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Ask Mr. Music by Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: I am curious about an obscure reworking of Bobby Vinton's “Roses Are Red My Love.” This version is by the You Know Who Group.

I always liked their recording, but after nearly 50 years I still don't know who the members are of the You Know Who Group. They sound British, but are they? Do they have any other recordings? Who wrote “Roses Are Red My Love?” Is it available on CD?

I am enclosing a December 5, 1964 WOKY (92 in Milwaukee) Lucky Number Survey, and No. 28 that week is the You Know Who Group's “Roses Are Red My Love.”
—Stephen K. Hauser, Elm Grove, Wisc.

DEAR STEPHEN: The You Know Who Group paradox is that when their record was played on the radio, dee jays kept reminding us that we knew who. And though we didn't know who, even they didn't know who. Neither did anyone else!

Now, 46 years later, we still don't know who comprised this mysterious quartet.

But there are a few things we do know:

“Roses Are Red My Love” is just the first of three variations of the same five-word title. Within a couple of weeks of its release, the same record could be found labeled “(Roses Are Red) My Love” and “My Love (Roses Are Red).”

All of which brought about a highly unusual occurrence for the trade publications.

For the first week of January 1965, No. 46 on Cash Box is “Roses Are Red (My Love),” yet No. 43 on Billboard that week is “My Love (Roses Are Red).” About four weeks earlier, Billboard gave the title as “Roses Are Red My Love.”

Regardless of which title is on the A-side, the B-side, “Playboy,” remains constant (4 Corners of the World FC-4-113). Both sides were written by R. Esposito, whose connection to the group, other than songwriter, is not yet known.

Those rankings represent peak positions on both charts, though “Roses” rose to greater heights in numerous North American markets, including the Top 30 in Milwaukee.

Possibly due to some objection from the owners of the 1962 Bobby Vinton hit, “Roses Are Red (My Love)” — a completely different song having next to nothing in common with the You Know Who Group's tune — they were motivated to vary the wording of their title.

We know the You Know Who Group recorded a dozen tracks at Talent Masters Studios in Manhattan, all produced by T.M's esteemed chief engineer, Bob Gallo.

In early 1965, those 12 takes made up the group's first and only album, “The 'You Know Who' Group (The Boys with That Great New English Sound).” Though the subtitle does not imply this bunch is from England, they would not have objected to teenage record buyers inferring it to mean this band just arrived from the UK. Even the record label name, International Allied (IA-420), evokes a trans-Atlantic connotation.

Interestingly, “Roses Are Red My Love” (using that title) eventually got picked up for British release in 1965 (London HLR-9947). On that label it states “Recorded by 4 Corners, New York.” But the You Know Who Group did not make the NME Top 30.

Whether or not Gallo, also an accomplished guitarist, plays on these cuts is unknown, but we know Bob assembled a group of New York-area studio talent, with singers who convincingly feigned English accents and fit right in with numerous other British Invasion acts.

If those individual studio musicians were in fact well-known, that could explain an in-house, “you know who we are but we're not saying” gimmick.

Among those 12 songs are their two follow-up singles, “This Day Love” and “Reelin' and Rockin'” — the latter being a great version of the Chuck Berry classic. Still, neither of those charted.

Of course the LP includes “Roses Are Red My Love” and “Playboy.”

As for the four young men, wearing masks and capes, pictured on the album cover, I'd say there is almost no chance they have anything to do with the music contained therein.

A few compilation CDs with “Roses Are Red My Love” are available online, as is the original 1965 LP ($50 to $100).

The least expensive option is “Hard to Find 45s on CD, Volume 10: 1960-1965” (Eric CD 11528). Here you get 24 golden goodies for $15, about half of which are on CD for the first time.

IZ ZAT SO? R&B fans may know of Talent Masters Studios, and Bob Gallo, especially in connection with “I Wanna Be (Your Everything)”; “Searchin' for My Baby”; “Follow Your Heart”; and other mid-'60s Carnival releases by the Manhattans.

Carnival co-founder, Joe Evans, could have recorded this Jersey City group closer to home, but his high regard for Gallo's studio skills is what brought the Manhattans to Manhattan.

They recorded their first eight Carnival singles, all Top 40 hits, with Bob Gallo at Talent Masters.

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Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

great to see more of Roger Dean's incredible art work!!
YES: 'Fly From Here' Album Details Revealed

The most influential and ground-breaking progressive rock 'n' roll band in history, legendary rockers and Grammy Award winners YES, will release their first studio album in a decade, "Fly From Here", on July 1 in Europe and July 12 in North America through Frontiers Records. The group's long-awaited 20th studio LP is the follow up to 2001's "Magnification" and marks the band's reunion with producer Trevor Horn, who helmed YES' chart-topping 1983 album "90125" and also sang for YES on the "Drama" LP in 1980.

"Fly From Here" will be released in four different configurations: CD, CD plus a bonus DVD including a documentary "Making of the Album" in digipak edition, a gatefold vinyl and a special box set limited edition including the CD, DVD, vinyl, t-shirt, poster, sticker and a lithograph of the cover art.

Read the rest of the story and get the tracklist at Blabbermouth


Green Day Says 'We have a ton of new songs'

Billie Joe Armstrong tweeted that the band are very hard at work on new material

Green Day have "a ton of new songs" written for their next album, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has recently revealed.

The band had previously not revealed any details of when they would be recording the follow-up to their 2009 eighth studio album '21st Century Breakdown', but Armstrong has now said they are hard at work on new material.

According to Armstrong: "OK. Here's the scoop. Green Day has been jamming new songs everyday. There's a tonne of new songs. The direction is fresh and high energy. Feels great."

"I don't want to give away too much, but just know that Me, Mike Dirnt – [bassist], Tre [Cool - [drummer] and Jason White – [touring guitarist] are collaborating and having the best time playing music."

Cool, can't wait, they are reaching legendary status in my music world!


Ozzy Osbourne to be given Kerrang! rock legend award

Ozzy Osbourne will be honoured as a legend at this year's Kerrang! rock awards.

The 62-year-old will be given the prize at a ceremony in London on 9 June.

The singer is also playing a show in the capital in the same month to mark the rock magazine's 30th anniversary.

He said: "It's an incredible honour to be the second recipient of Kerrang's legend award. I'm looking forward to you going crazy at the 30th Anniversary on 21 June in Hammersmith."



stunning cover art!

Opeth Reveal Colorful Cover Art For Heritage

by Chris Harris

Called Heritage, Opeth’s tenth album drops September 20 through Roadrunner Records.

The CD was produced by Opeth frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt and was recorded earlier this year at Atlantis studios in Stockholm. Mixing duties were handled by Steven Wilson and Åkerfeldt. Longtime collaborator Travis Smith also worked with Åkerfeldt to create, design and execute the album’s artwork.

Heritage will be released in a number of configurations: a standard version; a special edition loaded with extras; a box set exclusive to the Roadrunner and the band’s own official Omerch webstore; and a double LP



fantastic look at one of the most cherished musical works of the 60's, well worth the read!

‘It’s Certainly a Thrill’ – The Story Of The Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’

By Live4ever

It’s hard to imagine a world without ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band‘. The physicist C.P. Snow once said if Einstein hadn’t locked himself away, indulged in a spot of chin-stroking and eventually conceived the General Theory of Relativity, which revolutionised the way we think about science, we’d still be waiting for that idea to occur to someone else now. In the same vein, you have to wonder that if The Beatles hadn’t locked themselves away in Abbey Road during those few fruitful months over 40 years ago, following their self-imposed exile from live duties in 1966, whether we might equally still be waiting for a band to revolutionise the face of popular music today.

It may be a stretch to say Sgt. Pepper’s invented the modern idea of an ‘album’.



Coldplay Releases Cover Art, Lyrics To New Single ‘Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall’

By Sierra Marquina

Check out your first look at Coldplay‘s single art for their upcoming track “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” above!

The band released the official cover art and lyrics for the soon-to-be-hit via their website and Twitter, leaving us fans in much anticipation for our hearts to “start beating to [our] favorite song” Friday, June 3rd, when the track is released digitally.

The band will also be streaming the track on their official website Friday, as well as debuting the song live when they perform at Rock im Park in Germany this weekend.

Read more and get the lyrics at


It wasn't a rip off; it was a love in

An inflammatory article in The New York Times provoked the following letter from John Lennon in 1971, defensively penned on a couple of sheets of in-flight stationery as the Beatle crossed the Atlantic. Journalist Craig McGregor's piece, entitled 'The Beatles Betrayal,' was clear in its accusation: that a number of white bands — The Beatles in particular — were "ripping off" black music without so much as a nod to the original artists, many of whom were struggling to make ends meet whilst the Fab Four accumulated a fortune off the back of their efforts.

Clearly the charge stung.

The vendor of this lot wrote the article in The New York Times, entitled 'The Beatles Betrayal'. In it, he accused the Beatles, and other white artistes, of imitating and exploiting black music. John was stung into sending this response and it is clear that he was a little upset at the charges levelled against him and his fellow musicians. It is a concise summation of how much the Beatles and their contemporaries admired American black music and the debt they owed to it. John's comment about the Beatles' own early writing skills is particularly interesting as, in less than a decade after John and Paul had first met in 1957, they were ranked amongst the 20th century's greatest popular music composers.


Alice Cooper Forced to Call Off Show Due to Food Poisoning; First Show Cancellation in 30 Years

Alice Cooper is one of the hardest working men in rock, as is shown by his over thirty years of touring without cancelling a date. Unfortunately, that amazing run has come to an end.

Cooper was scheduled to appear in Santiago, Chile when he suffered from food poisoning. Alice was on his way from Mexico City to Santiago and had Chilean Sea Bass on the plane.

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Ringo Starr press conference and performance to be broadcast live

Ringo Starr press conference and special performance to be broadcast live on

On June 1st 2011 at 15:00 BST Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band will be inviting fans around the world to join them online for a live press conference and special performance.

Following a short musical performance, Ringo Starr will introduce the members of his All Starr Band as they prepare to embark on their 2011 European tour.

Read the rest at


Metallica voted the best rock group of the last 30 years

The 'All Nightmare Long' group topped the poll compiled by British magazine Kerrang! of the most influential groups of the last 30 years, beating My Chemical Romance, Slipknot, Green Day and Foo Fighters.

Drummer Lars Ulrich said: "it gives me a very warm and fuzzy feeling that Kerrang! Magazine have voted Metallica as the band that most changed their lives. I remember the first issue of the magazine in 1981. I had made a pilgrimage to England because I was obsessed with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. I travelled all over the country and that first issue accompanied me everywhere."

Read the rest and see the top ten at


and in music history for today:

The peerless Patsy Cline had her first recording session at Coral Records in 1955.

The Everly Brothers debuted on the Grand Ole Opry in 1957.

Also in 1957, Sam Cooke recorded the immortal "You Send Me" at Radio Recorders Studio in Los Angeles. The song will rise to the top of the US chart next December and become the first of Cook's 29 Billboard Top 40 hits.

In 1959, "The Battle Of New Orleans" by Johnny Horton hits the top of both the Country and Pop charts in the US, where it will stay for an amazing two months straight. The song was originally a poem written by high school teacher James Morriss in 1936, which he put to the music of an old fiddle tune known as "The Eighth Of January". Horton's version would become one of the largest selling records of the year and later won a Grammy Award.

In 1961, FM stereo was heard for the first time by listeners in Schenectady, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. The FCC would adopt the standard a year later.

In 1963, Lesley Gore started a two week run at #1 on the U.S. singles chart with the Quincy Jones (then a staff producer for Mercury Records) produced “It's My Party.”

The Rolling Stones arrived in New York to begin their first tour in the US in 1964.

In 1966, during a 12 hour session at Abbey Road studios, The Beatles added overdubs on “Yellow Submarine,”with John Lennon blowing bubbles in a bucket of water and shouting "Full speed ahead Mister Captain!" Roadie Mal Evans played on a bass drum strapped to his chest, marching around the studio with The Beatles following behind (conga-line style) singing "We all live in a yellow submarine."

In 1967, in Britain, "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" was released by the Beatles. It was released June 2 in the U.S.

In 1968, Simon and Garfunkel reached the top of the US charts with "Mrs. Robinson", which was featured in the soundtrack of the film The Graduate, starring Dustin Hoffman and Ann Bancroft. The song went on to win a Grammy Award for the Best Contemporary Pop Performance by a Vocal Duo or Group.

Also in 1968, 24-year-old Merrilee Rush enters the Billboard Top 40 for the first and only time with "Angel Of The Morning", which will reach #7. Juice Newton would take the same song to #4 in 1981. "Angel of the Morning" was written by Chip Taylor (James Wesley Voight), the younger brother of the actor Jon Voight and the uncle of actress Angelina Jolie.

In 1971, Gladys Knight is the last musical guest to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show, which was canceled the next day after 23 years on the air. It was TV's longest running variety show and was a springboard for nearly every major music act in the 60's. Sullivan was so angry about the cancellation that he refused to do a final show, although he would return for several TV specials and a 25th-anniversary show in 1973. Ed Sullivan died of esophageal cancer at age 73 on October 13th, 1974.

In 1984, Nate Nelson, lead singer of the doo-wop group the Flamingos, died at the age of 52. He was with the group when they recorded their biggest hit, "I Only Have Eyes For You" in 1959 and joined the Platters three years later.

The #1 album in 1991 was 'Out of Time' by R.E.M.

In 1991, David Ruffin (Temptation) died in Philadelphia of a cocaine overdose. Ruffin sang lead vocal on some of the Temps biggest hits, "My Girl" and "Ain't Too Proud Too Beg". As a solo artist, he had hits with "My Whole World Ended The Moment You Left Me" and "Walk Away From Love", as well as "The Way You Do the Things You Do / My Girl medley" with Hall and Oates.

In 1996, Alan Blakely, rhythm guitar player for The Tremeloes, who scored a pair of 1967 hits in North America, "Here Comes My Baby" and "Silence Is Golden", died of cancer at the age of 54.

In 2003, Staind were at #1 on the U.S. album chart with 14 Shades Of Gray, the bands second U.S. #1.

birthday wishes to (among others), Pat Boone (77), Ronnie Wood (Faces, Jeff Beck Group, Rolling Stones) (64), Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode) (52), Simon Gallup (Cure) (51), Michael Joyce (Smiths) (48) and Alanis Morissette, who was born in 1974 (you do the math!)