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Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

Music Record Shop Weekly Contest is still open to entries, so take a minute, you could win!

The CVR blog has a copy of Mad Season's 'Above' to give away to a lucky blog reader. The 33rd emailer with the words "Music Record Shop Mad Season Contest" in the subject line to this email address wins! Limit one entry per person please!

Mad Season - Above

This expanded double 12" vinyl edition includes the original album in its entirety as well as three songs from the band's unfinished second album with newly recorded vocals by Mark Lanegan, a previously unreleased instrumental, "Interlude," and a remixed version of Mad Season's cover of John Lennon 's "I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier."

Above is the only studio album by the American rock band Mad Season, released on March 14, 1995 through Columbia Records. The album has been certified gold by the RIAA in the United States. The album's gloomy, black and white cover art was illustrated by Staley. The drawing was based upon a photograph of Staley and his then-girlfriend, Demri Lara Parrott.


R.E.M. 25th Green Anniversary

When R.E.M. went to Memphis, Tennessee's famed Ardent Studios in 1988 to record their major label debut for Warner Bros Records, singer Michael Stipe, legend has it, tasked his band mates, Bill Berry, Peter Buck, and Mike Mills, with a singular mission: to "not write any more R.E.M.-type songs." Emboldened by this charge, the band ventured into the previously unexplored realm of bubblegum pop ("Pop Song '89," "Stand"), freely swapped instruments amongst themselves, and even went so far as to introduce the mandolin into their repertoire for the first time ("Hairshirt"). Bolstered by Stipe's increasingly politically-conscious and socially-conscientious lyrics, Green emerged as the band's most fully-realized record to date--a bold claim given the trajectory of their IRS years' recordings (Murmur, Reckoning, Fables of the Reconstruction, Lifes Rich Pageant, and Document) but accurate nonetheless.

To celebrate the landmark album's 25-year anniversary, Rhino is releasing a two-disc deluxe edition that features the remastered original album accompanied by a disc of live performances taken from the penultimate show of R.E.M.'s 130-date Green World Tour. All twenty-one songs were recorded in Greensboro, North Carolina, on November 10, 1989, just miles from where Berry, Buck, Mills and Stipe had their very first recording session at Mitch Easter's Drive-In Studio in Winston-Salem. The set captures the confident spirit of Green ("Get Up," "World Leader Pretend," and "You Are The Everything") as well as the timelessness of early favorites like "Fall On Me," "Finest Worksong," and "The One I Love," and hints at the future with early versions of tracks that would ultimately appear on Out Of Time.

GREEN: 25TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION will be available on May 14th, but you can pre-order it now at Amazon


Avenged Sevenfold Limited Edition Vinyl

For Record Store Day 2013, on the 5 year anniversary of Avenged Sevenfold's "Live in the LBC" performance, we have produced a limited record/DVD configuration, pressed on vinyl for the first time in a deluxe gatefold jacket and mastered by Bernie Grundman. This release contains both the first live concert film from Avenged Sevenfold "Live in the LBC" filmed on April 10, 2008 as well as "Diamonds in the Rough," an offering of previously unreleased b-sides and more. The CD/DVD configuration was released September 16, 2008 and has since been certified Platinum.

Get it at BecauseSoundMatters


for those who have cells (i don't and i don't want one!)

Doors' App Available

Now available on the App Store, THE DOORS official App brings The Doors' story to life with a rich, immersive experience that delves deeply into every aspect of The Doors' incandescent career. Of all the California bands, The Doors music still burns with an intensity that clearly identifies their distinctive approach to poetic lyrics, bold instrumentation and song.

THE DOORS official app features:
Essays: Insider stories behind each Doors album, the "Miami Incident," and more, enriched with videos, audio, photos and rarely seen memorabilia
Timeline: The Doors' history, controllable from the radio of Jim's Shelby GT 500 Mustang
Cast of Characters: Meet key people in the Doors' universe
The Doors Map of LA: Focusing on prime locations in the band's history, with photos and stories
Gallery: All of the app's images, artwork, tape boxes, memorabilia, press releases, Doors posters
Music Room: Flip through the classic Doors' LPs, hear song samples, or scan and match from your own library
Tech Nuggets: Descriptions and photos of all equipment used in the recording of each studio album
Song Lyrics: Complete lyrics to all Doors' songs
Social Integration: In-app links to Social Media and the iTunes store
Favorites: A personal portfolio of treasures, selected by you

Additional Features:
Materials from The Doors archive and dozens of other sources
Hundreds of unseen photos, posters, artifacts and artwork
44 short form videos plus all six full-length Doors music videos
Short "takes" from Patti Smith, Hunter S. Thompson, Greil Marcus, Francis Cord Coppola and The Doors
Graphic novel of the infamous Miami Incident by Dean Haspiel & Adam Holzman, including actual FBI files and related documents

For more onfo head HERE


 Spacemen 3 Discography to Be Reissued (on colored vinyl)


Austin City Limits 2013 lineup revealed


Grateful Dead compile Magical, Mythical Tour recordings in new 14-disc box set


actually saw the band in the mid 80's warmed up for kiss

KING KOBRA To Release 'II' Album In July


cool write up. well worth the read:

Mind Melt: A Chat With Graphic Artist Leif Podhajsky


Unexpected Cover Songs: 20 Unique Renditions Of Famous Tunes


album cover art of the day:

Inherit The Stars Reveals New Album "We Were Made To Walk The Skies" Artwork


album cover art of the day, part 2:

Powerwolf - Reveal New Album Artwork

German power metal band Powerwolf have revealed the album cover art for their new opus 'Preachers Of The Night,' which was created by Matthew Greywolf. The album is expected to be released this year through Napalm Records, but the official date has not been announced.


very controversial Bowie video making the rounds on the net (banned at YouTube)

Watch David Bowie's Bloody, Religious "The Next Day" Video, Starring Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard


Ask Mr. Music by Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: Last year about this time, you mentioned that Adele topped both of Billboard's most prestigious year-end polls: Pop Song of the Year ("Rolling in the Deep") and Pop Album of the Year ("21").

