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Music Record Shop Weekly

Welcome to the new weekly feature (look for it every Friday) called MusicRecordShop Weekly.  Here we take a look at new releases and some hard to find vinyl that will easily satisfy even the most serious record collectors.  Here's five that we think you will enjoy:

1. Jamiroquai - Emergency On Planet Earth

Supercar lover and showman Jay Kay started Jamiroquai in Manchester during the early nineties, seeing their debut Emergency On Planet Earth receive massive amounts of critical and public acclaim.

Backed by an incredibly tight band, Jamiroquai delivered a Stevie Wonder-esque brand of highly infectious and addictive Funk with a capital F. So infectious in fact, it became a Pop staple almost overnight.

Having amassed a huge fanbase in the UK, the popularity of this horde of planet savers spread worldwide over their subsequent two albums.
  • Label Music On Vinyl
  • 180 Gram Vinyl Records - 2-LP - Sealed
Track Listing
1. When You Gonna Learn?
2. Too Young To Die
3. Hooked Up
4. If I Like It, I Do It
5. Music Of The Mind

1. Emergency On Planet Earth
2. Whatever It Is, I Just Can't Stop
3. Blow Your Mind
4. Revolution 1993
5. Didgin' Out

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2. Jamiroquai - Return Of The Space Cowboy

Best selling sophomore albums are one of the music industry's rarest gems. One example of such a gem is Jamiroquai's second album Return Of The Space Cowboy. Improving on their infectious blend of funky R&B and Acid Jazz, Jamiroquai delivered Return Of The Space Cowboy in 1994, hitting the charts with a vengeance and amassing global recognition as THE leading Pop Funk band. Incredibly groovy and tight, Jamiroquai expanded their compositions into the realms of Jazz and this was accompanied by a positive but critical message regarding human rights and environmental issues. The hits "Space Cowboy" and "Light Years" propelled Return Of The Space Cowboy into all-time favourite status among alternative Pop lovers all over the world. Now with enhanced, remastered audio.
  • Label Music On VInyl
  • 180 Gram Vinyl Records - 2-LP - Sealed
Track Listing
1. Just Another Story
2. Stillness In Time
3. Half The Man
4. Light Years
5. Manifest Destiny

1. The Kids
2. Mr Moon
3. Scam
4. Journey To Arnhemland
5. Morning Glory
6. Space Cowboy

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3. Jamiroquai - Traveling Without Moving

Travelling Without Moving [1996] intentionally offers more of what Jamiroquai does best: highly addictive funky grooves with a social consciousness that is matched by front man Jay Kay's charisma. The third effort of Jamiroquai was carried by an inventive video for "Virtual Insanity"; the album's flagship song. Pressed on two heavy weight champions packed in a gatefold sleeve, Travelling Without Moving is finally available on vinyl again, this time with remastered audio for maximum aural pleasure!
  • Label Music On Vinyl
  • 180 Gram Vinyl Records - 2-LP - Sealed
Track Listing
1. Virtual Insanity
2. Cosmic Girl
3. Use The Force
4. Everyday
5. Alright
6. High Times
7. Drifting Along
8. Didjerama

1. Didjital Vibrations
2. Travelling Without Moving
3. You Are My Love
4. Spend A Lifetime
5. Do You Know Where Youre Coming From?
6. Funktion (Ruff Mix)

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4. Raveonettes - Pretty In Black

The second full-length album of Danish Fifties/Psych Pop duo The Raveonettes was released in 2005. On Pretty In Black, Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo abandoned the strict recording rules the band laid upon themselves on their preceding efforts (including limiting the amount of different chords in one song, keeping an entire album in one tuning - which was in fact B Flat Major for The Chain Gang Of Love and keeping song running times under three minutes. Instead, the group further expand on their signature sound of Fifties inspired Rockabilly Noise Pop with the eerie feel of a thriller movie soundtrack.

