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This Is The Town: A Tribute to Nilsson (Volume 1) - Various Artists (Yellow Vinyl)

In February, we released a tribute to the the legendary Harry Nilsson. Produced by Kenny Siegal at Old Soul Studios in Catskill, NY, it features 20 artists, including our own Marco Benevento and Yellowbirds + Langhorne Slim, Willy Mason, Dawn Landes, Low Cut Connie, Jenny O, Rasputina and many more! The collection is truly a gem: one-of-a-kind songs, inspired performances, the artistry of a true American original being celebrated by a new generation of artists!

All limited edition yellow vinyl LPs come with mp3 download code for all 20 tracks.

Side A 
1. Langhorne Slim – Early In The Morning 
2. Dawn Landes – You’re Breakin’ My Heart 
3. Low Cut Connie – Jump Into The Fire 
4. Jenny O – 1941 
5. The Mommyheads – Me and My Arrow 
6. Annie Nilsson- Gotta Get Up 
7. Blueberry – Poli High 

Side B 
8. Willy Mason – Think About Your Troubles 
9. Yellowbirds- Rainmaker 
10. Marco Benevento- Are You Sleeping? 
11. Rasputina – Sweethaven 
12. Tracy Bonham- Everybody’s Talkin’ 
13. Johnny Society- Mr. Richland’s Favorite Song

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Mike Dillon - Band of Outsiders (Red Vinyl)

How many artists can claim praise like “punk rock provocateur,” “jazz vibraphone visionary” and “percussion master”? There’s only one: Texas-native Mike Dillon. Whether through his affiliation with artists such as Les Claypool, Ani DiFranco and Brave Combo, collaborations like Garage A Trois, The Dead Kenny Gs and Critters Buggin or bands he’s fronted, including Billy Goat and Hairy Apes BMX, the one and only Mike D has set his own standard for 25 years now.

With his latest effort, Band of Outsiders, Dillon has conjured the perfect storm of all these past endeavors. His manic creative vision meets its match in three young New Orleans-based musicians. Carly Meyers—whom Dillon describes as “a High Priestess of Trombone channeling the energy of Iggy Pop through the chops of JJ Johnson in a second-line”—provides harmonic counterpoint to his vibes and percussion (“All Walks of Life”) as she simultaneously ups the band’s art-rock ante (“Carly Hates The Dubstep”). The rhythm section of bassist Patrick McDevitt and drummer Adam Gertner turns on a dime between snarling punk rock assaults (“Homeland Insecurity”), deep funky go-go (“Head”), ska grooves (“Hero The Burro”) and experimental hip-hop beats (“7AM At The Jazzfest”) with all points covered in between.

Dillon and his band have relentlessly toured the States, both headlining and opening for artists like Fishbone, Clutch and Primus. As a result, these 13 songs bristle with a group mind, spilling over with the visions invoked during countless dead-of-night drives and landing with a sonic assault only possible from a unit that’s played 400-plus shows over the last two years. Indeed, Band of Outsiders is a snapshot of four musicians hitting full stride.

“Two tours of Mexico and a steady dose of Brazilian music was the jumping off point for these new songs,” says Dillon. “Add our love for The Melvins, Deerhoof, Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys, Trouble Funk and all things New Orleans and this album surpasses our intention to make the freakiest, most vibrant dance music on the planet.”

***All orders ship to arrive on release date, April 1st

Hand of God 
Homeland Insecurity 
Hero the Burro 
Carly Hates The Dubstep 
Great Lakes Tuna 
All Walks of Life 
Celebrate the Hate 
7AM at the Jazzfest 
So Long Pal 
Baby Flint Talk 
Dauphine & Desire

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Marco Benevento ‘Between the Needles and Nightfall’

Between The Needles & Nightfall was conceived at Trout Recording in Brooklyn, NY where engineer Bryce Goggin (Pavement, Akron/Family) tracked Marco Benevento and his trio over three days. To achieve the colors he envisioned, Benevento recorded on a baby grand piano bolstered by guitar pick-ups, amplifiers and a myriad of pedals and circuit bent toys, while overdubbing Moog, Optigan, Mellotron and Farfisa. He then transferred the tracks to his home studio, taking the next two months to cut, loop and shape the pieces into full-fledged songs.

