Saturday, July 7, 2012

Win A Prize Pack From Relapse

Random Drawing To Be Held On Wednesday, July 11th

From our friends at, we have a prize pack of 3 CDs!  Just email the CVR blog at with the words "Relapse Prize Pack" in the subject line.  The winner will be chosen from all the emails received before the end of the contest on Wednesday, July 11th at 4 pm.  The prize pack is 3 CDs, one from each bands listed below:

CVI by Royal Thunder

Royal Thunder’s debut full length ‘CVI’ (roman numeral 106) explodes in sound in a way that their critically heralded debut EP only hinted at. Propelled by singer Mlny Parsonz’ captivatingly passionate and soulful vocals, ‘CVI’ is a psych/prog/metal fan’s dream come true---a triumphant display of crescendo-ing riffs, sultry vocals and propulsive grooves. Way way more than just a brilliant metal album, ‘CVI’ is a sultry southern hard rock thinker of an album that appeals to both the Skynyrd and the Neurosis sides of the brain. An absolute must have for fans of the Atlanta and Savannah metal and hard rock scenes! (released 22 May 2012 Relapse Records)

Half Blood by Horseback

Horseback’s young but varied catalog has been remarkable in its ability to capture distinctly different subgenres of heavy music with impressive virtuosity: drone, doom, black-metal, psychedelia, post-rock, noise etc etc. With ‘Half Blood’, Horseback’s first true ‘new release’ for Relapse, the band’s mastermind Jenks Miller has brilliantly managed to throw all of those styles into one seamless album. ‘Half Blood’ naturally shifts from Americana twang to fiercely evil buzzing guitars to hypnotically meditative kraut-drone with a level of confidence that takes other bands years to master. Horseback’s ‘Half Blood’ is Neurosis on a Neil Young overdose, Earth after being locked in a room with Merzbow for weeks straight. This is an album at once immediately captivating as well as rewarding for those who treasure music that reveals new twists and turns with repeated listens. (released 08 May 2012 Relapse Records)

Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds by 16

Southern California’s godfathers of bum-out 16 return with another masterpiece of bleakness on ‘Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds’. 16 maintain their position atop the mountain of sludge-metal. What has always set 16 apart from their doom and sludge contemporaries has been their ability to set the utter bleakness of singer Cris Jerue’s lyrics to undeniably catchy and heavy riffs and grooves, and ‘Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds’ finds the band absolutely perfecting this already addictive combo. Never has extreme depression and despair sounded so good! (released 24 April 2012 Relapse Records)