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Top Selling Vinyl Records Sales at eBay - August 2010

Here is the month in review of the top selling ebay vinyl record sales, on a weekly basis, for August of 2010.

First and foremost, a special thank you to Norm and Jane at CC  for putting together this interesting data. Be sure to listen to their popular radio show (Vinyl Record Talk ) for more information about the weekly top 5, vinyl record news and as well as weekly guests.

The honor of our top seller for the month of August 2010 is a test pressing of Bob Dylan's 'Blood On The Tracks' LP which went for a cool eight grand. The Beatles come in second, with a very familar listing, 'Please Please Me' (Parlophone UK Gold Black label 1st Stereo), which sold for a shade under $5,200.

A 78 rpm Vogue Picture Disc by Art Kassel ("Queen For A Day"/"End Of A Perfect Day") sold for $4,207.28. Two more 78's made the monthly list, one from blues legend Robert Johnson ("Kind Hearted Woman Blues"/"Terraplane Blues" Vocalion 03416) which sold for $3,428.92 and another by Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals ("Stock Yard Strut"/"Salty Dog" Paramount) which sold for $2,801.

A great Led Zeppelin effort made the monthly list twice, with one 12" - Led Zeppelin 'Road Box' selling for $3,850 and the other for $3,150. Additionally two Sonny Clark LP's on Bluenote made the list with 'Dial S For Sonny' (Blue Note 1570) going for $3,379 and 'Sonny's Crib' (Blue Note 1576) selling for $3,050. Another Bluenote, Hank Mobley's self titled LP (Blue Note 1568) hit the hammer at an even $3,150.

Stay tuned to the Collecting Vinyl Records (CVR) blog for more monthly sales results!

Top 5 eBay Vinyl Records Sales - Week Ending 08/07/2010

A Led Zeppelin Road Box tops the list this week, getting a good price even if the overall high is a little on the low side. Blue Note records from two different sellers get the next three spots, and a rare prog record on Vertigo closes this week's Top 5.

1. 12" - Led Zeppelin “Road Box” - $3,850.00

2. LP - Sonny Clark "Dial S For Sonny" Blue Note 1570 - $3,379.00

3. LP - Hank Mobley self titled Blue Note 1568 - $3,150.00

4. LP - Sonny Clark "Sonny's Crib" Blue Note 1576 - $3,050.00

5. LP - Dr Z "Three Parts To My Soul" Vertigo - $2,924.81

Top 5 eBay Vinyl Records Sales - Week Ending 08/14/2010

78's at the top two spots, as the resurgence of the 78 continues. A Vogue picture disc makes the #1. Robert Johnson, a frequent visitor to the list recently, makes the number two spot. And someone out there has unleashed some Vertigo prog rarities. One makes the list for the second week. This from a band called Ben, so obscure that neither Jane or I know this record. As the saying goes, "no one knows every record."

1. 78 - Art Kassel "Queen For A Day" / "End Of A Perfect Day" Vogue Picture Disc - $4,207.28

2. 78 - Robert Johnson "Kind Hearted Woman Blues" / "Terraplane Blues" Vocalion 03416 - $3,428.92

3. LP - Aphrodite's Child "666" Vertigo UK 1st Pressing - $2,634.03

4. 12" - Ardonus "Got To Take A Chance" / "Just Be My Lady" Lyon - $2,550.00

5. LP - Ben "self titled" Vertigo UK 1st Pressing - $2,415.83

Top 5 eBay Vinyl Records Sales - Week Ending 08/21/2010

This week is a who's who of Top 5 regulars, save for the Ska instrumental in the #5 spot. If record collecting had a Mt Rushmore, The Beatles, Zep and Nirvana records on this list would be three out of the four icons. What would be the fourth? Tune in to VRT and hear Jane and I argue about it.

1. LP - The Beatles "Please Please Me" Parlophone UK Gold Black label 1st Stereo - $5,166.66

2. 12" - Led Zeppelin “Road Box” - $3,150.00

3. LP - Michele Auclair Schubert: "Complete Works For Violin And Piano" Erato STE 50136 - $2,551.99

4. 45 - Nirvana "Love Buzz" 28/1000 Sub Pop - $2,225.00

5. 45 - Jackie Mitoo / Anthony Ellis "unknown" / "You Were Wrong" sky intr. blank pressing - $2025.00

Top 5 eBay Vinyl Records Sales - Week Ending 08/28/2010

A Bob Dylan test pressing with alternate takes and lyrics gets the top spot and a high price seen in many weeks at $8k. Northern Soul has returned to the list with a 45 from The Admirations, and 78s continue to make their presence known.

