Saturday, November 17, 2007

Indie Dish TV Launched

Happy news to report concerning the Internet Radio Station DJ Tom has informed me of a deal he has secured with Manifest Mediaworks Inc, out of Atlanta. Read my article and watch for more updates very soon!

New Indie Dish TV to Promote Independent Videos

Independent Music Station Signs On To Help Promote Their Bands

The music world is changing, specifically the way that music is distributed. From artists such as Radiohead self-releasing a new CD, there are many new mediums for bands and artists to have their music heard. But they are no longer being held hostage by the worshiped record labels; artists can now distribute their music to any number of social venues and be heard by the masses (i.e. iTunes, MySpace, Craig’s list, Independent Radio, Squidoo). This is an important phase of the music industry as a band or artist does not need to be signed by a record label to be successful.

There is an exciting new venue for independent artists to utilize and take advantage of. Manifest Mediaworks, Inc., based out of Atlanta, is launching an Indie Dish TV channel to be broadcast in ten counties in the Atlanta area and capable of reaching over 470,000 subscribers.

I spoke with DJ Tom of the Internet Radio station about this exciting new opportunity for Indie Bands and their music and what it means to the station.

“The Indie Dish channel is a coupe for the Independent bands and artists and is a major stepping stone in helping promote the artists that we carry at the radio station. And this will be the first TV channel in the world that is specifically dedicated to Independent artists and their music. The TV station will feature music videos from Independent artists from all genres of music,” detailed DJ Tom.

When asked why this is important to the artists that he promotes on the radio station DJ Tom replied: has signed an agreement with Manifest Mediaworks, Inc. to air music videos from the artists and bands that we play and promote. This will help the artists and bands to, not only have their music heard, but to also put a face and image to that music and artist. We will also be putting together a pilot show and submitting it to the network in the hope of securing a host spot on the channel each week. Even if the pilot show falls short, Indie Dish has said that they will incorporate the artists into other shows that the station has or may be considering. is expecting our pilot show to be delivered to Indie Dish sometime in December of this year.”

So this new music video network will not only procure and promote Independent artists and their music, but it may be just the ticket that some of these bands and artists need to, not only have their music heard, but to have a specialized media outlet for their music videos.

“At, we play Independent music exclusively, all the time. And just because the artists aren’t signed to a major record label, doesn’t mean that they don’t have the talent to be signed,” explained DJ Tom. “On the contrary, we have some very professional musicians releasing radio-ready rock and roll and it is our choice at the station to promote the music to the best of our ability. This deal we have made with Manifest Mediaworks to air our artist’s music videos on their Indie dish network is another avenue that we will take advantage of,” explained DJ Tom.

At this writing, DJ Tom explained that, although the radio station will only accept music videos from artists and bands that are already on their site and radio station, they welcome Indie artists that are looking for free exposure to visit the radio station and click on the “Music Submit” button and set up a free account. The new artists will be reviewed for the web site, radio station as well as the TV promotions.

So as the way we hear music is changing, so are some of the media outlets that are employed to have the music heard. This Indie Dish TV channel is just another step in the right direction, after all, it is all about the music.