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Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

Pre-Order Real Estate's LP 'Atlas'

Atlas, the new album from Real Estate, was recorded over the summer and fall of 2013 with producer Tom Schick [Rufus Wainwright, Mavis Staples, Low], and the ten-song album will be preceded by the release of the single "Talking Backwards".

To commence the follow-up to their sophomore breakout, Days, founding members Martin Courtney (guitar/vocals), Matt Mondanile (guitar) and Alex Bleeker (bass/vocals) were joined by new full-time members, Jackson Pollis(drums) and Matt Kallman (keyboard) and producer Schick this past summer at Wilco's Chicago studio, The Loft.  Nineteen songs were recorded in all over a two-week period and the result is the band¹s most collaborative, richly detailed album to date.  2011¹s Days not only earned Real Estate their second consecutive Pitchfork Best New Music, they also played a Tiny Desk concert for NPR, appeared at major festivals like Coachella and Pitchfork, and toured with The Shins and Kurt Vile.

The cover art of Atlas features a detail taken from Alexander's Mural, an iconic North Jersey landmark created by artist Stefan Knapp that once hung on the side of Alexander¹s department store for over twenty years, not far from the band's hometown of Ridgewood, NJ.

Pre-order the album, Atlas, and receive an instant MP3 download of "Talking Backwards."

  • Limited Edition 
  • Heavyweight 180gram Maroon Vinyl
  • Exclusive 7" Featuring Two Non-Album Songs; "The Chancellor" b/w "Recreation"
  • Gate-Fold Debossed Sleeve
  • Postcard Featuring 'Alexander's Mural' (Paramus, NJ - USA)
Pre-Order HERE

Pre-Order Wild Beast's 'Present Tense'  

Present Tense is a dramatically new album – taking cues from the most intense and effervescent of 1980s and 1990s electronic sound but rethinking and retooling these elements with exquisite detail for the 21st century.

Longer in creation than any of its predecessors, Hayden Thorpe, Tom Fleming, Chris Talbot and Ben Little took almost a full year away from touring to conceive and construct the eleven tracks of Present Tense. Written in London and recorded at Konk Studios in London and at The Distillery in Bath, the band worked in close collaboration with co-producers Lexxx and Brian Eno protégé Leo Abrahams to create a record of astounding intricacy, coherence and emotional resonance.

Alongside its breathtaking leap in production, Present Tense also finds the band at the peak of their considerable songwriting powers – each one of the album’s eleven tracks illuminating the precious, tender, sad and funny moments of modern life in their trademark plain-spoken poetics.

Already rightly considered to be one of contemporary Britain's most innovative and vital bands, Present Tense sees the group's ever-restless collective muse lead them to remarkable new heights - boldly embracing new production techniques and songwriting forms whilst retaining the thrilling idiosyncrasies that have made them so beloved over the course of three beguiling and beautiful albums to date.

Deluxe LP comes with a 12" which features remixes of Wanderlust by The Field & Factory Floor.

Pre-Order HERE


from our friends at Slyvinyl

Sculpture – Plastic Infinite // Animating 7″ Picture Disc

Silver Arm – He of the Slow Creep EP // Limited Edition White Vinyl 10″


from our friends at VinylCollective

Pre Order 311 Stereolithic Vinyl311 – Stereolithic 2XLP 

Up now for pre order is the new album from 311 “Stereolithic” which is due out March 11th. You can pre order now at the link below as well as pick up other 311 goodies here:

311 – Stereolithic 2XLP
311 – Grassroots LP
311 – Uplifter 2XLP
311 – Soundsystem 2XLP
311 – Music 2XP
311 – 311 LP
311 – Universal Pulse LP


new releases from our friends at MusicOnVinyl


Three years after releasing her debut Immortal (1996), Beth Hart released Screamin' For My Supper to great critical acclaim. Beth produced the album herself with help from longtime collaborator and bass player Tal Herzberg, resulting in a mature, fully formed record. "LA Song" made it to a single. Four years later, Beth Hart would release Leave The Light On, of which Music On Vinyl released the only vinyl issue as well

This is the first vinyl issue of this wonderful album! To celebrate the occasion, we've pressed it on a double LP with a beautifully etched D-side. Truly collectible!
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • Gatefold sleeve
  • Insert
  • Available on vinyl for the first time
  • Etched D-side


The Church were founded in 1980 in Canberra, Australia. Their jangly guitar Pop, combined with emotional and smart lyrics, proved an immediate smash 'down under' and beyond.

