Monday, February 23, 2009

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The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love

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Molly Hatchet - Lightning Strikes Twice 1989

Top 5 eBay Vinyl Record Sales

Week Ending 02/21/2009

1. 45rpm - Mr. Lucky "Born To Love You" / "Taking A Chance On Love" Stardom - $3,677.00 - Start: $9.99 - Bids: 23

2. LP - Misfits "Legacy Of Brutality" Plan 9 Pink Vinyl - $3,650.00 - Start: $1,919.00 - Bids: 4

3. LP - Nirvana "Bleach" Tupelo Test Pressing - $3,600.00 - Start: $24,999.99 - Bids: Best Offer

4. LP - The Beatles "Yesterday And Today" Butcher 1st State - $2,900.00 - Start: 2,900.00 - Bids: BIN

5. LP - Mystic Siva "self-titled" Private Press - $2,713.63 - Start: $9.99 - Bids: 22

Rare Northern Soul tops the list this week, with Mr. Lucky's 45 on Stardom bidding to well over $3.6k. At The half-way mark of that same dollar figure is "Legacy Of Brutality" from Misfits on pink vinyl, getting the #2 spot. Next, at exactly $3.6k, a test presssing of Nirvana's first LP sells on a Best Offer.

In the #4 spot, selling on a Buy-It-Now, a first state Butcher Block gets $2.9k. And last, one of the treasures of private press Psych, the self-titled record from Mystic Siva bids up past $2.7k.

As always, I want to thank Norm over at for this great data.

Record stores try to get groove back

Always on the look out for great stories about vinyl and record stores, I hope that you find this story enjoyable:


KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Tuesday used to be sacramental in the world of music. It was new-release day, the day faithful music fans stopped by their favorite record store to buy something they'd been waiting for weeks to hear or to discover something they hadn't heard.

Back then, record stores were the best places to hear new music and mingle with other music fans.

"Record stores used to be neighborhood hangouts," says Corky Carrel, who co-owns an online record store based near Kansas City. "You'd go in and browse and talk about music."

Tuesdays aren't the only days that aren't what they used to be -- for record stores or their customers.

Stores that sell new music are in a fight for their lives. The chains are dying. Independent stores are closing. The record labels are running out of ways to make money.

The stores that are surviving are performing balancing acts. Most rely heavily on the used record business: Buy it cheap, sell it cheap. Some have turned to niche marketing, selling new CDs to one or two refined segments of the music world. And others have been helped by the recent revival of what was once considered a relic: the vinyl record.

Steve Wilson remembers the good days.

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Oscars: “Slumdog” Scores Best Picture and Music Category Sweep

Slumdog Millionaire dominated at last night’s 81st Academy Awards, nabbing eight Oscars from its 10 nominations, including Best Picture. In addition to winning Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and a slew of technical awards, Slumdog also swept the major music categories as composer A.R. Rahman took home Oscars for both Best Original Song (”Jai Ho”) and Best Score.

In the musical introduction prior to the Best Original Song presentation, Rahman performed both his nominated songs, “Jai Ho” and “O Saya.” While the version of “O Saya” on the Slumdog soundtrack features M.I.A., the rapper did not perform at the Oscars, presumably because she has just given birth. The third nominee for Best Original Song, Peter’s Gabriel’s “Here on Earth” from Wall-E, was performed by John Legend after Gabriel boycotted performing at the ceremony due to the mandated shortened version of his song. In another of the ceremony’s music numbers, Beyonce joined host Hugh Jackman for a tribute to musicals of Hollywood and Broadway past.

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SOURCE: Rolling Stone