Special appearances on this album are made by Maureen Tucker of Velvet Underground on drums, Martin Rev on drum machine and Ronnie Spector, also known as Veronica Bennett of the fabulous
Ronettes on backup vocals.
  • Label Music On Vinyl
  • 180 Gram Vinyl Record - LP - Sealed
  • Limited Edition - 1000
  • Colored Vinyl - Pink/Black Marbled
  • Numbered

Track Listing
1. The Heavens
2. Seductress of Bums
3. Love in a Trashcan
4. Sleepwalking
5. Uncertain Times
6. My Boyfriend's Back
7. Here Comes Mary
8. Red Tan
9. Twilight
10. Somewhere in Texas
11. You Say You Lie
12. Ode to L.A.
13. If I Was Young

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5. Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited II

If you love quality rock music, then you will certainly have heard Steve Hackett's work on some of the greatest songs of the past four decades. Whether with Genesis, GTR or on his solo output, the man has been a giant of the prog genre. The success he enjoyed with Genesis on six acclaimed studio albums allowed Hackett to subsequently become a consummate and powerful artist in his own right. All you have to do is check out the breadth and depth of the music on his solo records to appreciate that the man has grasped the opportunity to be in control of his own destiny. To create impassioned music that has never become rooted in clich├ęs or stuck in a rut. His latest album basks in the title of 'Genesis Revisited II'. A follow-up to 1996's 'Genesis Revisited', as the title suggests, it sees the guitarist reinterpreting the golden era of the great band - one in which he was crucially involved - while also remaining true to the original spirit which produced such a remarkable string of timeless songs. "This time around, I've tried to satisfy what everyone wants, including myself. Initially, I was thinking of just going for the best songs not featured on the first album. But then people thought I should do those tracks where the guitar was emphasized. So, I've done both. I've also included four songs, which have Genesis connections, where the song was written originally for the band, or rehearsed by them. For instance, there's 'Please Don't Touch', which I wrote for Genesis, but eventually ended up recording myself."
  • Import 2012 (White Vinyl)
1. Chamber Of 32 Doors
2. Horizons
3. Supper's Ready
4. The Lamia
5. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
6. Fly On A Windshield
7. Broadway Melody Of 1974
8. The Musical Box
9. Can-Utility And The Coastliners
10. Please Don't Touch

1. Blood On The Rooftops
2. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed
3. Entangled
4. Eleventh Earl Of Mar
5. Ripples
6. Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers...
7. ...In That Quiet Earth
8. Afterglow
9. A Tower Struck Down
10. Camino Royale
11. Shadow Of The Hierophant

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Musicology 101

We also want to have a little fun, so here are some rock and roll nuggets so you can win at music trivia games and become a top musicologist!

The husband and wife song-writing team of Felice and Boudleaux Byant have said that they wrote the Everly Brothers' 1958 number one hit "All I Have To Do Is Dream" in about 15 minutes.

According to legend, to add the authentic sound of a motorcycle engine to The Shangri-Las' "Leader Of The Pack", one was driven through the lobby of the hotel and up to the floor of the recording studio.

However, in an interview four decades later, Shangri-Las lead singer Mary Weiss scoffed at this story and said that the motorcycle sound was simply taken from an effects record.

Bobby "Boris" Pickett, who topped the Billboard Pop chart in 1962 with "The Monster Mash", once had his tour bus break down outside of a town called Frankenstein, Missouri. No, really!

When asked about their controversial hit song "One Toke Over The Line" during an interview with Brewer and Shipley, they said that "toke" had nothing to do with marijuana, but meant token or ticket. Hence the line about "sittin' downtown in a railway station."

The recording of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" that appears on the album was meant to be a soundcheck while the band waited for the arrival of their producer. When the rehearsal was completed, it was agreed that another take was not needed.

While The Byrds were debating possible titles for their ninth album, producer Terry Melcher filled out the record company's official label sheet, writing the placeholder (Untitled) in a box specifying the album's name. Without anyone associated with the band realizing, Columbia Records went ahead and pressed the LP, calling it "Untitled."