You didn't say how uncommon this is, so please tell us how many have accomplished this feat?
—Arnold Morrison, Minneapolis

DEAR ARNOLD: The quick reply is seven (each below with an asterisk), but let's answer your question in greater detail, in anticipation of others you will surely inspire.

With only seven decades to consider, we can review all who won in two or more of the six possible categories:

Song of the Year and Album of the Year, both for Pop, R&B, and Country.

In Pop, 1956 was the first year to honor both songs and albums. Country followed suit in 1965, and R&B in '66.

Here are the stars who ranked No. 1 at least twice in the same year:

1957 Elvis Presley: Pop Song ("All Shook Up") and R&B Song ("Jailhouse Rock")
1959 Johnny Horton: Pop and Country Song ("The Battle of New Orleans")
1961 Bobby Lewis: Pop and R&B Song ("Tossin' and Turnin'")
1967 Jack Greene: Country Song ("All the Time") and Album ("There Goes My Everything")
*1970 Simon & Garfunkel: Pop Song and Album ("Bridge Over Troubled Water")
1974 Charlie Rich: Country Song ("There Won't Be Anymore") and Album ("Behind Closed Doors")
1977 Waylon Jennings: Country Song ("Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love") and Album ("Ol' Waylon")
1978 Earth, Wind & Fire: R&B Song ("Serpentine Fire") and Album ("All 'N All")
1978 Willie Nelson: Country Song ("Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys") (duet with Waylon Jennings) and Album ("Stardust")
1979 Chic: R&B Song ("Good Times") and Album ("C'est Chic")
1982 Willie Nelson: Country Song and Album ("Always on My Mind")
1983 Michael Jackson: Pop and R&B Album ("Thriller")
1984 Prince: Pop and R&B Song ("When Doves Cry")
1986 Whitney Houston: Pop and R&B Album ("Whitney Houston")
*1988 George Michael: Pop Song and Album ("Faith")
1988 Keith Sweat: R&B Song ("I Want Her") and Album ("Make It Last Forever")
1990 Janet Jackson: Pop and R&B Album ("Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation")
1990 Clint Black: Country Song ("Nobody's Home") and Album ("Killin' Time")
*1993 Whitney Houston Pop and R&B Song ("I Will Always Love You") and Pop and R&B Album ("The Bodyguard" Soundtrack)
*1994 Ace of Base: Pop Song and Album ("The Sign")
1998 Next: Pop and R&B Song ("Too Close")
2001 R Kelly: R&B Song ("Fiesta") and Album (")
2002 Eminem: Pop and R&B Album ("The Eminem Show")
*2003 50 Cent: Pop and R&B Song ("In da Club") and Pop and R&B Album ("Get Rich Or Die Tryin'")
*2004 Usher: Pop Song ("Yeah!") (with Lil Jon and Ludacris) and Pop and R&B Album ("Confessions")
2005 50 Cent: Pop and R&B Album ("The Massacre")
2006 Carrie Underwood: Pop and Country Album ("Some Hearts")
2006 Mary J. Blige: R&B Song ("Be Without You") and Album ("The Breakthrough")
2008 Alicia Keys: Pop and R&B Song ("As I Am") and R&B Album ("Like You'll Never See Me Again")
2009 Taylor Swift: Pop and Country Album ("Fearless")
*2011 Adele: Pop Song ("Rolling in the Deep") and Album ("21")

Notes and observations:

Elvis is the only artist with two Song of the Year winners in the same year (1957) that are two completely different singles. Neither he nor the Beatles had an Album of the Year in the 20th century, though the choices do not always reflect actual sales.

Not until 1967 did anything even resembling rock or teen-oriented music win Album of the Year, that being "More of the Monkees."

For nine consecutive years (1957 through 1965), the Album of the year was either of the original cast or soundtrack genre.

DEAR JERRY: Your column about songs banned by radio stations took me back to my childhood, in the early 1960s, and a comedy record my parents used to play when they thought I was sleeping.

Though somewhat off-color, it was not even close to being X-rated.

I especially remember it being recorded at a nearby bar, which provides a clue. We lived on Crenshaw near Artesia Blvd, in Torrance, Calif.

The only other clue is a parody of "Secret Love" the comedian sang, that has been in my memory for about 50 years.

His version began like this:

"Once I had a secret love
She wore a flimsy negligee
Last night we were on Channel 4
My secret love's no secret anymore"

One day I'd like to hear this obscure album again. Do you have any helpful details?
—Gilles Marchand, Rolling Hills, Calif.

DEAR GILLES: Obscure is right. This LP was originally only available at the club you vaguely recall, then named the Roaring '20s Lounge.

In Torrance at 166th and Crenshaw, less than a mile from Artesia Blvd., their primary entertainer was club owner Charles David Thomas, who performed as Bub Thomas.

His privately pressed album, recorded live in 1960 at the Roaring '20s, is "Smoker Stories" (BT 1000), and it should be available online for under $25.

Jerry Osborne answers as many questions as possible through this column. Write Jerry at: Box 255, Port Townsend, WA 98368 E-mail:   Visit his Web site:
All values quoted in this column are for near-mint condition.
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