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Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

2013 Record Store Day Releases

from Wax Poetic, a blog about vinyl records, box sets, and the one and only Record Store Day and their numerous releases.  I won't post the list here, as the man says, he spends a lot of time and energy to compile the list, give credit where credit is do and a thank you from all vinyl lovers:

Record Store Day 2013/RSD #6—April 20, 2013 #RSD13 Release List..198 TITLES AND GROWING


Jimi Hendrix Photo Used As the Official Poster for 6th Annual Record Store Day


find this to be intriguing, will have to learn more and get back to you:

Out of Press Vinyl Pledge Site Beat Delete Launched by Ninja Tune

Launched at the start of 2013, Beat Delete is a specialised Kickstarter, a website which allows fans to potentially rescue lost vinyl releases.

Customers can pledge to buy a copy of a record currently out of stock by the label. When a certain level of pledges have been made, the record will be re-pressed and once again will become available to the wider world. In many cases, pledgers will receive numbered or exclusive limited editions, or other benefits outlined for each release.

Developed from an idea by a Ninja Tune employee and “powered” by the same label, the 2013 launch of Beat Delete responds to the lasting impact of the fire at the Sony-DADC warehouse in Edmonton during the summer 2011 riots which destroyed 3.2m releases. For independent labels, the cost of re-pressing the small releases that make up the bulk of their catalogue is hard to justify. According to the Beat Delete press release:

"It’s easy enough to put in an order of 1000 copies of something you know will sell through in a matter of weeks, but what about that record that may take several years to recoup the investment? That means warehousing costs on top of expensive shipping and manufacture, and many labels can’t afford to take that risk. As a result, we’re all – as music buyers – impoverished. There is less choice, less chance of coming across a little gem, less excitement. This is particularly true of vinyl, where the costs of re-pressing small quantities of a record are prohibitively high."

Since the beta launch of the site at the start of the year there have been steady orders. King Geedorah's - Take Me To Your Leader on Big Dada has been fully funded, Amon Tobin's Permutation and Bricolage LPs are both 80% complete, while Bonobo, Hexstatic, Roots Manuva and more are waiting for your support...

Beat Delete is already supported by the following labels: Accidental, Ninja Tune, Beggars, Big Dada, Brainfeeder, Cat Skills, Domino, Sunday Best, Tru Thoughts.

Beat Delete will be looking to consistently add new record labels and releases to the site. Any labels large or small who would like make available out of press products to the Beat Delete community please contact


always on the look out for interesting album cover art and i have another for you:

HOWL: New Album Cover Artwork, Trailer Released

Providence riff militia HOWL will unleash its second full-length of molten metal filth this April. Entitled "Bloodlines", the ten-track offering was recorded at the infamous Planet Z Studio in Hadley, Massachusetts.

Read more at Blabbermouth




The End are happy to announce the release of The Red Paintings latest EP, 'You're Not One Of Them' out April 16th. The EP showcases a selection of highlights and rare tracks from the band’s early releases, including the Australian radio hits ‘We Belong In The Sea’  and 'Pickles.’

‘You’re Not One Of Them’ has already picked up steam overseas ahead of the release, having been added to over 100 stations across the UK & Europe, including spins on XFM, Kerrang and BBC Radio.  The incredible video clip for the track follows a series of award-winning clips from the band which have been screened at film festivals worldwide.

Also included are tracks that fans will recognise from the band’s last US tour supporting the Dresden Dolls – their covers of ‘Sing’ and ‘Mad World’

1. You're Not One Of Them
2. Destroy The Robots
3. Sing
4. We Belong In The Sea
5. Pickles
6. Mad World

Having just returned from a 40-date tour spanning across Europe, the orchestral art rock group have been tapped as main support for Mindless Self Indulgence on 10 dates of their forthcoming US tour
Known for their vibrant stage shows incorporating live art, human canvases, theatrics & more, The Red Paintings are often compared to acts like Radiohead, Muse, Smashing Pumpkins & The Arcade Fire. Having shared stages with the Dresden Dolls, Mindless Self Indulgence, Saul Williams, The Posies and Mogwai, The Red Paintings are one of those few acts that will take you on a journey into the future with a lively and visionary performance that is sure to inspire your mind and senses alike.

The Red Paintings Tour Dates:

April 20 @ The Fillmore, Detroit MICHIGAN *
April 21 @ House Of Blues, Cleveland OHIO *
April 23 @ Bogart’s, Cincinnati OHIO *
April 24 @ House Of Blues, Chicago ILLINOIS *
April 25 @ Mill City Nights, Minneapolis MINNESOTA *
April 26 @ Granada Theatre, Lawrence KS *
April 27 @ Ogden Theatre, Denver COLORADO *
April 28 @ In The Venue, Salt Lake City UTAH *
April 30 @ The Showbox, Seattle WA *
May 1 @ Roseland Theater, Portland OREGON *
* with Mindless Self Indulgence

Ask Mr. Music by Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: Having recently watched "Brigadoon" on television, I was a surprised to not hear "Come to Me, Bend with Me." I figured it probably was one of those segments that gets dropped or edited when they modify movies for TV.

