Friday, May 25, 2012

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

Aerosmith New Album Slated For August Release

Veteran rockers Aerosmith's 15th studio album will be called 'Music From Another Dimension' and is scheduled for release on  Aug. 28th.  The album's first single, a new version of a song the band wrote in the early '90s called "Legendary Child."

Aerosmith are a living piece of American music history, having sold over 150 million albums worldwide and been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They are the recipients of countless awards including four GRAMMYs, eight American Music Awards, six Billboard Awards and 12 MTV Video Music Awards among many other honors. Proving that they can cross genre-boundaries with ease, these rock legends have even taken home a Soul Train Award for Best Rap Single for their remix of Run DMC's "Walk This Way." With scores of multi-platinum albums, Aerosmith continues to inspire generations to get their wings, get a grip and just push play. It is no wonder why they are one of the most beloved bands of all time.

1. What Could Have Been Love
2. Beautiful
3. Street Jesus
4. Legendary Child
5. Oh Yeah
6. We All Fall Down
7. Another Last Goodbye
8. Out Go the Lights
9. Love Three Times a Day (Hello Goodbye)
10. Closer
11. Shakey Ground
12. Lover A Lot
13. Freedom Fighter
14. Up On The Mountain


Beck Releases Single On Third Man Records

Beck is scheduled to release a very special, limited edition single on Jack White's Third Man Records label.  The single, called "I Just Started Hating Some People Today"/"Blue Randy" is scheduled for release on May 28 as a limited run of colored 7" vinyl records, with 100 tri-color versions of the track going on sale exclusively at Randy's Records, a store in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 2nd.

The two tracks were recorded last year at the Third Man studio in Nashville, when Beck was in the Tennessee city recording the follow-up to 2008's 'Modern Guilt' reported Rolling Stone.

One hundred of the records will be available exclusively at Randy’s Records in Salt Lake City on June 2, and an additional color pressing will be sold as mail order copies purchased directly from Third Man.


lovely vinyl record article from The Sag Harbor Express about our beloved format!

Tables Turn Again For Vinyl

By Claire Walla

A record store? On the East End?

It started with the Japanese.

Record collector and East Hampton native Craig Wright had been running a successful music business on eBay for five years, regularly sending used records to buyers both locally and internationally. But, last year he suddenly began receiving visits from music store owners on record-buying missions from half-way around the world.

“I had at least six or seven guys from Japan looking through my storage facility over the last year,” Wright exclaimed. “And I thought, this isn’t the way to do it. I’ve gotta make this available to everyone.”

The result is Inner Sleeve Music, a full-blown record store in the heart of Amagansett, which sells everything from rock and jazz (which happens to be the favored genre among Japanese buyers), to new releases, reggae and even spoken word.

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and more vinyl record news from Candice Aman at neontommy

The Origami Vinyl Effect: How Record Stores Are Changing The Music Industry

Candice Aman

After being laid off from heading the licensing department at CONNECT, Sony’s digital music service that ultimately failed against iTunes, Neil Shield went through a brief period of soul searching.

He started by taking a box of his parents’ unused vinyl records and attempted to sell them at a yard sale. Within just a matter of hours, Schield managed to sell about 40 records, a surprisingly high number, and unbeknownst to him, a childhood passion re-emerged.

“I was shocked by the number I sold,” Schield said on a balmy afternoon, perched behind a cash register and a stack of newly released records.

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very nice story about an iconic album cover

NYC Album Art Revisted: The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

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interesting read about a man in-the-know:

Why Does Vinyl Sound The Best? A Chat With A Musician Who Knows

 By Seth Colter Walls

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great story from can relate to it, maybe i told this story before on the CVR Blog, but anyway......flash back to Easter weekend1985, i am unemployed (i did have a paper route) and a buddy calles me (miss ya puff) and says we have a gig (used to 'roadie a lot for local chicago bands - i had a van...shag carpet and all the trimmings), but on this day; the van was not needed.  he says we can roadie for KISS, a one time gig because the regular crew was given the day off.  they played a small gig in hammond, indiana, maybe 2,500 tops in the place.  well we arrived, and saw six semi trailers and a couple of rad tour buses.  We checked in, (pay was $100 for the job, we started at 10 am) and were quickly introduced to the bosses.  We went to work, many trunks, many speakers and a KISS sign.  we got done around 4pm and were told we could go home and come back at 10pm or stay for the show........we stayed, and what a time.  eveyone was professional, heck they even had a catered dinner (all the fixings) and that's where i met paul stanley.  we were told not to bother them, but he sat right next to me and my buddy and asked how we were (we were obviously a bit dirty)   stanely was very approachable and we chatted for some twenty minutes as we ate.  i really can't recall the specifics, but i was impressed with his wit and banter.  we stayed for the show and there is only one way to say this....KISS ROCKED!   sir, you will have the time of your life!

Kiss Hires War Veteran For Road Crew

by: Billy Dukes

After a two months search that included over 1900 applicants, Gene Simmons and Kiss have their hero. As part of the Hiring Our Heroes campaign, the band hired Paul Jordan, a 27-year military veteran, to work on their road crew this summer, surprising him with the news on yesterday’s ‘Today’ show.

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