For the final mixes, Benevento handed off his work to three of his favorite engineers: Mell Dettmer (Sunn O), (Eyvind Kang), Jesse Lauter (Low Anthem, Elvis Perkins) and Vid Cousins (Amon Tobin, Kid Koala). The results range from the day-glo electro-rock of It Came From You to the simply-stated lullaby Ila Frost to the shimmering Arcade Fire-meets-Brad Mehldau anthem Two Of You.

With the release of Between The Needles & Nightfall, Marco Benevento continues to define himself as one of the most prolific new voices of his era, blurring genres from song to song, and more often from measure to measure, with his own take on simple pop pleasures, dance party rave-ups and art jazz experimentation.

Between The Needles & Nightfall 
Two Of You 
It Came From You 
Ila Frost 
You Know I’m No Good 
Music Is Still Secret 
Wolf Trap 
Snow Lake

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new releases from our friends at MusicOnVinyl


Lamb's musical style is a distinctive mixture of Jazz, Dub, Breaks and Drum & Bass, with a strong vocal element and, in their later works especially, some acoustic influences. Consisting of producer Andy Barlow, and singer-songwriter Lou Rhodes, they achieved commercial success with two hit singles "Górecki" and "Gabriel", the first one being included on their eponymous debut album (1996).

The Music On Vinyl reissue features an insert with exclusive liner notes written by Lou Rhodes, giving a unique inside perspective on the production of the album. Apart from the "Cotton Wool" Fila Brazilia Mix, we've included 2 exclusive bonus tracks that have not been issued on vinyl before. A remix of "Trans Fatty Acid" by acclaimed producing duo Kruder & Dorfmeister, and the "Górecki" Global Communication Mix are featured on the D-side.

To celebrate this first ever vinyl reissue, we're pressing 1000 numbered copies on Green/Black vinyl!
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • Insert with exclusive liner notes written by Lou Rhodes
  • Includes 3 bonus tracks
  • First pressing of 1000 numbered copies on green/black vinyl


Vocalist Angela Gail puts it frankly: In The Valley Below make "mostly music that we would want to listen to," an honest and unapologetic statement from the Los Angeles duo, rounded out by vocalist/guitarist Jeffrey Jacob.

In The Valley Below is hushed swirls of male and female vocals forged with dark stories of brooding riddles and romance. Jeffrey grew up in the storied musical town of Memphis, given a guitar at the age of 13 and creating music from that point forward. Angela left the binding depths of a "mostly cold and cloudy town in Michigan," for a life at sea, finding initial songwriting inspiration while living on a small boat in the Caribbean.

In The Valley Below was created when these two found each other, having crossed paths in artistic circles after they separately made their way to Los Angeles. The duo honed their craft together, using faithful archetypes as their inspiration, "Our biggest inspiration is powerful subjects like sex, crime and religion. And how that fits into the lives we've chosen, our dreams and struggles, mistakes and heartbreaks."
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • Printed innersleeve
  • Including poster
  • Including download card
  • Limited first pressing of 500 numbered copies on white vinyl!


Grant Lee Buffalo is an Americana/indie Rock band based in Los Angeles, consisting of Grant Lee Phillips (vocals and guitar), Paul Kimble (bass) and Joey Peters (drums). All three were previously members of another Los Angeles band, Shiva Burlesque. They toured with major bands, including R.E.M., Pearl Jam, the Smashing Pumpkins and The Cranberries.

Their 1993 debut Fuzzy was a confident and solidly crafted piece of work, with Phillips' marvelous voice, fine and evocative songs. Fuzzy is deep and mysterious stuff, but also very beautiful and crafted with imagination and care. It's no wonder Grant Lee Buffalo became critic's darlings shortly after this was released. Original vinyl copies are in short supply, making this reissue a very welcome one!
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • Insert


Originally released in 2000, Smile marked a move away from The Jayhawks' long-time Alt-country style to a more Pop approach. However, one thing never changes on their albums; the blissful melodies and well-constructed songs.  As soon as you hear the opening notes of album opener "Smile", there'll be a smile on your face.

