Friday, September 5, 2008

Who's In Your Five?

I just received an email from famed vinyl artist Daniel Edlen. He is running a promotion on his blog, here are the details:

Who's In Your Five?

So I decided to do a couple more for Primitive Kool's "dead rocker" show this September. Along with Randy Rhoads and Jim Morrison, I'd love to do Bradley Nowell but Sublime vinyl is seriously expensive!

My wife and I were talking about the idea of collections. I've got my EC going, but that's restricted to the albums I received from one person. Knowing that you guys like making lists, my wife thought it'd be cool to get you involved in picking who I paint. In return you'd get a discount for pieces on your list. What do you think?

Here's how I'll work it. If you're interested in seeing me paint your favorites, leave a comment on this post with your top 5 bands or musicians. If you feel chatty, you can tell me why those are your top choices. If you feel really chatty, have a blog, and want to give me extra incentive to paint ones on your list, then do a post on your blog about your favorites and what my artwork means to you. I'm a sucker when visitors get involved!

Then I'll get to work painting as many as I can, barring huge difficulties in finding albums, and I'll post about them here. If I paint one on your list and you want to buy it, I'll give you 15% off (a little more than $25). Sound good?

So stop on by Daniel's blog and fill in your Top Five:

Creating portraits of musicians on their original record albums, Daniel honors the music we all now listen to mostly on CD or MP3. He uses white acrylic to bring the face out of the shadows of the grooves and capture the spirit of the subject. Daniel's Vinyl Art gives people a way to say, "This is my music, my culture."

Daniel's Website:

Online Safety Tips

My vinyl friend David Schofield, operator of has made up a 'common sense' list for all buyers of vinyl records. Thanks David, it all makes perfect sense!

How to make sure you are buying records safely on the net.

Unfortunately buying records safely in the net can be a bit of a lottery. How often have you heard of friends being fooled by unscrupulous individuals saying they are recommended dealers? Here are 9 simple and straightforward ideas to ensure it doesn’t happen to you.

1. Before buying from someone who represents themselves as a record dealer, ask for references - and check them! Anyone who says they are a dealer would not have a problem with supplying references - so don't hesitate in asking for them!

2. Check the dealer's return policy and make sure that you may return damaged or mis-graded product within a reasonable amount of time. Don't expect a dealer to accept returns weeks after the fact or accept returns simply because you don't like the record you ordered.

3. Pay by credit card. All credit cards companies offer recourse these days.

4. If not paying by card - use PayPal. I find it invaluable in these days as it provides a wonderful audit trail.

5. Dealers who have their own websites are a safer bet than those who don't. Setting up shop on the net indicates a degree of permanence and commitment.

6. If you still have some doubts, ask that your package be shipped COD. Don't expect the dealer, however, to pay the COD charges.

7. Always buy postal insurance. This small investment is prudent. Don't assume the dealer will automatically mail with insurance, always specify it.

8. Always request recorded delivery. You will have to sign for the package on delivery so ensuring the dealer cannot simply say "but …I did post it". This will protect both you and the dealer, as, again, it provides a wonderful audit trail.

9. Don't forget to ensure the dealer packages your prized records correctly! Any decent dealer wouldn't think twice - but I once bought a record from Ebay before I knew better, and it came in a normal envelope - it was not surprising that by the time it reached me it was no good!

Written by David Schofield

All things Vinyl: How do you care for records - appraise albums, values of records. All the best Valve amplifiers and ‘old’ record decks. Discography of the best music available on Vinyl Records

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10 Commandments

The 10 Commandments The Vinyl Preservation Society of Idaho was founded on the following principles and respectfully asks its members to adopt them and embrace them as their own.

1) Honor the importance of music as an art form

2) Listen actively and with intention

3) Respect others and their musical choices

4) Maintain an open mind and a curious ear

5) Choose vinyl whenever there’s a musical choice to be made

6) Preserve our vinyl heritage by caring for and about vinyl records

7) Recognize your ownership of the Society by actively influencing its direction
and development

8) Evangelize the vinyl life and your role as an Ambassador for the Society at
every opportunity

9) Share your vinyl history, knowledge and passion

10) Support your local independent record merchants