Their 7th album Starfish was recorded in Los Angeles with producers Waddy Wachtel and Greg Ladanyi, both longtime veterans of the L.A. studio scene. When released in 1988, it rightfully became the breakthrough of The Church in the United States. The album peaked at #41 in the Billboard 200, no small feat for a non-US act. "Under The Milky Way" was released as a single and nearly topped the Mainstream Rock charts, topping at second place, and reached #26 on the Billboard Hot 100. "Reptile" was released as a second single.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • Insert 


Ministry successfully combined industrial Heavy Metal and electronic beats with a Punk attitude. Drawing heavy on the sampler, synthesized sounds and thick layers of distorted guitars, this group preceded highly successful acts such as Fear Factory and Nine Inch Nails.

Their fourth album The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste (1989) followed up on their successful effort The Land Of Rape And Honey [MOVLP651]. When released, the album cracked the Billboard Top 200. It's proof that the fanbase of these guitar heavy synth slingers is quite sizeable, to say the least.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • insert

super article out of the great state of ny:

All Sales Vinyl - All hail the return of the mighty record album


vinyl news from the uk:

Mold records shop owner conquers vinyl frontier


and this guy is at it again:

Liverpoool record shop puts stock up for sale on eBay; 15,000 vinyl records listed


real cool article, well written:

Vinyl brings one listener back to the music


another great article and a sign of the time (written by a high schooler!)

Love of vinyl helps keep my passion for music alive


Cuban-American Programmers Build Vinyl-Collecting Social Network


Slint's Spiderland Gets Deluxe Box Set Reissue-Featuring bonus tracks, a book, and a documentary


Goblin's 'Amo non amo' Soundtrack Treated to Vinyl Reissue


Elton John Releasing Vegas Concert Film, 'Yellow Brick Road' Reissue (On Yellow Vinyl!)


album cover art of the day:

MASSACRE: 'Back From Beyond' Cover Artwork, Release Date Revealed

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Ask Mr. Music by Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: Amongst my old records, I found something very unusual.

I have two singles of "Earth Angel," one by the Crew-Cuts (Mercury 70529) and the other by the Penguins (Mercury 70943).

I know that both versions were high on the charts at the same time, but isn't it practically unheard of for the same company, in this case Mercury, to cover their own hit record?
—Darla Sneed, Columbus, Ohio

DEAR DARLA: I wouldn't go so far as to call it "practically unheard of," but I will say it is rare.

However, that is not what happened with "Earth Angel."

When first issued by the Penguins, in Sept. 1954, the company designated "Earth Angel" (DooTone 348) as the B-side, believing "Hey Senorita" to be the most commercial.

In just a few weeks, most everyone in the industry knew "Earth Angel" was a monster hit, and "Hey Senorita" was merely filler.

Meanwhile, the Crew-Cuts covered "Earth Angel" for Mercury, and by February their version was zooming up the charts. A few weeks later, both the Crew-Cuts and the Penguins were in the Top 10 with "Earth Angel."

During all their success in 1955, the Penguins only label was DooTone. Not until Sept. 1956 did Mercury sign them, and then reissue "Earth Angel."

As you know now, with regard to "Earth Angel" Mercury did not compete with itself at all. The record ran its course for DooTone long before Mercury entered the Penguin picture.

For other examples of times when the label did indeed release competing versions of the same song, we can begin and end with Columbia Records, and Guy Mitchell.

In January 1957, "Singing the Blues" was in the Pop Top 30 by Marty Robbins (Columbia 21545) and by Guy Mitchell (Columbia 40769). Robbins' original also reached No. 1 on the C&W chart, and Mitchell's cover did likewise on the Pop chart.

Columbia repeated the strategy with Marty's follow up, "Knee Deep in the Blues" (Columbia 40815). This too was covered by Guy Mitchell (Columbia 40820).

Each version made the logical chart (Robbins-C&W / Mitchell-Pop), but neither crossed over to the other.

Two years later, Columbia did it again with Guy Mitchell, and this time using Ray Price's "Heartaches By the Number."

Price had the original in mid-'59 (Columbia 41374), and Mitchell's cover soon followed. Both were huge in their own field, but neither crossed over.

Now here's where it really gets weird.

Ray Price's follow-up to "Heartaches By the Number" was "The Same Old Me" (Columbia 41477). Guy Mitchell's follow-up to "Heartaches By the Number" was also "The Same Old Me" (Columbia 41576).

Neither crossed over.

Mitchell's follow-up to "The Same Old Me" was "My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You" (Columbia 41725), a revival of Ray Price's No. 1 C&W hit in 1957 (Columbia 40951). However, because it came about three years after the original, it is not a cover record.

For these few years, when Columbia needed a new song for Guy Mitchell, they needed to look no further than the recent hits by Marty Robbins or Ray Price.

Now that really is practically unheard of.

DEAR JERRY: When rock and roll became the dominant style of music, for broadcasting as well as retail sales, many established country artists jumped on the R&R bandwagon. Especially in the mid'50s, rock, rockabilly, or teen-oriented records by country singers were common.