Both Rolling Stone and Spin magazine named The Jayhawks one of the most influential bands of the decade, so the band in fact had all the reasons to smile. This LP, produced by Bob Ezrin (Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, KISS), is just another piece of excellent work by The Jayhawks. It's got it all: hooks, riff, harmonies and melodies.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • Insert
  • Available on vinyl for the first time


Stompin' at the Savoy – Live (1983) was a major commercial success for Rufus And Chaka Khan, reaching #4 on Billboard's R&B Albums Charts. This double-record set features three sides of live material recorded over multiple dates at the Savoy Theatre in New York. The band stunned packed audiences with an energetic set of old favorites and new material, such as "Tell Me Something Good", "You Got the Love", "Sweet Thing", "At Midnight (My Love Will Lift You Up)", and "Do You Love What You Feel" as well as "What Cha' Gonna Do for Me" from Khan's 1981 solo album of the same name.

The D-side includes four new studio recordings of which two were released as singles, "Ain't Nobody" and "One Million Kisses". "Ain't Nobody" became Rufus' final #1 R&B hit and won them a Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal in 1984. The song was featured in the movie Breakin' and its soundtrack.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • Gatefold sleeve


Mindfields is the 10th studio record by Toto, as originally released in 1999. The album saw the return of original Toto singer Bobby Kimball, who had left the band once their breakthrough album Toto IV was released back in 1982. Kimball and axe slinger Steve Lukather share lead vocals, dividing these duties approx 60/40.

As always with Toto, the playing is tight. What else would one expect from these veteran musicians? Apart from Lukather and Kimball, Toto in '99 consisted of David Paich (keyboards), Mike Porcaro (bass) and Simon Phillips (drums, who replaced original drummer Jeff Porcaro after his fatal heart attack in 1992). The record was nominated for a Grammy in the category Best Engineered Album, Non Classical.  180 gram audiophile vinyl


from ThrillJockey

Seer - Golden Retriever 

Golden Retriever is the duo of Matt Carlson (modular synthesizer) and Jonathan Sielaff (bass clarinet), two musicians who blur the line between sounds created electronically and acoustically. The pair formed Golden Retriever in 2008 and began to develop a language informed by the practices of free improvisation as well as the tradition of American experimental electronic composers like Alvin Curran & David Behrman. Golden Retriever creates music that is creatively challenging and structurally complex while remaining inviting and emotionally dynamic rather than adopting a confrontational stance toward the listener.

Seer, their second release for Thrill Jockey, was recorded and assembled over the course of two years at the artists’ studio “Worksound” in Portland, OR. The relaxed timetable gave Carlson and Sielaff an opportunity to write based around new instruments and techniques and to spend considerable time meticulously editing the work. This extends the process employed on their Thrill Jockey debut Occupied with the Unspoken, composing and arranging using editing as a compositional tool.

The opening track “Petrichor” shows Carlson using an 11-limit just intonation system and can, if listened to at a significant volume, create otoacoustic emissions: the generation of new resonance within the inner-ear as a rectification of two perfectly toned and opposing frequencies. The use of this phenomenon as musical material was pioneered by Maryanne Amacher in her sound installations of the 70s and 80s. The song “Sharp Stones” finds Sielaff weaving complex melodic phrases over Carlson’s bed of synth-processed piano sounds, toying with the gestures of modal free jazz. Their ability to move between abstract sound exploration and traditionally engaging musical structures is demonstrated perfectly on “Flight Song,” which features a mantra-like bass clarinet melody beholden to shimmering synthesizer patterns. Golden Retriever’s compositions are inviting and relentlessly listenable, embracing both emotional depth and wild abandon without betraying the hidden framework of complexity within.

Seer is released on LP-only, pressed on virgin vinyl and packaged in a stunning jacket with an artworked inner sleeve and free download coupon.

This is a pre-order for March 25, 2014 street date. All orders containing Seer will ship on or before the street date.