It was during his time with The Yardbirds, 1963-65, that Eric Clapton acquired his nickname, Slowhand. Whenever Clapton broke a guitar string, he would immediately stop playing and start restringing his guitar. The crowds would often start a slow handclap until he had his guitar restrung and could resume playing.

When The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia heard the finished tape of The Jefferson Airplane's newest album, he remarked "Sounds like a surrealistic pillow," and the album's name was born.   The LP contained the hit single "White Rabbit," which peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100.  "Somebody to Love" was also a track on the influential album and Rolling Stone magazine ranked  Airplane's version #274 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.


Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

Miriam B. contact me, you won the Beach Blood Vinyl Contest and I need your mailing address!!


Record Store Day 2013 Releases Full List

The folks at Record Store Day have just released the updated list for this year's event.   It's loaded with special releases and limited editions as more and more artists recognize the vinyl event.  eBayers are rolling around laughing because that's where you can get them (for an inflated price of course) You can find it at the RecordStoreDay website


Legacy Records Record Store Day Releases

Aerosmith - 12" 180-gram audiophile vinyl LP in an individually numbered jacket - 40 years after its original release in January 1973, this RSD edition of Aerosmith's classic double platinum debut album is newly remastered from the original source tapes and features the signature tracks, Dream On, Mama Kin and Walkin' The Dog.

Get Your Wings - 12" 180-gram audiophile vinyl LP in an individually numbered jacket - Newly remastered from the original source tapes, the RSD edition of Aerosmith's triple platinum selling second album, the band's first with producer Jack Douglas , includes the classic Same Old Song and Dance, Seasons of Wither and Train Kept A-Rollin'.

Toys In The Attic - 12" 180-gram audiophile vinyl LP in an individually numbered jacket - Newly remastered from the original source tapes, the RSD edition of Aerosmith's third album reaffirms the record's stature in the pantheon of rock. The band's most commercially successful album--certified 8x platinum--Toys In The Attic introduced both Walk This Way and Sweet Emotion to the eternal rock canon.

Black Sunday - Two 12" 180-gram high quality heavyweight vinyl LPs in an individually numbered gatefold jacket - The RSD and 20th Anniversary edition of the iconic crossover blockbuster album, features the anthems that made Cypress Hill an indelible stamp on the pop culture landscape, including Insane In The Brain, Hits From The Bong and I Ain't Goin' Out Like That.

 Round About Midnight - Widely acknowledged by jazz critics and aficionados as a landmark in 'hard bop' and one of the greatest jazz albums ever, Miles' 1956 Columbia Records debut showcased his first legendary quintet featuring John Coltrane .

Milestones - A powerhouse sextet recording featuring John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderley, this 1958 masterpiece captured Davis' first modal jazz experiments in pieces like Straight, No Chaser and the immortal title track.

Someday My Prince Will Come - Davis' 1961 successor to Sketches of Spain is an combination of new originals--including tributes to his then-wife, Frances (Pfrancing); his producer, Teo Macero (Teo); and Columbia Records then-president Goddard Lieberson (Drad Dog)--alongside pop standards including the title track from the 1937 film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Dust/Hard Attack - Two Albums/One Package - A 2 12" LP In an Individually Numbered Gatefold Jacket

Hey Joe b/w Stone Free - 45 RPM 7" vinyl single - individually numbered - These original 1966 mono mixes were first created for the Jimi Hendrix Experience's debut single in the UK and have never been since that time.

The Hidden Treasures of Taj Mahal - 1969-1973 - Two 12" 180-gram vinyl LPs in an individually numbered gatefold jacket - Amazing studio demos chronicling the early years of the American bluesman Taj Mahal .

The Natch'l Blues - 12" 180-gram vinyl in an individually numbered jacket - Taj Mahal 's breathtaking second album, originally released in 1968, showcased a band featuring Al Kooper and Jesse Ed Davis while introducing a generation to deep blues classics like Corinna, She Caught the Katy (and Left Me a Mule to Ride), and The Cuckoo.