Just who are the Top 20 country stars of the analog record era who never had a pop or rock crossover (Top 100) hit.
—Elwood Mooney, Knoxville, Tenn.

DEAR ELWOOD: Your question inspired the creation of a very esoteric list, one that heretofore did not exist.

Among our newly-learned trivia tidbits is that roughly 86% of all of the top country artists had at least one of their records, whether vinyl, polystyrene, shellac, or another material, make the Top 100 Pop Hits.

The 20 qualifying non-crossover artists, extracted from nearly 150 of country music's sales leaders, represent approximately 14% of the total.

In order of career singles sales, they are:

Mel Tillis
Mo Bandy
Earl Thomas Conley
Gene Watson
Connie Smith
Janie Fricke
Ricky Skaggs
Vern Gosdin
Eddy Raven
John Conlee
Kathy Mattea
Charly McClain
Ricky Van Shelton
Mel McDaniel
Johnny Duncan
Gary Morris
Pam Tillis
Tommy Overstreet
Ed Bruce

IZ ZAT SO? For three of these country stars, not having a pop-rock crossover hit was not for lack of trying. Mel Tillis recorded three excellent rockers for Columbia.

1957: "Juke Box Man" (40944)
1957: "Hearts of Stone" (41026)
1958: "Teen Age Wedding" (41115)

Eddy Raven waxed "Once a Fool" (Cosmo 101) in 1961

Ed (a.k.a. Edwin) Bruce, like many other rockabilly artists, got his start with Sun Records in Memphis.

1957: "Rock Boppin' Baby" (Sun 276)
1958: "Sweet Woman" (Sun 292)

In 1963, Ed had a regional hit with the R&B flavored "See the Big Man Cry" (Wand 140).

Jerry Osborne answers as many questions as possible through this column.  Write Jerry at: Box 255, Port Townsend, WA 98368  E-mail:   Visit his Web site:

All values quoted in this column are for near-mint condition.

Copyright 2014 Osborne Enterprises - Reprinted By Exclusive Permission 

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SlyVinyl - Keeping Record Collectors Informed

Written by Robert Benson 

A funny thing is happening in the music industry these days, old is new - or should we say that an old format is new again.  Yes, those relics we call vinyl records are back, with sales of vinyl seeing an almost 33% increase from 2012 to 2013.  And that's not counting the secondary market, where millions of records exchange hands each year.

With the demand for vinyl on the increase, vinyl lovers and collectors of the format search the web for news about new vinyl pressings and reissues.  Which brings us to a website called is the brainchild of music lover Scott Wickberg, who was kind enough to share his musical journey with us.  Let's explore the concepts behind the scenes at SlyVinyl:

You come from a MP3 background, why promote vinyl?

"I do, I've always been the kind of guy to take things apart, just to see how they work. So in 1998 when mp3s first starting being circulated I had to have some and figure them out. I loved the fact that so much unpublished music was available. Anyone could record anything and make it only a few minutes from my ears. Before leaving high school I gathered up the largest collection of acoustic music sessions on the internet," said Scott.

"Three months into my freshman year of college this attracted some unexpected attention from the RIAA who arrested me for copyright infringement. It was very unexpected back in 2000, as I was the first individual they ever came after, this was all before even Napster had been taken down. The original case they brought to court was 10,000 cases of infringement each for $200,000 in penalties."

"I'll save you the calculating, they were planning on bringing an 18 year-old dorm student to court for 2 billion dollars in damages," Scott mused. "In the end I lawyered my way out of it and lost my college fund for trading Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon with some friends of mine online."

"This was hard on me for sure. Not exactly keg stands and running naked through the quad as I had envisioned," Scott quipped.

"But It didn't stop me from loving and collecting music. I believe I bought my first vinyl in 2005. I didn't have a turntable and just bought the album because I felt it was my penance to such a great album. I believe it was Arcade Fire's 'Funeral.' I quickly scrounged up a thrift store turntable and began my love affair with vinyl records."

"I promote vinyl because I love vinyl," said Scott.  "Vinyl is an experience, it's intentional and physical. It's always fun when someone comes over to my house and realizes I have one of their favorite albums on wax. You can see their face light up as it starts to spin. As an idea, vinyl might be hard to understand why you'd get into it, but when you experience your favorite album being played at 33rpm your mind will change."

Why is vinyl important to the musical landscape recently?

"Vinyl has been great for the musical landscape lately, as it has really given artists a new source of funds. Royalties on digital are always crap, radio is crap and no one buys cds or indie bands. So with vinyl they can finally get a fair wage while also giving fans a truly special piece of music history. It's fun and everyone wins."

Tell us about SlyVinyl, the services you provide and the future goals of the website.

