Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chelsey Austin- Sheer Emotional Force

One of the perks I get writing for the Internet Radio Station www.ilike2rock.net is hearing new artists and music. As I continue to write reviews about the wonderful indie bands, I am blessed to hear new artists like Chelsey Austin and many others.

Chelsey Austin

When famed Grammy-winning engineer Phil York first heard nineteen-year-old “Chelsey Austin,” and was smitten by her young Pat Benatar-Debbie Harry sound, her high energy, style and her natural charisma, he felt that this true voice and sound should be heard by a larger audience. And so, with the release of her debut CD called “Download This,” that is exactly what is happening.

With the cut entitled, “Touchy Situation,” one cannot only hear, but actually feel the sheer force Austin exudes. With her angel-like voice blended perfectly with brutal guitar shrapnel, you can tell this young songstress wears her emotions on her sleeve.

Austin adroitly switches gears with the sweet tenderness and the crisp acoustics on the song called “No Reason Why.” Decidedly sophisticated, and augmented by flawless classical-like guitar work and interwoven strings and harmonies, it makes you wish all her songs sounded this good.

But, the ballsy-rocker entitled “Rock Star Queen” only proves that this versatile artist is quite adept at singing a hot romp, self-parody and as a music fan, this is all one can ask from the budding star songstress.

The spacy-reggae-like pop sounds of “I Guess You Know By Now,” takes the term eclectic music to a new level and shows this impeccable talent has so much more to offer her audience. So, as this down-home, small-town Texas gal shows off her passion and diverse musical flavors, you can’t help but get the feeling that you will be hearing her seductive pop-rock all the way to the top of the charts.

Stop by for a visit: http://www.ilike2rock.net/bands/a/chelsey_austin.html

VinylCollective.com sales for Oct 2007

Virgil Dickerson over at www.vinylcollective.com has just released the Top 30 records sold October 2007:

1 BEN WEASEL “These Ones Are Bitter” LP clear light blue vinyl

2 MINUS THE BEAR “Planet of Ice” dbl LP clear w/ gold splatter

3 Say Anything - Is a Real Boy/Was a Real Boy 2xLP black / green vinyl

4 NORMA JEAN 4 x LP Vinyl Box Set colored vinyl set A limited to 400

5 MINUS THE BEAR “Highly Refined Pirates” LP Gold with White and Blue vinyl

6 Me First And The Gimme Gimmes “Cash” 7″ Ring Of Fire Red vinyl

7 MINUS THE BEAR “Interpretaciones Del Oso” LP mystery colored vinyl

8 Me First and the Gimme Gimmes “Dolly” 7″ alfalfa green

9 THE PLAYING FAVORITES “I Remember When I Was Pretty” LP pink/blue color in color

10 EVERY TIME I DIE “The Big Dirty” LP leapord print vinyl

11 MINUS THE BEAR “Highly Refined Pirates” LP White with Blue and Black vinyl

12 Jimmy Eat World “Chase the Light” LP

13 BLACK CROSS “Severance Pays” LP Pink Vinyl

14 Modern Life Is War ‘Stagger Lee’ 7″ red/black haze vinyl

15 BEN WEASEL “These Ones Are Bitter” LP clear brown

16 MARITIME Heresy & The Hotel Choir #d COLOR VINYL LP+7”

17 Bomb the Music Industry! / O Pioneers split LP 10″ all 4 colors (VC MB special)

18 MINUS THE BEAR “highly refined pirates” / “interpretaciones” all 5 colors

19 THE PLAYING FAVORITES “I Remember When I Was Pretty” LP all 3 colors

20 DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL “The Shade Of Poison Trees” LP Pumpkin vinyl

21 New Bruises - Goodbye Middle Class 7″ white vinyl with silk-screened covers

22 SPARTA “Threes” dbl LP peach w/ black splatter

23 mewithoutYou Brother, Sister LP

24 Gaslight Anthem “Sink or Swim” LP white with red splatter

25 New Bruises - Goodbye Middle Class 7″ yellow vinyl with silk-screened covers

26 MINUS THE BEAR “Planet of Ice” dbl LP solid white vinyl

27 Modern Life Is War ‘Stagger Lee’ 7″ white/black haze vinyl

28 POLYPROPYLENE 12″ Record Jacket SLEEVE with 1-1/2″ RESEAL Flap

29 Portugal the Man Waiter: You Vultures LP clear w/ gold

30 THE BLED “Silent Treatment” dbl LP Blue Vinyl

30 DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL “The Shade Of Poison Trees” LP Mustard vinyl

30 Bane “The Note” LP orange/black vinyl

Thanks for being the definitive collectible record supplier for Indie collectibles!