Above - Expanded Edition 12" 180-gram 2 LP gatefold - The only album to be completed by the Seattle-based supergroup Mad Season, Above has achieved mythic status among hard rock aficionados. This expanded double 12" vinyl edition includes the original album in its entirety as well as three songs from the band's unfinished second album with newly recorded vocals by Mark Lanegan , a previously unreleased instrumental, "Interlude," and a remixed version of Mad Season's cover of John Lennon 's I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier.

Introducing Shuggie Otis - 12" 180-gram audiophile vinyl in an individually numbered jacket - includes free MP3 download card - This new compilation brings together ten of the most indelible tracks from the artist Questlove called "...the unsung hero of blues and funk. His music is so potent that it only blossomed 30 years after it was first released." Includes seminal tracks from the artist's core catalog: Here Comes Shuggie Otis (1969), Freedom Flight (1971) and Inspiration Information (1974).

No Alternative - 2 12" 180-gram vinyl LPs in an individually numbered jacket - Originally released in 1993 as part of the Red Hot Organization's AIDS Benefit Series, the No Alternative compilation provided a definitive showcase of the bands and artists who would define the contours of alt-rock in the 1990s and beyond. Artists on the album, released on vinyl for the first time as part of RSD 2013, include Matthew Sweet , Buffalo Tom, Soul Asylum, Urge Overkill, American Music Club, Goo Goo Dolls, Pavement, Smashing Pumpkins, Bob Mould , Sarah McLachlan , Soundgarden, Straitjacket Fits, Barbara Manning , The Verlaines, Uncle Tupelo, Beastie Boys, The Breeders, Sonic Youth, Jonathan Richman and Patti Smith

Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die - 7" Green Colored Vinyl in an individually numbered sleeve - Released in celebration of the 4/20 record store date and Willie's 80th birthday (April 30), the A side of this RSD 2013 exclusive, limited, numbered 7" green vinyl edition features features the all-star version of the Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die (taken from Willie's 2012 Heroes album) with guest vocals by Snoop Dogg, Jamey Johnson and Kris Kristofferson with a previously unreleased Willie solo version on the B Side.

I Want To Take You Higher - Side One of this 10" vinyl release features a previously unreleased live medley of Music Lover/I Want To Take You Higher/Music Love and the mono single master of Higher.  Side Two of I Want To Take You Higher is a previously unissued TV medley of Sing A Simple Song/Hot Fun In The Summertime/I Want To Take You Higher.

Source - Legacy Recordings


Sugar Hill Records Readies Exclusive Record Store Day Releases

Sugar Hill Records is pleased to announce that it will unveil three new, exclusive releases for Record Store Day (April 20). The varied offerings include a live-performance EP CD from Sarah Jarosz, a vinyl re-issue of the debut album from husband-wife duo Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson, and a a never before available vinyl edition of the  “Crazy” demo recordings from the legendary Willie Nelson.


Recorded in August of 2012, Live at the Troubadour finds the Grammy-nominated acoustic wunderkind in pristine form and marks Jarosz’s debut live recording. The 5-song EP was recorded last August at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA. Accompanying herself on mandolin, guitar, and banjo with Alex Hargreaves on fiddle and Nathaniel Smith on cello, Jarosz’s live performances feature a mix of new old-timey ballads and innovative covers.


A staple of the Americana genre, Rattlin’ Bones marked the first collaboration for these Australian husband-wife superstars. Having met more than a decade ago, Rattlin’ Bonesmarks the talented couple’s first full-length collaboration originally released in 2008. (Chambers and Nicholson released Wreck & Ruin, their second album of duets, through Sugar Hill Records last fall.) A critical and world-wide success, this marks the very first vinyl pressing of Rattlin’ Bones.


