Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Vinyl Village- New Vinyl Forum

I want to inform you of a new music/vinyl record forum that is up and running, called the "Vinyl Village." It is operated by record price guide guru Jerry Osborne and is full of vinyl related Q & A, "This Day in Music History" (I am a contributer), Elvis Presley and Beatle categories and a Rhythm & Blues - Doo-Wop - Vocal Group Harmony category. Other categories include: Soul Music, Blues, Country & Western, Folk, Jazz and Soundtrack information. There is a category where you can submit material and vinyl record news to Jerry and his staff so they can faciliate and update the online version of his "Rockin' Records" price guide called "CYBERGUIDES." Look for more information about this revolutionary "real-time" record price guide in upcoming posts.