"The website's beginnings were very simple. Create a site that does the hard work for everyone. One site to learn about limited releases on vinyl before they're gone," explained Scott. "We don't post about vinyl that'll be pressed into the ground, as you'll find it at your local shop and you don't need our help with that. We post about limited records that'll most likely sell out and then you'll have to buy on eBay for a ton of money later if you missed. No one had time to go to all these sites, so we decided to do it for you."

"The goals for the site change everyday, but mainly we just want to keep empowering vinyl lovers. Some of the things coming in 2014 are our monthly podcasts, an insiders club, new Sly originals pressings and an internal fan to fan resell market."

Tell us about your network of writers, or 'Record Informant' how does this work?

"They are the core of all that is Sly," stated Scott. " I started writing for Sly and took all the weight of the releases. I also run a web design company so at about 6 months it became overwhelming to do both. Over the 6 months I had gathered up a bunch of people that sent me tips about records all the time. I turned to them and asked if they'd help me and come on as writers. Essentially everyone of them did. These writers are from across the world and now number above 20. Two of them have really taken it to the next level and are now my editors - Ryan Ribitsch and Cameron Hilliard. The site would be nothing without the amazing team and I owe it's success 100% to all of them and their dedication to spreading the word about amazing vinyl records."

What genres of music do you promote?

"All really. With the network of writers, I don't hinder them at all. Only rules are that it can't be an infinite press and can't be a cheesy "limited" bundle with a free tote bag or something. Other than that it's up to them. I think we only really promote one genre and that's "good" but that's debatable," laughed Scott.

Tell us about your vinyl pressings.

"The SlyVinyl Original pressings just kinda came about as a good opportunity. I noticed that we had tons of vinyl lovers that followed us, I can do ecommerce easy enough and had some extra money laying around. I contacted Blue Sky Black Death who had an album 'Noir' that I loved and wasn't on vinyl to see if they'd let me press it for them and share the profits. They were 100% on board."

"Our process is very different. We go after records that should be on vinyl but aren't. We then front all the money and take care of everything. The band gets paid their share in copies of the record they sell on tour to make money. So it's a pretty different system than what else is going on out there. The band puts up no money and get delivered a bunch of amazing records in the mail. We like it and the bands do to."

"Our releases are done up 100% to the things our readers asked for. 180g multi colored vinyl, foil numbered, gatefold heavyweight sleeve, mastered for vinyl. Essentially as good as vinyl gets. We have our third release due out in about 2 months. We'll be releasing the information in the next couple weeks!"

Are you a vinyl collector?

"For sure. More than I should - as it makes me broke. I have about 600 records, which is growing daily. I've had to move a bunch lately and I personally think moving my record collection is the worst thing in the world. Nothing is heavier than a big bin of records. I'm on discogs and keep it mostly updated, but I think I have about 100 more to add.

Where do you see vinyl in ten years?

"Vinyl isn't going anywhere. It hasn't been affected by technology yet & I think about 10 popular media formats have come and gone. People who love vinyl just love it. It's the purest form (other than live shows) of the music experience. As I said before it's physical and intentional. It's not for everyone and that's fine, but there will always be a good sized group of us that spin wax and that isn't gonna change."

Certainly, Scott has a unique music background, yet through all the fuss about downloading he has come out of it all with the love of vinyl.  And for that, there is no lawsuit awaiting him, just the reward of helping inform the vinyl community about the only thing that matters to them; the vinyl record.

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

from our friends at SlyVinyl

Back in July 2013, it all began. Sly Vinyl became a record label!! Today, we are proud to announce that pre-orders for SVR03 are NOW AVAILABLE!!

Damascus – Heights // Limited to 200 Splatter & 300 Haze Vinyl LP

The Hold Steady – Teeth Dreams // Limited to 1000 Gold Vinyl LP

Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else // Limited to 3000 Light Blue Vinyl LP


available via HotTopic

The Walking Dead - Soundtrack Vol. 1 (Picture Disc)  

The Walking Dead soundtrack vol. 1 on a Hot Topic exclusive picture disc. Limited to 3,000 copies.

Get a copy HERE


from Big Scary Monsters Recording Company

Tall Ships EPs On Vinyl For First Time

We're delighted to bring Tall Ships brilliant two EPs to vinyl for the first time ever!

Tall Ships EP / There Is Nothing But Chemistry Here are now available to pre-order on a single 12", limited to just 500, all in screen printed sleeves. Get it from our webstore now, including a very ltd orange variant (/100)

The band are currently working on their second full-length album

Pressing info - 100 x orange (BSM exclusive) 100 x blue (Blood and Biscuits exclusive) 300 x black

Pre-Order HERE



Celebrated Canadian multi-instrumentalist, Devin Townsend, is continuing his Devin Townsend Project with the new album, Epicloud. Epicloud will feature thirteen tracks that are sure to lure listeners in with its poppy, catchy hooks. The album will also feature contain guest appearances by Anneke van Giersbergen.