As one of popular music’s most celebrated icons, Willie Nelson has enjoyed an illustrious career that has spanned more than 50 years. When Nelson first arrived in Nashville, he spent time as a demo singer and recorded tracks for Ray Price and Hal Smith's publishing company, Pamper Music. Though these cuts were used to pitch songs to artists (including 'Crazy' for Patsy Cline) and producers, many weren't released. These 1960-1966 tracks are raw, real and exceptional, clearly the work of an artist and songwriter headed for stardom.

All three releases are limited-editions.

More information about Sugar Hill Records, including these Record Store Day releases, is available at


Anvil Tribute Album

Strong As Steel - A Tribute To Anvi' is scheduled for release via Skol Records on April 19th.  It is  a limited edition with only 666 copies being sold.

* CRYSTAL VIPER (Poland) - "Metal On Metal"
* CAYM feat. Tyler Reiner (Canada) - "Winged Assassins"
* SINISTER REALM (USA) - "Forged In Fire"
* STORMZONE (Ireland) - "Heat Sink"
* DESTRUCTOR (USA) - "Bedroom Game"
* SKELATOR (USA) - "Cut Loose"
* BREAKER (USA) - "Concrete Jungle"
* SAVAGE BLADE (Canada) - "School Love"
* CONVIXION (Greece) - "Hard Times - Fast Ladies"
* DEXTER WARD (Greece) - "Free As The Wind"
* SATANICA (Japan) - "666"
* MAVERICK (Japan) - "Ooh Baby"
* IRON KOBRA (Germany) - "Mothra"



New Releases

SEA LEVEL: Cats on the Coast/On the Edge

Sea Level started as an Allman Brothers offshoot, boasting three members (keyboardist Chuck Leavell, percussionist Jai Johanny “Jaimoe” Johanson and bassist Lamar Williams) from the mid-‘70s edition of the band, but became a major act in its own right with its tasty blend of jazz, blues and Southern rock (in other words, they would have fit nicely into today’s jam band scene).  These two albums both came out in 1978 but chart major changes in the group; Cats on the Coast saw the addition of guitarist David Causey, percussionist George Weaver and multi-instrumentalist Randall Bramblett to the line-up, while Jaimoe and Weaver left and drummer Joe English joined for On the Edge. Despite the changing line-ups, these two records are remarkably consistent affairs featuring such signature Sea Level songs as “That’s Your Secret” and “A Lotta Colada;” they have, however, both been out of print for about a decade and command big bucks online. Our Real Gone reissue offers both records on a single, 70 minutes-plus CD, with notes by Scott Schinder…rediscover one of the most underrated outfits of the ‘70s!

JOHNNY LYTLE: Soulful Rebel/People & Love

Two lost smokers from the man Lionel Hampton called “The greatest vibes player in the world,” Johnny Lytle—both very different from anything else he ever recorded!  1971’s The Soulful Rebel has a great blend of Hammond and Fender Rhodes along with the vibes—soaring out in a massively funky sextet with bass from Ron Carter and congas from Ray Barretto—both of whom take Johnny's earlier groove into a 70s jazz funk mode. 1972’s People & Love is even more impressive—and has Lytle's vibes working with impressionistic larger arrangements—in a style that's like Bobby Hutcherson on mid-‘70s Blue Note, or Milt Jackson on CTI. Notes by Scott Yanow explore the recordings and career of this unsung jazz giant.

LARRY WILLIAMS: That Larry Williams

A lost treasure from R&B pioneer Larry Williams—the only album he ever issued in the 70s, recorded a few years before his untimely and mysterious death!  The 1978 Fantasy set's got a heavy funk feel on most numbers—a great reworking of Williams' earlier groove, set to backings that feature Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker on horny horns, plus Rudy Copeland on keyboards!  The approach is similar to the 70s grooves used by Larry's west coast contemporary Johnny Guitar Watson—although sadly, this album never brought Williams the same sort of comeback fame. Gene Sculatti contributes liner notes that delve into Williams’ curious career.