1. LP - Bob Dylan "Blood On The Tracks" Test Pressing - $8,000.00

2. 45 - The Admirations "I Want To Be Free" / "You Left Me" Peaches - $3,174.00

3. 78 - Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals "Stock Yard Strut" / "Salty Dog" Paramount - $2,801.00

4. LP - Music Emporium "self titled" Sentinel - $2,560.00

5. LP - Janos Starker "Bach Cello Suites" Mercury - $2,4999.00

Ask Mr. Music by Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: Most people never heard of Al Green until the 1970s, and the hits “Let's Stay Together,” “You Ought to Be with Me,” and others. Yet I recall hearing Al on the radio in Houston, around 1965.

In researching Al's early years, I found mention of him being with either Hot Line, or Hot Wire, around then. That record could be what I heard.

Some credible sources even say Al Green recorded for the Fargo and Cherokee labels in the early '60s. Others indicate he was singing back then but made no records.

Al Green is a pretty common name, so how do I know who has the story right?
—Lindsay Hamlin, Hanover, Pa.

DEAR LINDSAY: Fear not, I'm here for you in times like these.

Al Green, the most successful male R&B artist of the 1970s not named James Brown, did perform in public from the mid-1950s to the mid-'60s, just as you read.

For a few years, circa-1962-'63, Al teamed with high school pals Curtis Rodgers, Palmer James, and Gene Mason, singing as either the Creations or Al Greene and the Creations. Al didn't drop the last 'e' from the family name until 1969.

The Creations did, in 1967, wangle a one-record deal with Zodiac Records, resulting in the release of “Footsteps” backed with “A Dream” (Zodiac 1005).

Later that year, after the Zodiac disc fizzled, Curtis Rodgers and Palmer James started their own label, giving it a lengthy name originally intended for use as a publication: Hot Line Music Journal. Most everyone refers to it as just Hot Line.

Now, since I'd hate to leave you with your wires crossed, what about “Hot Wire”?

That coincidentally is a song Green recorded in 1967, while with Hot Line. “Hot Wire” remained unissued until late 1972, when it became a minor hit (Bell 45,305).

With the former Creations now billed as Al Greene & the Soul Mate's [sic], their first Hot Line single was a soulful Rodgers and James original, “Back Up Train” (Hot Line 15,000).

Issued in November '67, “Back Up Train” steamed right into the Rhythm & Blues Top 5. Unfortunately, Greene and the Hot Line team could not sustain the momentum.

In 1969, and now as Al Green, he teamed with Willie Mitchell and his Memphis-based Hi Records, an assemblage that ran off 10 consecutive years of hit records. Among those are six No. 1 and 15 Top 10 hits.

Those are the recordings Al made before his solo career skyrocketed in 1970s, now let's talk about a couple he didn't make.

First is “I Never Had a Chance,” the same tune Dean Martin waxed in 1957, backed with “The Girl I Love” (Fargo 1004). This is by an Al Green.

However, this fellow, who sounds similar to Arthur Prysock, is not the same as Al Greene, just a 12-year-old in 1958 when this came out.

The other record by another Al Green is “Don't Touch Me” coupled with “Pearly Shells” (Cherokee 201,504), released in 1964.

DEAR JERRY: I love your column in our local paper. Now, I'm hoping you can help me.

A song from the early to mid-'60s that I liked a lot is called “I'm Leaving,” but I don't remember the artist and can't locate it without knowing his name.

It's an R&B tune that I once thought was by Johnny Nash, but, according to the internet, it is not him. Thanks for any help you can give.
—Mike Ehrmann, Milwaukee

DEAR MIKE: You were right all along. There are numerous internet references to “I'm Leaving,” which is indeed by Johnny Nash (Groove 0030).

Recorded in 1963 and released in '64, “I'm Leaving” is one of several Johnny's songs written by his wife at the time, Margaret Nash.

Margaret died in May 1982, in Los Angeles, from injuries sustained in a traffic accident.

IZ ZAT SO? One of Johnny Nash's 1959 singles that didn't become a hit at all, “Take a Giant Step” (ABC-Paramount 10046), brought Nash a different kind of acclaim — an industry award of which he is very proud.

“Take a Giant Step,” the main theme for the film of the same title, won the Silver Sail award at Switzerland's 1960 Locarno International Film Festival “for the humanity and intensity of his performance.”

Nash, cast in the starring role, made his acting debut in “Take a Giant Step.”

