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Music History - August 16th:  Elvis Presley Death

On August 16, 1977, at his Graceland home in Memphis, Elvis Presley took the book he'd been reading, Frank Adams' "The Scientific Search For The Face Of Jesus," and went into his bathroom.

"Don't fall asleep in there," said girlfriend Ginger Alden, knowing he had a habit of nodding off.

"Okay, I won't," he said. Ginger went back to sleep.

At 1:30 p.m. CST, Ginger awoke and saw Elvis was still gone. When knocking on the bathroom door produced no reply, she entered and found his lifeless body on the floor in front of the toilet.

 Alden called for Elvis associates Joe Esposito and Al Strada, who arrived and called the fire department. An ambulance was dispatched. Daughter Lisa Marie and father Vernon arrived in the bathroom, but Lisa Marie was quickly removed. Elvis was rushed to Baptist Memorial Hospital, where, after several attempts to revive him, he died at 3:30 p.m. CST.

His autopsy was performed at 7:00 p.m. The official coroner's report listed "cardiac arrhythmia" as the cause of Presley's death, but this was later admitted to be a ruse by the Presley family with the help of autopsy physicians to cover up the real cause of death: a cocktail of ten prescribed drugs, taken together in doses no doctor would ever prescribe.

The phrase "cardiac arrhythmia," in the context of the coroner's report, means little more than a stopped heart; the report initially tried to attribute the arrhythmia to cardiovascular disease, but Elvis' own personal physician has stated that Presley had no such chronic problems at the time. Most of Elvis' many health problems can and have been traced back to rampant abuse of prescription drugs.

The painkillers Morphine and Demerol. Chloropheniramine, an antihistamine. The tranquilizers Placidyl and Vailum. Finally, four drugs were found in "significant" quantities: Codeine, an opiate, Ethinamate, largely prescribed at the time as a "sleeping pill," Quaaludes, and a barbituate, or depressant, that has never been identified. It has also been rumored that Diazepam, Amytal, Nembutal, Carbrital, Sinutab, Elavil, Avental, and Valmid were found in his system at death.

The phrase "cardiac arrhythmia," in the context of the coroner's report, means little more than a stopped heart; the report initially tried to attribute the arrhythmia to cardiovascular disease, but Elvis' own personal physician has stated that Presley had no such chronic problems at the time.

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The Next Series of Classic Albums Reissued


Includes Original Artwork, Bonus Tracks, Exclusive Booklet CD (Digipack), Download & Vinyl

Released Monday 1st October 2012

Sony Legacy Recordings in association with Capo Records, is proud to announce the next series of Rory Gallagher’s classic albums re-mastered. The reissued series of classic albums continues with the following Rory Gallagher albums released in chronological order from 1975 – 1982.  Albums include ‘Against The Grain’ (1975), ‘Calling Card’(1976), ‘Photo-Finish’ (1978), ‘Top Priority’(1979), and ‘Jinx’ (1982).
Picking up where Rory left off with the phenomenal ‘Irish Tour ‘74’ live album, the release of 1975’s  ‘Against The Grain’, found Rory at the top of his game and in sparkling form both in the studio and on stage. The next seven years saw the release of these five outstanding records.

Each reissue has been digitally re-mastered to stunning effect from the original ¼ inch tapes and features digitally restored original vinyl release album artwork, new booklet content and bonus tracks. All five albums will be released in the UK on October 1st for a limited period in deluxe digi-packaging.

Rory Gallagher was a musician like no other. He was, and still is, one of the world’s greatest guitarists, singers, song writers and live showmen. His music lives on through generations of guitarists including Slash, Joe Bonamassa, Brian May, Johnny Marr and The Edge; and also through his amazing catalogue including some of his finest works included in this collection of releases.

Each of the five studio albums are now re-released in digipack form, with restored artwork based on the original first release cover art. The audio has been re-mastered from the original ¼” inch tapes. Each album includes exclusive sleeve notes, album reviews and rare photographs.

