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Now, for the first time since its appearance in the Monument Vinyl Box released on Black Friday 2013, this is what would have been Roy's fourth Monument album: Oh! Pretty Woman, the missing Monument masterpiece. Made up of songs recorded late in his Monument career and carefully selected by Roy's boys - his sons Wesley, Roy Kelton, and Alex Orbison - this album features specially created artwork so that it looks just as it would have in 1964, had Roy not left Monument.

Some songs have made their way onto hits compilations, like the title track "Oh, Pretty Woman" and "It's Over". The haunting "It's Over" (1964, #9 Pop) spoke of golden days before they end. It winds up to an Orbison crescendo that reminds you that you are on the edge of your seat, knowing not how you got there. "Oh, Pretty Woman" (#1 Pop): the smash of all smash hits. It entered the charts twice in 1964 and garnered Roy international superstardom and a million dollar contract with another label, thus ending a magical time, with magical people, making magical music at Monument. On 180 gram audiophile vinyl, Remastered audio.  The lost album from 1964!


Lonely And Blue is Roy Orbison's first album, released in 1961. The album was not only a breakthrough for Orbison as his debut LP, but also for Rock & Roll. Up to that point, apart from Elvis Presley - who was in a class by himself - few white rock & rollers had even tried to make as bold a use of the LP as what we hear on this record.

Lonely And Blue is a huge canvas for a sound that combined Rock & Roll's beat, Nashville's sound, and the singer's unique multi-octave range and intensity. The single "Only The Lonely" is perhaps the most accessible and commercial side of this new sound, but the whole album is packed with great moments.

The material was uniformly strong and consistent, probably due, in part, to the fact that producer Fred Foster was able to draw from nearly a year's worth of recording activity to assemble the contents of the album. Foster also took advantage of the album's stereo release to devise a crisp, discreet, two-channel mix that brought out all of the details of this sound in notably sharp relief, creating one of the earliest stereo rock & roll albums that was actually superior to its mono equivalent. Indeed, Sings Lonely and Blue was among the first rock & roll LPs to attract the interest of serious audiophile enthusiasts.  On 180 gram audiophile vinyl Remastered audio


Best known for his trademark sunglasses, distinctive, powerful voice, complex compositions, and dark emotional ballads, Roy Orbison is one of the few American artists to score significant British success during the "beat boom" of 1963-5. He was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.

Crying is the second album released by Roy Orbison in 1962. It was also his second album on the Monument record label. The album name comes from the 1961 hit song of the same name that in 2002 was honored with a Grammy Hall of Fame Award. In 2004, the song ranked #69 on Rolling Stone Magazine's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time".

The album features nearly all original material by Orbison and some of the writers who frequently tailored songs for him, such as Felice Bryant and Joe Melson. The trademark early Orbison production flourishes, with swooping strings and full vocal choruses, are also present. 180 gram audiophile vinyl  Remastered audio


100 Ton Chicken is the third album by the UK Brit Blues band Chicken Shack. Originally released in 1969, the follow-up album of their first two albums 40 Blue Fingers Freshly Packed And Ready To Serve and OK Ken? was Paul Raymond's first album as a member of Chicken Shack. Raymond replaced Christine Perfect, who left the band when she married John McVie of Fleetwood Mac.

Terence Ibbott was in charge of the album artwork for 100 Ton Chicken, which was bizarre as always. The recordings sounded quite different and gave The Shack what they were looking for - a "heavier" sound. On the album Chicken Shack covered Clarence Carter tunes ("The Road Of Love" and "Weekend Love"), a great Freddie King tune "Look Ma, I'm Cryin'", Lowell Fulson's "Reconsider Baby" and Clarence Gatemouth Brown's "Midnight Hour."   180 gram audiophile vinyl


Before Ministry created their influential  and breakthrough album, The Land of Rape and Honey, there was Twitch. Originally released in 1986, their second album Twitch stepped away from the Pop-oriented form of their debut album With Sympathy and moved toward a darker, more aggressive sound in the form of the EBM genre.

For this album founder and front man Jourgensen was granted more artistic control over the production, for which he mostly performed solo. Although the album doesn't sound like any of the other Ministry albums, listeners may hear how the band came of age. Twitch sold well, but was still considered to be 'underground'. The only single from the album was "Over The Shoulder." 180 gram audiophile vinyl and Insert.