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The Skull Defekts - Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown

When the Skull Defekts entered the studio in the Spring of 2013 with nothing more than a collection of loosely organized riffs, they set out to record their most extreme, challenging rock record. Much to the band’s surprise, what emerged were their most incessantly listenable, approachable songs to date. The Defekts merge the coarse vitality of punk with the ritualism of folk dances to create music that is addictive, wondrously discordant, and rooted in a belief in the overwhelming power of pure sound. Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown is the Swedish group’s third release as a quintet, with the legendary Daniel Higgs joining Joachim Nordwall and Daniel Fagerstroem on vocal duties and acting as the group’s spiritual ringleader. The Defekts have long acted as the backbone of the Swedish experimental underground, but since their 2011 breakthrough Peer Amid, the group has emerged at the vanguard of a new wave of radical Scandinavian rock music alongside Iceage and the Posh Isolation label.

From the opening patter of “Pattern of Thoughts” to the propulsive chants of “Cyborganization,” Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown feeds on the tension between lean and bright song production and the hefty, sometimes surreal sounds produced by Nordwall and Fagerstroem’s guitars. Daniel Higgs’ spontaneous, metaphoric poetry is as perplexing as ever, but it is delivered with a clarity not heard since his days fronting Lungfish. Album centerpiece “The Known Unknown” is centered around a driving riff, with Nordwall turning the song’s title into a mantra as intense as it is transcendent. Throughout, the group anchors their riffs with exotic sustained chords, adding a distinctly Carnatic flavor.

Nordwall’s long history in the European experimental music community serves to reinforce the group’s place as one of the most forward-thinking rock bands working in the continent today. In addition to running iDEAL Recordings since 1998, Nordwall has released collaborative recordings with Mika Vainio of Pan Sonic, Kevin Drumm, and Mats Gustafsson, whose FIRE! Orchestra he recently joined. Although the Skull Defekts have ceased to perform or record noise music, that adventurous spirit is still a dominant part of their music.

The Skull Defekts will tour Europe and the US as a quintet.

LP version includes an artworked inner sleeve and free download card. High gloss UV printing on LP jacket. EXCLUSIVE LP MAILORDER EDITION AVAILALBE : 500 copies are pressed on gold vinyl and will only be sold on Thrill Jockey's website and the band's merch table.

This is a pre-order for April 8, 2014 street date. All orders containing Dances In The Dreams Of The Known Unknown will ship on or before street date.

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somebody blasting record store day?  about time, as these 'special and limited' releases usually wind up on eBay anyway - at inflated prices.  the CVR blog respects and supports the concept of record store day, but there are some very valid points made in this write up and there are some things that could be improved upon.....:

Distributor Kudos claims that Record Store Day “requires a rethink”


Uniquely holistic: New book to explore how vinyl has become a cultural icon in the digital age


Power Glove's Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon soundtrack is being released on vinyl for Record Store Day


Suede to release 'lost' single 'Let Go' for Record Store Day 2014


"Warriors! Come Out To Play!": Waxwork Records Bringing 'The Warriors' OST To Vinyl


John Cale's 'The Academy in Peril' Treated to Vinyl Reissue


vinyl in the land down under:

Vinyl hits the right note


the irish love vinyl as well:

For the record, music shops are a hit again


for shits and giggles:

25 Highest Earning Musicians in 2013

1. Taylor Swift – $39,699,575.60
2. Kenny Chesney – $32, 956,240.70
3. Justin Timberlake – $31,463,297.03
4. Bon Jovi – $29,436,801.04
5. The Rolling Stones – $26,225,121.71
6. Beyoncé – $24,429,176.86
7. Maroon 5 – $22,284,754.07
8. Luke Bryan – $22,142,235.98
9. Pink – $20,072,072.32
10. Fleetwood Mac – $19,123,101.98
11. Justin Bieber – $18,873,458.41
12. Bruno Mars – $18,839,681
13. One Direction – $18,041,472.69
14. Jason Aldean – $17,896,191.98
15. George Strait – $16,002,761.63
16. Jay Z – $15,652,428.82
17. Michael Bublé – $14,478,084
18. Mumford & Sons – $14,172,940.87
19. Dave Matthews Band – $13,932,731.14
20. Rihanna – $12,794,186.16
21. Paul McCartney – $13,769,479.16
22. The Eagles – $13,026,210.18
23. Celine Dion – $12,755,539.71
24. Trans-Siberian Orchestra – $12,473,798.20
25. Phish – $12,406,611.95