"Continuing on from last year’s 40th Anniversary of Rory Gallagher's solo career, we’re pleased to present his next five solo albums from 1975-1982," says Daniel Gallagher, Rory’s Nephew and producer of the reissues. "The interest in Rory's music is still so strong that we can continue to celebrate the man's music by re-issuing more of his studio albums. We’re going back to the vinyl artwork and original 1/4" tapes so that they look and sound exactly as Rory intended. It's also great to see in a digital world that the demand for a physical copy of Rory's music means we can release these albums on vinyl for the first time in almost 40 years."

‘Against The Grain’ was originally released in 1975. This deluxe reissue features original release album reviews written by Cameron Crowe of Rolling Stone.

‘Calling Card’ was originally released in 1976. This deluxe reissue features an interview with ‘Calling Card’ producer and Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover, plus the previously unreleased track ‘Where Was I Going To?’

‘Photo-Finish' was originally released in 1978. This deluxe reissue features an album review written by David Fricke in Circus magazine in 1980, plus two bonus tracks.

Top Priority was originally released in 1979. This deluxe reissue features a CREEM magazine album review from 1980, plus two bonus tracks ‘Hell Cat’ and ‘The Watcher’.

‘Jinx’ was originally released in 1982. The reissue boasts a review of the album originally published in Melody Maker, plus two bonus tracks ‘Nothin’ But The Devil’ and ‘Lonely Mile’.


No Doubt Reveal Album Cover Art

No Doubt's album cover art and tracklist for their new album called 'Push And Shove' have recently been revealed. The album will feature 11 new songs, including the title track and Major Lazer collaboration, "Push And Shove," and is scheduled for release on September 25th via Interscope.

Settle Down
Looking Hot
One More Summer
Push And Shove (featuring Busy Signal and Major Lazer)
Dreaming The Same Dream


GRIMEY'S BEST SELLERS 8/06 - 8/12, 2012

Vinyl Top 25:

1. Poly - 7" EP
2. Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Keep It Between The Ditches
3. Antibalas - Antibalas
4. Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten
5. Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls
6. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Strange Man 7"
7. Skyblazer - Album
8. Soundtrack - Eraserhead
9. Blur - Parklife
10. Blur - Under The Westway 7"
11. Blur - Blur
12. Jack White - Blunderbuss
13. The Lumineers - The Lumineers
14. Ponderosa - Pool Party
15. Blur - Think Tank
16. Beck - I Just Started Hating People Today 7"
17. Jack White - Freedom At 21 7"
18. Redd Kross - Researching The Blues
19. JEFF The Brotherhood - We Are The Champions
20. Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More
21. Ryan Adams - Gold
22. Death Cab For Cutie - Plans
23. John Frusciante - Letur-Lefr
24. Cy Barkley - So Bad
25. Old Crow Medicine Show - Carry Me Back   


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AGALLOCH – Marrow Of The Spirit 2xLP Picture Disc (Regular Edition)


The limited edition and gorgeously designed AGALLOCH “Marrow Of The Spirit” 2xLP picture disc regular edition has the two picture discs (designed by John Haughm) placed in a thick clear gatefold disc-shaped jacket and comes with an exclusive two-sided designed OBI strip (also designed by John Haughm respectively).  Limited to 250 units.

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album cover art of the day:

ANGRA To Release 'Best-Of' Collection In October

Brazilian metallers ANGRA will release their first best-of album, "Best Reached Horizons", in October via SPV/Steamhammer. The collection was compiled by the band and will be available as a double jewel case CD with a massive booklet, including liner notes by guitar player Rafael Bittencourt.

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============= has some sad news:

Elton John Bassist Bob Birch Dead of Apparent Suicide

Blood, Sweat & Tears Saxophone Player Bill Tillman Dead at 65


and from the land down under, the love of vinyl lives on!!

Sounds of success for vintage record buff


the old man and his crew still make some killer rock!

Inside Neil Young and Crazy Horse's New Album and Tour


some not so horrible (in my humble opinion, there is some really cool album cover art!!)

The Beautiful, Horrible Album Covers of Prog


interesting news from business, it's a digital world we live in (however, vinyl is still in the mix!)

Spotify, Pandora Spur U.S. Digital Music Sales Past CDs


for shits and giggles....

Artist gives iconic album covers a Lego makeover