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FANTASTIC DEE JAYS - ST (classic 60s garage pop)

Vinyl reissue of an Ÿber-classic garage-Brit invasion LP, recorded by a Pittsburgh trio! From raw basement garag-pop to jangly teenbeat and moody ballads, The Fantastic Dee-Jays' sole album from 1966 is one of the ultimate kingpins of all the US local private garage albums. It's a lost-in-time '66 capsule full of pure, innocent vocals, 12-string Rickenbacker guitars and crashing drums. File next to Rising Storm and The Bachs. This is the first ever straight reissue of the original album, with the sound taken from the master tapes. This release also includes an insert with notes by their mentor Terry Lee and lots of cool photos. The band would later evolve into the equally legendary Swamp Rats.

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NERVES - LAST COPIES! Live At The Pirate's Cove, Cleveland OH, May 26th 1977

Remastered from an analog tape recently discovered by Jack Lee in an unmarked box, this 1977 previously unreleased performance showcases the trio live in Cleveland during their infamous Magic Blistering Tour.

Comes with INNER SLEEVE featuring a collage with Nerves MEMORABILIA, RARE PHOTOS, NOTES by Jack Lee, and Paul Collins original TOUR DIARY entry related to the show.

All the classics are here, "Hanging On The Telephone," "Walking Out On Love," "When You Find Out," "Stand Up And Take A Good Look," etc, all delivered with blistering energy in front of a small audience of enlightened scensters that included Dave Thomas of Pere Ubu, and with Devo as the opening band.

This is a VINYL ONLY release on YELLOW VINYL, LIMITED to 500 copies.

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Busman's Holiday -A Long Goodbye

Busman's Holiday is Lewis and Addison Rogers, brothers of melodic charm and ecstatic showmanship. Lewis plays guitar, and Addison plays drums. The singer/songwriter duo are occasionally accompanied by a string section who fill out their complexly euphonic ballads of love, loss, lust and outer space. Born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana, the pair has toured the U.S. and Canada extensively the past four years, appearing on WNYC's Radiolab, Daytrotter, and backing Jens Lekman.

Though adept in a D.I.Y. aesthetic of acoustic busking with only a guitar and a suitcase drum set, the brothers are equally at home on stage playing their unique songs of wanderlust and first love. Evoking a classic tent-show rock sound joined with the affable atmosphere of the assured vaudevillian, Busman's Holiday possesses their own unique blend of humor and musical talent.

Their debut full-length album, A Long Goodbye, was recorded in the legendary studio-in-a-church owned by Arcade Fire outside Montreal not long before Arcade Fire had to abandon it due to a collapsing roof. It was recorded and produced by Mark Lawson (Arcade Fire, Islands) and mixed by Drew Vandenberg (of Montreal, Kishi Bashi). Also appearing on the album are Jamie Thompson (The Unicorns, Islands) and Sebastien and Alexander Chow (Islands).

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Cream – Hello Again On Tour LP

A mint condition copy of Cream's "Hello Again On Tour" on Zap/World Records. This copy has fully intact shrink wrap and looks as if it's been played no more than once. Recorded live in Amsterdam, 1967. Scarce and in beautiful condition

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Johnny Cash – Original “Greatest !” 1959 Sun LP

A NM/EX to EX- first pressing of Johnny Cash’s 1959 album Greatest !, on the Sun label.  The laminated cover is beautiful with just a light dampstain on the back; the disc shiny and barely played, with some superficial sleeve-type marks.  A scarce classic.

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YELLOWBIRDS - Songs From The Vanished Frontier

Songs From The Vanished Frontier, the second album from New York’s Yellowbirds, includes love songs and breakup songs, happy numbers and sad numbers, tunes about not believing in the truth and, alternately, tunes about delivering it. There’s bracing rock ‘n’ roll and bubbling folk, drifting jangle and swiveling R&B. But the thread that unites these nine instantly affecting songs is their search to find the signal amid the noise—that is, to understand the world and its whirlwind and to deliver just a little bit of clarity every three or four minutes.

Singer, guitarist and songwriter Sam Cohen—who first came to prominence as part of the experimental psych rock band Apollo Sunshine—founded Yellowbirds as an outlet for new songs he’d been writing following his former band’s dissolution. Yellowbirds debut album, The Color, was released by The Royal Potato Family in 2011 and received favorable reviews, with Pitchfork noting that the record espoused “an endearing raggedness, as though Cohen invited you into his living room.” Vanished Frontier hinges on the same intimacy. The album glows with spectral harmonies and interwoven textures, decorative percussion and brilliant guitar playing; but, these are songs that could stand on their own, stripped of all that. In the end, the noise supports the signal.

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The Underground Youth – Sadovaya // Limited to 400 White LPs

Sun Kil Moon – Benji // Limited to 900 Yellow Vinyl 2xLP


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