Thursday, September 27, 2007

Joe Calderone- Sheer Emotional Rock and Roll

Joe Calderone

The debut CD of singer/songwriter Joe Calderone offers the listener straightforward lyrics blended with sensible melodies to not only capture the listener’s ear, but the raw emotions we have all felt at one time or another.

The CD, “It Took A While,” offers supreme cuts such as “Get Back Into Business,” an approachable folk-tune accompanied by a melody of backing guitars that blend in perfectly with the everyman lyrics. Not only do you hear the wonderful music, you can feel the heartfelt sincerity in his singing. Another song, “The Days Of Loving You,” offers even more sincerity with poignant lyrics, as he laments about the emotional aspects of loving-in a Luka Bloom-like delivery. This is a remarkable and beautiful love song. The gentle rocker “The Bang Song,” is kind of a lyrically corny, catchy tune with smooth keyboards that Calderone glides through effortlessly and you cannot help to wait for the chorus so you can sing along.

Yes, “It Took A While,” the self-written, self-produced CD from this award winning artist has been well worth the wait, especially for those who have seen him play regularly in various clubs in the New York Metropolitan area. Let’s hope that more music from this amazing singer/songwriter and smooth rock balladeer doesn’t take as long to be heard as his debut CD.

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John Freemont-exciting troubadour

John Fremont

Singer/songwriter John Fremont Ashton brings an abundance of musical experience to his repertoire. A veteran of many prolific rock bands for the last twenty years, it seems 2006-7 is his year to shine even brighter than ever with his new CD “Timeline.”

The song “Devil’s Dune” is a socially conscious melodic tune, as Fremont skillfully transcends the emotions of a young soldier yearning for home in a war that he has no business being involved in. His deeply personal message in this song is sensationally accompanied by inspired saxophone, earnest guitar and keyboard work, bringing the crushing reality of war home in a masterpiece of sound.

Another song on the CD, “Jericho’s Wall,” talks to the soul of everyman (or women) and is adeptly melodic with engaging lyrics and a classical-guitar folk sound that builds momentum to the climatic edgy chorus.

Fremont John has several distinguished releases and with socially conscious music, blended with John’s definitive voice and inventive folk-pop, the world will be hearing more musical splendor from this articulate singer and songwriter.

Pick up a copy of Fremont John’s masterful CD “Timeline” on the group’s website and enjoy this immensely talented troubadour.