Order HERE


from AmericanLaundromatRecords


We’re psyched to release Tele Novella’s new single Trouble in Paradise exclusively on 7” vinyl. Based in Austin, TX, Tele Novella was formed from the ashes of several well-received indie bands when former Agent Ribbons guitarist/vocalist Natalie Ribbons joined forces with ex-Voxtrot members Jason Chronis (bass) and Matt Simon (drums) as well as keyboardist Sarah La Puerta. The quartet worked quickly, blending a whimsical neo-psychedelic feel into its pop-friendly tunes and soon playing locally and touring the country. Tele Novella's debut 7", Don't Be a Stranger, arrived in late 2013 and sold-out immediately. Everyone from SPIN to Consequence of Sound has praised this up-and-coming band. Please don’t miss out on this limited-edition pressing.

Pre-Order HERE


Original Broadway Cast Recording of Wicked - 10th Anniversary Vinyl

This Collector’s Edition Vinyl features the original Broadway cast recording on a swankified double LP. Open it up to see the pop up map of OZ, and custom dust covers with the lyrics of all the songs.

very pricey, but you can order HERE


JACK BRUCE - Silver Rails


Esoteric Antenna is proud to announce the release of the eagerly awaited new studio album by the legendary JACK BRUCE, one of the greatest popular musicians Britain has ever produced. A supremely talented instrumentalist and vocalist, eminently respected by his peers, Jack’s pioneering bass playing style has influenced successive generations of bassists, including such luminaries as Paul McCartney, Jaco Pastorius and Sting, alongside more contemporary musicians such as Flea of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. He is also the possessor of one of the most powerful voices in modern music and a composer of some of the most original and influential music of the past forty-five years. As a songwriter he has written some of popular music’s enduring classics such as "Sunshine of Your Love”, "White Room”, "I Feel Free” and "Theme from an Imaginary Western”.

Released on 24th March 2014, "Silver Rails” is Jack’s first studio in ten years, recorded at the world famous Abbey Road studios. Produced by Rob Cass, "Silver Rails”is a splendid collection of carefully crafted songs written in partnership with lyricists Pete Brown, Kip Hanrahan and Margrit Seyffer. He is joined on the album by a host of celebrated instrumentalists including Phil Manzanera, Robin Trower, Bernie Marsden, Uli Jon Roth, John Medeski, Malcolm Bruce and Cindy Blackman Santana. "Silver Rails” is the next chapter in the recorded legacy of one of popular music’s most respected innovators.

Pre-Order HERE


Chess Club Records Announce First Compilation 'Chess Club Volume 1' To Be Released On 3rd March 2014

On March 3rd 2014, tastemaker imprint Chess Club Records will be releasing Chess Club Volume 1: a compilation made up of original and rare tracks from the label's alumni, some of which have not been available to buy since their first release. The compilation will also, in turn, celebrate the 7th year of Chess Club's existence and will be available on a limited run of 12" gatefold vinyl only - once they're gone, they're gone.

Starting out from humble beginnings as a DJ at London's Astoria, Chess Club founder Will Street moved into the live scene in 2005 when he started to put on monthly club nights at The Social; subsequently booking early shows for the likes of Bon Iver, The Vaccines, MGMT, Yeaysayer, Lykke Li, The XX, Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling and many more.

With the bourgeoning success and continued growth of the club night, Street decided to fulfil his childhood dream of starting a label and in November 2007, Chess Club Records was born. With the first release coming from Jay Jay Pistolet, now more commonly known as Justin from The Vaccines.

Initially starting out as a singles label Chess Club has released debut singles for now-household names including Mumford and Sons, White Lies, Local Natives and more recently the likes of MS MR, Jungle and Wolf Alice. In 2013, Chess Club moved into album territory with releases from Post War Years and Swim Deep. The label is also gearing up to release the highly anticipated debut full-length from much-lauded, rising sensation, M_.

Now, as the label turns 7, the time is right to look back and celebrate the success of Chess Club Records in the form of a limited compilation album made up of Chess Club alumni.

Chess Club Volume 1 will be released on limited 12" gatefold vinyl on 3rd March 2014.

