Monday, April 19, 2010

No More CollectingVinylRecords Blog?


Well I am back online and the move was a tough one, we still have lots to do around the new house.  But, 5 acres in the country sure beats living in the city and we are very happy with the move.

I am not sure if anyone else uses Blogger, but they are discontinuing the FTP publishing process (which I use) and ask that we (those who use Blogger) migrate to a new format.  That is where the trouble is for me.  I have watched the YouTube videos to start the process, but when I hit the 'start migration' button in my dashboard, I do not get the button to click on to start the migration or even backup the blog.  I have contacted Blogger, but have had no results.  So, what does this mean?

I am afraid that without the opportunity to migrate my blog into their new system, as of May 1st 2010, this blog will cease to exist.  This is very frustrating and very sad for me, as I have tried to keep the blog updated with interesting news and features on a daily basis for over two years.  It is a shame that all this information will be lost, but this is beyond my control.

 I will keep trying to correct the problem, but when no one answers emails at Blogger and does not explain how to fix the problem, we are left with this result - no more blog.  I may decide to use a different format (maybe wordpress), but I am very discouraged by this whole mess and am debating on whether to continue.......

Best Regards,