Tuesday, April 23, 2013

AudioMart Caters To Audiophiles

Is there a need for new used audio equipment these days?  No doubt, with the vinyl revival going strong, audiophiles all over the world are demanding it.  A new site and one that gets a A+ rating from the CVR blog is www.audiomart.com 

Check out their site, what they do and how they do it and before buying audion equipment, take a look at listings.  Who is AudioMart ?

AudioMart is the online marketplace where you can buy or sell hi-fi gear and audio components. Higher-end audio equipment, which typically sells in a higher price range as "new," can be found at AudioMart at much lower prices. Of course, quality audio equipment often retains its excellent value.

So you can find superb deals on items such as preamplifiers, speakers, receivers, tuners, CD and SACD players, DACs, power amps, turntables, cables, interconnects, and even music.

AudioMart arose from the void in today's used audio online marketplace. Responding to the need
for a newer, simpler, fresher interface for buying and selling used high-end audio equipment,
AudioMart has positioned itself uniquely in the high-end audio community, offering a meeting
place that is faster, more user-friendly, more socially integrated, more secure, and ultimately
more satisfying to audiophiles everywhere.

Committed to bringing an online audio marketplace back where it belongs -- in the hands of its users, AudioMart allows buyers and sellers to provide feedback as they use and explore the functionality of the site.  What promises to evolve is a marketplace molded and shaped by the audio community FOR the audio community.
AudioMart is competely FREE until further notice.  No listing fees, no transaction fees.

AudioMart is currently in Beta and is exploring and implementing new features and functionality every day. In the meantime, sign up, get started buying and selling, and have fun!

Click on over to AudioMart HERE