However, because it's my favorite "Brigadoon" song, I ordered the original, full-length, theatrical version from Netflix.

Still, there was no "Come to Me, Bend with Me."

Now I'm really confused. Am I mistaken about this song being in "Brigadoon"?
—Norman R. Stewart, Brown Deer, Wis.

DEAR NORMAN: Yes and no.

In case you are even more confused now, here is the expository explanation.

Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe's "Brigadoon," a mythical Shangri-la-like village in the Highlands of Scotland, opened on Broadway March 13, 1947, at the Ziegfeld Theatre.

Sandwiched between "The Heather on the Hill" and "Almost Like Being in Love," was "Come to Me, Bend with Me," performed by Lee Sullivan.

The LP had not yet been invented, so, in what would be RCA Victor's first ever original cast album, there were five 78 rpm singles (RCA Victor K-7). In 1951 the "Brigadoon" original cast appeared for the first time on long-playing vinyl records (RCA Victor LOC-1001), and the first track on Side 2 is "Come to Me, Bend with Me."

After many years out of print, RCA Victor repackaged the original cast in 1981 (AYL1-3901).

All of RCA's original cast records include Pamela Britton's "My Mother's Wedding Day," an accounting of a wedding that turned into a drunken brawl spiced up with an alcohol-fueled tryst.

Considered a bit too rowdy at the time, "My Mother's Wedding Day" was not chosen for use in the upcoming (1954) MGM film soundtrack.

Stronger objections were made to "The Love of My Life," thus it did not appear on record until 1958, when the censors began to loosen their grip on pop culture.

"Brigadoon" became Lerner and Loewe's first truly successful musical, but Lerner alone wrote the screenplay, which he completed in 1953. Late that year, MGM began the recording sessions for the music to be heard in the film, including "Come to Me, Bend with Me," voiced by John Gustafsen.

At the time, the plan was to have Jimmy Thompson, the actor cast as Charlie Dalrymple, lip-sync to Gustafsen's audio track.

The film, starring Gene Kelly, Cyd Charisse, and Van Johnson, premiered in 1954.

Unfortunately, the "Come to Me, Bend with Me" and "There But for You Go I" sequences remained on the cutting room floor. Silly as it seems by modern standards, "My Mother's Wedding Day" and "The Love of My Life" were summarily scratched.

After these cuts, MGM was left with just enough film music to fill about one-half of the soundtrack album. But by reinstating "Come to Me, Bend with Me" (John Gustafsen) and "There But for You Go I" (Gene Kelly), plus some incidental music by the MGM Studio Orchestra, they beefed up the running time to nearly 30 minutes.

Inexplicably, the front cover and record label both state: "Recorded Directly from the Sound Track of the M-G-M CinemaScope Film." This is false, since roughly half of this LP (MGM E-3135) is material that is neither in the film nor on the sound track.

MCA reissued this MGM soundtrack in 1986 (MCA-39062), providing you with one more source for "Come to Me, Bend with Me."

Finally, in 1958, a "Brigadoon" studio cast came out with "My Mother's Wedding Day" and "The Love of My Life," both brilliantly performed by Susan Johnson. Also headlining this cast are Shirley Jones, Jack Cassidy, and Frank Porretta.

Except for the 1958 "Brigadoon" (Columbia CL-1132) — widely regarded as the most desirable collection — all of the above records, plus several others not discussed here, are easily available on compact discs for less than $10.

IZ ZAT SO? So what is it about "The Love of My Life," a truly marvelous song, that spooked the producers for so many years?

What we have here is a 16-year-old Scottish lass, whose father encourages her to "audition" several candidates in search for a husband.

One by one, her outdoor overnight rendezvous in the glen end badly. Not once does she find the love of her life. Ever the optimist, before spending the night with each lad, she is convinced he is the real love of her life.

For all we know, she may still be conducting interviews.

To give you an idea, here's the official summary of applicant number one:

At sixteen years I was blue and sad
Then father said I should find a lad
So I set out to become a wife
And found the real love of my life

His name it was Chris, and the last was McGill
I met him one night pickin' flowers on the hill
He had lots of charm and a certain kind of touch
And a certain kind of eagerness that pleased me very much
So there neath the moon where romance often springs
I gave him my heart … and a few other things
I don't know how long that I stayed up on the hill
But the moon had disappeared, and so had Christopher McGill

So I went home and I thought I'd die
Till father said, make another try
So out I went to become a wife
And found the real love of my life

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