Jerry Osborne answers as many questions as possible through this column. Write Jerry at: Box 255, Port Townsend, WA 98368 E-mail:  Visit his Web site:  

All values quoted in this column are for near-mint condition.

Copyright 2010 Osborne Enterprises- Reprinted By Permission

The Black Eyed Peas to Release Brand-New Album — The Beginning — On November 30th, 2010



SANTA MONICA, Calif., Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Six-time Grammy award-winning, multi-platinum recording artists The Black Eyes Peas have announced that they will release a brand-new album, entitled The Beginning, on November 30th, 2010, on Interscope Records.

The Black Eyed Peas' sixth album, The Beginning is the follow-up to the group's blockbuster cd The E.N.D. Released in June 2009, The E.N.D. has sold more than 11 million copies worldwide, while spending 52 weeks on the Billboard Top 200 chart. It is also the first album in two decades by a duo or group to yield five Top 10 songs on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, including the No. 1 hits "Boom Boom Pow," "I Gotta Feeling" (which is the best-selling digital song in SoundScan history), and "Imma Be," as well as the Top 10's "Meet Me Halfway" and "Rock That Body." In addition, The E.N.D. was nominated for six 2010 Grammy Awards and won for Best Pop Vocal Album, "Boom Boom Pow" won Best Short Form Music Video and "I Gotta Feeling" won for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group.

While the title of The E.N.D. was a play on words (standing for "The Energy Never Dies"), the new album's title, The Beginning, "refers to what is actually happening in the world right now," says "The Beginning is symbolic of adopting new technologies, such as augmented reality, 3D, and 360 video. It's also about being experimental and taking songs we've liked from the past and playing around with sick, crazy beats."

In keeping with that manifesto, the first single from The Beginning is "The Time (The Dirty Bit)," which is built around a sample from the classic 1987 theme from Dirty Dancing, "(I've Had) The Time of My Life," recorded by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. "The song is a celebration of this amazing time in our lives," says vocalist Fergie. "We've been on tour all over the world, and looking out at stadiums full of people who came out to see us – that's as big as it gets. After the shows, we go out to the clubs and meet the fans; those are moments that we have to remember." "Plus the fact that we get to experience it with each other," adds vocalist, "that's the best feeling ever."

"You never know what's going to happen, so you want to make the best of every day," says "We wanted to capture that feeling and release a song that celebrates with the fans because it wouldn't have happened without them." "This album is the beginning of a new era of Pea world domination – fasten your seat belts pea-ple enjoy the ride," declares Taboo.

The Black Eyed Peas have shot a video for "The Time (The Dirty Bit)," with director Rich Lee, who also lensed the Peas' "Imma Be Rocking That Body" video, as well as clips for Eminem ("Not Afraid"), The All-American Rejects ("The Wind Blows"), Fergie ("Clumsy"), and the Pussycat Dolls ("Hush Hush").

The Beginning will be released in several physical formats – a standard CD, a deluxe CD that includes 3 bonus songs, a full album vinyl and a combo two-disc set of 20 songs that includes The Beginning & The Best of THE E.N.D. – and digitally at all online retailers.

The Black Eyed Peas are currently on the road on their Blackberry Presents "The E.N.D. World Tour 2010," which culminates this fall with shows in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru after extensive North American and European legs over the past year. The New York Times described the tour as "pop's latest sci-fi spectacle," while raved "they push the boundaries of what it means to be one of the top-selling acts in music today" and the New York Post declares a "visually stunning production."

The E.N.D. was The Black Eyed Peas first original music since 2005's Monkey Business, which was certified triple platinum in the U.S., with worldwide sales of more than nine million. Monkey Business generated Grammy Awards over two consecutive years, for "Don't Phunk with My Heart" and "My Humps." The Peas' first Grammy Award came six years ago, for "Let's Get It Started," from their breakthrough 2003 album Elephunk, which introduced Fergie into the lineup, and transformed the group into international superstars with cumulative 25x platinum sales in nearly a dozen countries around the world. In 2006, Fergie released her six-million-selling solo debut The Dutchess and 2007 Producer of the Year Grammy-nominee released Songs About Girls. Since forming in 1995, The Black Eyed Peas have sold more than 28 million albums worldwide and more than 30.8 million digital tracks. In addition, they have logged more than 300 headline tour dates in 29 countries with more than 2.2 million tickets sold. The group has been nominated for a 2010 American Music Award in the Favorite Band, Duo or Group category.

SOURCE Interscope Records