Track listing:
15. M_ - PILGRIM



New David Lynch LP treated to deluxe edition box set with bonus 7″ single and Bastille remix


from the land down under:

Dump your CDs – records are coming back into fashion!


from the great state of michigan:

Vinyl records gain popularity in Kalamazoo


from the great state of ohio:

Vinyl getting its groove back in central Ohio - Owners of local stores say young collectors, nostalgic adults, audiophiles driving return to records


Big Beatles Business: Vinyl Mono Set, ‘U.S. Albums’ Fuel 2014 Releases


Bruce Springsteen Pays Tribute to Pete Seeger


GRIMEY'S BEST SELLERS 1/20 - 1/26, 2014

Vinyl Top 25:
1. Damien Jurado - Brothers & Sisters Of The Eternal Son
2. Mogwai - Rave Tapes
3. Warpaint - Warpaint
4. Schematic - Color (n) Inside The Lines
5. Billie Joe + Norah - Foreverly
6. Phantogram - Fall In Love 7"
7. Young The Giant - Mind Over Matter
8. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Give The People What They Want
9. Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues
10. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Wig Out At Jagbags
11. Neil Young - Live At The Cellar Door
12. Jason Isbell - Southeastern
13. Lord Huron - Lonesome Dreams
14. Self - Subliminal Plastic Motives
15. Wild Cub - Youth
16. Lorde - Pure Heroine
17. Jack Name - Light Show
18. Lucinda Williams - Lucinda Williams
19. Natural Child - Live In Birmingham
20. William Tyler - Oahspe 7"
21. Andrew Bird - I Want To See Pulaski
22. Weezer - Weezer (blue album)
23. John Mayer - Paradise Valley
24. Moon Taxi - Cabaret
25. Bon Iver - Bon Iver  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

from our friends at SoundStageDirect

Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013 (Pre-Order) by Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013 has proven to be a great success, with the DVD, Blu Ray and CD continuing to chart globally. We will complement the other formats by releasing Crossroads 2013 on vinyl for the very first time! The four-LP set features Clapton along with guitar greats Gary Clark Jr., Jeff Beck, Keith Richards, Vince Gill, The Allman Brothers Band, Robert Randolph, John Mayer, Keith Urban, Keb’ Mo’, Robert Cray, Doyle Bramhall II, Los Lobos, Albert Lee and more.

LP 1
 1. Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton
 2. Lay Down Sally – Eric Clapton with Vince Gill
 3. Green Onions – Booker T. with Steve Cropper, Keb’ Mo’, Blake Mills, Matt “Guitar” Murphy & Albert Lee
 4. Heavenly Bodies – Kurt Rosenwinkel
 5. This Time – Earl Klugh
 6. Mirabella – Earl Klugh
 7. Great Big Old House – The Robert Cray Band
 8. She’s Alright – Doyle Bramhall II with Gary Clark Jr.

LP 2
 1. Bullet And A Target – Doyle Bramhall II with Citizen Cope
 2. Queen Of California – John Mayer
 3. Don’t Let Me Down – John Mayer with Keith Urban
 4. Next Door Neighbor Blues – Gary Clark Jr.
 5. Damn Right, I’ve Got The Blues – Buddy Guy with Robert Randolph & Quinn Sullivan
 6. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad – The Allman Brothers Band with Eric Clapton 

LP 3
 1. Congo Square – Sonny Landreth with Derek Trucks
 2. Change It – John Mayer with Doyle Bramhall II
 3. Ooh-oOh-Ooh – Jimmie Vaughan
 4. Save The Last Dance For Me – Blake Mills with Derek Trucks
 5. Don’t Worry Baby – Los Lobos
 6. I Ain’t living long like this – Vince Gill with Albert Lee
 7. Diving Duck blues – Taj Mahal with Keb’ Mo’ 

LP 4
 1. When My Train Pulls In – Gary Clark Jr.
 2. Mná Na HÉireann – Jeff Beck
 3. The Needle And The Damage Done – Allman, Haynes, Trucks
 4. Midnight Rider – Allman, Haynes, Trucks
 5. Key To The Highway – Eric Clapton with Keith Richards
 6. Gin House Blues – Andy Fairweather Low with Eric Clapton
 7. Got To Get Better In A Little While – Eric Clapton
 8. Sunshine Of Your Love – Eric Clapton

Pre-Order at SoundStageDirect

This Week's Bestselling Vinyl Records at SoundStageDirect

1. Bob Dylan - Desire
2. The Who - Who's Next (Colored Vinyl) (On Sale)
3. Rush - Spirit of the Airwaves (Grey Vinyl) (Pre-Order)
4. Neil Young - Cow Palace 1986 Part 1
5. Hole - Celebrity Skin
6. Neil Young - Cow Palace 1986 Part 2
7. David Bowie - The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust
8. Rob Zombie - War Zone
9. Carol King - Tapestry
10. Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon (40th Anniversary Edition)


available for pre-order at our friends at TheOmegaOrder

THE DANDY WARHOLS - Thirteen Tales (4LP) 

After a highly successful national US 13th anniversary tour for 'Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia', The Dandy Warhols return with an exclusive live recording of the memorable release during their hometown show at The Wonder.

Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia is the third studio album by American alternative rock band The Dandy Warhols. It is considered their breakthrough album, largely owing to the song "Bohemian Like You" being featured in a notable Vodafone advertisement.

Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia Live from The Wonder on Vinyl includes:

*4 colored double LP's

Brent- Grey
Courtney- Clear Red 
Peter- Clear Green
Zia - Clear

*Exclusive T-shirt
*Exclusive Screen Printed sticker

Order HERE


from our friends at VinylCollective

ShopRadioCast Top 10 Albums – January 27, 2014

Here are the Top 10 albums sold for the week of January 21 – January 27, 2014 at ShopRadioCast:

New Releases / Pre Orders

1. Beth Orton – Central Reservation 2XLP
2. Various Artists – Mad Men: On The Rocks Soundtrack (Import) LP
3. Cold War Kids – Robbers & Cowards LP
4. The Juliana Theory – Love 2XLP
5. Taking Back Sunday – Happiness Is LP
6. Blink 182 – Take Off Your Pants and Jacket LP & 3×7″
7. Bayside – Cult LP
8. Kanye West – 808s & Heartbreak 2XLP + CD
9. Beck – Morning Phase LP
10. Jóhann Jóhannsson – McCanick LP

Back Catalog

1. Brand New – Your Favorite Weapon LP
2. HUM – You’d Prefer An Astronaut LP
3. Rise Against – Siren Song Of The Counter Culture LP
4. Sum 41 – Does This Look Infected LP
5. Rival Schools – United By Fate 2XLP
6. Brand New – The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me 2XLP
7. Tigers Jaw – Tigers Jaw LP
8. Death Cab For Cutie – Plans 2XLP
9. The Front Bottoms – The Front Bottoms LP
10. The Wonder Years – The Upsidess LP


Amazon's Top Ten Best Selling Vinyl January 28, 2014

1. Pure Heroine ~ Lorde
2. Morning Phase ~ Beck
3. Acoustic at the Ryman ~ Band of Horses
4. Awake ~ Tycho
5. Foreverly ~ Billie Joe + Norah
6. Warpaint ~ Warpaint
7. After the Disco ~ Broken Bells
8. Marshall Mathers Lp 2 ~ Eminem
9. Satellite Of Love ~ Morrissey
10. B-Sides ~ Gaslight Anthem

Amazon's Top Ten Best Selling Music January 28, 2014

1. 2014 GRAMMY Nominees ~ GRAMMY Nominees
2. Frozen ~ Demi Lovato
3. Random Access Memories ~ Daft Punk
4. Same Trailer Different Park ~ Kacey Musgraves
5. Pure Heroine ~ Lorde
6. High Hopes (AMAZON BONUS LIMITED EDITION) ~ Bruce Springsteen
7. The Heist ~ Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
8. The River & The Thread ~ Rosanne Cash
9. The Blessed Unrest ~ Sara Bareilles
10. That Girl ~ Jennifer Nettles


Pete Seeger, Songwriter and Champion of Folk Music, Dies at 94


Cosmic Music: Sounds from the Voyager space probes reimagined on unique Record Store Day 7″ box set

Monday, January 27, 2014

New Music Releases - January 28, 2014

Above & Beyond - Acoustic
Actress - Ghettoville (3xLP)
Alabama - Box Set Series
Albert Hammond, Jr. - AHJ (10")
Alexander Ebert - All Is Lost OST (vinyl)
Amy Ray - Goodnight Tender
Angelique Kidjo - Eve
Barbara Trentalange - Same Illusion
Barry Manilow - Box Set Series
Beat Spacek - Alone In Da Sun (12")
Bibio - The Green EP (vinyl)
Blue Oyster Cult - Box Set Series
Boy and Bear - Harlequin Dream (vinyl)
Caliban - Ghost Empire
Cheap Trick - Box Set Series
Circle Jerks - Group Sex (tape)
Cities Aviv - Come To Life
Courtneys - Lost Boys (tape)
Creative Adult - Deep End (7")
Dan Fogelberg - Box Set Series
Daryl Hall & John Oates - Box Set Series
David Crosby - CrozIain Matthews Art of Obscurity
Dean Martin - Essential Love Songs
Dino Spiluttini - Modular Anxiety (vinyl)
Dolly Parton - Box Set Series
Doug Tuttle - Doug Tuttle (vinyl)
Drowners - Drowners
Dum Dum Girls - Too True (vinyl)
Earth, Wind and Fire - Box Set Series
Eleni Mandell - Let's Fly a Kite (vinyl)
Elvis Presley - Box Set Series
Elvis Presley - That's the Way It Is (vinyl)
FaltyDL - Danger (10")
Frank Sinatra - Sinatra, With Love
Gem Club - In Roses
George Jones - Box Set Series
Gladys Knight & the Pips - Box Set Series
Guardian Alien - Spiritual Emergency (vinyl)
Habibi - Habibi (vinyl)
Hard Working Americans - Hard Working Americans (2xLP)
Helen and the Horns - Footsteps at my Door
Holy Wave - Relax (vinyl)
Hospitality - Trouble
I Break Horses - Chiaroscuro (vinyl)
I Killed The Prom Queen - Beloved
Iain Matthews - Art of Obscurity
Irmin Schmidt - Villa Wunderbar (2xCD)
Isley Brothers - Box Set Series
Jefferson Airplane - Box Set Series
Johann Johannsson - McCanick OST (vinyl)
John Denver - Box Set Series
Johnny Cash - Box Set Series
Jonas Reinhardt - Ganymede (vinyl)
Judas Priest - Box Set Series
Kansas - Box Set Series
Kenny G - Box Set Series
King Midas Sound - Aroo (10")
Korn - Box Set Series
Lambchop - Nixon (reissue)
Laura Cantrell - No Way There From Here
Leif Vollebekk - North Americana
Merle Haggard - Box Set Series
Metallica - Metallica Through the Never (DVD/Blu-Ray)
Miles Davis - Box Set Series
Morgan Delt - Morgan Delt (vinyl)
Morrissey - Satellite of Love (12")”
New War - New War (vinyl)
Of Mice & Men - Restoring Force
Peggy Sue - Choir of Echoes (vinyl)
Periphery - Clear
Primal Fear - Delivering the Black
Prurient - Washed Against the Rocks (7")
Quilt - Held in Splendor
Rachel Sweet - Baby: Complete Stiff Recordings 1978 - 1980
Red Dragon Cartel - Red Dragon Cartel
Ronnie Milsap - Box Set Series
Ronnie Milsap - Summer Number 17
Roy Orbison - Box Set Series
Run-DMC - Box Set Series
Santana - Festival (vinyl)
Sierra - Pslip
Sky Ferreira - Night Time, My Time (vinyl)
Sleepy Sun - Maui Tears
Small Faces - Here Come the Nice
Steven R. Smith | Ulaan Khol - Ending/Returning (2xLP)
Strange Talk - Cast Away (vinyl)
Supreme Cuts - Divine Ecstasy (vinyl)
Tara Jane O'Neil - Where Shine New Lights (vinyl)
Teddy Pendergrass - Box Set Series
The Autumn Defense - Fifth
The Autumn Defense - Once Around
The Colourist - Lido (vinyl)
The Districts - The Districts(EP)
The Gaslight Anthem - The B-Sides
The Lawrence Arms - Metropole
The New Mendicants - Into the Lime
The Pack A.D. - Do Not Engage (vinyl)
The Rebel Set - How to Make a Monster (tape)
The Smoking Hearts - Victory!
Together PANGEA - Badillac (tape)
Tony Bennett - The Classics (deluxe edition)
Transatlantic - Kaleidoscope
Trentalange - Same Illusion
Twink - You Reached for the Stars (tape)
Uncle Tupelo - No Depression (legacy edition)
Various Artists - Haiti Direct (2xLP+CD)
Various Artists - Labor Day OST (vinyl)
Waylon Jennings - Box Set Series
Willie Nelson - Box Set Series
You Me at Six - Cavalier Youth

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

not sure if you watched (i didn't, i was afraid to be twerked or tweaked) - but if you are interested:

The Grammy Awards Winners List


from our friends at SlyVinyl

Green Day – Warning // Limited to 500 Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl LP

Windy & Carl – I Walked Alone / At Night // Limited to 300 Red Vinyl 7″


in the great state of SD, vinyl and collectors having a ball!

Spin cycle: Vinyl records win over new generation of music fans


Screaming Females Debut Available On Colored Vinyl

The debut album from Screaming Females, self recorded by the band and originally only available from them at shows is now available on vinyl.

In order to make use of jackets that were going to have to be discarded, as well as please some fans that have been asking us to make color versions of some of our records, we are doing one time pressings of Baby Teeth in the following colors:

White Vinyl - 300 copies
Clear Blue vinyl - 500 copies

**Colored copies are a pre-order which will ship sometime in March when they are finished

Order HERE


The Mighty Lemon Drops Early Material Collected On 'Uptight' Compilation


20 Years And Counting: Still Hopeless After All These Years


Swans Reveal 'To Be Kind' LP, Get St. Vincent, Cold Specks to Guest


REVIEW: Adventures / Run Forever 7″ Split


Review: Lanterns On The Lake — Until The Colours Run


album cover art of the day:

CHRONOSPHERE Release Cover Art And Track Listing For New Album, EMBRACING OBLIVION