Sun (2003) and Aurora Borealis (2004) – two of their earliest albums. These two home recorded releases have been re-envisioned, remixed and remastered for the first time by Cloud Cult's Craig Minowa and this special double-disc release will contain previously unreleased bonus tracks.

The albums, which are now out of print and could only be purchased at live gigs and select Independent record stores, will be available for the first time nationwide and fans can take advantage of a presale on the band's web site in late November –

Cloud Cult's lead singer/songwriter Craig Minowa created these albums during 18 months of seclusion at his Northern Minnesota organic farm after his two-year-old son passed away unexpectedly in 2002. Originally released on the band's own Earthology Records, they were mainly available on a local level due to a shoe-string credit card budget.

Not All Record Stores Closing

We always seem to read about record shops going under, here's an uplifting story that shows us that there are still wonderful record stores staying open and thriving with the new found love of vinyl:

After 30 years, Luke's Record Exchange sees another resurgence

Luke Renchan holds a framed 'Butcher Cover' from 'The Beatles Yesterday and Today' album.

By ETHAN SHOREY, Valley Breeze Staff Writer

PAWTUCKET - They said he couldn't keep it up.

Every time the music industry chose a new way to get its product to the consumer - from 8-tracks to vinyl, cassettes to CDs - the doubters kept telling Luke Renchan it might be time to call it quits and close up shop.

Thirty years after first opening Luke's Record Exchange on Broadway, Renchan and his one-of-a-kind Rhode Island store are once again enjoying a resurgence in business as he takes advantage of the music industry's return to high quality vinyl records and the booming postmortem popularity of Michael Jackson.

"I'm doing more than surviving," says Renchan, on doing business in this new world of iPods and easy downloads.

Located at 393 Broadway, Luke's Record Exchange, where new and old customers alike can often be found spending hours at a time reconnecting with the albums of their past, is the largest - and oldest - music variety store that he knows of in New England, according to Renchan.

Vinyl in its 180 GRAM form is so popular right now, Renchan told The Breeze, that it is now outselling compact discs, once thought to be the mode for listening pleasure but now becoming another victim of changing trends.

The recent death of pop icon Jackson is having very much the same kind of impact on the record business as when former Beatles star John Lennon died, according to Renchan, with patrons seeking a reconnect with the music of their childhood.

Ask Renchan about any of the more than 1 million items in his store and he'll more than likely be able to tell exactly where it is on one of two packed floors. Collectible items like The Beatles "Butcher Cover," combined with a decline in today's economy, make now "a great time to buy," according to Renchan.

Renchan said he believes ups and downs will always be a part of the music industry. Just because one trend in listening is nearly rendered obsolete does not mean he'll pack it in, instead choosing to adjust to the changes.

"I'm a firm believer that if something happens that you don't like, we as people need to do something about it," said the man who works a second job as a successful disc jockey.

Renchan says he became discouraged last year and shut down his storefront business for a few months to focus on other priorities. He reopened largely at the urging of friends who said the industry was returning to high-quality vinyl, a decision he hasn't regretted since.

Pawtucket Mayor James Doyle has honored Renchan and his wife, Christine, with a sign from the city honoring Luke's Record Exchange for doing business in Pawtucket for the past 30 years.

"The current economic crisis has made it extremely difficult for many of our small businesses to survive, let alone celebrate 30 years of continual operation at the same location," said Doyle in a news release. "Luke's Record Exchange has been a staple of the business community along Broadway for decades, and I know that Mr. Renchan cares deeply about the neighborhood."

Doyle has even offered to rename the block where the Renchans do business in honor of Luke's Record Exchange, said Renchan, something he and his wife are considering.

The Renchans and a volunteer staff are currently in the process of reorganizing the entire store to adapt to the changing times yet again.

Luke's Record Exchange is open each day from noon to 5 p.m. The number to call to inquire about a specific item is 725-7156.

Thanks to the author ETHAN SHOREY and the publication for the exclusive rights to reprint this story.