ALLSPICE: Allspice
Sublime grooves from Allspice—a group who only gave the world this one and only 1977 album (released on the At-Home label), but who sparkle strongly throughout—thanks to help from ‘70s maestro Wayne Henderson!  Henderson produces the group in a tight blend of soul, funk, and jazz—similar to his more famous productions for Side Effect and Pleasure—but with an even deeper sound overall.  The vocals are sublime, a great mix of male and female leads laced with warm harmonies, backed by the impeccable instrumentation that is characteristic of a Henderson production. Liner notes by Bill Dahl examine the career and work of this one-off.

The tangled history of Imaginos, Blue Oyster Cult’s last (1988) album for Columbia, has passed into legend for BOC fans. The name and concept comes from late-‘60s sci-fi/fantasy writings by band manager/producer Sandy Pearlman that inspired the original band name; they then became the basis for a planned trilogy of solo albums by BOC drummer/songwriter Albert Bouchard, who had been working on the material since the early ‘70s with Pearlman. After Bouchard was fired from the band in 1981, he recorded a 90-minute album with such sidemen as Aldo Nova and the Doors’ Robbie Krieger, but this version of the album was rejected by Columbia execs in 1984. After the release and commercial disappointment of BOC’s Club Ninja, Pearlman then resurrected the idea and began production in 1986, adding vocals by BOC’s Buck Dharma and Eric Bloom and guitar parts by Joe Satriani among many others. The result was—no surprise—BOC’s most controversial album (and ironically, the first in years to feature the original line-up), probably their heaviest and most proggy outing, and an appropriately complex swan song for a complex band. Our Real Gone reissue features a new 2012 remix and new notes by BOC expert Scott Schinder, along with the original album and inner sleeve art.


Guitar played by The Beatles to be sold at auction in May 2013


Pink Floyd Celebrate 40th Anniversary Of ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’


Record Store Day Releases Coming from the Cure, R.E.M., Lemonheads + More


Pulp to release Soulwax remix of 'After You' for Record Store Day


Best Coast Announce 2013 Tour Dates, Record Store Day Single


Kings Of Leon to release career spanning boxset


The Twist, Dark Side of the Moon, Saturday Night Fever, 22 More Make National Recording Registry


Soundgarden Releasing King Animal Demos on Pink Vinyl


Strapping Young Lad: Long-Awaited Vinyl Box Set Due Next Month


Alter Bridge To Release Box Set In May


Is It Legal To Sell Your Old MP3s?


Def Leppard Release Re-Recorded “Hysteria”


ALICE IN CHAINS: 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here' Cover Artwork, Release Date Revealed


in my neck of the woods at milwaukee's summerfest, hope i can afford the tickets!

The Eagles Announce Summer 2013 Tour


album cover art of the day:

Battle Beast Unveils Artwork, Track Listing For Self-Titled Album



GRIMEY'S BEST SELLERS 3/11 - 3/17, 2013

Vinyl Top 25:

1. Caitlin Rose - The Stand-In
2. Sound City - Real To Reel
3. My Bloody Valentine - MBV
4. Natural Child - CRS Blues 7"
5. Otis Redding - Lonely & Blue
6. The Black Keys/RZA - Baddest Man Alive 7"
7. Frightened Rabbit - Pedestrian Verse
8. Jim James - Regions Of Light & Sound Of God
9. Tame Impala - Lonerism
10. Alt-J - An Awesome Wave
11. The Mavericks - In Time
12. Big Boys - Where's My Towel/Industry Standard
13. Mississippi Sheiks - Complete Recorded Works Vol. 1
14. Paper Route - The Peace Of Wild Things
15. Superdrag - Regretfully Yours
16. Mogwai - Les Revenants
17. Jimi Hendrix - People, Hell & Angels
18. Local Natives - Hummingbird
19. Josh Ritter - The Beast In Its Tracks
20. Atoms For Peace - AMOK
21. The Lumineers - The Lumineers
22. Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls
23. The Civil Wars - Barton Hollow
24. Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
25. Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker