Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Two Fantastic sites to look at!

It's been a while, but summer is for vacations and relaxation with family and friends; and I have been doing a bit of both.

But, I do have two tremendous web sites I have found and wanted to share them with you. The first is a collectibles shop, and, of course they carry vinyl records. The site is a nice little "Mom & Pop" site run by a retiree in Florida. Stop by and tell them I sent you over!

The second site is a cleverly run look at the art aspect of vinyl, with unique interviews and the web site specializes in CD/Album Cover Art, Illustrated Covers, Photo-based Covers, Photography, Art Prints, Concert Posters, Collectible Figures and features Artist Bios/Interviews Cover Stories - weekly article about the making of the most iconic album/CD cover art images of all time

I hope you enjoy your visits and please let me know what you think. I will continue to try to post all of your collecting vinyl records and interesting pop and rock & roll sites in the future.